Would A Trade Down Blow Up Revis Trade?

April 20th, 2013

Who says the Bucs couldn’t trade down in the first round, adding some extra draft picks, and still get a decent corner like Mississippi State’s Johnthan Banks?

The cool thing about the upcoming draft, a three-day event which begins Thursday night, is there are so many options for the Bucs.

The Bucs, of course, could draft a corner, as many expect. The Bucs could justify drafting a defensive lineman at No. 13. Some think the Bucs will draft an offensive tackle, and the psychotic Bucs fans, apparently having no clue what offense the Bucs run or the makeup of the roster or how the salary cap works, are deranged enough to believe Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik will go all Matt Millen and draft a slot receiver, this Tavon Austin.

And there’s always the possibility, the elephant in the room, that Dominik will send the No. 13 pick to the Jets for corner Darrelle Revis. But what happens if the Bucs trade down in the first round? That thought was thrown out by Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

In fact, more than one mock draft has the Bucs taking Austin at No. 13. That seems unlikely considering their needs at cornerback, defensive tackle, tight end and offensive line, but the threat may work in their favor.

If Minnesota or some other team wants Austin that badly the Bucs could benefit by moving down and adding an extra early-round pick that could possibly be included in a package for Revis.

Though they appear willing to surrender the 13th overall pick in a trade for Revis, the Bucs would still rather hold that pick and get Revis for a package of second- and third-round selections or a package of 2014 picks.

If Dominik has a pattern with the draft, it is his wont to move around like a fantasy footballer after three Bud Lights. Dominik has traded up in the draft to land quarterback Josh Freeman, and last year showed he was some sort of a riverboat gambler, trading down in the first round to pick safety Mark Barron, then trading back up in the first round to get running back Doug Martin and trading up into the second round (from the third round) to grab linebacker Lavonte David.

If Dominik feels there is a corner late in the first round he could draft by trading with, say, Minnesota, which has two late first round picks, the Bucs could get Desmond Trufant or D.J. Hayden or Johnthan Banks.

What then, Jets general John Idzik, will you do?

68 Responses to “Would A Trade Down Blow Up Revis Trade?”

  1. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Seriously? Talk about Austin again! What a waste!! He ain’t coming here, the mock drafts have been full of BS speculation.its all best player available and not about our needs.that being said, I wouldn’t mind trading back and snagging a guy like eiffert a little later.banks, Hayden, slay in the second or third-all are good picks.however if star or Rhodes falls to 13 we WILL draft either of those two…

  2. Jacko101 Says:

    Then Sir DJoshFreeman who are we drafting since you know who we aren’t drafting? Everyone has an opinion so just deal with others as we deal with yours.

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    psychotic Bucs fans, apparently having no clue what offense the Bucs run or the makeup of the roster or how the salary cap works, are deranged enough to believe Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik will go all Matt Millen and draft a slot receiver, this Tavon Austin


    If you are gonna try to insult… Your gonna have to do a whole lot better than this crap… First off, we all know what type of offense we use. Just because YOU dont think he fits in doesnt make that the case.

    1st round picks are suppose to have an immediate impact. There are lots of ways to have immediate impacts, its about HOW you use the snaps you do get not the quantity of snaps.

    Kick and Punt return duties as well as slot, as well as being able to use him all over the field makes him well worth the 13th pick.

    Salary cap? Your right I dont know much about how the salary cap works but I can tell you this… being 30 million below means we can sign whoever to whatever we want, what does it matter what position the person plays in as long as he betters the team.

    Last but not least… Matt Millen? Really? Matt MF’ing Millen? He drafted multiple receivers in the 1st round. This is what you are comparing drafting Austin to? LMAO

    Joe Im a huge fan of your site but your defense of not drafting Austin is sad and rather pathetic. Your excuses dont even make sense. I agree we need to go defnese heavy in this draft but if nobody is there when its our pick. Austin is by far the best offensive player in this draft and we would be lucky to have him.

