Jets: We Want No. 13 Pick Or Forget Trade

April 8th, 2013

First it’s the Jets stonewalling. Then it’s the Bucs’ indecision from Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

Or is it the Bucs stonewalling or Jets general manager John Idzik’s indecision?

The pendulum has swung back and forth so much Joe isn’t sure, but in the latest of he-said/she-said moles dropping intelligence in the laps of reporters, Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times has learned the Jets are demanding the Bucs’ No. 13 pick this season for Darrelle Revis or they can forget about a trade.

The Bucs had hoped the Jets would consider a first-round pick in 2014 as part of the compensation for Revis but have been emphatically told that is not an option.

Tampa Bay is willing to pay Revis about $15-million per year, but the Dominik has not received permission to speak with the agents for the Jets star.

Because Revis is recovering from a torn ACL, the Bucs do not believe it is a trade that can be made on the clock because they would require him to be examined by multiple team doctors. Therefore, the Bucs have a loosely, self-imposed deadline of about a week before the draft to complete a trade for Revis, the Times has learned.

Here is what Joe, if he were Dominik, would tell Mr. Idzik, who has about three months of job experience:

“John, you know there is only one team that can fit Revis’ salary under the cap. That’s my team. Now you can roll the dice and watch Revis walk away after next year because your owner caved on the franchise tag option. When Revis walks, you will only get a third round pick (maybe) next year in compensation. I am offering a first round pick next year.

“When you are finished with your math, call me. In the meantime, I have two corners to focus on who I’m going to draft in two weeks as well as re-signing Mr. Eric Wright. And in three weeks, I don’t think I will even want Revis at all.

“And no, I have no use for Tim Tebow outside of church on Sundays. Thanks for your time.”

98 Responses to “Jets: We Want No. 13 Pick Or Forget Trade”

  1. al121976 Says:

    I think unless Schiano and crew are dead set on one particular individual, I would offer them ONLY this years 1st pick. I think what will happen is we will be allowed to look at him medically the week of the draft and on draft day if Schiano’s guy isnt there at 13, we make the trade. Either way, there is no way he11 I would give up two 1’s or even a 1st and a second.

  2. Terraj Says:

    So Dominik is now willing to give up the 13th pick, 3trd round and 6th round THIS YEAR after saying he was gonna hold strong and not giving it up? At least that’s being reported by multiple sources….If that’s true Dominik has lost every negotiation he’s had in the last 2 years. He over paid every big name free agent in the last two years and now hes gonna lose a negotiation to a desperate team. What has he done to impress anyone?

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    No Deal.

    Jets can kiss our collective A$$!

  4. Sunny Says:

    Smells like the deal will not happen and Dom is getting word out to the fans and trying to save face

  5. J 2.0 Says:

    I would rather give them our 2013 #1 than 2014. Who exactly is it that we have to get at #13 this year? Yes, next years pick will be much later, most likely #32 (one can only pray), but the talent pool this year doesn’t show too much of a drop off between our 1st 2 picks. I forward my next statement by saying I am a Freeman fan, we might need to draft a QB in next years draft. Would be better to have the option of a 1st round talent. Tahj Boyd is coming out (into the draft, calm down Florio) next year and would be worth a look.

  6. Andrew 1 Says:

    this is a little off topic..

    [LOL No, it’s not a little off topic. It’s completely off topic. Wait until there’s a Barber post Andrew and you can post this. Joe encourages you to do so. No need to hijack a thread. Joe may have left this intact, but your “this is a little off topic” sunk you. Sorry man. — Joe]

  7. Mike M Says:

    I wouldn’t change a word of your response, Joe, except I would drop the “Thanks for your time,” conclusion. Dominick better not fold on their demands. Enough of this Revis crap!!!!

  8. Brad Says:

    See PFT article.. says.. The Bucs offered their number 1 this year but Jets want more. Tell them MF’rs to pound sand . If I’m Dominik I tell the world what were offering in the trade and how much we would have paid Revis. That way when the team and the player gets a lot less then the fans and player will be pissed to no end at the Jets. Morons. Can see clearly why this team has who they have for their head coach and why they got Tebow. As long as their being talked about nothing else matters.

  9. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Wouldn’t a Sean Smith level signing, somewhat have alleviated some of the pressure of this ridiculousness?

