“Make The Jets Come Back Begging”

April 12th, 2013

Veteran ESPN NFL reporter/analyst Sal Paolantonio is outraged by the thought of the Bucs parting with a first-round pick for Darrelle Revis.

In Paolantonio’s mind, the Jets are negotiating against themselves. “Take the deal off the table and make the Jets come back begging,” Paolantonio said multiple times yesterday while talking to the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, of WDAE-AM 620.

Interestingly, Paolantonio, who typically covers the Jets, Giants and Eagles beats, explains why Revis is “the most respected” player in the Jets locker room and is a very charitable person across the New York City and Pittsburgh areas. He also compares Greg Schiano to Vince Lombardi and other coaching legends.

Catch the entire interview below.

55 Responses to ““Make The Jets Come Back Begging””

  1. Terraj Says:

    Thank you! Finally a national media reporter not looking at it from the Jets bias perspective. THERE ARE NO OTHER TEAMS INTERESTED. It’s bad enough to have to pay Revis a ton. Giving up a 1st rounder for him is ridiculous. Blount, 2nd, and 4th. If not, good luck Jets. Its your funeral

  2. Que589 Says:

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. Do not give in to the Jets demands. Offer only this years 1st rd pick and that’s it! Allow 2013 draft to come and go, then restart negotiations and only offer next years 1st rd pick (hopefully a late one) and that’s it! They’ll have no choice but to take it

  3. OB Says:

    I agree, take it off the table and the worst thing that will happen, is we get him next year for nothing. I am with Dungy on the rush is everything, I grew up with the LA Rams Fearsome Foursome and no one ever had a rush like that. There were no counting of sacks then so we will never know for sure unless you watched them in their prime, at the same time in the same division, the Vikings had the Purple People Eaters, they were almost as good ( I was an LA Ram fan). We will have a rush, very good LBs, great safeties, and we don’t know until we see them CBs, but we will have an offense that is going to explode also. This is team not an individual.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Sal is right, however, Dominik needs Revis to keep his job!
    W/O a winning season this year, it will be the end of Mark Dominik.
    A healthy Revis almost guarantees a winning season, much more so then any draft pick.
    Idzik knows this, and will wait patiently until Dominik caves in to his demands.
    I think Revis will come to Tampa, and we will pay dearly for it too.

  5. bucs55 Says:

    How does a healthy revis almost guaranteed a season smh no it dosent football is a team sport if we have no pass rush it don’t matter how good revis is no one can cover forever revis seems to be real selfish what is he.goin to do when Sherman gets paid more then him he is gonna hold out again like he has done twice already we should keep our draft picks maybe give a 3rd round bout it keep developing the young talent we have Leonard Johnson steoed up last year as a undrafter free agaent he played better then Claiborne as well as us playing a little more zone we will be better regardless

  6. bucs55 Says:

    As well as you don’t know when gets paid how he is.goin to play if he’s even.gonna.care asomuah got paid and then 2 years later got cut when supposelby he was the best corner 2 years ago I rather have a hungry rookie or young player because he’s gonna want to Olay he’s gonna wanna.get paid so he’s gonna.be hungry

  7. Tampa2 Says:

    Just because it was reported that the Bucs offered up a first rounder, it doesn’t make it true. There has been ZERO confirmation of this, and people have taken these “rumblings” and have absolutely run with it..

  8. Rob Says:

    Sal’s right. The Jets don’t have any leverage here. Revis walks one way or the other, they can have next year’s 1st rounder, or they can keep him for this season and lose him next year for nothing – probably to a division rival.

  9. J 2.0 Says:

    Agree. Just take the deal off the table.

  10. Terraj Says:

    @ tampa2

    Completely agree with you. I hope the report of us giving up a 1st rounder is BS. It seems like Dominik would be smart enough to understand no one else is in the running for Revis (maybe we should have Sal P talk to him lol). My concern is that Dominik is going to give in and give up whatever he has to. That’s how it seems like it’s been with all these free agents we’ve acquired last offseason and this offseason. He overpays Vincent, Nicks, Wright and now Goldson. Dont get me wrong, they’re great players (minus wright) but it just seems like we overpay every time. Its like he asks them to name their price and just says “thats fine, whatever you want”

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    @bucs55 – I agree, a pass rush is vital, but with a true shut down corner like Revis is, when healthy, it gives our D a lot of options!
    It is true, that Football is a team sport, but the Bucs are an up and coming team, with some holes.
    With the great players we already have, the addition of Revis will almost guarantee a winning season for us.

  12. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Waiting for the first person to start with the “What’s Sal’s credentials?”. Revis is/was good. But, not worth $ or picks that has been discussed. The CB market has changed. It hasn’t changed for everyone but him, it’s changed for everyone.

