No More Toys For Freeman

April 27th, 2013

Josh FreemanJoe’s intrigued that the New Schiano Order put its defensive foot down during the NFL Draft and didn’t bestow more quality toys on Josh Freeman.

Joe’s written many times that the Bucs already have a win-now offense, complete with all the key ingredients for a young quarterback’s success: an elite running back, a very beastly offensive line, and an elite receiver with a strong and dangerous No. 2.

Yes, the Bucs are weak at tight end and don’t have a top slot receiver, but there are playoff offenses with less to work with than what Freeman has. Focusing on defense was a wise and telling move.

Not only did Freeman fail to get any real toys, he was gifted a rookie QB over his shoulder.

There couldn’t be any more pressure on Freeman as he enters his fifth season.

11 Responses to “No More Toys For Freeman”

  1. Free's A Boob Says:

    Hope The Boob has a nervous breakdown

  2. Keith Says:

    Worthless hater. If you’re not cheering for Freeman, you’re not a fan.

    However it’s damn clear the organization has drawn a line in the turf.

  3. Raphael Says:

    Pressure ? Really ? Lol Glennon will be the 3rd QB on the depth chart ……

    Just a little over dramatic . Imo

  4. Macabee Says:

    Blount traded to the Pats for Jeff Demps and a 7th round pick!

  5. Celly Says:

    We still have another pick in the 6th round AND we just acquired one of the Patriots 7th round picks.

    I’m sure we’ll use one of those on a TE that slipped. (might be why we requested a 7th)

    nice trade between 2 friends (Schiano/Belichick).

  6. Jerry Says:

    Need a TE

  7. MR.T Says:

    I hope they bring back D. Clark, he had 47 catches last year, 4th best total and would be a good stop gap till we draft a good TE next year. I cant think of anyone we could draft in the 7th or anyone we have on the roster now who would do anywhere near that well.

  8. Russ Says:

    Need to get Tim Tebow!! Raymond James will be packed every Sunday and he can win football games.

    I can’t believe no one understands marketing.

  9. Braheem Says:

    3rd Rd pick on a QB? Is a QB that big a priority, or is it merely “Holdout” Insurance being that BUCS had no viable signal caller if……….
    FREEMAN opted press the issue for an extension NOW instead of “”BALLING OUT”” in 2013 only to be franchised and NOT Receiving a new contract with Revis gobbling up so much cap space.

  10. MadMax Says:

    “Gifted with a rookie QB over his shoulder”….NICE! Love how you put it like that!

    Freeman just had a mirror shoved in his face. Now LETS GO Freeman! We’re counting on you!

  11. HotRod Says:

    @Russ – you Tebow guys crck me up – Tim will be lucky to play in Canada, he sucks – I wish some team would give him a chance though so all you guys can see how bad they would be. 1 winning season with a killer defense and running game does not a QB make. And Tim will not fill seats like winning will.