Mike Mayock: Bucs Need CB, TE, LB, OT

April 19th, 2013

Yesterday, Joe brought word, via Rich Cimini of ESPN, that NFL draft guru Mike Mayock would go all out to acquire Darrelle Revis if he were Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

However, Mayock also noted the Bucs have many holes that Revis can’t just repair alone. He detailed what the Bucs should and shouldn’t do if they trade for Revis, or if they do not.

“Because if I’m Tampa Bay and I’m looking at my depth chart at corner, I’m going, ‘Okay, I just resigned Eric Wright at a reduced number. How long is he going to be here? E.J. Biggers is gone. Then I have a bunch of young guys that for whatever reason probably aren’t going to be starters.’

“So from my perspective in Tampa, and I’m all over trying to get Darrelle Revis. If I get him, obviously my first round pick is gone. So now we’re looking at an entirely diffearent equation there. But I think they need a vertical tight end at some point. Whether or not that’s Tyler Eifert in the first round at 13 or whether it’s down the road a little bit because you traded and got Revis. They need a vertical tight end. They need a SAM linebacker, and I think they need some tackle depth.

“So the whole thing hinges on what happens with Revis. To me, they could use more than one corner. Even if they get Revis, they need to draft another corner at some point.”

This is why Joe wouldn’t bet the farm on landing Revis. Sure, it would be great to have Revis on the roster, but at what price? As Mayock pointed out, there are several holes on the Bucs roster, not counting defensive line.

The Bucs simply are not a Revis away from a Super Bowl. Hell, the Jets made the playoffs a couple of times with Revis and they weren’t lifting any hardware. It’s not like Revis is a magic wand and all of a sudden, another Vince Lombardi Trophy appears in the lobby of One Buc Palace.

The entire transcript of Mayock’s teleconference can be found here.

34 Responses to “Mike Mayock: Bucs Need CB, TE, LB, OT”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    That’s why as much as I like Revis, we should keep our picks this year. If this draft is truly deep at CB, we get our talent in the draft.
    At 13 we should take a DT if available (Richardson\Star), then work CB for the next two picks…maybe even moving back up into the first to take Trufant if available.

    If we truly want to land Revis, sweeten the deal with picks from next year and beyond. Maybe say 2014’s #1 and #3 and a #2 or #3 in 2015.

  2. Terraj Says:

    How does Mayock not mention defensive tackle? Who does he expect to lineup next to mccoy?

  3. Pete 422 Says:

    Keep the #13 pick, if a CB of value isn’t there, go DT, go CB later.

  4. Sneedy16 Says:


    Mayock has knowledge on teams, but he is missing the fact that SAM LB is only on the field mainly on running downs. They come off the field on passing downs and the Bucs are in Nickel and Dime a lot. We have SAM competition with Dekota Watson, and the new guy they just picked up. DT is not really a need it’s more of a want. We have a guy that can stop the run just not rush the pass so to me it’s a want.

    This team is filled with wants. I’m sure since the Bucs have a years worth of tape on the talent they have on the team and knows what’s really needed to improve. I hope they don’t reach for that position though.

  5. Terraj Says:

    …Who is the guy you’re talking about that’s going to step in and stop the run? Old man Gibson?

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    Wow, this is some team that the pop-star has built,

    Btw, Joe can we give “The Real Rockstar” Bruce Allen some kudos, His team in the playoffs, A real franchise QB, 5 big time prime games. we should thank him and Gruden that they at least had a little time to build us a O-line or we would have nothing around here.

  7. Meh Says:

    We need a DT more than we need a LB or OT (although we need those too). Here’s my list:


    and my list doesn’t even cover our pass rush problems outside of Miller’s replacement. That’s a lot of holes for a team in the 5th! year of a rebuild.

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I am beginning to wonder if the Revis deal will go down, or not.

  9. Tom Says:

    There are holes, Mayock is right. The problems is Mayock is not familiar with the Bucs offensive and defensive schemes so he is talking as if it’s a generic team. Sam LB is an interchangeable position on D, no need to draft one, TE in this offense is a 4th receiving option, so again, no reason to spend a 1st round pick on one.

    Needs are CB, CB, DT, the rest are depth issues with TE, DE, OT, QB.

