Penn Can’t Shake The Fat Haters

May 28th, 2013


What’s next in the fat assault on Donald Penn?

Will a major newspaper accuse him, via a hidden source, of wearing a rubber shirt at practice to somehow lose up to 30 pounds at a clip? Oh, wait, the Tampa Bay Times did that last year.

What about the GM sharing disgust of Penn’s body? That’s old news.

Yesterday, Bucs beat writer Mark Cook used an anonymous-source assault on Penn’s fitness only to revise/fix his story to reflect that Penn did, in fact, meet all the weigh-in requirements assigned him by the Buccaneers in 2012.

This, and fans ripping Penn for his weight, makes Joe shake his head. Penn has made 92 consecutive starts and at worst is an above-average left tackle. It’s sad that he’s been targeted by fat haters. Just last week, offensive line coach/guru Bob Bostad praised Penn and called him a “rock.”

So a damn good left tackle has been known to attack buffets like he does defensive ends. Big freakin’ deal. There’s a reason they call these guys “hogs.” They’re not supposed to be chiseled. Fat is ok as long as it doesn’t hinder productivity.

The Bucs invested tens of millions of dollars into Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks, who is rather Penn-like in his approach to fitness. There is no evidence Penn’s waistline has gotten in his way.

Joe will now wait to see what hit comes Penn’s way next. Perhaps TMZ will catch him eating butter with a spoon.

75 Responses to “Penn Can’t Shake The Fat Haters”

  1. C L Says:

    You misspelled Mark Cook on purpose didn’t you? lol

  2. stevek Says:

    Dominick’s PFT interview from 2010 was terrible.

    “Penn turned his back on nutrition and gained as much as 40 pounds during the season”.

    What about Dominick <—– 24-40, Derrick Ward contract, drafting crappy priuor to 2012, 40 pounds = 40 million in cap space, and 40% of Dominick era wins came in 2010, with the hefy Penn.

    I am glad Schiano is our HC now, we keep things in house, Dominick's running of his mouth was awful.

    This stuff fires me up too. Penn is accountable for his eating, and still plays at a solid level.

    My advice to Dominick, win some damn games before you drop the HAMmer on Penn.

  3. Vic Says:

    Dominik back then was just angling for Penn to get a smaller contract

  4. stevek Says:

    Who is this “Mark Cook” character? I am really looking forward to his *apology*, HE BETTER DO MORE THAN THE “UPDATE”.

    If not, here is to hoping the Pewter Report “ship” sinks because of crappy reporting, lies, slander, and BS like this.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    Maybe Penn is tired of playing Left Tackle and wants to take on more of a Gilbert Brown type of role.

  6. Terraj Says:

    He hasn’t seemed to have a problem being that heavy but he’s now 30. Seems like as players age they make an effort to lose weight in order to make up for the speed they lose as they get older. That’s the only concern I have with Penn continuing to be at his weight.

  7. stevek Says:


    Good point, I am angling for Dominick to get us in the playoffs, and am thankful he doesn’t “angle” any of his players and throwing them under the bus.

    Penn has been our best OL player for some time now, he is consistent, plays hard, and is a leader of this football team.

    I hope Dominick can take a more mature approach to his roster development, and he should at least make the playoffs once before he can talk all of that crap… “Rock Star” needs to put this team into the playoffs. No playoffs, no “rock star” moniker. May the “Rock Star” name be reserved for playoff/ or champion GM/HCs like Bill Belichick.

  8. SirustheVirus Says:


  9. tampabaybucfan Says:

    You think it’s tough being Penn…the only fat guy on the team.
    How ’bout Kim Jong Un….”the only fat guy in his country”!!!

    Fat and injury free is better than lean and on IR. Fatten up, Donald, it saves us money on your contract and you still play well to proove you can perform.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    I don’t care if he has to roll over to the DE as long as he keeps the QB clean. As Schiano has been known to say, “Do your job”.

