More Love For Gorrer And Johnson

May 16th, 2013

Danny Gorrer choked away the Eagles game but his overall play “impressed” the Bucs

Yes, the Bucs’ secondary was ugly last season.

Yes, the Bucs fixed it on paper.

But there’s still love for the returning men who, hopefully, will assume their suited roles as backups this season: Danny Gorrer and Leonard Johnson.

They’ve been praised before, but rockstar general manager Mark Dominik elaborated this week during an podcast.

“Leonard Johnson did step up and stepped through and got better as the season went on. Danny Gorrer is a guy that we had to rely on that I was impressed with how he did,” Dominik said. “But that’s not where we want to be at the NFL level, specifically, as you guys know, in the NFC South, where it’s dangerous in the passing game.”

It’s somewhat interesting that Dominik makes it clear that Gorrer and Johnson playing starting and prominent roles are “not where we want to be at the NFL level.” Joe agrees, and that calls into question the Bucs’ depth at cornerback.

The Bucs had the cash to upgrade the cornerback position even more this offseason but passed. Hopefully, Darrelle Revis, Eric Wright, and Johnthan Banks will stay healthy and behave themselves.

51 Responses to “More Love For Gorrer And Johnson”

  1. Aldo Says:

    its funny no one mentions anthony gaitor and keith tandy whom were drafted by the bucs….

  2. DanTheMan Says:

    LJ is better than Wright

  3. BullDog Says:

    Johnson stepped in and did an admiral job considering how young he is. My hope is that the young man continues to grow INTO a starting caliber player. He made some great play’s last yr and with more time in the system there’s no telling what his ceiling is. Just sayin !

  4. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Even though these guys didnt play at a high NFL level, they played hard and did their best. Let’s all remember that while we’re bashing them.

  5. Macabee Says:

    I wish both of these young men the very best in camp this year, but there is going to be serious competition for roster spots at the CB position. They will have to bring their “A” game to beat back Deveron Carr, Branden Smith, and Rashaan Melvin. Melvin has great length and speed – characteristics that Schiano likes.

    Gorrer and Johnson will have the advantage of having actual NFL game experience, but Dominik’s words were not necessarily complimentary. Add to that, Anthony Gaitor and Myron Lewis were not even mentioned. Gaitor drew Schiano’s ire in the final Atlanta game and I don’t know where he stands in the scheme of things. Not sure why Myron is still there, but I guess his size and speed merits one more look!

    Should be interesting camp battles for sure!

  6. big007hed Says:

    I like Gaitor and think he plays with a nice aggression but Gorrer was just terrible to me, granted he shouldnt be a top 3 CB on the team but he was just bad!

  7. J 2.0 Says:

    LJ will be safe. Gorrer is on the hot seat. I think LJ could be a solid dime CB and grow into a career nickel CB.

  8. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Going into their second season under a full second camp and learning their field assignment responsibilities under this defensive scheme, will be huge as far as their development. Especially under the tutelage of Wright, Goldson, and Revis. Plus, let’s not forget we have a new secondary coach.

  9. TBuc_40 Says:

    Are we still talking about depth like they’re starters? We have a solid starting 9 on D (not sure about Spence in middle and our Sam backer), but most positions are solid. Yes, i understand we have to have some serviceable guys behind them for injuries, but we can’t have all stars sitting on bench waiting for someone to get hurt.

    This is laughable. For example, can anyone name me who backed up Warren, Ronde, Simeon, and Lynch in ’02? Were we even talking about Charles Darby, Corey Smith, Corey Ivy, and David Gibson??? I don’t think so. The key to this year, as with all teams and all years, is to stay healthy. If we do that, we have a shot. No point in Chicken Littling all the time because we didn’t sign 5 CB’s and 10 D lineman in FA…

  10. J 2.0 Says:

    Hopefully the WVU boys from last year’s draft can show some progress in CB Keith Tandy and LB Nahjeh Goode. Though with the Bucs getting Gorrer, Johnson, Biggers, and Lewis in there and not Tandy, I have to imagine he isn’t the best CB on the planet.

  11. Sneedy16 Says:


    Good point.

  12. Kalind Says:

    There are still 3 good CBs out there that can be had for nothing. A song, and a cold beer would probably be enough. Woodson, Sheldon Brown and Jammer are all available and looking for work. Whats the problem?

