Glennon Winning Starting Job Is Nonsense

May 20th, 2013

Greg Schiano takes great pride in being an obsessed-with-details guy. So one must wonder why the head coach recently chose to chat with a Chicago-based national sportswriter about the possibility of rookie Mike Glennon winning the Bucs’ starting quarterback job just hours before the first 2013, full-squad practice this morning.

For a commander of Schiano’s intellect, surely his comments were a calculated media move — and Joe can only speculate it was done to light a raging fire under the buttocks of Josh Freeman.

The only problem is the notion of Glennon starting “if he wins the job” (Schiano’s words) is utter nonsense. Freeman knows it and thinking fans know it, too.

Glennon has zero chance of winning the QB job out of the preseason, and barring injury to Freeman he’ll only get to start if, in Schiano’s mind, Freeman has lost the job during the regular season and the organization wants to move on from No. 5.

Freeman will earn $8.4 million, plus incentives, this season. There’s absolutely zero chance he’s riding the bench out of training camp unless Schiano has completely lost his mind.

So why did Schiano invite a writer to spread baloney about Glennon winning the job?

It’s a great question and one the head coach surely would chalk up to craving competition at all positions and simply expressing his philosophy on team sports. That’s nice, but it’s misleading. Freeman has as much chance of starting the season on the bench as DaQuan Bowers or Adrian Clayborn.

26 Responses to “Glennon Winning Starting Job Is Nonsense”

  1. dan Says:

    jet like media-ploy

  2. BigSombrero Says:

    Supposedly thinking that it was a competition was nonsense. I’ll wait until I see for myself.

  3. Gus Says:

    If all this craziness is for a better freeman in 2013 then I’m all for it

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    Before i say anything. Let me first clarify that I agree that there is no way Glennon should be starting QB right out of the pre-season. But I will say this… If Glennon gives us a better chance of winning, I believe Schiano is smart enough to start him regardless of how much money Freeman is making…. to me that is nonsense. The goal is to win games, not play the people who are making the most money.

  5. Free's a Boob Says:

    i.e. see Russell Wilson 2012

  6. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Ask Matt Flynn & Alex Smith if its possible a rookie could replace them.
    I agree that it is unlikely but to say that he has zero chance of winning the job out of pre-season is more rediculous than to say that he has “a” chance.
    Never say never!!!

  7. Illuminati Says:

    If Dominik and Schiano felt Glennon had “zero” chance to win the starting job, then they would be idiots for drafting him in the third round. I agree Glennon’s chances of being named starter out of the gate are remote at best, but he will at least have every opportunity to prove himself.

    Also, what kind of whack job coach or GM would insist on playing the guy with the higher salary over the guy that gives your team the best chance to win? That’s a sure-fire way to alienate your fan base and find yourself looking for a new job after the season.

  8. MR.T Says:

    Totally agree with Couch Fan, whoever gives us the best chance of winning will be the starter. We wont know about Glennon until we get into the preseason games whether he’s a boom, bust or somewhere in-between (most likely). If nothing else its shaping up to be one of the more interesting seasons to watch in quite awhile.

  9. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sorry, Kaepernick wasn’t a rookie….but the point still remains…..there is always “a” chance.
    I also agree that there is no way you play someone worse because you are paying them more.

  10. 76buc76 Says:

    I like it. Keep the coles stoked under Freeman’s feet. I even would not be opposed to pulling Freeman. The minute he has a “no show first half” in say week 3. Then start Freeman next game even if Glennon play’s great. Freeman must know his job is on the line. The only way Freeman will step up is if thing’s change. Start pointing at himself after he throw’s a one hopper to William’s. You will never learn from your mistakes. If you don’t own it and learn from it. Playing with a chip on his shoulder might be exactly what Freeman need’s to take the next step

  11. TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Glennon will not be the starter against the Jets. I think our sneaky star reporter is trying to start a controversy. lol

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    “If Dominik and Schiano felt Glennon had “zero” chance to win the starting job, then they would be idiots for drafting him in the third round.”

    Not true. Ask Bill Polian what it was like for not having a backup plan in case Manning went down with an injury….oops.

    You draft guys to develop and hope they create competition. Glennon, in all liklihood, will not do that THIS year.

  13. Brandon Says:


    Alex Smith was replaced by a 2nd year player.


    If you’re truly trying to make your point… using Clayborn and Bowers as examples wasn’t the best choice. How about Martin, David, or V. Jackson? Those three have been very durable, like Freeman. At this stage in Clayborn and Bowers’ careers, I wouldn’t be much regarding them starting the season healthy.