  10. Capt. Tim Says:

    Mike didn’t mention DT on his needs list, because he ran out of breathe. If he had, and also mentioned Slot WR- then it would be the same list I’ve posted numerous times over the last few weeks. He also didn’t mention that we have no depth at any position. We lose any starters- we are starting scrubs. The o- line being the only partial exception- and we don’t have any depth at Tackle.

    Nice Dom, real nice

    It’s pretty obvious that we need an experienced, talented GM. Dom is proving to be as over his head, as Raheem ultimately proved to be.

    In second now- Dom’s biggest butt kisser- westcoastdomlover will chime in, singing Dom’s praises. Easy for him to do! He doesn’t buy ticket, attend games, ir spend a penny on this team. He’s another self indulgent West coast know it all. When the Bucs give up 500 yards passing- he flips to the Niners.

    Those of us in the stands know football.weve seen Superbowl championship level football.

    For the last 4 years- we’ve seen bad football, with a side order of excuses.
    This team isn’t rebuilding. It’s spinning its wheels. Dom “the cap man” is losing our talent as fast as he gets it

    We are still rebuilding the D-line?? Seriously??

    Revis or not. We haven’t made enough progress. Time for a change

    No matter how much a niner fan poster sings Dom’s praises!

  11. Biff Barker Says:


    After we get the CB and DT sorted, I would’nt be opposed to taking a SLB.
    As far as the TE goes, our other weapons can make an average one look better. Besides, you might wind up with another K2 scenario given the greatness of Freeman staring him down. Agree no high pick on one this year.

  12. stevek Says:

    Let it all hang out Capt. Tim, I feel your pain.

    Mediocrity is no longer an option, 2013 playoffs or goodbye: Freeman/Dominick.

    I am not worried either, if we need to cut bait, a lot of rookie and 2nd year QBs make the playoffs.

  13. Kurius Boy Says:

    No! the Bucs need CB, DT, LB, TE, OT. I see he doesn’t know the Bucs roster well

  14. Biff Barker Says:

    @Capt Tim

    Spinning wheels? Nah.
    We added 5 solid starters last year and showed some improvement.
    Remember, we had to dump Talib, Tanard, lost Wright etc. Injuries? Joseph, Nicks, AC, Bowers.
    Agree scouting should lead to Dom”s deserved demise. But Schiano and staff have made this team better.

  15. lurker Says:


    just because you go to games doesn’t make your OPINION valid nor any more relevant that westcoast’s…lmao

    you guys just love to bitch and moan, plain and simple. nothing you, realist, stevek, or anyone else says matters because we have no influence on the bucs, their plans, nor their decisions. I hope we keep dom around, and sign freeman longterm, and anything else you guys bitch about just to see you guys pissed off more…lmao. what are you gonna do, not go to games?…then don’t!

    we are way better off than any time under Culverhouse. bruce allen screwed this team up and had us in cap hell. the glazers have paid out tons of money, to useless gruden/allen. they paid for him with picks and $$$ and got their superbowl. then gruden couldn’t do squat. dungy went on to coach and well, not gruden. we have a hardnosed coach, who is a football coach. we have a gm following a plan. we have owners who care and have paid out wayyyyy more than you ever could.

  16. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Of course, I can’t wait for people to question Mayock’s opinions. Of course, Dominik has the team stacked.

    “LB is fine. RT is fine. No worries about injuries at DE. Slot is just fine. We have 80 TE’s on the roster. We’re set!”

    I can hear it now. “It’s not Dominik’s fault”.

  17. Capt. Tim Says:

    Biff- agree with most of that. I think Shiano improved team. He just has to be careful not to overwork the players. John Lynch, among others, blamed last years losing streak on exhaustion. Pro season is a lot longer than College.

    Injuries happened last year. They will happen this year. Our lack of depth kills us when they do occur. If McCoy , Penn, David, V.Jackson, or Freeman gets hurt- its season over.

    We added 3 starters in draft last year. Only averaged one in previous 3 years. And Barron was a real stretch with first pick. He’s going to have to make huge improvements in coverage skills- or he will end up being a two down safety.

    Still sooo many holes on this team, that is unbelievable we’ve been rebuilding for 4 years.

  18. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lurker- if they keep putting crap on the field, you’ll keep eating it up.

    That about right?

    I guess some guys love losing, and develop a taste for crap!

    Have fun! Dom is definitely your guy!
    Eat up!

  19. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Your embarrassing yourself timmy but I won’t even get into how pathetic it is that you can’t even make a post without mentioning my name. (Or your cute little nicknames, yesterday it was westcoastcoachfan and today it is westcoastdomlover. Crafty I must say).