  13. bucs55 Says:

    Terraj…. how did he over pay for Jackson the market is that high for him bowe and Wallace got even.more money and Jackson.is a better player then.both of them Carl nicks is Tue.best guard in the game and.ghoston has been.in the pro bowl 2 years straight plus he’s a game changer with.they way he plays I agree with wright but look at his contract now 1.5 for a starter he’s the one who’s completely rebuilt this salary cap when.he got here we were in salary cap hell like the raiders r right.now ????

  14. bucs55 Says:

    Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa … In the history off football there’s 3 positions that are the history of building a football team a Qb a left tackle and.a pass rusher revis could be the best corner out there but with out pass rushers he’s just another corner look at the giants with d dinamic dline and mediocur CBS the won it all revis is defenetly not worth the pics or the money because like I said.in.the other post u don’t know howhe is gonna be when.he gets his.extension asumuah got.it 2 years ago and look at him now.were he’s at as well wathhappens.when.Sherman gets his money its revis.gonna hold out again for more money does are thing that destroy a team.I rather have a rookier or.young player fightin.for his.dream he’s more.hungry and more humble no body knew bout Sherman couple of year ago and.now u can.conciser him the best corner out Der this.is the.NFL is bout potential and findin it

  15. bucs55 Says:

    Revis does not guaranty a winning season the only person you can.say that bout this.team.is josh freeman

  16. bucs55 Says:

    If he does.great we all do great if he’s bad we all do bad look at the chiefs play makers all around the.field but no qb so of course

  17. Jacko101 Says:

    I think we have doing our next GM? Lol JK however he made some fantastic points, I truly hope Dom, Schiano or anyone close to them listen to this advice.

  18. Terraj Says:


    Can you not use periods every three words? Your writing make you seem like your dyslexic.

    Vincent is the one you could argue got paid the right amount although at the time it made him the 3rd highest paid receiver. He’s clearly a top ten WR but i dont know about top 3…Nicks is dominant but to give about 9 mil a year for a guard is a lot. Goldson is great but a lot of people would say he looked even better behind that great d-line and those dominant linebackers the 9ers have.

  19. Terraj Says:


    Dont get me wrong, im happy we have those players now but when has Dominik done a deal that left you saying “wow we got a great deal on that player”. You cant continue to overspend and not expect it to catch up to you.

  20. bucs55 Says:

    Jacko lol …Terraj sorry I’m on my phone and trying to type fast lol … vincet Jackson you could say its a top 5 receiver if stats are involved I think nicks for this system is worth the.money because we want to run the ball constantly and ghoston I could see were u commin from but if the hits he makes.could change the momentum then I’m all for it

  21. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    A healthy Revis almost guarantees a winning season, much more so then any draft pick.


    Please stop saying this. It is untrue! Getting Revis guarantees us 2 things. 1 that we got a great player at a extremly high cost. And 2, Our future is in big trouble if Free comes out and stinks it up again, since we most likely will be giving up next years #1 for him. If our season depended on any one person its Freeman. Not Revis. Stop with this nonsense.

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Terraj Says:
    April 12th, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    “Dont get me wrong, im happy we have those players now but when has Dominik done a deal that left you saying “wow we got a great deal on that player”. You cant continue to overspend and not expect it to catch up to you.”

    First round last year.

  23. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Just to add to that^^^

    How do we “continue to over spend” and still have close to what $30 mill in salary cap space? Does that make any sense to anyone?… clearly we are not over spending as much as this guy is talking about.

  24. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Offer our extra 4th rounder this year and our 2nd for next year. That’s it

    Take it or leave it! …stand firm

  25. bucs55 Says:

    Silencethecritics … I agree with you 100 percent and.not just in the first also in the second

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I really liked that interview. Sal said a few things I took to heart. First, unlike other media types that speak of unnamed sources, he says “I have no insider information”. Gotta respect that.

    Second, he addressed the locker room issue, which was one of my concerns. So, I’m going to take his word on it.

    Still, the price is too high for Revis. I would tell the Jets a 2nd rounder only, knowing they would refuse, then I would walk away.

    Draft 2-3 CBs in rounds 1-3 and call it a day. Jets will try to get us back to the table after the draft.

    And, as Sal stated, $16 million per year is far too much.

    So for me, it all comes down to price and health now. I’m actually more concerned with DT at this point, because if we go CB heavy in the draft, there will not be much to get a DT.

  27. crazy Says:

    Maybe that’s exactly what Dom’s already done.

  28. stevek Says:

    Revis or not, Dominick needs to put together a 2013 playoff team.

    No playoffs, no more Mediocre Mark Dominick.

    24-40 speaks for itself.

  29. 4everBucsFan Says:


    The team would have to regress to 4 – 12 for that to happen.