  4. Macabee Says:

    Tony Pauline, NFL Draft insider, reports a 75% chance the Jets trade Revis to the Bucs next week. RotoWorld thinks it’s more like 100%.

    The Revis trade is going to happen! We’re looking too closely at the Revis deal itself. We should also be looking at what else the Jets are doing. The Jets have many needs especially QB and D-Line. CBS Sports is reporting that they are bringing in Tavon Austin and is high on what he can add to their offense. The Jets are already planning how to use their 2nd 1st round pick. Wouldn’t it be special if Geno Smith fell to them at 9 and he is predicted to fall. If that happened, who would you pick at 13? Expect the Bucs to give an additional 3rd or 4th round conditional pick in 2014 similar to the Harvin trade. Go ahead and adjust your mocks without a Buc 1st round pick. This is all over but the shower!

    Conspiracy theorist that I am, I would not be surprised if this trade is not publically announced until the 13th pick is called at the draft. The NFL is so event-driven and so thirsty for TV ratings that with the announcement of the Jets opening with Tampa Bay, they are already aware of the trade and the Bucs will have done their medical due diligence before Thursday night! The trade may be well orchestrated high drama!

    Even if I’m all wet on the media conspiracy, I think this trade happens!

  5. BigSombrero Says:

    That explanation makes sense to me. I was wondering why all these media types think we would pick Austin. It didn’t make sense.

    But the possibility of a smokescreen makes sense. Next week will be big for NFL news.

  6. Lion Says:

    Using our first 2 picks on anything but defensive players is idiotic and any of these so called “experts” (wannabe’s) that say otherwise are complete morons and need to find a new profession. Our offense is pretty much set for the most part and it was the defense that lost us almost all of the games we lost last year. So, drafting offensive players before defensive players would be pure lunacy. I wouldn’t mind seeing us draft a TE in the 3rd if there is one worth taking at that point, because that is our biggest need on offense.

  7. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @couch fan
    Go sit down and smoke another bowl…plenty of reasons why Austin is a terrible fit! Watch a football game. Receiving is not a problem we have. Joe has stated that several times! We have wrs! If u were gm you would pull at Matt Millen and screw this team for years…

    Go read some other posts and do some research. Thank you for calling me Sir, i feel like you knighted me for my awesome opinion. Ya we aren’t taking Austin, it’s not happening. Who are we taking? Star, Richardson, Rhodes, eiffert, or we trade back…that’s it.

    To anyone who watches football, I’d love to hear what you guys have to say

  8. DjoshFreeman Says:


    Thank god you were born with sense…

  9. BigSombrero Says:

    Strong words Lion but I more or less agree especially 1st rd wise.

    I just dont see the Bucs loading up on a bunch of wideouts in FA just so they can draft a guy they know will be our slot. Doesn’t make sense in the least especially when you look at our other needs.

    I would love to see our first 2 rounds used on defense though.

  10. Vic66 Says:

    Time for Domonic to tell Idzik to kiss old crusty.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    It’s a little insulting that you constantly call people who think Austin would be a good pick crazy, or insinuate we are stupid and clueless about football. Get off your high horse, because you are no closer to being a NFL GM than any of us are. You know no more about our offense than any of us do. For every reason you give suggesting why we shouldn’t get Austin, I can list numerous reasons why we should. In fact, when myself and others do this, you simply ignore the facts. You go ahead and think we can’t use someone who can take it to the house on any play, as well as be a critical special teams player that we haven’t had since Clifton Smith. You b!tch about our lack of depth, yet don’t want to strengthen our position with the least depth (aside from CB). Who exactly do we have if either of our WR’s go down? What happened against defenses like Denver who could actually take away our first two options? Thought so.

    I’m not saying drafting Austin is the right call. We won’t know that for a while. But I know that going BPA never fails. Go ahead and give me an example when it didn’t. But I know you won’t, you’ll just ignore me.

  12. Couch Fan Says:


    Maybe you could better articulate yourself by giving examples of just how he would be a “terrible fit”. Thats if you can post something other than telling people how awesome and smart you are. Hopefully you can do better than Joe did.

