Mike McCarthy Praises Tom Crabtree’s Versatility

April 8th, 2013

Nobody knows what the hell the Bucs have planned at tight end. Healthy free agent Dallas Clark hasn’t generated a whisper across the NFL this offseason, and perhaps the Mike Sullivan offense has little use for the tight end if it can pound the rock behind the return of Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks.

But one thing about tight end is clear; newly signed Tom Crabtree will have every opportunity to impress.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, in fact, was still talking about Crabtree’s blocking and versatility after he signed with the Bucs. In a Journal-Sentinel story today out of Milwaukee exploring the Packers replacing Crabtree’s blocking, Green Bay beat writer Tom Silverstein quotes McCarthy from the NFL owners meetings.

“Because we do like the flexibility of Ryan Taylor, D.J. Williams and Tom Crabtree when he was there. And obviously Jermichael’s more of an on-and-off type player. That formula of getting the athlete and having one or two big guys, it factored a little bit in how we played last year,” McCarthy said.

Silverstein goes on to write that Crabtree turned down the Packers’, one-year, $715,000 offer for 2013.

Joe’s not banging a drum for Crabtree. Outside of being thoroughly hilarious on Twitter (@tcrabtree83), Crabtree has 18 catches in three seasons. He better be a solid blocker.

Frankly, Joe’s not sure what the Bucs want to invest at tight end — on the field and off. They passed on the top free agent names, Clark is walking the streets, and Luke Stocker hasn’t been used much. Joe could easily see the Bucs doing nothing in the draft at TE, or going the opposite direction and drafting Tyler Eifert in the first round.

28 Responses to “Mike McCarthy Praises Tom Crabtree’s Versatility”

  1. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    If U follow that guy on Twitter…he’s CRAZY….which means he can play football

  2. Patrick Says:

    Dom just keeps piling on more needs for us isn’t he? When the offseason started, it appeared that all we really needed was a secondary and But now, we have to replace Bennett, Miller, and not only that, but provide some depth behind all of them. We also need a backup quarterback after releasing Orlovsky. Finally, we now need a tight end after letting Clark walk, who did a solid job last year.

    Boom! Because of Dominick, we’re in even worse shape than we were when the offseason started. Just like that.

    Is drafting Eifert even a consideration? good lord, is our secondary even a priority or what? We could put up 50 points per game and we’ll still lose because the other team will put up 51.

    Let’s pray to God this is Dom’s last year. We have just as many needs as we did 4 years ago when he took over. That should not be the case right now. Right now, this is no where near contending.

  3. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    To be fair, we needed a backup QB when we had Orlovsky. HIIIYOOOO!!

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    Sans the CB’s, the sky isn’t falling Patrick.

  5. TNBucsFan Says:

    Let’s pray to God this is Patrick Says: last year

  6. Capt. Tim Says:

    McCarthy is singing Crabtree’s praises!

    Buuut, he wasn’t excited enough to offer him much more than league minimum. And let him walk , when he coulda signed him for peanuts.

    But he loves him, though.

  7. Sunny Says:

    Think in this system with vj and wills and Martin the TE just needs to block not so much catch and Crabtree fills that needs the blocking icon

  8. Sunny Says:

    Capt tim They have jermicheal and he is a beast didnt need Crabtree

  9. Sneedy16 Says:


    Yep, they had too much money invested in the TE position to offer him more money. Jermicheal will make around 4-5 million this year.

  10. Walter Says:

    We should hire Patrick as our new GM, he’d fix this team in a heartbeat, fix our secondary, he’d NEVER miss on a free agent signing, none of his draft picks would be busts, or get injured, and we’d win the Superbowl every year!

  11. Sunny Says:

    Jermicheal is on a 2 yr 14 contract . . . Beside him they have 3 other TE they carried 5 last year . Crabtree was the odd man out he was the best blocker they hadn’t TE but packers are a pass first team so they value jermicheal more Crabtree strength is blocking and special teams he had a td on special teams last year and with his 8 catches a 25 yd avg and 3 td . Not saying he is the best but he will work in this system we are run first team and we can focus on other holes maybe is wasn’t given a chance to shine on the packers

  12. Sneedy16 Says:


    What are you talking about? Bennett torn rotator cuff wouldn’t really have played much this year anyways. Miller? There is still Johnathan Sullivan out there. Really you can put any big body guy in his spot to replace him. Depth? Teo played well as did Gary Gibson. They are not premier players but they are quality depth.

    Dallas Clark is still a free agent so he still can sign so he can walk back at any time. The only thing that is a real issue is the secondary and maybe DLine depth.

