Schein: Woody Johnson Ordered Revis Trade

April 1st, 2013

Former Jets quarterback Ray Lucas and popular sports radio personality Adam Schein debate what the Jets should do with star cornerback Darrelle Revis. Schein claims he learned that every general manager candidate that interviewed for the Jets’ opening, eventually filled by John Idzik, was told by Jets owner Woody Johnson, “You must trade Darrelle Revis.” Video courtesy of the SNY Network.

10 Responses to “Schein: Woody Johnson Ordered Revis Trade”

  1. peter king Says:

    get it over with already!

  2. Daniel Shreve Says:

    Tell the Jets that Peter King lol

  3. marques Says:

    If the Cardinals are giving carson a 4th or 5th round conditional draft pick Revis is not worth more then that.

    Carson is making 12 million this year. Is a starting qb.

    Revis WAS great. We don’t know what he is or what will he be in the future and for how long. Plus taking on 16 million.

    Anything more then a conditional 4th round pick is over paying. If we make it to the Superbowl you can bump it to a 1st next year. NOTHINHG MORE !!!

  4. Darrion King Says:

    Good maybe we’ll get Revis sooner rather than later

  5. Nick B Says:


    Come on man. A fourth rounder??? He’s the best CB in the league. Still in his prime. If you’re Mark Dominick give up the 1st rounder (preferably 2014) and get your shutdown corner.

  6. Marques Says:

    Nick B..

    I’m not hating on the guy.

    He WAS the best. He now has a bad wheel. Those are the facts. He will never be the same player.

    There is a reason why no other team is mentioned in taking on the contract. It’s a HUGE RISK.

    A conditional 4th is the most i’d give.

  7. Tom Says:

    @Marques Are you messaging us from 1980? It’s 2013, in case you didn’t notice Adrian Peterson almost set the all-time rushing record with a “bad wheel” that “will never be the same”, you’re right, he was never the same player after that injury, he was BETTER.

    So was Wes Welker ruined after his ACL tear? Willis McGahee had a particularly horrific knee injury in Miami, has had a 9 year career at RB which is notorious for short careers and still in the NFL at age 31. Howabout RGIII? If the skins offered him straight up for Freeman would you pass based on his recent ACL tear?

  8. feelthepewterpower Says:

    WHY give up a first and second rounder for Revis? Even if it’s next year’s draft picks. The media seems gung ho on the Buccs giving up a first and second rounder. Why not wait and leverage the Jets into taking a 2nd and 4th rounder next year near the June 1st deadline?? If were that serious on getting him, why not wait until free agency hits next season (prepare cap room, money needed, etc.) and throw the money at him? The Buccs almost traded for Goldsen last season and ended-up getting him as a free agent, no?!?! The owner isn’t happy with Revis, and there is uncertainty with the coach staying after this year, if Rex has a bad year. The Jets would be foolish not to get something for him and pay him the money. The Buccs would be foolish to throw two high draft picks on Revis.

  9. Marques Says:

    Tom…lets break it down

    You examples are best case scenarios . How many AP’s are there in the league ? One every 10-20 years. He’s an exceptional Talent. Wes has not been the same. Productive but not the same.

    How about a guy like Kris Jenkins ? Who played on the same team, had the same injury and was forced to retire because of it.

    The 49ers have loads of picks and cap room, do you see them offering the jets anything? Do you see ANY OTHER team offering them anything ?

    All 29 teams are offering the Jets nothing . So me and the rest of the NFL are wrong and you are right ?

    RG3 is a much better qb then Freeman. Personally I would make that trade and have him sit all of next season. And we are talking about the most important position in all of sports. That is the HUGE difference. Thats just my opinion.

  10. Marques Says:

    Some people get it TOM

    and people like yourself don’t