    Even if they get beat out by Gorrer (hahahah) they would provide good camp competition and a veteran presence in the pre-season. I cant explain why this isnt being explored.

  13. BigSombrero Says:

    @TBuc_40 – took the words right out of my mouth man. People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, wailing about our depth. I challenge anyone that thinks we are in dire straits depth wise to compare our back ups to other teams.

    Compared to most, our backups have strong resumes experience wise. You can’t have pro bowl back ups everywhere, thats not how it works. If depth players were good enough to start, then they would start somewhere. Maybe you might find a hidden gem but this dialogue about our depth being bad is short-sighted at best.

    Also LJ played more than admirably for an undrafted rookie thrown in with a rag tag group of cornerbacks playing among an injury ridden defense like he was. Heck Mo Claiborne was getting torched left and right last season and he was a first round pick. LJ had more interceptions than Claiborne did. So I wouldn’t be too quick to write him off as a subpar player. He was an un drafted rookie in a terrible situation that made more plays than a lot of “starting caliber” cb’s. And the good news is he will be 4th or 5th on our supposedly destitute depth chart.

  14. Gus Says:

    I would say they are solid depth. How many teams can say they have corners 1-5(except Banks) have all been starters on the nfl level. Not very good starters but they all have experience playing against the best. That is solid depth Joe

  15. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    This is for the Capt. and others about Dom’s drafting:

    Capt. Tim: “Having a bad drafting record( average if one starter per year) will do that to your ” plan”

    And don’t try to defend his drafting. If you are going to try- list his picks for the last 5 years. “

    I have been extremely unproductive this morning but I do have this:

    I went through the Packers, Patriots, Giants, and Bucs last four drafts from 2009 thru 2012 (Kind of silly to count this years draft before they have played a down) and counted how many players are starting on their team from those drafts in total based entirely on their depth charts.

    Patriots: 10
    Packers: 5
    Giants: 7
    Buccaneers: 11

    The Bucs have drafted more starters than any of these widely considered “good-drafting” teams.

    I pulled the information from the following two sites: (For the current depth charts) (For the draft history)

    The overall talent of those starters is up for debate but your argument Tim was that we have had an “average of one starter per year” when in fact it is almost triple that.

  16. stevek Says:

    Good post West Coast,

    I like your last paragraph: “The overall talent of those starters is up for debate”.

  17. stevek Says:

    West Coast,

    Dominick has drafted 11 starters in his tenure. He has drafted 2 pro bowlers in that time.

    For the 11 starters he has drafted, we have 24 wins to boot.

    I am hoping from an 11-5 season, multiple pro bowlers, and a playoff team.

    Bottom line is: Dominick able to assemble a playoff roster?

  18. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    ” . . . 24 wins to boot.

    I really don’t see how the GM in his first year catches absolutely any flack or praise for the win/loss record in his first year as a GM. The team will always be comprised almost entirely of guys he did NOT select. (Either in free agency OR the draft). How do you judge a man whose top responsibility is selecting personnel when not even half the guys on the team were ones he selected during the 2009 season?

  19. the_buc_realist Says:

    of course Dominick has drafted more starters. That is why the pop-star has a losing record. Not to mention that he is always drafting in front of most real GMs.

    here is to year 5 of the rebuild. we could finish second in the division, miss the playoffs and it would be the best season Dominick has ever had!

  20. TrueBlue Says:

    Even more WestCoast, I don’t see how the GM catches any flack for a record until he gets to picks the HC.

  21. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    If only you were running things at One Buc, realist…

    You literally have no idea what a GM’s role is, do you? Win/loss is not the totality of the assessment and THAT is why he still has a job. Being the brainless drone that you are, all you see is, “losing? Must be the GM.” I mean, never mind that the 2009 season included a team full of players he did not select and a first year DB coach playing head coach and defensive coordinator. Nevermind that the 2011 season included a coach that lost his players completely and got him fired and reduced back to a damn DB coach. Nevermind that 2012 was the first year for his head coach that he actually had an input on selecting. None of that matters because win/loss. That is the only thing that matters for a GM. There simply is no other way to evaluate a GM. Nothing else should ever be taken into account when evaluating a person on a team, just the win/loss. (Maybe Reese and Coughlin should be fired up in New York for not making the post season? Obviously they are losers because win/loss and the playoffs are the only thing that determines the quality of a GM or coach.)

