Practices Will Be Tougher Than Games For Revis

April 23rd, 2013
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Revis says Vincent Jackson is LeBron James in cleats

The lone resident of Revis Island spoke with the local chapter of the pen and mic club to talk about all sorts of things football yesterday, after appearing at a press conference to introduce Bucs fans to their newest star.

Darrelle Revis knows playing in the NFC South will be tough, but he said practices will be tougher than games.

“You have to understand my background. I came from a high school [Aliquippa] that is used to winning championships in Pennsylvania,” Revis said. “Just some names that played there, Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Ty Law. I am about winning. That is all it is about.

“Any day a receiver is out on Revis Island, it’s not a good day for that receiver. The NFC South, oh, I know. I have played against this [division] in the past. Drew Brees is awesome. Atlanta’s passing attack is awesome. Cam and Steve Smith have a good connection. It is fun, it is going to be fun for our secondary. Not just me, but for our secondary. It’s a team effort.”

Revis truly believes that battling Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams each day in practice will get him more than ready to face Julio Jones or Roddy White or Marques Colston or Smith on Sundays.

“VJ [Jackson] and Mike Williams, they will make me a lot better,” Revis said. “Practice will be the hardest. I think the games will be the easiest for all of us. And for Josh [Freeman] as well. We will try to challenge him too. He has some big weapons with Mike and Vj but it will be fun.

“People who know me, and I think this is why I am here, I get after it. I know VJ don’t mess around either. Practices are going to be fun. VJ is not easy to cover. He is basically LeBron James playing wide receiver. It is going to be fun.”

Joe just loved Revis’ attitude that practice will bring out the best in him. Talk about a leader! It is guys like Revis and Jackson who show the younger guys what it takes to be among the NFL’s best.

Joe’s pretty sure the Bucs will draft a corner later this week. Who better for a rookie to learn from than a passionate, driven stud like Revis?

18 Responses to “Practices Will Be Tougher Than Games For Revis”

  1. DougMartin22 Says:

    So happy with this guy. We drafted Darrelle Revis, damnnn.. Can anyone believe this? And for the people sucking on his injury.. all i read the past couple days is draft DJ Hayden.. that dude tore a mother-fing vain connected to his heart and they are comfortable drafting him and not comfortable trading for Revis. Gimme-a-break, jeesh.

  2. Deminion Says:

    @joe do u know what # Revis will be? Btw I’ll in Tampa this Friday can’t wait!!! Go bucs

  3. Kurius Boy Says:

    Them practices are gonna be event themselves. Can’t wait for the draft to see whoelse we add to the roster

  4. Buc'N'iT Says:

    The only thing he was following in Jets praxtixe was Sanchez s loopy picks, he should be incredibly happy to improve his game.against the likes of our recivers, he can even come play with Martin and work on his rin support? Not that he really need s this lmao

  5. jvato24 Says:

    what is the leader? A guy that goes rah rah to pump up the team? Nope. A leader is a guy that sets a standard and calls anyone out not living up to it. Just like the old days, we were upset by giving up a blade of grass.

  6. Meh Says:

    Revis will make Jackson and Williams better too. Those practice battles are going to be epic.

  7. Gus Says:

    Another reason this this Revis trade is awesome that this article just made me realize. Freeman’s accuracy will improve. He is no longer going to be able to just throw it up to VJax in practice. If i recall correctly Talib was getting his tail whopped in practice. Freeman’s passes will have to be perfect to get completions in practice. Damn I can’t wait until football!

  8. milos81 Says:

    Revis is a pro’s pro. Freeman, VJax, and Williams get to go against him EVERY WEEK. I hope he makes practice a nightmare for them. And I hope Eric Wright follows his lead.

    Then even going a little separation or a moment of openness will seem like a mile and an eternity in games.

    I love having this guy on our team.

  9. Travis Says:

    I cant beleive so many people think his ACL injury will ruin his career. Hell people just look back 1 year: Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles, Wes Welker, etc. Coming back from a torn ACL fine is no longer the exception, its the rule. the exception is the guy who DOESN’T come back fine. I mean seriously Charles and Peterson had career years, and Welker had his typical Welker like year.

  10. GABA Says:

    @jvato24 damn right D Brooks 55 was never happy giving up one blade of grass

  11. Snook Says:

    I still can’t believe that Vincent Jackson and Darrelle Revis are Bucs.

    They show highlights of Revis and VJ battling as Jets/Chargers and it blows my mind they’re both in Pewter and Red.

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Just wait until he attends training camp. The guy will be practicing in 120 degrees and wishing he was back in NY, lol.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Snook Says:
    April 23rd, 2013 at 9:16 am

    “I still can’t believe that Vincent Jackson and Darrelle Revis are Bucs.”

    Don’t forget Goldston. One of the best safeties in the league.

  14. GenocideD Says:

    Very excited! I think it’s funny the people, two years ago, that talked sh!t about our owners and how cheap they were. If they weren’t “cheap” we wouldn’t have VJ, the best guard in the league, and now the best shutdown corner in the league. Good job Glazers and MD. Here’s to our next championship right around the corner!

  15. GenocideD Says:

    …and Goldston. 😉

  16. thegregwitul Says:

    I’m so happy to be a fan of this football team right now. Exciting times coming up for sure. The draft is in a couple days and we know Dom likes to move around, so that should be entertaining. I’m just waiting on my work schedule to see what game I’ll be able to fly down to see this season; either Bucs vs Dolphins Monday Night Football or Bucs vs Bills. I really hope this team follows through on their immense promise this season.

  17. Tbuc Says:

    It will be awesome to finally see Brees and Ryan not be able to complete 50 yard passes at will when they play us.

  18. Celly Says:

    I made this same exact statement in an earlier post by Joe.

    Revis being here WILL make the whole receiving corps better. Being forced to go up against a talent like Revis every day will allow them to see different nuances to the game and get an understanding of what they can do to beat a top flight receiver.

    Revis going up against Jackson in practice every day will help him hone his skills against one of the top WR’s in the NFL.

    The only thing i didn’t realize was how much better it will make Freeman AND Sullivan:

    Freeman will have everyday to work on learning how to place the ball perfectly and Sullivan will learn how to draw up game plans that force recievers to get open due to the threat of Revis (which each team definitely doesn’t have).

    Can’t wait for the start of the seaon!

    Go Bucs!!!