Who Needs Darrelle Revis More?

April 15th, 2013

Former Jets quarterback Ray Lucas and popular sports radio personality Adam Schein discuss the latest in the Darrelle Revis saga in this SNY video.

8 Responses to “Who Needs Darrelle Revis More?”

  1. jb Says:

    I’m afraid these guys are right. Dominick is ALL IN with this. He’s let every available FA cornerback sign elsewhere for peanuts while throwing all his eggs in the one basket of an injured player that may be nothing more then mediocre once he comes back, while giving up multiple high picks! WTF is he thinking?

    If we miss the playoffs…AGAIN, the finger has nowhere to point but him! He has to be gone if this blows up in his face, which from the looks of things, has about a 70% chance of doing so…AT LEAST.

    It’s beginning to look like he’s a terrible GM that operates like he’s running a fantasy team. Overpriced SPLASH moves are the only thing he seems comfortable with.

    I just hope I’m wrong!

  2. Dan Says:

    Get a job JB it’s Monday at 11 am and you are typing on Buc post, lol…. Loser

  3. Tk Says:

    The guys MRI is today they have been all playing you all along fail trade done pass trade complete

  4. Bobby Says:

    @jb….LOL! Yeah…he gets Mark Barron, Doug Martin, V-Jax, LaVonte David, and Nicks last year and he’s clueless. Hope he’s as stupid this year too……

  5. RunningBuc Says:


    I am sick of the Revis talk. everyone and their brother are predicting the Bucs will trade their number 1 selection for him. Number 1 picks are just too valuable and in my oppinion this would be a terrible move for the Bucs.
    The Bucs have several needs and this is a great draft for corners.
    What say you?

  6. rich Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone insists that Dominick is the ultimate authority on where free agent CBs will sign. It’s not up to him. There are 31 other teams and – believe it or not – the players themselves actually have some say in it.

    I recall rumors early in free agency that the Bucs were in contact with Derek Cox and Sean Smith. Brent Grimes said himself that he had discussed a contract with the Bucs, but they didn’t agree on terms.

    It’s like that D-bag Chris Landry talking about free agency like it’s a stroll down the aisle in a grocery store; just take what you want from the shelves, pay the price, and it’s yours. And if that free agent doesn’t want to sign with you, you just tie him up, gag him, toss him in the trunk of the Glazer-mobile and ship him to Tampa for a few rounds of brainwashing.

    If the team didn’t place a high-enough value on an old and injured CB like Grimes, or a small and injury-prone CB like Cox, or a well-built but easily-beaten CB like Smith, then so be it. I understand why they don’t want mediocre players coming in to take playing time away from rookies and developmental players.

    I also don’t think he’s “all in” on Revis. There will be another wave of cuts after the draft, and I bet we will see just as many mediocre corners with recognizable names on the market. Only this time the Bucs will have a clearer picture of their roster (with or without Revis) and can be more aggressive if desired.

    Why is everybody acting like the sky is falling?

  7. jb Says:


    I believe a lot of the “Sky is falling” mentality is, we pretty much HAVE to make the playoffs in order to show this plan is working. The Goldson signing was great! More than a few have said we overpaid, but at this point we have to overpay for quality free agents. We become a perennial playoff team and that won’t be the case. But now, what we have is this whole Revis deal. For us to give up these picks for a guy coming off a torn ACL makes absolutely NO sense. Dom’s draft last season was nothing less than phenomenal, but now it looks like he’s on the verge of giving up the better part of this draft for a player that may or may not be much help to us in the future, while at the same time, having to pay him close to or more than $1million per game. This, “I have confidence in whatever our front office does” attitude seen here is pretty hilarious. I wonder if these are the same fools that kept sticking up for Raheem Morris while he was leading us to a 10 game losing streak. I believe e were on the right track and there’s a very good possibility that Schiano is the right coach for this team, but at this point, it’s hard to tell exactly what the plan is, with this Revis deal.

    God forbid, we question our Front Office!

  8. White Tiger Says:

    Man…either way, the MRI was getting done BEFORE any trade.

    Idzick/NY Jets are NOT driving this bus – it is rumored the owner told Idzick his first order of business is moving Revis.

    Dom is in complete control – do you know who the first folks were on the phone trying to get a DIFFERENT trade done…once they found out how much Kdzick was asking to trade someone even the owner of the Jets has grown weary of (hint: almost EVERY team with a draft pick higher than 13th overall – trying to help the Bucs get to Dee Milliner)?

    What happens if we end up with Milliner for LESS than it cost us to get Revis?

    …and if that last one goes down, who goes home happy, and who goes home with a malcontent looking for yet another withdrawal from the owners bank account – before the LAST deal even finishes?

    Nope – no way to convince me otherwise, no matter how the New York media spins this – Dominic is in the drivers seat.

    Which one do you think Dom more comfortable?

    My money’s on Dee Milliner.

    And no, the Bucs don’t HAVE to get to the playoffs to show improvement – they just have to win more games than they lost – 10 would be nice, but 9 is ALL Schiano & Dom have to pull off. The rest of my money is on THAT happening.