  11. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    It will be a sad day when we lose Donald Penn. Freaking love that guy. Been nothing but solid for us.

  12. tonytwocents Says:

    I agree with stevek. Pewter Report/Mark Hook has become unreliable, unreadable, undigestable. (sorry. I went all Al Sharpton there.)

    but the website calls him lazy, lies about his weigh in, only to retract it, but add that he has failed to meet them PRIOR to 2012…..who gives a f-ck about what he did PRIOR to 2012??

    But then Mark Hook, adds, that it “drives management crazy”. Like Dominik wrote the f-ckin article. Horrible website. Im taking it off my bookmarks……and I’m going to write a letter!… hand!

  13. tonytwocents Says:

    Donald Penn,

    us real fans are still behind you 100%!

  14. the_buc_realist Says:

    Schiano should make him do the ” Truffle Shuffle” before he can enter OTA’s

  15. schmuckaneer Says:

    Dude is a warrior. I love how he busted up Allen last year.(Allen’s following sack came off the gaurd when Allen stunted…great play by Allen but not against Penn). I’m glad they’re keeping him pissed. He’s always played better with an angry chip on his shoulder.

  16. Mjmoody Says:

    Qualifier: I love Penn. LT is such a critical position in today’s NFL. Everybody see those DE’s flying off the board last April? (…and the April before that?) Penn is a solid, lunch pail in hand, everyday, team first guy. I don’t understand the hate. Did you see what the Ravens did with Sandra Bullok’s boy last year?? Penn locks down the left side until he doesn’t. Then he plays another 4 years at RT. He stays in that OL room and shows the way to future draft picks.

  17. Jfgobucs Says:

    All that matters……offensive line coach/guru Bob Bostad praised Penn and called him a “rock.”

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    stevek, I agree with you about Penn.

    I can’t disagree with you on Dominick’s win/loss record, but considering his record matches that of Rich McKay when he was at the same point in his career with the Bucs, I’m not about to call for him to be replaced.

    And Mark does have a winning season at least, which McKay did not have.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On Penn, I also think, as I stated elsewhere, that the Bucs should start considering a replacement strategy due to his age. I’m not saying replace him now. But I am saying the need will arise in a year or two.

  20. Kevin Says:

    Again, way out of proportion, Joe. Fat haters? Give me a break dude, this story lost its legs a while ago. He’s had previous weight gain issues that have a habit of flaring up later in the year, that’s all Cook was pointing out. Rant over.

  21. Keith Says:

    Joe’s not out of line here. Cook torched Penn and it went national yesterday. Penn’s durable and a great player. His weight should be a non-issue.

  22. tonytwocents Says:

    the_buc_pessimist, your parents didn’t love you enough growing up huh?

    you wanna go out for ice cream?? yeah? who wants to go to Busch Gardens??! you want a hooker?? who wants a hooker??! who wants a happy ending??! uh, male or female?

  23. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    “…I am angling for Dominick to get us in the playoffs…”

    Since when does any GM lead a team to anything? It is hilarious that Dom needs to “lead” us to the playoffs. Give me a break. Schiano and the players need to lead us. Dom needs to keep scouting.

    “…considering his record matches that of Rich McKay when he was at the same point in his career…”

    Oh, could it possibly be that McKay got a real coach? Imagine that. A GM going into his fourth year with a first year head coach and he comes out 24-40? They should have fired him. It could only be the GMs fault for not making the playoffs in four straight years with two head coaches. I mean, can you believe that terrible GM never “led” the Bucs to the postseason in his first four years? Even worse he somehow managed to keep his job?! What an outrage!

    If only “fans” were allowed to run this team . . . (We would have a new GM and coach every two years.)

  24. ander Says:

    i honestly dont care how much he eats as long as he is ready by august. which he always is. donald penn=underated. never has gotten the credit that he deserves

  25. TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Joe if you continue to throw gas on the fire it will never burn out!