  13. Sneedy16 Says:


    You are right wrong TE. He will make 7 mill this year, because he refused to take pay cut.

  14. GenocideD Says:

    I’m with Sunny. The Packers didn’t need Crabtree nor his blocking when they don’t even have a running game. Welcome Crabtree to Tampa Bay. Crabtree, meet the Muscle Hamster. Here’s to 2000 all purpose yards this year, Doug!

  15. Sunny Says:

    @sneedy I agree DL depth and CB is the only biggest need . Althought I would love a stud ST next to McCoy like star a serviceable one like a miller will do

  16. Sunny Says:


  17. Sneedy16 Says:

    I meant Sedrick Ellis and he has better upside.

  18. Macabee Says:

    I’ve followed the Bucs a long time and I admit I’m having a difficult time following the “Plan” for the Bucs. Usually you can tell by the type of defense or the strengths of the offense where the team is headed and what types of players are needed to get there.

    Roy Cummings is tweeting that the Bucs are re-signing Orlovsky today. Honestly, I can’t read that move. Nearly everything that I thought might happen going into FA hasn’t happened.

    This isn’t a complaint, I’m just admitting that I don’t understand and can’t read Schiano’s moves. I’m getting the feeling that there is not going to be a middle ground here. We are going to be surprised and be really really good or we’re going to be very disappointed with the results this year!

  19. Celly Says:

    I said it earlier today and i’m going to say it again:

    Travis Kelce, TE – Cincinnati

    We have 2 4th round picks. We can burn one on this guy. Solid route running. Capable blocker.

  20. Sunny Says:

    Wow just read on pft Dom is willing to give this years first for revis but the jets want more

  21. Sunny Says:

    @macabee I think we are close enough to be a playoff team t hat we will be pleasantly surprised . . . As fans we want to sign every big name we can like the eagles “dream team” or til recently the redskins but we cant and it seldom works I think another year under this system and a few holes plug and we will be there

  22. Sneedy16 Says:

    Honestly I really don’t care what they want or what the Bucs will give up for Revis right now. From what everyone is reporting is hearsay, so until the Buccaneers release a statement or the trade goes down I will not believe it.

  23. Sneedy16 Says:


    I understand where you are coming from. It’s because the Bucs have the type of front office that likes to keep things to themselves. I guess keeping everything in the dark is their strategy.

    The Fans hate that approach because we would like to know wtf is going on, but what can we do. I’m just going to be optimistic until the offseason is over.

  24. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I, for one, do not want to a dream team scenario. I just want some logically and safe signings. The cap room would more than a allow a “safety net” CB signing at the start of FA. Dominik chose to put all his eggs in the Revis basket instead.

    There were plenty of experienced backups at QB out there. Orlovsky?? (apparently they are looking to resign him).

    Depth at Defensive end? A starter at DT? Starter or depth at RT? TE?

    The draft is not going to cure all that ails this team. I just don’t understand why more logical depth signings have not taken place. Dominik is a massive risk taker, it just seems unnecessary.

    But, he’s willing to pay 12+ mill a year for damaged Revis? Why?

  25. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    @Oil Derrick Brooks

    We all want logical signings. However, in order to know what “logical” is we need to know what the plan is. You dont have that info available. Neither do I. So being logical is out of the question. Only they know what logical is. Only they know what the plan is. Does it look bad from the outside? Without a doubt but again until we know the plan nothing is going to make sense. Just sit back relax and enjoy… as a fan thats all we can do. If Doms plan is wrong he likely wont be our GM anymore after this season.

  26. Gus Says:

    @Patrick. We only need starters at corner. I could argue that the current roster of corners are decent if not pretty good backups. They have experience of playing an entire season. Not many teams would have that from their backups. If we can get a starter or two before the season I would be happy and we would be a better team. As I have said many times before IT IS A DEEP DRAFT AT CORNER. We can find a starter in the 2nd or 3rd round. This is why I have been in a Eifert camp for the longest. The best deal ever would be a Eifert and Trufant in a trade up/trade back scenario. Honestly I think that would be better than getting Revis. Not to mention the impact of Goldson and a better Barron. Those two can cover up mistakes made by bad DB play.

  27. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Go check out the tape on this guy. He’s got demeanor at least.

  28. Curmudgeon Says:

    @Patrick. You have no clue. One could argue that Derek Landri for Roy Miller is a wash… but Landri is cheaper. One could also argue that Bowers has way more upside than Bennett, and he also costs less and doesn’t have a torn rotator cuff… They’ve added a Pro Bowl safety and depth at almost every position on the team, so your comments make no sense. The CB situation will be taken care of.