  10. Dennis Says:

    Per they are saying that Bucs are willing to give up the 13 pick but Jets want more!!!

  11. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Joe

    thats cool. I thought you might have a problem with it, which is why I asked, but I gave it a shot anyways. no biggie.

  12. J 2.0 Says:

    Sean Smith with 2 career picks? That Sean Smith? Yeah let’s give him $5 million.

  13. J 2.0 Says:

    Sorry 5 career. $1 million for every pick.

  14. Sunny Says:

    @brad actually what I was saying Dom knows this deal will not happen and is leaking details to the media to save face how had posted he believed he was the mole it is all coming together now . . . Btw the more I think about less I think we should do this deal draft 2 and keep wright bring barber ( I brought up barber maybe Andrew can post his link now)(joke joe) and pick revis next year and of course draft star in the 1st if Milner doesn’t fall if he does move up to get him

  15. Joe Says:

    As long as their being talked about nothing else matters.

    Same ole’ Jets.

  16. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Millner, Trufaunt or Rhodes. One will be there at #13.

    We can sign Revis next year… he will NOT go back to the Jets after this fiasco.

    In fact, the Bucs should make Idzid!ck eat it now.

    We should USE our pick now. That will change the leverage real quick.

    Oh, anothre thing we can do… of both Trufaunt and Rhodes are available at #13, we could trade back a few slots, pick up some more draft picks and then draft either one. Use those extra picks to trade for Revis.

    The rule should be: “No Buccaneer picks can be used for Revis.” So if Dom can trade around and aquire extra picks, then he will be permitted to use the net gain picks.

  17. Mr. Patrick Says:

    It is surely time to walk away from this and move on. Jets are not smart enough to realize they have no leverage and will screw this up. Keep your picks and your cash, draft who you need to build this team. No one player is worth all those picks and that much cash at this point. My gut and good sense tells me that if Bucs do make this deal that they will realize in a very short time that they made a HUGE mistake.

  18. Joe Says:

    Between Cole, Florio and Stroud, sure seems like Revis’ agents are getting antsy as hell.

  19. Sunny Says:

    @joe might be Dom . . . Didn’t you pot earlier his the mole? Again sounds like he is trying to save with a hostile fan base

  20. Ruggyup Says:

    If I were still carrying an M1, I would describe this process as a clusterf… This guy Revis is one where the eventual outcome could be included with, ‘be careful what you ask for’.

  21. Stevek Says:

    So, wow, if the trade fails to occur I EXPECT the details to come out. Dominick looks like a sh!t head to Buc Nation IF: no trade, zero explanation.

  22. Buc4life24 Says:

    Ok, lets hold on to our 13th pick untill the draft starts, when there isn’t someone on our board left, trade down. Get an additional 2nd rounder and offer our new 1st round pick to the jets. They want this yrs 1st…ok….get a mid rounder this year plus next years 2nd and say 6th!

    Get Revis, have 2x 2nd rounders this year and trade next yrs 2nd and 6th rounder in the Revis trade package. Essentially only losing this yrs 1st and a 6th out of the deal.

  23. Oldguy Says:

    No deal!

  24. Sunny Says:

    Stevek no not always he tried a bunch Of trades last yer like Goodson and Leon Washington but we didn’t hear about them but there was no media circus around those trades . . . The revis deal is so in the media And in position we need desperate help and a big name the fans know that if he doesn’t pull it off half of Tampa bay might jump off the skyway and the other half wanting his head that he has to save face and his job

  25. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Walk away Mark, keep our #1 and we’ll offer Revis a contract next year when he walks away from the Jets.

  26. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I think at this point, if Dom gives up a 1st, a 3rd, a 6th, and 15 millon a year, that makes him look like more of a Sh@thead. But here again, we don’t know how much of this is coming from ownership.

  27. 1976Buc Says:

    With or without Revis the 2013 team is not a SB contender. Move on! Take our chances in the Draft and sign a free agent next year if necessary.

  28. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    WE should give up our number 13 pick for Revis, if he is healthy.
    The chance to get a player like Revis is only once every 5 years.
    No way we get as good a player that we really need, at number 13.
    Plus, we have the cap room to pull this off.
    Next year, another team may have the cap room, and we will miss out.