  26. JonBuc Says:

    Penn has been one of the biggest steals in franchise history when you consider he was plucked off the Vikings PS. When you look at the collosial busts at tackle over the years…1st round “gems” like Charles McRae and ol’ Kenyatta come to mind…Penn looks even that much better. His latest contract is team friendly and more than fair. He deserves nothing but praise in my opinion. Eat all you want-just keep ballin’!

  27. tonytwocents Says:

    Westcoast, the Glazer bros. hired Raheem, not Dom. they knew they were in rebuilding mode and probably paid Raheem less than an undrafted free agent, because they still had Gruden collecting checks.

    they always said they wanted to build through the draft. so we got a few studs now. and with a real coach, we’re a contender. Raheem was a seat warmer. How can a team win when your coach goes clubbin with the players dressed in Ed Hardy T-shirts?

  28. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Those were the points I was trying to make. Raheem was the problem, we got rid of him. Now some want Dom fired because a first year head coach had a losing season. (Imagine that, a head coach not having a winning record in his first year?)

  29. 91b94u54c50s59 Says:

    Donad Penn is a beast. I always think of this NFL films clip of him before the Cowboy’s game this year, when he is seriously pissed off at the fact the Bucs haven’t beat the Cowboys since he’s been here. He is a motivator, a leader, and like someone else mentioned earlier, shut Jared Allen the f@+& down in that amazing TNF game.

  30. Fritz50 Says:

    “Dominick’s PFT interview from 2010 was terrible.”

    Gotta dissagree with you there. That comment was fully justified, AT THAT TIME. Penn had ballooned up 30 pounds, and it was clearly affecting his play. That said, it was addressed in the next contract & Penn’s been fine since, so this Sh_t storm is a load of bull-puckey, from someone looking to get something started. I knew there was a good reason not to subscribe to the Pewter Report !!

  31. tonytwocents Says:

    I gotcha Westcoast, sometimes I dont read sarcasm too well. Domink haters just baffle me. He obviously made a couple of errors in judgement (Clayton,Ward).

    But the guy is 30 moves ahead all of us, he’s a freakin chess master. Im sure you already know, but as soon Revis went down last year, he knew about his contract situation, our eventual need to replace Barber and Talib, and was already drawing up a gameplan to bring him here. And that was in week 2 or 3. Give the guy some credit.

  32. lightningbuc Says:

    “But the guy is 30 moves ahead all of us, he’s a freakin chess master.”

    Bobby Fischer was a chess master, and he didn’t become one by losing more games than he won!

  33. stevek Says:


    I disagree whole heartedly. Donald Penn may have been 30 pounds overweight, but Dominick wastded at least 30 million on CRAP CONTRACTS/NOT SPENDING… Dominick has failed to deliver, and if you ask me. Donald Penn has done more good to this team than Dom, at the time of the article in 2010… Dom can be disgusted by Penn’s nutrition, but who knows, may Penn over-ate bc of the stress of dealing an INEPT GM?

    Dominick should shut his mouth, and not do that kind of “throwing people under the bus” kind of interview.

    A fat Penn, is our best dang O-Lineman on the team, and the best O-Lineman Dominick has had in his tenure.

    What about Michael Clayton and Derrick Ward paychecks, is there a memo from upper management/ownership that Dominick needs to shut his hole and WIN GAMES. With that said, it was in 2010, and a lot has changed since then.

    Who gave the Mark Cook this information to run with it… If you ask me, he looks like the one WHO IS FAILING TO WEIGH IN CORRECTLY on his own job.

    Enough of the “update”, there needs to be a public apology for providing FALSE news.

    Pewter Report= Brutal/ Classless/ “TMZ” like BS.

  34. the_buc_realist Says:

    How did the Chess Master hire an Offensive Coordinator with no playbook? the Pop-star is still an amateur. Thank goodness there are people around one buc to keep the boy-genius in check.