  13. Couch Fan Says:


    Agreed, i was a bit insulted with this article. My opinion is no better than anyone elses but dam… to out right insult his readers like he did is a bit silly and makes him no better than the other fools on this site who spew there opinion as if its fact and resort to name calling when others dont agree.

  14. DjoshFreeman Says:

    I kno how intelligent I am, thank you for the compliment. Here you go:
    Tavon Austin is 5’9 with cleats and 175lbs soaking wet.
    he wasn’t even the best receiver on his team, bailey had more tds and yards.
    We have wrs out the ass, did u see we signed ogletree this offseason!?
    We don’t draft a player cuz he can return kicks, the damn nfl doesn’t even like knockoffs and most of the time they are touchbacks.

    I got plenty of others too but my time is precious so there is your preview.

    @hawaiin Buc

    Usually agree with you but you are wrong here.BPA doesn’t always work…look at Talib or even Jamarcus Russell.tavon isn’t the answer

  15. DjoshFreeman Says:

    This whole damn site is about opinions! If you don’t like it then leave and go on Facebook!

  16. Couch Fan Says:

    I kno how intelligent I am, thank you for the compliment. Here you go:
    Tavon Austin is 5’9 with cleats and 175lbs soaking wet.
    he wasn’t even the best receiver on his team, bailey had more tds and yards.
    We have wrs out the ass, did u see we signed ogletree this offseason!?
    We don’t draft a player cuz he can return kicks, the damn nfl doesn’t even like knockoffs and most of the time they are touchbacks.

    You may be smart but your immaturity level is showing through.

    Yes Tavon Austin is small…. so what? there are plenty of small guys in the NFL. And perhaps just maybe Baily had more yards and TDs because of Tavon’s presence? I mean surely if Baily was better he would be getting drafted first right? I’m sure your so called smarts can put 2 and 2 together and figure that one out.

    You say we have receivers out the ass? Ok tell me who we have besides Mike WIll and V-jax that is worth a dam? All the guys we signed this off season are nothing more than projects. Ogletree? If he was so good surely Dallas would of kept him right? Who else do we have that is gonna light it up this season?

    And last but not least, you say we dont draft players to return kicks? This is actually the first logical thing you’ve said but you forgot one little thing, we wouldn’t be drafting him simiply for kicks.. Punt/kick and slot game combined with moving him around all over the field = good value at 13.

    Please come up with better stuff then these weak excuses.

  17. DjoshFreeman Says:


    Yes! Instead of just bitchin you actually said some pretty good stuff with good reasoning.

    Stedman bailey is projected late second early third.
    Name me one guy who isn’t a kicker who succeeded in the nfl at 5’9 and 175!

    I think you misunderstand me, tavon is an awesome player but not for this team, and probly not for most nfl teams.you dont draft a slot in the lottery picks of this draft.he isn’t the answer, plain and simple.

  18. TylerRuuu Says:

    Personally I liked the insult. Made me feel like a young boy again.

  19. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree there arent many guys his size that go on to be stars but Tavon isnt exactly your typical little guy. And as I said before we should draft defense heavy but if there isnt the right player there when we pick and this guy is, im snatching him up and running to the podieum. Our offense is by no means is a finished product. We had way to many 3 and outs last year. This is just the kind of player we need to keep the chains moving more consistantly.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So in what country was Jamarcus Russell the BPA????????????????

  21. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Absolutely he would be a perfect fit in our offense.but it’s the nfl, no way to say how his size will translate.as I said idk anyone that small who succeed at anything more than a returner.if we get him, it won’t be at 13.we would trade down before that happened.its not about a quick fix, the draft is about building up the team not an individual.tavon isnt a better option than revis amd i would rather trade for him than draft austin that high.in the end, I would be open to anything that improves our team, I just want our main needs addressed first

  22. BigSombrero Says:

    Insult wise, any avid reader of Joe’s should know its a joke. Its like the whole “popcorn munching, coffee slurping” spiel he gives whenever he talks about Peter King.