    If McCoy , Penn, David, V.Jackson, or Freeman gets hurt- its season over.

    How many teams wouldn’t break down if their starting QB goes down? Maybe the Patriots. For just about every other team, losing a QB is a death sentence. You see whats happening here? Your wrong again. You have no idea how the back ups will do on the d-line. You have no idea how the backup linebackers will do. (although they seemed to do okay when Black went down). You don’t even know how the backup QB will do. YOUR SPECULATING. Which matters about as much as what I had for breakfast.

    Its so easy to say we don’t have depth because they haven’t been tested. But, did the o-line work out great last year with to pro bowlers gone? Did the d-line with Daniel Teo’Neshiem and Michael Bennett? Number one in the league in stopping the run. (I know but sacks? What about sacks?!) Sacks can only come if opposing WR’s spend some amount of time in coverage. That didn’t happen last season. We have a healthy Bowers, Clayborn, and McCoy. You don’t go getting massive upgrades to players that have had a little injury concerns in the past because very few players have never been injured. I also would like to think that if most teams lose their number one and number two DE that their sack production is going to fall off as well.

    Three starters left from your precious Allen era. (One of them hand picked by Dom.) Maybe you could join “the realist” and go be a Redskins fan since apparently he is a model GM. You won’t be missed.

    Lurker makes a valid point in that you just come here to piss and moan. Like a grumpy old man. I can’t imagine spending all day complaining about a “product” and then spending $1000+ each week for this “product”. If you don’t like it STOP BUYING. We don’t need fair weather fans that start complaining during the tough times. These are the times to stick together and rally support. We finally have a head coach that can develop all the talent we have acquired and you want to run the GM out before we can even see how he does?

    Your a pathetic excuse for a “fan” timmy.

  20. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    TE with 13th pick and a bunch of CBs from 2nd round onwards will make our team much more complete than the acquisition of Revis.

  21. Capt. Tim Says:

    Couchfan. – you can love Dom all you want. You can cheer last place finishes all you want. You can lie about being a niner fan all you want

    But the real Buc fans support this team in meaning ways- not glowing love letters. We pay for parking, concessions, and season tickets. We fight the crowds and the traffic. We sit in blistering one hundred degree plus temperatures.

    We have tolerated all this, to watch a bad team. We did this , because we were” rebuilding”. It isn’t happening. We have as many holes now, as we did four years ago. Raheem wasn’t experienced enough, and had to go. Neither is Dom- it’s his turn

    And I don’t need some pompous, clueless, self important San Fran niner fan telling me that Tampa fans should be great full for a losing team!
    Sit on your couch, and write Dom love letters somewhere else!

  22. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    We have as many holes now, as we did four years ago.

    Wow, between ^^^this^^^ obviously false statement and your god-awful butchering of the word GRATEFUL you have lost all credibility (Not that you had any before). How hard is it to look your post over once before hitting submit? Your false accusations of me being a “Niner fan” further show you have run out of meaningful things to say. You are desperately grasping at straws timmy.

    This is the bottom line. Dom is here for this season, like it or not. There is no amount pissing and moaning that will change that. (Although I am sure you will try). You have made your position perfectly clear. Dom is terrible at his job and always will be. I simply feel he has done enough up to this point to keep his job and can be properly evaluated after the 2013 season. I am not a Dom “lover”. At this point though, I realize that instead of trying to make valid points you just speculate about me. Hopelessly attempting to discredit me instead of just proving your points. Try doing some research once in a while. Put out some facts that aren’t on the the ticker on ESPN.

    Im sure your one of the first “fans” out of the stadium when we are down by seven anyway. Going to the stadium means nothing. It does not make you any more of a fan than me. I have been to Oakland for a Bucs game. Probably the worst experience I ever had but I stuck it out for my team.

    Not all of us have the luxury of sipping Blue Ribbon in Florida while we are out being a “captain” of our dinghy’s.

  23. stevek Says:

    ^^ So, I guess, it is safe to say we, the fans, have our differences in opinions on the Bucs.

    I feel for Capt. Tim, and time will tell if we make the 2013 playoffs.

    I also believe this question should be answered by Mark Dominick and Josh Freeman in 2013: “Is 5 years enough time for you to make us a winner?”

    That is a very fair and valid question.