  35. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Be careful there. Say three or more good things about Dom and your automatically his “lover” and “lotion boy”.

    I honestly believe Dom is on the cusp of greatness. I also believe he has done good enough to keep his job for AT LEAST this season. He has done extremely well with the hand he has been dealt. Including the has-been he was dealt! (Rah). An empty roster and the youngest head coach in the NFL three years running certainly didn’t help his cause. The guy has made mistakes but the important thing is he is learning and making fewer and fewer of them. He went from signing guys like Ward and Clayton to signing guys like Nicks and Vincent Jackson.

    Oops, I said three or more good things. Here it comes.

    As for Penn though, if continues to shut down the best the NFL has to offer then I really dont care if he plays at 400lbs. As long it doesn’t affect his play.

  36. stevek Says:

    West Coast,

    Raheem went to the playoffs in 2012, I guess he was part of the Redskins “problem”.

    Was Raheem over his head? Sure, but so was Dominick.

    Dom has done better the last two off seasons and drafts, but come on, there is no denying that 10/24 of Dominick wins came in 1 season under the Raheem Morris.

    We can throw stones all day, as to why this organization has failed to deliver a consistent contender. But, what is the point, we are on the up and up now.

    Mark Cook should have to issue a public apology. It is one thing for Penn not to meet weight requirements prior to 2012, but to presume he has failed them since Schiano has come into town is a crock.

    Penn has been one of the best performers on this team, and he is still one of our most consistent “gamers”.

    Go ahead, and let Pewter Report come out with continual dribble, but we all know they never fail to dissapoint.

  37. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    ” . . . hire an Offensive Coordinator with no playbook?

    Lol at the haters grasping at straws. Bagging on a guy for things that happened four years ago. Very nice.

  38. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    ” . . . Raheem went to the playoffs in 2012, I guess he was part of the Redskins “problem”.”

    So now the DB coach “leads” the Redskins to the playoffs? This is absolutely hilarious.

  39. stevek Says:

    West Coast,

    Carl Nicks is not a good signing… yet. 🙂

    Dominick is doing much better, but in 2010, and submitting that piece on Penn is BS.

    Don’t throw your players under the bus. If you are displeased with them, call a meeting and hash it out like men/adults. No need to go to PFT and publically piss and moan about one of you BEST PLAYERS.

    Quincy Black got an extension, and that was not a correct choice.

    I am a fan of Dominick’s work over the past two years, and I think he will have 2013 and 2014 to get us into the playoffs.

    Our team should be greatly improved, and this will afford us to answer the question: “Is Josh Freeman the guy?”- 2013.

  40. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Pulled these from Wikipedia:

    “Dominik replaced former GM Bruce Allen on January 17, 2009.”

    “Jagodzinski was hired as the offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 29, 2009 . . . “

    Jags was hired TWELVE DAYS after Dom. lol

  41. stevek Says:

    West Coast,

    Absolutely hilarious is your unrivaled support for Dominick/Freeman. I hope they both do well, but last time I checked Raheem has been the best HC for a single season under Dominick.

    And “haters” are “factualists”. We live and die by the statistics. Dominick’s numbers don’t lie, he is trending upward, but he took us nowhere before Schiano.

    A failed experiment with Raheem at the helm, but your boy Dominick ONLY SIGNED A PUNTER after we won 10 games in 2010, what the heck is that? Seriously, please answer that question. Why did we only sign a punter in FA after a 10 win season in 2010 (no playoffs)”??????

  42. stevek Says:

    Tony Two Cents,

    “Raheem was a seat warmer. How can a team win when your coach goes clubbin with the players dressed in Ed Hardy T-shirts?”

    LOL- What would you do if you led the 2010 Bucs to a 10-6 record, and your GM only signed you a punter in Free Agency? We were about 40+ million under the salary cap. Would you have to “drink thru it” too?