    And on Austin, I don’t think anyone is denying that the guy is talented. Its just that like all teams, we don’t just draft by a strict BPA rule. No successful team drafts the best player available without any thought to needs. We could use an upgrade at slot but there are about 10 positions that are worse off right now. It would be ridiculous. I think we can all agree that the wideouts werent the problem last year.

    Draft a need at the correct value is what I like to see and if there isn’t one at 13, then trade down for more picks and go from there. Especially in this years draft where there will be a lot of potential in the mid and even late rounds.

    If Free can fix his accuracy problems then the wideouts we have will be a terror. If he cant then Austin won’t help much, no need to add on to that corps. Lets either fix the corner situation or the d line problem so we can actually stop offenses from scoring at will.

  23. DjoshFreeman Says:

    C’mon man…Jamarcus russels pro day was one of the best in history.he was without a doubt a consensus #1 pick.he blew his life away after being drafted not before

  24. Dark_Boo Says:

    V-Jax often lined up in slot last year and had a good stats. so why draft a slot WR or TE in the early round for? D-Line is our most needed!!

  25. Tampa2 Says:

    Would anyone like to bet $1000 bucks that the Bucs won’t draft Austin?Please? Insulted by Joe’s thoughts? Call whine-1-1. Let the millionaire dollar guys make the million dollar decisions. I am a 100% certain that the Bucs aren’t even considering drafting Tavon Austin. It is so incredibly hilarious how much time some of you are wasting my championing a guy whom may not even be on the Bucs’ draft board.

    Stevek – where are you buddy. When you aren’t masterbating to Tavon Austin youtube highlights i’d like you to put some money where your mouth is.

  26. stevek Says:


    Tavon Austin is better than Eifert, and we will pick Austin over Eifert.

    Don’t worry, the world is still flat!

    Throwing the ball is a premium in this league, and Austin is the best offensive playmaker in this draft. BPA all the way.

    No need to reach on a need, pick BPA.

  27. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @tampa 2

    BPA works only about 50% of the time, because only 50% of the whole draft ends up panning out

  28. stevek Says:

    Tampa 2,

    What are you talking about? 100% certain are ya?

    100% certain BPA is the way to go at #13. Tavon Austin is better than Eifert, Rhodes, and possibly Milliner.

    What are you going to do when we draft Austin? 100% certain are ya? Only way that is possible, is if you are the Rock Star Mark Dominick, himself.

    Ok than “Dom” Tampa 2, Playoffs or bust in 2013, 100% certain of that.

    If you go BPA at #13, then Austin could be the pick, as he is the BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYMAKER in the draft.

    I am honored of your thoughts of me youtubing, and have to say, no thanks. You are just not my type.

    Nice try though, I like the you tube insuation, you thinking of another JBF blogger like that. (You are weird, but no “hard” feelings.) 🙂

  29. RCS Says:

    I still dont get why drafting Austin would be so bad to some people?

    One reason the defense was torched so bad is because the offense would have games where they would go 3&out for strings of 5 and 6 times in a row. It makes total sense to go out and get someone who can keep the chains moving as Austin does.

  30. stevek Says:


    Concur your “world is flat” “reach on need” logic is limiting, and harmful to the development of this team.

    Talent is a premium, and it would be less wise to gamble on draft picks by reaching on need, rather than taking BPA.

    Take Tavon Austin for instance, that guy is the best playmaker in the draft, he will go before Eifert.

    There is a reason Joe, and Justin P. aren’t in the Buc’s war room, Eifert aint it.

  31. stevek Says:

    Good point RCS,

    Be careful though, that opinion and stance could get your “you tubing” thought about, and commented on by: “Tampa2”.

    Lol- and these guys really are trying their best to talk themselves out of Austin. That is the problem, and they know it, dude is just that good and he will be a Buc before Eifert with the #13 pick, bet your ass on it.