    Lurker- I am glad you take notice that the Bucs are “better” now than in the Culverhouse era, but does that mean the Bucs are “good enough”… The bottom of the totem pole is still the bottom.

    “But, Josh Freeman set franchise records last year.” Cool, but was it good enough for playoffs?

  24. Capt. Tim Says:

    I’m sure that you picture most Floridians slurping on Blue ribbon( do they still sell that?), and being the stereotypical rednecks you always try to portray us as.

    But- that’s not the reality of it. We are knowledgeable football fans. We can analyze the progress this team has made

    Soo, why don’t you take your condescending attitude, self righteous opinions, and Dom love affair- and go chew on a tofu and micro green salad. Isn’t California the state who’s largest city(Los Angeles) couldn’t build enough fan base to support a pro team?

    No thanks, Pal. I’ll take my Sam Adams, Prime rib, and the best high school and college football in the country! And if we get rid of your man crush Dom- we’ll have a great pro football team.

    You go give your pompous unwanted advice to The Saints!

  25. Capt. Tim Says:

    SteveK – never seen two guys so happy with being losers in my life!
    Lurker and WestcoastDomLover must be the same guy. I think most people sent so satisfied with finishing last every year.

  26. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Don’t ask me to defend California because I won’t. This place is a sh!t hole and I will be leaving at the first opportunity I get. Stop trying to turn this into some California versus Florida debate. Changing subjects is just another sign that you have run out of things to say.

    And NO, I was not making a generalization about Floridians. (I lived their for most of my life jackass.) I was talking about YOU specifically. Sitting on your dinghy and sipping on some Blue Ribbon.

    I have said this before but you continue your asinine assumptions and flat out lies: I merely think Dom has done ENOUGH to keep his job, nothing more and nothing less. Repeatedly saying I worship him as some sort of savior sent from God himself is just ignorant and a lie. I do not. I simply do not believe he is NEARLY as bad as you make him out to be.

    But I am not sure what to expect from a man (menopausal woman?) that has the audacity to call an offseason “totally blown” before the draft has even taken place. That is just ignorance of different level.

    Why not try contributing something meaningful? Instead of saying, “Fire Dom! Fire Dom!”, why not instead suggest who could get it done better? Well, I actually know why that won’t happen: it requires a small amount of work to gather facts.

    Your delusional timmy. At least stevek and Oil Derrick Brooks use some form of logic and facts to come to their conclusions. I can respect that. But you? You just spew negativity for the fun of it. It is really quite sad.

  27. lurker Says:

    capttimmy is just an ol bluehair that leaves his blinker on and rides his tricycle with the tall orange flag. you are the king of hyperbole. last place…where?
    they draft the 13th pick, not the number one. you just love to blow things out of proportion. the bucs are not as bad off as you want others to believe. you are just a miserable little nitwit that wants to piss and moan for attention. it is sad. your diatribes are just the ramblings of a madman. take your pills, lay off the hooch, and enjoy your senior dance classes with all the other cocooners.

    ps florida does not have the best football in highschool (see texas) nor college (see bama) roll tide witches!

  28. Capt. Tim Says:

    WestcoastBucfan- well, at least we agree on something’s.
    California sucks. Beautiful, but most screwed up politics in the nation.
    I could be more positive. But I am very frustrated

    And you could be a little less of a bright eyed optimist. It ain’t great, when we are in last place very year.

    But, since you are a Florida boy, I’ll make you deal. I’ll quit bringing up California. But I’m not gonna get back on the bandwagon- until Dom makes some major moves to shore up our CB positions. They are horrible- and not one thing has been done so far to improve them

    You, in return- go back and watch games from last season. Watch just the secondary. Then post your opinion of our secondary. Just your honest opinion.

  29. Capt. Tim Says:

    And I don’t believe they sell pabst Blue ribbon anymore

  30. Freemanbomb5 Says:

    Point blank our secondary holes wouldn’t be so massive if we either kept Talib at a discount or signed Sean smith or Keenan Lewis. It is criminal that Brandon Carr and finnegan were available but instead we give Eric wright big money. Johnathan Joseph was there the year before but Dom had to leave hope for his chosen captain Myron Lewis.