  43. tonytwocents Says:

    WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    “Be careful there. Say three or more good things about Dom and your automatically his “lover” and “lotion boy”. ”

    1) his eyes makes you feel like youre gazing at a sunset over the Gulf
    2) his hair is immaculate and always in place
    3) his voice is – nevermind… I dont wanna lose my man card

    Anyways, the guy was told by the Glazers to think long term, and he took that to heart. He started with (and still is) drafting hard, and let the cap room build for the right time to start playing free angency, got the perfect coach to fine tune and tweak the machine, and now he and Schiano in their second season tweaked their coaching staff, and Dom will continue to pluck Practice Squad players and is probably got an eye on every High School Team in FL.

    At this point, we should be contenders for AT LEAST the next 5-7 years.

  44. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Sounds like your upset at Dom for telling the truth. Should he have lied and said, “No, we have no problem with his weight. He is fine”? Perhaps that was part of Dom getting weight clauses into Penn’s contract? I respect Dom for telling the truth. He didn’t throw anybody under the bus. Penn put himself in that situation and look, he is better because of it. He has been making all of his weight goals.

    “but last time I checked Raheem has been the best HC for a single season under Dominick.”

    Yes, lol, in Dom’s four years his best season came with a coach that was a part of three of them. Shocking.

    “We live and die by the statistics.”

    And THAT is why your logic is flawed. This game is so much more than statistics. Stats are for baseball, not football. There is a reason the statistically best offense and defense don’t play in the Super Bowl every year. Shoot, the fact that the Bucs had the number one rushing defense should be enough to prove that stats can lie. The “numbers” say Freeman was the best quarterback to ever play for the Bucs. But stats don’t lie, right?


    You think that was Dom’s lone decision? You think NOBODY else had an input on signing nobody but a punter? It’s obvious the Bucs were stockpiling cap room. (Possibly preparing for a real coach? Who knows?)

  45. Andrew 1 Says:


    because the Glazers didnt want to spend any serious cash in free agency at that time. if you dont already know… the Glazers wright the checks, Dom just delegates them. there you go… your question was answered.

  46. stevek Says:

    West coast,


    Why can’t PFT, Pewter Report, and etc. rip Mark Dominick for not signing more than punter during the 2010 off season?

    Statistics are not everything, but they are about 90% of what is needed to pain the real picture.

    A 30 pound overweight Penn, did HIS JOB at a higher level than that of Mark Dominick at the time of the 2010 article… That is nothing more than a fact.

  47. stevek Says:

    Andrew 1 Says:
    May 28th, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    because the Glazers didnt want to spend any serious cash in free agency at that time. if you dont already know… the Glazers wright the checks, Dom just delegates them. there you go… your question was answered.

    Thanks Andrew! I wish Pewter Report would Report that kind of stuff, like WHY ARE WE NOT DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL EVERY YEAR?

    I guess Dom was GMing Manchester United too, maybe his talents were spreadt too thin.

  48. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ stevek

    your very welcome.

  49. stevek Says:

    West Coast,

    So from 2009-2011, Dom and Glazers were “preparing” for a real coach?

    Or were they BEING CHEAP and forcing the NFL to change the spending rules?

    Why go to any games, or sell any tickets, or even charge full price for a ticket, if you are failing to do everything possible to win a super bowl. Last time I checked, that is what Dom was hired to do.

    To take a dig at Donald Penn during that 2010 interview was unwise, selfish and passing the buck.

    Dom drafted some crappy players, and paid some crappier players. He is on the up and up, but by no means does Dominick have any reason to call out Penn publically like that.

    Dominick should have met with Penn and expressed his grieveances, but fact of the matter is, Dom has called guys “my guy” before and they STUNK. And we wants to CALL OUT arguably one of the best players on the Bucs during his tenure? Yeah, ok……

  50. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Gruden/Allen did EVERYTHING they could to win a super bowl every season. They took no consideration to the future AT ALL. They hired as many aging older guys as they could to get them nine wins and either miss the playoffs or go one and done. They had no foresight whatsoever.