  32. TampaBucFan Says:

    People compare Tavon Austin to Percy Harvin. I see him more as a Dexter McCluster-type player. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just not something you want with the number 13 pick. I firmly believe if we stick to the 13 spot, the Bucs must go defensive line. If we decide to go cornerback or tight end (Eifert), trading back to a later first round pick would be the best value as we can find a solid player a few spots later while gaining a pick or two. This draft is lacking elite talent but contains quality depth, so why not use it to the Bucs advantage?

  33. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Every player in the 1st rnd has talent and potential to blow up is in every round.austin didnt do that great in college so why would he be the best player in the draft.if he’s so damn good then he definitely will go top 5 right? So regardless the bucs have no shot at getting him and Tampa 2 is correct.

    NO WAY Austin is a Buc at pick 13…ignorance is bliss for u guys, enjoy those YouTube highlights from college cuz none will be of him in a Buc uniform

  34. DjoshFreeman Says:

    So if we chose eiffert or a dt or cb over Austin, how butthurt will you all be? Or if we trade the pick for revis? Is our draft a bust then?

  35. Couch Fan Says:

    Austin didnt do that great in college? You clearly have not seen the kid play. He was referred to by most as one of the most electric college players in the nation… you dont get that distinction from not doing that great. Come on now. If you dont want to draft the guy, thats fine. Stick to that but dont go saying silly things like this, Austin in college was a game changer. He might not be in the pros but theres no reason to think he wouldnt have an impact on the game either.

  36. BigSombrero Says:

    Come on guys, you’re really reaching with the ol “the defense was on the field to long” excuse. The offense was going three and out so much mostly because Free can’t throw an accurate short pass. Austin can’t catch the uncatchable.

    Im not sure if you are in denial or what but the defense was poor last year. It was. No one can honestly say otherwise.

  37. Couch Fan Says:

    And to answer your question, I wouldnt be butt hurt at all, there are a dozen guys we could draft at 13 that would help us and I would be all for any of them. My player of choice is Austin though. I think its more likely that you would be butt hurt if we did select him. I was on the band wagon simply because i think he would help the team offensively more than any one else… now im hoping we draft him just in spite to hear all of you, so called “experts” who just know exactly what the Bucs are doing, cry and come up with excuses for being wrong.

  38. Couch Fan Says:


    The defense WAS on the field to long. Thats not an excuse for why they were horrible but it definately was a factor. If you can’t accept this then you are clearly bias. Yes Free is inaccurate as a MoFo but thats no excuse to not draft a guy like this. If we are avoiding drafting people who can help us simply because Free isnt accurate enough to get the ball to him… clearly QB should be just as high a priority as anything else… Just saying… common sense is a bitch im telling ya.

  39. DjoshFreeman Says:

    He didnt do that great this year…he was hyped up because of skill and potential.not SIZE cuz he’s a little guy.college doesn’t always translate to the nfl…that’s history.so ya I’d be pissed if we took him at 13 after we have talked for months about at cb or dt.trindon Holiday was a playmaker in college and now returns kicks.5’9 and 175 matters alot.picture Patrick Willis clocking a guy that size coming over the middle! My player choice, a need on this team not someone’s want…

    Opinions are valued but you guys miss the big picture, start thinking about the bucs and not personal fantasy! I’d love to have revis, milliner, star, Austin, and eiffert but we can’t have it all! It’s about the team!

  40. Couch Fan Says:

    Austin had close to 2000 rushing and receiving yards along with 15 TDs. Thats not including kick and punt returns. Including a game where he broke a NCAA All time record for all purpose yards….