    Dimitroff traded a seventh rd pick for Asante Samuel for darn sake. I just hate that every off season Atlanta gets better while we remain mediocre under captain loving mediocre mark

  31. Joe Says:

    Point blank our secondary holes wouldn’t be so massive if we either kept Talib

    Joe just cannot understand what people see in this guy. He is HORRIBLE, worse than Eric Wright. Man, this Talib sure has people buffaloed. A rookie is better than him. Whenever Talib can find the time to get on the football field.

    Talib was the main reason Eli Manning tossed for over 500 yards against the Bucs.

  32. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    DEAL!! I will take it!

    I will try not to be such a “bright eyed optimist” if you can at least see what Dom does to shore up the secondary before calling this offseason a failure. A fair compromise in my opinion.

    As far as watching tape, I watched every game live and re watched half of them afterwards. (Kind of stopped re-watching them once the losing streak started). I know for a fact that the corners were beyond horrendous. The second worst pass defense in NFL history was about a 90-10 split in responsibility between the secondary and d-line. It was almost entirely on the secondary. People say a great pass rush will make up for an inept secondary but that is simply not the case here.

    I was actually fascinated by how quickly WRs were able to get open. I am not exaggerating even a little when I say that the corners were beat literally before the center could finish snapping the ball into the QBs hands. It was that fast and dominating. I am actually a little upset that we didn’t alter the play-calling to make up for such a lack of talent. Our poor d-line men couldn’t even get out the four point stance before WRs were running rampant. I know people say our secondary was bad but I don’t think they understand exactly how bad it really was.

    My honest opinion is that Dom realized we were thin at CB to start the season. He also realized that expectations were low going into the season for a first year coach. Talib had seemed to change his ways (and in way, he did, he went from slugging cab drivers to popping pills. A change is a change I guess haha). Wright looked like a capable number two corner. Biggers looked serviceable in the slot and we had some good young guys for depth. (Don’t ask me about Myron Lewis, I have no freakin’ clue why that guy has a job ANYWHERE).

    The problem is it all came crashing down in the worst possible scenario. We lost both of our starting corners to either injury or suspension (or trade). We pressed guys like Gorrer and Biggers into covering guys like Roddy White and Julio Jones on an island. Not to mention the terrible misfortune we had with injuries to other key players. I was really upset at all the lost potential this past season. Talib and Wright were not shut down guys by any means but the were just good enough to not lose us the season.

    Tim, I just love the Bucs. I really do. I want to see them succeed so bad it hurts. I am all for canning Dom if this season doesn’t pan out. I just think that he deserves this season to prove what he can do with his hand picked coach that can actually, you know, coach. I really like Schiano and the culture change he brought with him. I really think, once the secondary is fixed, this team will contend for years to come as long Freeman keeps it together.

    Also, Joe, don’t forget that game was reffed by scab referees. The Giants receivers were practically tackling and pushing our helpless CBs to the ground. Not that it helps their case but it most likely made the situation worse.

  33. Capt. Tim Says:

    Fair enuff. I love the Bucs , too.
    We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

    Joe- I’ll never understand the Talib love, either. It must be “thug love”, because the guy couldn’t play. I this day, there are posters here that swear Talib is an elite all pro CB.

  34. chris Says:

    From the comment above about depth, they are absolutely correct. I’d probably say, WR and OL, we have some quality depth. Our oline remaind solid after losing 2 Pro Bowl Gs (1 being All pro).

    Defensively, where you need depth, especially along the dline and the secondary. We did nothing to focus on adding depth to our dline, especially inside. We have no DT that can come in and spell McCoy who can get to the QB from the 3 Tech. position. Great defenses are built strong in the front 7 and secondary.

    In my opinion, Leonard Johnson and Anthony Gaitor are very good guys to have as your 3rd/4th CBs along with Eric Wright who can play the slot in nickel and outside in base. But we need to add 2 Quality CBs.

    To me, I’d rather add 2 CBs that can play both zone and man. Jamar Tayler and Logan Ryan ring a bell. Can be had in rounds 2 and 3. And get a pass rusher, inside next to McCoy in round 1. Sheldon Richardson, or even Star Louteleli. That immediatley improves our team.

    Offensively, I have to disagree with mike Mayock. TE isn’t a high position of need and Underwood and Ogeltree will be fine alternating in the slot. Freeman needs to utilize his weapons and do a better job with consistency. Dallas Clark was open more than people think last year. Josh didn’t see him because he’s got tunnel vision.

    I’d rank the needs as:
    1.a Dline both DE and DT
    1.b CB (2 quality cbs)
    3. OT
    4. #2RB