    Sometimes the present has to be sacrificed to get to sustained success.

    “Statistics are not everything, but they are about 90% of what is needed to paint the real picture.”

    So then you are saying Freeman was a massive success last season, yes? And McKay was a massive failure after four seasons, correct? If “90%” of statistics paint the “real picture” then you must hold these true.

    I don’t agree.

  51. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    By the way, if stats paint “90%” of the “real picture” then the Falcons (13-3) were the best team in the league last year. Right? The had the best record in the NFL.

    Stafford has 10,000+ passing yards over the last two seasons, he MUST be one of the best quarterbacks in the league, right? So does Brees! The Saints must have had two AMAZING seasons, right?

    Your beloved Redskins currently have the NFL’s worst third down conversion rate at 23%, they must be terrible right?

    I can use statistics to prove/disprove anything I would like. Stats can be twisted any number of ways to make a point and NONE of them “prove” ANYTHING.

  52. BucFan20 Says:

    If I remember right, Cook was a blogger just like us here. When C C left Pewter Report they brought him in as a reporter. But that was a few years ago before I came to a real site for news today that is not a day late of not lack of facts.

  53. BucFan20 Says:

    ^ and not

  54. Couch Fan Says:

    Raheem was the problem, we got rid of him.


    Raheem is gone and we are still losing. I agree Raheem was PART of the problem but to blame it solely on him is ridiculous.

    Quit using him as a scapegoat.

  55. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Raheem is gone and we are still losing.

    Really? It has been one season with a first year head coach. Tony Dungy didn’t come in and having winning first season, why would you expect any more from Schiano? Dungy actually had a worse season that the year before he was hired. (Went from 7-9 in 95′ to 6-10 in 96′). First year coaches are almost guaranteed to lose, regardless of talent in the coaching OR players.

  56. Couch Fan Says:

    1 year or not it was a losing season. You said Raheem was the problem… if that were true we would of at least had a winning season… but we did not… You are just full of excuses arent you?

  57. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Lol, seriously? Statistically, first year coaches almost always have a losing record. “if that were true we would of at least had a winning season… ” but not really. First year coaches RARELY experience success in there first season. Besides that, we DID improve. We went from 4-12 to 7-9.

    Your saying that because we lost in Schiano’s first season as a head coach in the NFL that Raheem was NOT the problem in 2011? Really? I certainly hope not because that is asinine.

  58. Couch Fan Says:

    Either you cant read or you are ignoring my statements entirely just to make your point look more valid.

    I said Raheem was PART of the problem. Read up again. Maybe you missed it in your attempt to think of excuses.

    YOU on the other hand said Raheem was THE problem. Did you not say that? Yes, yes you did.

    Now Raheem is gone. And we had yet another losing season. Yes it was Schiano’s first year. We all know that. But if Freeman plays so well, and Dom is such a good GM and the rest of the team DOM put together has no other problems (Raheem was THE problem… your words, not mine)…. Then there is no reason why we should of had a losing season last year….

    Now go head make up some more excuses… I’ll wait.

  59. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Then there is no reason why we should of had a losing season last year….

    This is hilarious to me.

    Dungy had two future Hall of Famers on the roster and he couldn’t muster 8-8 in his first season. WE LOST BECAUSE OF A FIRST YEAR COACH. RAHEEM WAS THE PROBLEM IN 2011.

  60. Couch Fan Says:

    Well we can agree to disagree. I think you are a fool to place ALL the blame on Raheem.

    Raheem was PART of the problem.

    So was Freeman’s (yes we know he was a rookie, figured I’d lay that excuse out there for you since I know thats whats coming next) crappy play.

    An awful roster was also a MAJOR problem. Which falls on Dom whether you want to admit to it or not (as well as come up with every possible excuse you can make for the man).

    It was not all Raheem and the fact you want to play stupid and blame it all on him shows just how much of a fan boi you are.