  29. Mohak T Says:

    I’m shocked a 1st rd pick is even in discussion. This year or next year’s. Dom is not afraid to trade second rd picks as we’ve learned from the Winslow trade. We shall see.

  30. Mike J Says:

    J 2.0 , you saved me some hunting & pecking on the keyboard, TY.

  31. Sunny Says:

    Chris keep in mind he is 28 coming off injury might not be he same because of injury but also because of age

    But we will be a playoff team and the next step is a sb contender

  32. Greg Says:

    The 13th pic is too high. We desperately need to address the defensive line. What’s harder to get in the mid rounds? A good pass rusher or a corner? Granted this year is deep but a game changer next to McCoy makes a difference on every play. Reevis faces one good qb in his division. Ya think Breeze wont find other options? Ryan wont find other options? Not to mention the run. Our depth in talent on this team is disgusting. One corner wont add wins.

  33. BucFan20 Says:

    Take the offers off the table . No thanks. Keep him! Go get what we need in the draft and see who may help that is out there. Someone out there has to be better than Myron! Even if we got Revis one player is not going to solve all the problems. And if he went down who is his replacement? Forget Barber. He was toasted as bad as Biggers at CB for 2 years. The only problems with LJ are he holds a little or gets a flag for not getting his head around when the ball gets there. But with better coachig the change from QB to CB will be fine. He wants it and will do what ever it takes. Goldson wants to stay on Wright and help him. If the coach is fine with it and thinks it will help this team win, That’s the objective and I will support him.

  34. Jacko101 Says:

    Only way I trade out 1st is for their 2nd round pick. To be honest they had the bucs pegged to get Banks anyways we could grab Banks and Hankins

  35. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    The Jets need to accept whats being offered. (Whatever it happens to be right now). There is NO market for him. If a seventh round pick was all it took we would still be the only suitors. NOBODY else can afford him. If Revis is not a Buccaneer this year then it will be because Idzik seriously botched this. We will likely draft a corner then and pick one up in FA and call it a day. Yes it will still be a weak point but a healthy Wright and a high round corner will suffice.

  36. knucknbuc Says:

    I don’t understand why you guys believe this is so far fetched. I mean the seahawks just traded for percy harvin who they gave up a 1st,3rd and 6th. He gets injured more then revis does and is definantly not top 2-3 at his position.

  37. RastaMon Says:

    Keep him Jets..Jets…Jets………this team is not ready for another #19…@ this stage…

  38. Jeagan1999 Says:

    SCREW NY! Draft a young DB in the 2nd round this year…there will be several of decent ones available…move Ronde to the slot corner, re-sign Wright and then offer Revis the money next year as a FA! Draft Lotuleilei or Richardson for the D-Line in round 1 and get Clabo or Winston at RT! That gets the Bucs to at least 10 wins this season!

  39. T in Orlando Says:

    The biggest difference between the Revis and Harvin deals is that no one else is interested in trading for Revis. Talent levels be damned, this is a matter of supply and demand, and right now the demand for Revis is not high enough to justify exorbitant costs.

    Leave them at the alter Dom.

  40. BrianW Says:

    Time is on the BUC’s side. Everyday Revis is closer to being a FA. As sure as the sun sets and rises, the draft will come and go. What then Idzik /JETS? OOps, now the 2014 1st rounder looks a lot better. No need to panic Bucs fans, the backup plan is to make our pick and start talking again. The whole situation will flip in our favor after our pick. They sill may not do the trade, but what else can we do?

  41. bob Says:

    Yes time to make our picks ,and maybe pick up someone who gets cut at last cut, maybe a trade for blunt, then get revis next year for no picks. or someone with out so much baggage. f#@!# JETS

  42. Raphael Says:

    NO DEAL. ….stick to your guns Dominik.

    Pound sand. idzik …

  43. Deminion Says:

    Walk away from the deal hello Xavier Rhodes

  44. Curmudgeon Says:

    Tell the Jets to go pound sand.

  45. Back up kicker Says:

    The Jets can lick our balls. Revis will be a Buc next year AND WE KEEP all of our picks. We are a year away with a question mark at QB anyway. I want a DT in the 1st and CB’s in the 2nd and 3rd.

  46. Free's A Boob Says:

    The gratuitous Tebow dig was uncalled for an below your typical standards. How many playoff games as he won compared to The Moron?