    We have had losing seasons. That is factual. We have done things to correct those losing seasons. We got a real coach and continue to gut the Gruden Era players. The problems have been corrected, their results are just not THAT immediate. (Although they will be this season.)

    I really hope you don’t disappear from the message boards next off season realist. It would really kill the fun I am going to have.

  22. the_buc_realist Says:

    @ westcoastbucsfan
    I hope your right WCBF, because watching the bucs go 4th, 3rd, 4th and 4th in the division, and laughing at you every offseason is not fun. In fact it is very Old.

    Playoffs or the Pop-star is Banished

  23. Kalind Says:

    Gosh all the hate for Dominik is unreal. I live in DC and I dunno how many times I’ve heard Dom singled out by the sports radio here as being a model for getting quality personnel. And they’d know. They have ex-idiot GM Bruce “the Puppet” Allen.

    You guys have no idea how many teams would kill to have a GM that could manage the cap and the talent level as well as Dom. Don’t put Freeman on him either that was obviously Raheem the Dream. Kstate and all. Dom is legit. Everyone needs to chill on their hate of the guy. He’s better than you think. Raheem was just a MO-ron.

  24. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    The win/loss! That’s all you can say. But to further exaggerate how terrible Dom is you mention the division placement. That third place finish? 10 Wins that season. The “fourth place” finish last year was tied win/loss with two other teams in the division. You just keep mentioning the division because it sounds a lot worse. You imply that we were DOMINATED by the rest of the division for the past four years when that is simply NOT the case.

  25. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    You sure do hate people talking about wins and losses. Just because you have a different vantage point, does not make yours correct.

    And let’s give a Reese and Coughlin a pass with those pesky playoff appearances and Super Bowl wins, k?

    I know, I know, it’s not his fault, right? It was the Glazer’s fault for hiring Raheem. And Raheem’s fault for play on the field. And Gruden and Allen’s fault for the past players (I know his job as Director of Pro Player Personnel had no role in the that [wasn’t his fault Allen ignored his advice]). Geez, it appears Dominik has done very little wrong, correct? Oh, and the things he has done wrong? Well, he was learning on the job, right?

    So, apparently, these is an excuse for just about every problem for the last 4 years, and none of it is on Dominik.

    Damn dude, if I ever run for office, I want you to run my campaign.

    The absolute craftiest thing Dominik did was draft Glennon. After is being all about #5 for so long, ($55.55 mil Vjax contract, etc.), I see Dom is crafting a safety valve. Very wise move.

    Let’s just hope the knees of those defensive ends, hold up by seasons end. Otherwise, it will be just like the Dback situation last season.

  26. Couch Fan Says:

    I like Dom A lot. I think he’s already a very good GM and only getting better. It’s been a long time since Tampa has been to the playoffs and just about everyone is on edge. This team is slowly getting better and better but at some point (probably after year 5) you have to start questioning if he can put a winning product on the field. I dont really see that 10-6 season as a winning product, we werent a very good team we just got lucky at the end of a few games. We probably would of got embarrised in the playoffs.

    Anyways, as much as I dont like it, Dom is on the hot seat. How can he not be? Ultimately though, I think Free’s seat is even hotter. Everyone is going into the season watching Free, not Dom.

  27. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    You sure do hate people talking about wins and losses. Just because you have a different vantage point, does not make yours correct.

    So then you agree? The only way to evaluate a GM is by wins and losses? There should be nothing else taken into account when evaluating a member of the team? (Otherwise you are just making excuses, right?)

    There is a reason he has a job. Every move that is made has a certain percentage of responsibility attached to it for EVERYBODY. You can’t just pin every single problem we have had on one guy. The majority of problems before were OBVIOUSLY with the head coach. There is a reason Rah didn’t even get a job as a coordinator somewhere. He was THAT BAD. Dom had his fair share if issues but he didn’t lose the players for that 10 game stretch in 2011. Rah did. (Unless you think Dom is responsible for that as well?)

    Dominik has his faults, especially early in his career. He has improved the personnel EVERY year he has been here to get the roster to where it is now.

    I have said it a million times but it bears saying again. Dom has merely done enough to keep his job. Not enough to be fired and not enough to be mentioned with the better GMs in the league. BUT based on his progress (which is undeniable) he will soon be considered one of the better GMs in the league.

    This is Dom’s season to prove himself. Where we differ Oil Derrick Brooks, is on his ability to do so.

  28. andres Says:

    I believe it was Barron who blew coverage on the last TD in that awful dreadful Iggles game.

