No Underwear Football For Darrelle Revis

May 15th, 2013

The 2013 Buccaneers will hit the practice field for the first time Monday when they run around with shorts and helmets but don’t hit each other, and it’s no surprise they’ll be missing someone.

Per Stephen Holder of, Darrelle Revis, the Bucs’ $1 million a game cornerback, will sit out offseason practices while he continues to get his surgically-repaired knee ready to play football again.

Essentially, the man who is expected to be the most vital member of the defense won’t join his teammates on the field until the first day of training camp, at the earliest.

It’ll be interesting to see when the Bucs stop being cautious with Revis, whose ACL surgery was performed seven months ago.

Joe’s a little surprised to read, if true, that Revis won’t be a part of the mandatory minicamp in late June. Again, that’s still underwear football, as Raheem Morris used to call it, and one would think Revis would be healthy for limited participation, enough to soak in the defense with his teammates.

Might Revis potentially sit out the entire preseason schedule yet start in the Meadowlands on opening day?

Joe’s fine with that, but it’s rarely a recipe for a superstar season.

15 Responses to “No Underwear Football For Darrelle Revis”

  1. Dreambig Says:

    Better to make sure he comes back 100% than to push it and have a set back. It would be nice to have him there though to just to make sure is at least mentally engaged. Remember last year at this time? We had newly signed free agents, Jackson and Nicks, our secondary was Talib, newly signed Eric Wright, Safties were Ronde and Mark Barron our shiny new #1 pick. The world was looking pretty darn good, then the injuries and adderall poppong started and the season took a decidedly bad turn. After all that, using caution with Revis sounds pretty good.

  2. chris Says:

    i think he’ll be back for TC, even june mini camps. They’ree letting him focus on his rehab right now.

    IT’S May, so there isnt’ any rush to come back. I’m sure everything, from what I’ve read, is on schedule to come back for training camp. RIght now, whyu not try and get stronger and improve?

  3. the_buc_realist Says:

    hmmmmm,,,, vegas is saying that we will win 6-7 games,,,,, Do they now something about this? Did the Pop-star trade a 1st and a 3rd for a 1 legged player? Does the Gm only like players that can make the PUP list? I predict that we will win 7-8 games and The Pop-star gets fired, and Joe will cry on that day.

  4. stevek Says:

    Good, 16 meaningful regular season games to prepare for.

    No need to rush Revis back, let’s let him rest up until game day.

    We will all know why we got Revis come game day. Dude is a gamer.

  5. Terraj Says:

    Bucs realist – that has to do with freeman, not revis lol

  6. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It is only May. No need to rush things, and chance a re injury of his knee.

  7. BNB Says:

    Regular Season doesn’t start for another 4.5 months, rehab, get Revis’ knee as close to 100% as possible then turn him loose. With all the value loaded into acquiring this guy knowing he’s still rehabing, no need to rush him into team activities and risk any tweak or re-injury of that expensive knee.

    In the mean time, we’ve got a few other CBs that need some tending to by this staff, and I’m really pulling for Leonard Johnson & Devereon Carr to help push Banks & Wright for playing time. The fight for that role of nickel back should get really interesting.

  8. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @ Buc realist

    Being a realist would see that we have improved in every position on the field.we’re getting our two pro-bowl o-lineman back.we addressed our secondary issues with all-pro revis and goldson signings, and addressed every need except mayb TE in the draft. Freeman didnt LOSE us games last year.yes he’s inconsistent and absolutely must step up, but we LOST because of our secondary, plain and simple. We won 7 games last year, so u think we’ll do the same this year and Dom gets fired, yet our team has drastically improved. Where is the realistic viewpoint there? Being realistic doesn’t mean disagreeing with every point and constant negativity. Never do u provide a positive alternative to your comments. So enlighten me on your realistic view on how we win the division?

  9. JoeG Says:

    The Buc Realist says:

    hmmmmm,,,, vegas is saying that we will win 6-7 games,,,,, Do they now something about this? Did the Pop-star trade a 1st and a 3rd for a 1 legged player? Does the Gm only like players that can make the PUP list? I predict that we will win 7-8 games and The Pop-star gets fired, and Joe will cry on that day.

    Much to your chagrin, The Rock Star’s move to obtain Revis was initiated by the Glazer’s and therefore NOT on Dominick’s shoulders. Mark’s like a son to that family and not going anywhere…… Get used to it. They realize that “knee jerk” reaction to whiney fans isn’t in the club’s best interest.

    And if anyone wants an “easy money” bet….. Take the over! The Bucs will win at least 9 games this year

  10. Bucnjim Says:


    Vegas cappers go by trends, history & stats. They couldn’t care less who was taken in the draft or free agency. They will adjust the win/loss & point spread right after the first game of the year provided the Bucs break the losing trend and crush the Jets at home.

  11. Matthew Says:

    People who don’t gamble alway misread what “vegas” is doing. The W/L totals are meant to encourage wagers on either side not what Vegas thinks the Buc’s will actually win. They like equal money on either side & they get the vig with no risk. They’ll change the lines if they start to see a lopsided amount of money (ie sharp gamblers or betting syndicates) hitting a particular side hard because they see an advantage.

  12. the_buc_realist Says:

    I like and agree with your theory. It does explain the Pop-stars No results and still has a job. your theory of nepotism in the front office does have merit.

  13. Bobby Says:

    @Buc_Realist… really are a pathetic little poster aren’t you?? Even Thomas 2.2 had the courage to admit when he was wrong but you just cling to this delusion that Dom has brought in no talent to fill holes and that the Bucs are just as bad off this year as last year. You mention Revis but fail to mention Goldson or Banks. Revis isn’t the only piece of the puzzle that was put in place. Goldson was the starting safety for the NFC in the pro bowl last year. Keep on posting though…we all need someone to laugh at now that Thomas is gone.

  14. Oahubuc Says:

    As long as he puts his face on people when the time comes.

  15. Eric Says:

    Hope this isn’t Wally Chambers 2.0.