  14. Vic66 Says:

    Said very well^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I hope we win all our games but just imagine we loose the two opening games of regular season then I can see Glennon being starting quarterback beginning of game three.

  15. Vic66 Says:

    Was referring to 76buc76’s post with ^^^

  16. Luther Says:

    Freeman threw for over 4,000 yards last year. He is the least of my worries. If by chance Glennon replaces him, it will be due to injury or the next coming of Brady. Any other scenario is utter nonsense.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    Becoming more and more obvious that Schiano is not a fan of the alleged “rock star’s” ’09 first round draft choice.

  18. Tye Says:

    I can see it being highly plausible and understandable if HC Shiano and GM Dominik were to say give JF the 1st 4 games {1/4 of the season} to show he has improved and if not have MG ready to take charge coming after their Bye week….

    Them sticking out another complete season with JF struggling, taking the risk of yet a 3rd season in a row collapse will be career suicide for sure!
    No matter what they are paying JF.

  19. Macabee Says:

    None of us know what kind of season Freeman will have and we have even less information to suggest that Glennon can succeed as a NFL QB.

    What matters here is who the coach wants for his QB. Schiano is being given his way to go about putting this team together and it is apparent that Josh Freeman is not his choice. Schiano is sending clear unequivocal signals that this is the case. My opinion – doesn’t really matter what Freeman does, he will not be here next year.

    I’m a huge Freeman supporter and even I want him to leave for the sake of his own NFL career. He is talented enough under the right system to win at the NFL level, but not with this Administration and definitely not with this coach. It would also be nice to change the level of discourse from the QB to the coach. In my mind, that’s where it should be.

    I’m amused by the fact that Schiano is willing to risk his career by starting over with a 6’7” immobile QB that most experts think defies the direction that the NFL is heading ala Newton, Kaepernick, Wilson, and RGIII. But I’m not surprised, that’s Schiano for you. You knew when you saw the attack of the victory formation, that this was a different guy. And his apparent intent to start Glennon is a cut from that same fabric as is our old school run-first offense and our blitzing defense. But believe this, whatever way Schiano wants it, that’s the way it’s going to be. We should all know this by now!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Buc fan first and I hope Schiano succeeds however odd his decisions may seem. I have no dog in this fight. If Freeman leaves – fine. If Glennon starts – fine. I do know this for a fact, we have never had a franchise QB that we’ve kept and we’ve never had a coach since John McKay that wasn’t fired.

    This is going to be a telling season for Freeman, Schiano, and Dominik. And I get the unmitigated pleasure of seeing it unfold right before my eyes! This is going to be a season to remember!

  20. tmaxcon Says:

    There is a very fine line between Competition and Controversy!

    Free will Rise Up!

    I like schianos tactics.

  21. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m beginning to sense that maybe, just maybe, the people who are saying they want the best QB to win the starting job really only want that to be the case if it is Glennon.

    If it turns out that Freeman is the better QB, I don’t believe they will be happy about it…at least most of them won’t.

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Macabee Says:
    “I’m a huge Freeman supporter and even I want him to leave for the sake of his own NFL career.”

    I’m sorry but that makes no sense to me. Take a defeat, quit and move on to another team?

    Maybe it is just me, but I would rather see Freeman shut up the critics and prove himself in Tampa.

    It sounds to me like you are buying into the media hype. The same media that has offered no proof to backup their opinions.

  23. Macabee Says:

    Well, Monday is a brand new day! Dominik is already out saying this Freeman’s team and Schiano is saying that the national media does not understand him like the guys at the presser. He’s giving Freeman all the love and a vote of confidence as the starter.

    I don’t know what to believe now. I’ll wait to find out if he really means what he said to NFP or was he just kidding!

  24. Macabee Says:


    It’s an emotional plea and shouldn’t be taken out of context. It means I would rather see Freeman succeed where he can play his natural style of football that we saw in 2010, than be forced to wear a knee brace, stay in the pocket, never run or create plays, and be humiliated because he couldn’t adjust to a dictated style of play.

    Nobody in their right mind could disagree with your opinion. My point is will he get a fair shot to do as you suggest?

  25. Joe Says:

    @Brandon – Joe didn’t choose those examples because they were extraordinarily successful players last season.

  26. RastaMon Says: other words…Greg Schiano has brought in “The Bad Cop” Dave Wannstedt …which will allow him to play the “Good Cop”…brilliant ! tactic….Byran Cox …well expect him to be ..him…Rasta Likee…