  29. Mike J Says:

    Kalind,Woodson is pretty much a safety only at this point.

  30. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    WestCoastBucsFan, I forgot to mention a thank you for the research. Not many commenters take the time to back up their claims with facts.

  31. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Yes, I believe win and losses are the most important factor. At what year in his tenure do they become a role? Never? Year 6? Year 9?

    Let’s double the record. How about 48-80? Is that acceptable?

    What is instead of 24-40, it were 14-50? Is that still not a good reason, since it’s just based on record?

    What else would you like to critique him on in his 4 years as GM?

    Free agent signings? What grade would you give him there?
    Signing TB players to extensions? grade?
    Draft picks? grade?
    Hiring of coaches? grade?

    Do you have any A’s anywhere? What is one thing that you can point to and say, Dominik is a great ______. Cap manager?

    I don’t how well he will do next year. I am not saying he will fail. I am saying he has been so inconsistent, I simply do not know.

    Pretty close to my thoughts of Freeman too. And, in a nutshell, that’s the issue. Going into year 5….

  32. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    My point was that he can’t really be graded at all (good or bad) because of the circumstances of his tenure. I don’t think anybody can say without question that Dom is a genius or that he is a failure. It is simply yet to be determined. This year will say a lot.

    Also, yes, in almost every scenario the win/loss record is definitely a factor in determining a GMs success or failure. I just provide reason that it has mattered LESS given the circumstances. No, he couldn’t double his wins and losses and keep his job. That is asinine. The current circumstances put Dom at a MUCH higher accountability now than before. Now he has a team assembled almost entirely of his own players as well as his coach.

  33. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    There is no factor more important than winning. Winning = playoffs

    Let’s say everything else is static (same drafts, same injuries) but, instead of 24-40, he is 14-50 after 4 seasons. Do you still keep him on, if you are the owner, at 14-50? No, correct?

    My point is, no matter what the circumstances (or excuses, however you look at it), no matter what other things you judge him on, the team’s record is the biggest factor. Not the only factor, but not just a factor even with all the other factors (see: 14-50).

  34. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Let’s say everything else is static (same drafts, same injuries) but, instead of 24-40, he is 14-50 after 4 seasons. Do you still keep him on, if you are the owner, at 14-50? No, correct?

    If everything is static, yes, he is fired everyday and twice on Sunday.

    My point is, no matter what the circumstances (or excuses, however you look at it), no matter what other things you judge him on, the team’s record is the biggest factor. Not the only factor, but not just a factor even with all the other factors (see: 14-50)

    My point is that Dom has not done bad enough on his own that he deserves to be fired. Rah was such a terrible coach that Dom couldn’t be properly evaluated. Win/loss certainly is a huge factor in a lot of cases, just not this one, up this point.

    How can you lay blame on the GM in his first year for anything? Good or bad? The only effect he could have on the team in his first year is the handful of rookies and some free agents. Other than that it isn’t even really his team yet.

    I could give more legitimate reasons why he deserves at least one more year but you are convinced you have seen enough to fire him. Nothing will change how you feel about that.

  35. stevek Says:

    West Coast,

    Raheem got dealt a sh!tty hand, and you know it. He won 10 games in 2010, over 40% of Dominick era wins.

    Raheem got a measly punter in free agency, after going 10-6.

    Raheem’s Red Skins beat us last year, and they went to the playoffs with a rookie QB, Raheem is laughing at your statement.

    You are what your record says you are.

  36. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    stevek, rah’s hand wasn’t any worse than Dom’s.

    Also, Oil Derrick Brooks, after re-reading your post, I actually didn’t quite get what you were saying by:

    Let’s say everything else is static (same drafts, same injuries) but, instead of 24-40, he is 14-50 after 4 seasons. Do you still keep him on, if you are the owner, at 14-50? No, correct?

    In this case it is hard to say because I am not sure Rah makes it to the third season if he doesn’t have such a stellar second one. If he did though, then yes, I think Dom would still be employed by the Buccaneers.

  37. Capt. Tim Says:

    And Packers, Pats, and Giants draft at the bottom of the draft( they actually win)

    We draft in the top of every round( we always lose)

    That makes a huge difference in talent available to you.

  38. Capt. Tim Says:

    Hey- where did my first post go???

  39. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    You would not fire him at 14-50? Wow, ok, that says everything I need to know. I am not going to not comment anymore, because that comment says it all, 14-50. Wow.