  61. stevek Says:

    West Coast,

    Look at Freeman’s stats from game to game.

    He VANISHED the last two years: 2011 4-2 start, and 2012 6-4 start, when we needed him most.

    Can we look at the game to game statistics, or even by breaking the QB play up for the whole season into 25% pieces, that tells the story more so from week to week?

    Freeman has been worse/less consistent than “fat” Donald Penn, yet Dominick called him out.

    Raheem was not the answer, but he was far from the complete problem. To pass 100% of the blame on Raheem is silly.

  62. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    @Couch Fan

    Everybody shares blame in a ten game losing streak. Raheem just gets the majority. It was clear as day that it was a lack of Raheem’s ability to mentally control his team that caused that horrific streak. It wasn’t a lack of talent.

    I also don’t understand how a GM could draft and develop players in a three year span. To expect these guys to reach their full potential in such a short amount of time is ridiculous. Let me ask you this, how many players that have left the Bucs since Dom took over went on to find any success whatsoever? Ruud? Hardly. Talib? He played every game but the one that mattered for the Pats.

    Point being, this team was stacked with leftover garbage from the Allen/Gruden Era. You can’t restock an entire roster (minus the O-line) in three years. Its not excuses, its facts. What makes what I am saying “excuses” and what you are saying facts or reasons anyways? This team was BONE DRY when Dom took over. (Is that REALLY debatable?) Compliment that with a mentally weak (at the time) coach and it is a recipe for disaster. The high energy coach thing only works when you are winning. They have nothing to say to their players on a losing streak.

    An awful roster was also a MAJOR problem.

    I agree. But please listen to me. In three years, if EVERY SINGLE draft pick turned out a success that would still only be TWENTY ONE PLAYERS. That is not even half of a roster. Please, tell me, what Dom could have realistically done differently to be a better GM? Should he have signed some 32 free agents to make up the difference? Predicted that certain late round picks would turn out to be stars? Pushed the coach aside and command the team himself?

    Please, enlighten me.

  63. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Because I can just point out the defense and make my own point. I could bring up a thousand statistics to prove my point and you could bring up a thousand to prove yours. Im done arguing specific stats. It doesn’t prove anything. I could say the defense does bad when Freeman does bad. Or, I could say that Freeman does bad when the defense is bad. It doesn’t matter.

    This season is so much different than any other in Dom’s tenure. He finally has a roster fully stocked with his own players. (Or the majority at least). He also, has his hand picked coach in his second year. All of these factors make this the most important seasons in Dom’s tenure thus far. This season will carry MUCH more weight than any previous season has or will.

  64. stevek Says:

    @ West Coast,

    Dom could have SPENT SOME CAP SPACE ON QUALITY FREE AGENTS in his first 2 years on the job.

    Dominick could have added more players than just a punter after going 10-6 in 2010. He sat on his hands, and watched us suck in 2011, ultimately costing Raheem his job. It is not “all on Raheem”, in fact Dominick left him out to dry, by only bringing a punter in after the 10 win season. What kind of statement is that to the” Head Coach, Team, and fans? Seriously, the NFL had to mandate spending because of the BS we were pulling.

    About 50% of the collapse that got Raheem fired is on him, the other 50% is on Dominick for sitting on his hands. Brandon Carr would have sure helped in 2011, and he have never made us pick up “Dom’s guy”, Eric Wright.

  65. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    WestCoastBucsFan, you need to think a little. I came out in support of Dominick and you even attacked ME.

    At this point you are attacking people who hold the same views as you. Do you just desire an argument?

    I pointed out that Dominick has a slightly better record than McKay…same win/loss but Dominick has a winning season under his belt, McKay did not. It wasn’t opinion, it was fact. And it was a positive fact.

    You may have missed it, but McKay got us to the Superbowl, so I was stating a compliment to Dominick.