    ….and what if they don’t make the playoffs this year and they don’t fire Dominik like you want? Are going to quit being a Buc fan? That would be weak..

  30. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t see Dominick getting fired this year or next, unless he and Schiano have a falling out…which isn’t going to happen.

    By the way, SteveK,

    Rich McKay’s win-loss record in HIS first 4 years? 24-40.

    Not one of those seasons was a winning record, unlike Dominick who has had one winning season in the same amount of time.

    McKay went on to his first winning season the next year, then went 8-8 the following year.

    With the Glazers as owners. So don’t be so quick to judge.

  31. Capt. Tim Says:

    4everbucfan- no supporting a loser makes you a real fan!

    A real “special” fan

    Remove your head from your lower regions,
    To continue supporting someone who is obviously incompetent, doesn’t make you a fan- it makes you an idiot.

    Like most of you” I love the Bucs forever” boys- I’m sure you don’t pay to go to games- you are a couch fan, so if they suck- you just turn the channel.

    But those of that actually support the team financially- we expect a decent product for our money. The team isn’t a religion. It’s a product they sell us for money. And tax dollars. And parking. And concessions.

    And yeah. For all that money I spend( and you don’t), I expect somebody on the field to be able to stop a pass completion. And I expect competent people assessing talent. Making good draft picks, and aquiring the talent we need.

    If that isn’t happening- I expect changes
    Because I am a fan- and I expect to be the fan of a good team- not some bargain basement excuse of a team- while the rich hoard salary money- along with my money!!!

  32. Terraj Says:

    @silence the critics

    Did you read my first post? We were discussing free agency, not the draft. The rookie contracts are pretty much set so theres not much negotiating. Free agency, my friend. Thats where negotiations take place.

  33. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    For one thing, you don’t own the team.

    #2 – If you don’t like it then pick another team. Try the Patriots, or Giants.

    #3 – I have been a season ticket holder for 17 years now

    #4 – A real fan is someone who sticks with their team through thick and thin whether they like it or not.

    #5 – A real fan doesn’t give ultimatums on whether they will continue their allegiance

    #6 – I seriously doubt you even own season tickets

  34. Tye Says:

    Even good Head Coaches and GMs need a quality QB on their team…. If they can find 1 this season {if they are even looking} will be surprising!

  35. Sneedy16 Says:

    Capt angry strikes again. lol

  36. mpmalloy Says:

    No 1st round pick

  37. MR.T Says:

    Great interview with Sal and he’s right. We have all the leverage in this trade not the Jets. Make them come to us and forget giving away any 1st round picks because the Jets really have no choice (unless another team gets involved, not likely) but to let us have him on our terms or lose him next year and get nothing.

  38. Ridiculouslylongsentencehowmanyletterscanifitin Says:

    Revis will not make that much of an improvement to the defense. The last I remember is Revis only covers 1 guy. The Jets have no leverage whatsoever. No team is willing to give them their #1 and pay QB money for a player coming off an ACL. The money could be spent on 3-4 players that would greatly improve the defense which suuuucked last year!

  39. Sneedy16 Says:

    Capt. Tim

    Season hasn’t even started yet and you’re already angry. Calm down man. I’m not trying to pick on you or anything like that, but can you wait until after the draft to be angry again.

    I know that you are upset over the few losing seasons we’ve had, but can you please stop being so angry for a few post and try to find some good things to talk about. From one fan to another, I’m afraid you’re going to over stress yourself and have a stroke or something.

  40. Capt. Tim Says:

    If you are wiling to pay thousands of dollars, to watch a team that only spends 70% percent if the the money it is supposed to spend on payroll, and is a loser every season- then pal, you just proved that old saying about how a fool and his money are soon parted! I hope I get a chance to do business with you!!!

    Me- I expect my money’s worth! Especially when they are putting my home tomes name on their back- and soaking up my tax dollars. I’ve given them 3 years to Rebuild- time to put up or shut up!

  41. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    Or what? … they can move on without you…

  42. Capt. Tim Says:

    Sneedy- lol! I’m not angry! I’m just disappointed. I’ve been bitching about needing new CBs for 3 years, and they just refuse to address it.

    I think they are doing it just to piss me off! Lol.

    IF-IF- they ever get some decent CBs, I’ll jump right back on the bandwagon. I love most of the players on this team. We could(and should!) be fighting for playoff spots.

    If every real Buc fan was demanding the team address this- it would get done!
    Unfortunately, to many zombies on here- telling the Glazers that no matter how big the sh*t sandwich is- they’ll happily munch it down. Aren’t gonna any results that way

    But I honestly think enough fans are demanding upgrade that it’ll get fixed! But I’m gonna bitch til they do!