  40. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Yes, because regardless of how well or poorly Dom drafted in wouldn’t change the ineptness of Rah. We didn’t lose the games we lost because of Dom. We lost because of Raheem. If we didn’t win a single game and went 0-26 in the first two seasons I wouldn’t fire Dom. How the hell can you blame Dom two seasons after he took over? It would STILL be more than half of the players that he didn’t draft. Early on it was up to the coach to get the most out of what was available. How much talent do you honestly think a GM could add to a decimated roster over only two seasons? Can you point out a single GM in the history of the NFL that has turned around a team and been successful EXCLUSIVELY with players he acquired in two or three seasons? No left over talent at all? You can’t because its physically impossible without hitting on all seven draft picks in all drafts and signing every free agent available. It simply cant be done.

  41. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    LOL. You are making my Friday at work.


    Why don’t you go ahead and say you would keep him at 1-63. Go ahead, I dare you.

    Or tell me EXACTLY how many losses in 4 years that it would take. Keep going, this is classic stuff.





    This is gold.

    Also, was Scott Pioli unjustly fired? How about Brian Xanders?

    Should Martin Mayhew still have a job?

    Who should we credit for that 10 win season since you are throwing Rah under the bus? It seems like that four year record should actually be worse since Rah is so historically bad, correct?

    I’m looking at the Dallas Cowboys dynasty. It might take some time, but, Jimmy (Jerry, meh) gutted his roster and were a game under .500 in his 2nd year, then totally badass from there on out. I’m sure there’s others too. I don’t agree with it being impossible.

    Could it be that you are a bit over protective of Dominik?

  42. loung Says:

    keep hate ,,,, u can!t pick your nose ,,,,,,

  43. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    the Dallas Cowboys dynasty? That is your example? So your saying its fairly common and should be expected? Okay. lol

    Or tell me EXACTLY how many losses in 4 years that it would take. Keep going, this is classic stuff.





    It went right over your head and out the window didn’t it? You didn’t get anything I said at all. Your arguing now over the possibility of more losses than actually occurred. I tried to play along but you are just missing the point entirely. The situation with the Buccaneers GM is isolated. You can make comparisons to what has happened with other teams but the variables will ultimately be different in the end.

    My point was that for the first two years (at least) of Dom’s tenure the team consisted of more players that Dom did NOT select than ones that he did. Now how do you evaluate a man who’s most important job is to bring in talent when not even half the roster consists of guys he selected? You are judging him based on the current coaching along with decisions of the prior regime. You would be judging him based on another GMs decisions.

    The first three years of a GM’s tenure is WAY different than the second three years. Especially for a first time GM. He was obviously learning on the job his first few years because he must have forgot to read the “How to be a GM” handbook.

    My point is this, NO, he would NOT have a job after going 0-64 (not that he would make it that far anyway) because that type of losing shows ineptness on ALL levels of the organization.

    Dom shoulder’s WAY more responsibility starting with the 2012 season. That roster was almost entirely made up of his players along with HIS coach. He isn’t EXCUSED from his first few seasons, they are just not weighted as heavily as this past season and the one coming up when he is being evaluated.

    Please just answer me this. Why does Dom (or any GM) shoulder responsibility (good or bad) for a team made up almost entirely of players selected by someone else. How do you judge someone based on someone else’s work? I would really like to know. Instead of just laughing at my posts, why not tell me how I am wrong? Show me the undeniable proof that Dom doesn’t deserve his job.

    (One more thing, if the Bucs don’t lose out on a tiebreaker after their ten win season in 2010 and they DO make the playoffs with the same amount of wins; do you fire Dom now? Is that the difference for you?)

  44. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Could it be that you are a bit over protective of Dominik?

    I am “over protective” of crucial members of this soon to be dynasty. Especially when their “proof” that he sucks has absolutely no logic attached to it whatsoever.

  45. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Did you not ask me to point to a single existence in history? Did you not say it is physically impossible?

    I’m waiting on that record, or are you saying at any record you would keep him?

    Dynasty? LOL. C’mon man. You have to be a least smirking.

    All I have done is offer proof. All you offer is excuses.




    Which record?

  46. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    And, I never said, he absolutely should have been fired. I’m saying, if he were, it certainly would not have been wrong. There have been plenty of instances of this happening.