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    I totally agree that I would not give up this year’s first round pick!

    Tell Mr. Sh!tzk to stick it!

    Keep all the picks. No deal. We won’t be held hostage. We won’t be tread upon.

    New York sucks!!! with all their stupid media, stupid gun laws, and stupid Big Gulp rules. Just shove the whole state right up your A____!!!

  48. Andrew 1 Says:

    I dont believe this. the bucs are reported to be willing to meet the jets demands and give them the 13th overall pick AND THE JETS STILL WANT MORE!!! it looks like this trade is the closest its ever to been to actually happening but the stupid jets are being so damn difficult.

  49. Andrew 1 Says:

    it looks like Dom is being the first one to cave. dammit.

  50. Biff Barker Says:

    The current reality is that both sides need this deal. Woody Johnson bared his arse on dealing Beavis and Izadick is stuck trying to impress his new boss. Problem is he only has one prospective costomer.
    Dom can’t cave.
    “It’s nothing personal Sonny, just business”

  51. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Biff

    Dom, posted on here a couple of days ago, was said to have dug his heels into not surrendering this years first instead of next years first. anything other than this would be caving into Idzik’s demands.

  52. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Mr. Dominick, RUN, RUN, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

  53. kh Says:

    just wait until after the draft and the jets have even less leverage – they’re playing without a full deck here

  54. arealbucsfan Says:

    If sheldon richardson is no longer avaible then trade this years first. But i would give this years 2nd and next years 1st.

  55. arealbucsfan Says:

    And put lagerrette blount in the trade as well. Dude can have a shot as starter in NY as well, deserves a real chance.

  56. Joc Says:

    Love it sign him for nada after season

  57. build thru the draft Says:

    How dumb are the jets…we offered the 13th pick and thats not enough? ok if dom doesnt cave in before the draft he’s gonna come looking for a trade and we will play his game, we wont have to even give up a 1st round for him especially if we draft 2 corners…..idzik your the smartest idiot i this year, you belong with the jets

  58. Cmurda Says:

    I believe 20% of everything reported. I choose to make it the 20% that I want it to be.

  59. Architek Says:

    Stand pat and dont bend.

  60. stevek Says:

    The Jets will cave.

    It may not even be Izdick, it could all be on the owner Allen.

    Either way, the Jets representation in this trade is like Joe Namath and at a half time interview with Suzy Kolber: sloppy, misplayed, and impotent.

    I am ok with Dominick not pulling the trigger if it really is TOO MUCH, but I expect the “anonymous mole” from One Buc Palace to divulge the inadequacies presented..

    There is no excuse for: No Revis, No FA CB. I would like to see Eric Wright take a pay cut. He should play on a discount this year to “reprove” himself. If he can play back up to an 8m level, then pay da man.

  61. Jerry Says:

    Hang in there, “Rockstar” ! As Rachel’s fantasy, Joe has said, “you got the cards”!

  62. Mitch Says:

    Wouldn’t mind a first this year and a third next year. That just means Dom will use his extra fourth to get an additional late 2nd or 3rd round pick

  63. Sunny Says:

    We will draft two corners . . . And if the price comes down we will get revis if not maybe next year if the rooks don’t work out

  64. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    I wouldn’t cave on this one Dom… let them keep him one more year and lose the picks. I wouldn’t give more than one pick personally! Don’t feel bad if we have to use our own picks and they get nothing! They are making their bed,… let them lie in it!

  65. Anzac Buc Says:

    I dont see any great harm in leaving a disillusioned Revis with the Jets for this season and paying him as a ufa next year. We will keep the draft picks. Idzik is playing a dangerous game, surely Revis has previously proven his nature when it comes to contracts and feeling valued. If the bucs don’t move in the current negotiations, the jets may face the choice of trading cheap prior to the trade deadline or having an annoyed Revis for the season. Revis will already be mentally attached to the Bucs and hoping that it offers an escape from circus Jets. I personally would love to see Revis in pewter but won’t be upset if it doesn’t pan out. Clearly the intention is to upgrade at cb, but if Idzik is not going to move the the jets will be the losers. Don’t cave Dom.

  66. MR.T Says:

    Skip the Revis trade now and get him next year when he is a FA. That make the most sense to me. Why waste picks when all we have to do is wait.