  43. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Just because some fans like Capt Tim expect more then just mediocrity doesn’t make him any less of a fan. Facts are facts, Mark Dominik in his four seasons as GM hasn’t had our team ranked above second to last in our division.

    Rival Gms like Dimitroff of Atlanta have turned the Falcons around in 3 seasons tops, let’s not pretend that the Petrino/Vick era was any better then what Dominik started with.

    NO pays Drew Brees over $20mil per season yet get by. Drafting studs like Jimmy Graham and adding cap friendly deals like Darren Sproles enables NO to keep on moving forward.

    If Dom could draft mid round talent better we would be right up there with the teams that consistently are good. Unfortunately Dom drafts scrubs like kyle Moore, Myron Lewis, Brent Bowden, etc.

  44. Capt. Tim Says:


    Um, ok coach fan. The Zombie section of my last post was for guys that will except whatever crap they’re fed- feast on dude!

    No. As the stadium has shown, the fans move on. And while it really doesn’t affect the profitability of the team- it at least lets them know we expect abetter effort.

    I honestly believe the Hlazers want to win. I think the problem falls at Dom’s feet. He might make a good team president, he is not a good GM

    24-40. You are who your record says you are

  45. Capt. Tim Says:

    Freeman bomb- exactly. I’m bitching because I love the team! When they get some good CBs- that aren’t drug addicts- I’m right back on board!

  46. Biff Barker Says:

    Just a hunch, but I think the Cap’n needs his bilge pumped out.

  47. Sneedy16 Says:

    The crazy part about this division these fans dwell on the bad picks in the draft, but hasn’t realize that the whole division has been bad in the draft. The Hits that each team has had. Has been the same as any other team. The only real difference has been the consistency at QB postion and now CB

  48. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Obviously you have a short memory. When Dominik was brought in as the GM he was asked to gut the team and rebuild through the draft without using any money. To be where we are at this point considering the fact that he had no resources to begin with until last year when the Glazers opened their wallet is a testimony to how well Dominik has done things on the cheap. So blow it out your pie holes some of us recognize the hard work and we’re not just short sighted @holes

  49. Capt. Tim Says:

    No he wasn’t!! What lil mental fantasy did you hallucinate that conversation in?
    Christ- now you are pretending to attend Meetings between the Glazers and Dim??

    Wow, couch fan- you really are 80 yards short of a field!!

    Dim wasn’t “brought in”, Couchfan. He had been on staff for years. Nor was he given any directive to”gut the team with out spending money!!”, except in your fantasies( which probably involved lots of personnel lube, and everyone calling you Baby!)

    The Glazers don’t post copies if their meeting minutes- and you WERE NOT AT the meeting where they hired Dim. You stated all those theories as Fact, when in truth-you have no idea

    You are clueless as to what the glazers told Dim( and apparently a lot of other things)

    We Do that GMs are supposed to build winning teams. And dim has failed. Time to go.

    But you have said that you will watch,no matter what they decide to put on the field- no matter how cheap or horrible!!

    So keep munching that sh*t sandwich, Couchfan, and fantasing about attending meetings at one Buc!!

    Us paying fans are going to expect some progress for our money. And we won’t eat that stuff that you seem to be enjoying so much

    Lol- that was good stuff!

  50. mpmalloy Says:

    Is that you?

  51. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    It amuses me that timmy boy cant put together a string of sentences without trying to insult someone. Lol, comical. Keep crying for us timmy.

  52. Capt. Tim Says:

    It amuses me that you can’t read. I never start insulting anyone. I just sit them straight, when they start trying to be insulting.

    Of course, it doesn’t take much to insult people, who are singing the praises of a GC with a 36% winning record!

    How’s that Sandwich? Lol!

  53. feelthepewterpower Says:

    He didn’t say “I’m Sal Paolantonio….ESPN”????? ;(

  54. AfroBuc Says:

    And one more thing these pundits don’t do is examine the entire picture. Dominik has obviously beeen signing free agents to build up the team depth. You have potentially four new or returning starters on defense….Gholdson, Revis, Clayborne and Bowers; add one more – the first round draft pick at either NT, CB, RT or LB. Use the rest of the draft and free agency to buttress those positions. Now all you need is someone to keep Freeman consistent. Too bad there are no top sports psychologists available to sign……..or are there?

  55. Bobby Says:

    Surprising how few people understand the term ‘fan’ which is short for ‘fanatic’. They say they can just be interested in rooting for the Bucs when they win and they are still ‘fans’. Well, maybe….but that is where the term ‘fair weather fans’ came from. Easy to root for a team when they are winning. Everybody does that. Not so easy when things aren’t going well. Kind of like a marriage. Ever wonder why the divorce rate is so high? No real commitment through the tough times. Call yourself a fan if it makes you feel better but the real ‘fans’ just kind of chuckle at you and say….”yeah, right.”