    Just because the regimes in San Fran and Seattle came into solid rosters doesn’t mean most do. On the contrary, most teams are a mess for the new GM’s. You act like Dominik walked into this historically bad team (historically bad teams don’t win 10 games after one year), that this situation never existed before. That’s ridiculous.

    No matter what the situation, the largest factor in judging the GM will be his record. I know that you have a record in mind that would have made you fire him after four years, maybe it’s 2-62, maybe it’s 5-59, but, you can’t say he would not be fired regardless of record after 4 years.

  47. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I have done all I can do. I guess we just have to let this season play itself out and reconvene next offseason. Maybe my “theories” will make a little more sense to you then.

    Your inability to look past a single stat (win/loss) blinds you from seeing the big picture. I dont see how anybody could be so short sighted. Your idiotic argument about wins and losses is terrible. IF WE LOST MORE GAMES THEN EVERYTHING CHANGES. Not just the win/loss record. Maybe if Rah doesn’t have the ten win season we have a new coach a year sooner? Maybe that coach is Schiano a year sooner and 2012 would have been his second season and instead of talking about Dom’s failures we are talking about his recent contract extension?

    It doesn’t matter. 24-40. Wins and losses. The only thing that matters for a GM. What a joke man. NOTHING is that black and white.

  48. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So, you just can’t answer a simple question can you?

    You said you would not fire him for 14-50, but you fire him for 0-64 (I get it, you would fire him for underlying reasons, but, the 0-64 obviously said something to you)

    I’m just trying to determine what the minimum numbers of wins that would be required for you.

    You have already said you would fire him for 0-64, so, you have acknowledged this.

    So, what is it?

    4-60? 7-57? 12-48? It’s somewhere between 1 win and 13 wins.

    Why can’t you just give a number? Or is simply 0-64, and anything else would be acceptable?

  49. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Your missing the point man, that is why I cant give you a number. If you change the number of wins and losses then you change all the circumstances around it as well. You can’t change that one variable without affecting everything else in the process. There is no possible scenario where Dom could have drafted Freeman and Mike Williams and found Blount, etc and had a different outcome. Blount would have to have never panned out. Freeman would have to have bombed worse than Blaine Gabbert for 0-64 to happen. Which would mean in this crazy hypothetical situation that Dom would have failed at his job and would deserve to be fired. (But only in this situation would he be a definite failure so why bother even talking about it?)

    You can’t keep all the variables and just change the wins and losses. It just doesn’t work. If we lost more games it would be because the players that did play well would not have. Whether they were Dom’s players or not.

    Freeman cant have a 26TD and 6 INT season and the Bucs go 10-6. Blount can’t rush for a 1,000 yards in ten games and the Bucs go 10-6. It is just not a feasible hypothetical situation.

    You can answer ME a question though. (Although, you have been ignoring it this long so it will probably continue) How do you assess ANY GM’s team two or three years after he is hired when the roster has more players he didn’t select than ones he did? At that point it is more of the old GM’s roster which is why the previous GM was fired in the first place. If you fired him after three seasons you would be firing him because of mistakes from the previous regime and that would be irresponsible. (And yes, I think the firing of Pioli in Kansas city was a mistake with a roster chalked full of pro bowlers, he was just the scape goat.)

    Also, how do the wins and losses in the first season carry the same exact weight as wins and losses in his fourth season? Your saying a GM will be JUST AS GOOD in his very first year as a GM as he is in his fourth or fifth season? Right? That is the only way the wins and losses could carry the same evaluative weight.

    I am starting to feel like maybe I cant convey my position as clearly as I would like. There is a reason coaches are given a “honeymoon” period. Meaning it doesn’t matter how terrible there first season goes, they will remain employed. This is because you cant properly evaluate a persons body of work in the first or second year.

    I feel like I am just repeating myself now. Just please tell me how a win in 2009 carries just as much evaluative weight for Dom as a win in 2012? How is a loss in 2009 just as much proof that Dom sucks as a loss in 2012? After he has had four years of experience. You don’t expect a man to be ANY BETTER at his job after four seasons?

  50. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Im sorry, I just don’t see your logic. Unless you just don’t have any. I mean, I really hope I haven’t been engaging someone that actually believes a persons entire worth, accomplishments and failures, can be summarized in a single stat. You can’t actually believe it is THAT cut and dry, can you?

  51. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So, between 1-63 and 13-51 is your number. That’s fine that you won’t reveal the exact record. But, it exists.