    That sounds like a dam good season to me… Not sure what you are talking about.

    if he didnt do that good as you say along with being a little guy, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  41. Freemanbomb5 Says:

    Pop star needs his first pick freeman to light it up this year.. It makes too much sense if we don’t trade for revis island to grab Austin to potentially make freeman look like a franchise qb. Plain and simple if free fails Dom fails so Dom will do whatever it might take to ensure freeman plays upto the billing “all about #5”

  42. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Because he has speed and great hands…tavon is dexter jackson all over…he’s a wr and as a wr he didn’t do that great.he had the best qb and and a great wr there but ya he got his stats.and also sucked some games like his bowl game…

  43. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol Everybody sucks some games. And Austin isnt just a “wide receiver” he can line up all over the field, he is the most versatile offensive player in this draft which I have said a few times. He can do it all which is exactly what this offense needs. He creates match up problems.

    I can see you are getting annoyed with how I am disproving all of your examples of how he would be a terrible fit for us so I will let it go. I aint trying to be annoying just trying to have a good debate.

    Truth be told I dont care who we draft as long as its a good player that we can use and not just a “for need” pick which is what a lot of you are suggesting.

  44. BigSombrero Says:

    Alright I will say it again, Freeman’s accuracy was terrible last season. If Free can get it together this year then we wont need Austin, we have plenty of capable wide outs. And if Free continues to struggle then having Austin won’t matter.

    Austin may be an improvement at the slot, but it would be like fixing something that isn’t broken while leaving other positions in shambles.

    I understand people like offense and skill players but Austin isn’t a need, hes a want. You won’t win games without either a pass rush or stifling secondary. And im here to tell you, Eric Wright, Danny Gorer and Leonard Johnson does not equal a stifling secondary.

  45. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @ Couch
    On the contrary…if I was annoyed with u I would’ve called u an idiot and left it at that.you make good points…if Austin can play anywhere though then let’s draft him.we could def use a new te and if josh doesn’t do well let’s out Austin at qb too…I’m not doubting his talent, just that he will be our choice.

  46. DjoshFreeman Says:

    If we can trade back get an extra second rnder and still draft Austin, then u have my blessing I’m all aboard

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    If the Bucs draft Austin, l’ll be happy. I don’t think I’d go that way but I could definitely understand why they would. I think he’ll go before we pick. Will the Vikings jump up for him? I think Star would be my choice, if there, but Floyd or Richardson would be nice too. I just want DT first and hope 12 other teams don’t want the same thing.

  48. Curmudgeon Says:

    I approve of turning the screws on Idzik. Trade down for Minny’s 2 #1’s and then offer one of them for Revis. Take it or leave it, and move on.

  49. stevek Says:


    Austin. Eifert, period.

  50. Jacko101 Says:

    @Djoshfreeman IF we don’t trade out number 1 pick I believe we go obviously BPA which if I were to guess would have to be Richardson. And yes I do my research and can guess this will happen. Revis comes to Tampa, with that Ronde returns, our 2nd round pick is DT Ohio State Hankins, CB Hayden or Banks or lastly we Draft TE Escobar. How’s that for research???? Now you can go read more expert Analyst opinions and steal there ideas or come up with your own like I did. I’ll be at the games I imagine you’re a couch fan.

  51. Jacko101 Says:

    @Djoshfreeman it’s Saturday night get off the PC/Webworld and enjoy it check back tomorrow for more exciting news there is more to the weekend other than talking to a bunch of random football guys. Word on the street is ……. There are ladies out and about tonight……… No…. Not interested ??? I didn’t think that would get you excited have a good night man. Lol

  52. RCS Says:

    I don’t see how Austin wouldn’t make sense?

    One of the main reason for the Bucs D struggling is that they were on the field way toooo much. Our offense went games of having 5 and 6 straight 3 and outs, what better way to limit a Defense that has struggle then to keep the offense on the field and the chains moving, it will open the holes for Martin also. What D is going to cover Austin with a LB? they have to take a LB or DL off the field and give the run advantage to our Offense.

    If the Star or Richardson is off the board then Austin the only other choice…

  53. gotbbucs Says:

    “People compare Tavon Austin to Percy Harvin. I see him more as a Dexter McCluster-type player.” – TampaBucsFan

    That’s the comparison that I keep making in my head as well any time I see film of him.