  66. stevek Says:

    West Coast, please check out a great article on BucsNation, it was by “Hockey Duckie”- they broke down the play of the offensive and defensive units: The defense did not deviate from 21-27 ppg throughout any 1/4 of the season last year.

    While Freeman and the offense went from averaging 34 points per game down to 17 (50% output) within 1/4 segments of last season.

    The defense put out steady statistics, while the offense deviated as much as 50% of points scored for 25% chunks of the season.

    Stats don’t tell everything, but Andy Dalton is a helluva lot better QB than Freeman has been the past two years. There 2012 stats are similar, and they tell two completely different stories.

  67. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    stevek Says:
    “Dom could have SPENT SOME CAP SPACE ON QUALITY FREE AGENTS in his first 2 years on the job.”

    You don’t know that.

    The lockout was pending, the owners were keeping tight purse strings. Dominick was a rookie GM and needed to earn the trust of the owners before they would let him spend.

    And frankly, spending on free agents during that time would have been a waste, because this team still would not have made the playoffs.

  68. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I like Freeman, and the only thing I may have handled differently is I would have brought in a quality Free Agent QB to start in place of him for a couple years.

    Of course, what do I know? I wanted to draft Joe Flacco the year before Freeman, and I wanted to sign the “washed up” Drew Brees when he was on the market years ago.

  69. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Seriously, the NFL had to mandate spending because of the BS we were pulling.

    Not sure if this is sarcasm. If not, it is a lie. We were in or approaching a No-CBA period and it was unclear what the new salary caps would be. They said this more than once and stated this as their reason for not spending. Seems wise now considering the cow girls and redskins were penalized for doing exactly what you are advocating.

    And no, you can’t assign 50/50 blame to two guys. Im sorry. There were 53 players on that roster, an entire coaching staff, as well as other front office personnel. Raheem gets at least the 50%. Players get some, Dom also receives some, just not 50%. No single person had a greater impact on the 2011 season than Raheem.

  70. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    I apologize. I used your comment but was directing it at someone else. I thought I mentioned that but I did not. I never intended my comments to be directed at you. I actually thought you made a great point and was just building off of it.


    More stats huh?

  71. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I can do this all day stevek:

    Buccaneers franchise records

    Highest quarterback rating in a single season – 95.9 (2010) (in 16 starts)[8]
    Most 4th quarter comeback wins in a single season- 5 (2010) (tied with Doug Williams)[9]
    Most game winning drives in a single season- 5 (2010) (tied with Brad Johnson)[10]
    Most touchdown passes thrown in consecutive games (2010)[11]
    Fewest interceptions in a single season: 6 (2010) (in 16 starts)[12]
    Longest pass completion: 95 (vs New Orleans Saints) (2012)[13]
    Most passing yards in a single season – 4065 (2012)[14]
    Most passing touchdowns in a single season – 27 (2012)[15]
    Most passing touchdowns in a career – 78* (2009-)[16]

    (This is stupid by the way.)

  72. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Just to be clear. I liked your post and thought you made a great point. That is why I quoted it to use against the Dom bashers. I was never attacking you. (At least not intentionally.)

  73. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    By the way stevek, I really am not a dedicated Freeman supporter. I like him. I think he will have a good year. I am just playing devil’s advocate to show you that stats are fairly meaningless. Stafford almost threw for 5000 yards but the lions went 4-12 in 2012. Brees threw for 5000+ and they went 7-9. It just shows that there is so much more to this game than stats. You break down any number of weeks and window of games, etc, etc, etc to explain why Freeman is bad or good. There is not enough “proof” to deem Freeman a success OR a failure. He has just been inconsistent is all. We have eliminated a historically bad defense from the equation, now we can see what Freeman is really made of.

  74. Pete 422 Says:

    All the pencil necks telling Penn he is fat, lol. Dude had a great year last season. lay off.

  75. PRBucFan Says:

    The man has proven time and time again he can contain the most elite of them, sure he has his own flaws but who doesn’t?

    Reality is some people will never be happy… smh