  54. Jimmy Says:

    Wait minute. You clowns want the Bucs to go to a full-time three-wide set with Josh Freeman as a quarterback? Right! Let’s draft another receiver he can’t hit.

    You frauds know that with a three-wide set, that means Muscle Hamster gets less touches, right? SMH. Talk about p!ssing away a first round pick. Man.

    SOBER UP!!!

  55. gotbbucs Says:

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Austin will get picked closer to 20 than 10. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he isn’t even the first WR taken. Percy Harvin was a better prospect coming out, and he wasn’t taken until #22. Early 1st round picks used on WR’s are almost always guys that teams believe can be #1 WR’s.
    If I thought we were even remotely interested in picking a WR, Cordarrelle Patterson would be higher on my board than Austin. He may be less polished, but his ceiling is alot higher in my opinion.

  56. phattitudes Says:

    Luv the trade down because we have needs for 4 new staters. However slot receiver is not one of them. The bigger needs are at DT, CB, OT, TE. Getting 4 picks in the 1st 3 rounds would enable us to grab those starters. We already have competition at slot receiver and can also pick up another with one of our two 4th round picks. As for Revis, let the Jets give him to us at the end of the year or accept some 2014 draft pick. We hold the cards. We have more needs than just a corner. Address those needs first. Then if we get Revis, he is frosting on the cake.

  57. bucthis Says:

    Best corner in the Draft is DJ Hayden and a possible pick of the Bucs!

  58. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @ jacko
    I agree with everything you said. If the draft Austin out that way then I am the biggest supporter

  59. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So having a great price day means Jamarcus Russell was there best player available. My head is spinning with your logic

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    *pro day

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You apparently weren’t born yet, because Russell wasn’t even on a bunch of teams draft boards. Amazing how people’s memory falters when trying to back up their belief.

  62. Dreambig Says:

    I dont think trading down would blow up the Revis trade. If the Jets are set on trading Revis, when all the bluffing is done, what choice do they have? If the Jets let Tampa get on the clock on draft day, they loose all leverage and either have to keep him for a year or start talking to the Bucs about what picks they want from next years draft. This is probably a moot point because I am sure the Bucs and Jets have this all worked out already or they have both moved on. As for who we should get with 13? Revis trade, first choice, then DT or CB, and call me psychotic because I wouldn’t cry if it was Austin (his size is a bit of a concern). Also with that freak injury, Hayden seems very risky. Speaking of rookie corners, any one see the Tribs piece showing Undrafted Lennard Johnson held the opposing QBs to a lower rating than Morris claiborne?

  63. stevek Says:

    Great piece on TBO, touching on the Ravens, their GM, and how you should expect them to be in the playoffs this year.

    Don’t the Ravens usually grab BPA, yeah I thought so.

    We will draft BPA, and emulate the best run franchise in the NFL.

  64. stevek Says:


    The Raiders REEEACCCHHHED on a position of need (sound familiar?), and they drafted Jamarcuse Russell 1st overall.

    The next two selections were: Megatron and Joe Thomas.

    We then drafted Gaines Adams, passing on Patrick Willis and Adrian Peterson.

    The rest is history, and what is the them of that draft? The “Pirate” moniker teams both drafted on “need” and sorely missed out on some genuinely elite talent on both sides of the ball.

  65. Gus Says:

    Breaking news on the Revis front. He is visiting the bucs for a physical

  66. BullDog Says:

    Good by Richardson or Star. I am not a fan of losing picks. If that knee prevents him from being a productive 2013 player and has to sit out ?? Well , I have a new Baitcaster that needs some loving attention on Sundays. With all the rule changes and Diva like drama this 57 yr old is about done with the NFL anyway.

  67. lurker Says:

    bye bulldog…

    also, Richardson or star might get injured, etc, and they have not proven anything on this level! hell, arguably, star latulelei’s condition is worse than revis’. so where’s your logic about injuries and production coming from?

  68. Eric Says:

    Hey Joe, An update on the article on nfl.com says a deal has been struck for Revis. Terms will be disclosed later tonight or tomorrow am