  67. bucobruce Says:

    The only thing that matters is will revis be on the team this year when we win the super bowl or will we get him next year!

  68. Pete 422 Says:

    No way, unless there are some serious conditions attached to this. I’ve said it before, do a trade for our #1 in the 2014 draft, BUT assign conditions dictated by Revis’ performance.

  69. passthebuc Says:

    Joe. You and I differ slightly in the Revis approach. I would tell the Jets GM I will give you a 2nd round pick and take Tebow off your hands.
    But in all seriousness I would tell the Jets GM that if Revis cannot stay in Arizona to rehab, we have nothing to talk about. First, that is his best shot in passing a physical. next, your not getting #13 this year, as we will need to trade down later in round one to pick up a 3rd or 4th. Lastly, I hope we continue to build through the draft and forget about Revis. He may be VG but not 3 picks and a 15 million long term deal.

  70. Nate Says:

    Its time to walk if you ask me..

  71. Patrick Says:

    I don’t think this is happening.

    And he didn’t think ANY free agent corners were better than what we currently have.

    So now we’re gonna have a bunch of rookies in our secondary next year?

    Tell me, how would signing a guy like Antoine Winfield for depth (at the very least) have hurt us?

    Screw Dominik. Joe, can you DROP the rockstar label already?

  72. tampa fan tom Says:

    Trade Josh and this years 2nd and next years 2nd for Mark and Revis. Use Mark as backup
    and use 13th pick and get the best qb there.Or use Mark this year and draft
    The best qb next year.

  73. Dave Says:

    “So Dominik is now willing to give up the 13th pick, 3trd round and 6th round THIS YEAR after saying he was gonna hold strong and not giving it up? At least that’s being reported by multiple sources….”

    WHere does it say that? Everywhere I look says Mark D is willing to give the 2014 1st rounder and lesser pick this year.

  74. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    No, but you can’t overpay for players that aren’t that good. I’m not saying they aren’t (I really wanted Sean Smith), but that’s obviously how Dominik (and many other GM’s) feel. It’s April, and a lot can happen. I know you like to hate on Dominik, but why don’t you wait until at least training camp before you start crying.

  75. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Dave

    I got link the link for you

    Im keeping it on topic this time Joe. lol

  76. bucobruce Says:

    Zobrist just got robbed!

  77. bucobruce Says:

    Bucs 2014 super bowl champs!!!!!

  78. Bucs34 Says:

    Walk away, no run away from this deal! Please Tampa please build thru the draft like you did last year. I beg you to do the right thing. Building thru the draft like we did it in the late 90’s.

  79. MadMax Says:

    FU Idzik, forget any trade you douche! We’ll get him next year.

  80. lurker Says:

    i HATE baseball…it is such a weak “sport”

    go rays!

  81. Andrew 1 Says:

    the jets are just playing games now. whenever that happens its time to just walk away, and dont look back.

  82. Andrew 1 Says:

    like you all said, next off season we can get Revis and we wont have to jump through hoops for the jets to get him. in the mean time get the rest of the team stronger.

  83. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    My comment didn’t show.

    Btw, Joe, is it possible to add somexsort of comment rating to the site? Thumbs or stars? I’m fnding myself agreeing with some people, and quoting them all is too much work.

  84. Nate Says:

    DONT DO IT! not worth this years first

  85. MadMax Says:

    My mock is moving up to draft Milliner, move back into the 1st for Eifert, and finding a way to get Mathieu in the 3rd if he’s still there. We wont have anymore picks afterwards but we’ll have three badas$ players. Then we can work on adding a beast DT or DE next year…plus land Revis as long as he’s very healthy and OWNING!

  86. BrianW Says:


    1) Draft day #1 = Bucs use pick#13 on CB, maybe DL Jets get nervous

    2) Draft day #2 = Jets call to ask for our 2nd and next years first…. hang up.

    3) Still day 2 = round 3 begins, Jets call begging for 3rd and 2014 1st… hang up

    4) Draft Day #3 = New York Press completely destroying Jet’s management over crappy picks and no Revis resolution….. Jets call begging in the morning, pleading for or 4th and 2014 1st rounder.

    5) Still draft day #3 = It’s noon, Bucs on the clock in half an hour. Take the Jets call, say our 4th and 6th, next year’s 2nd or no deal… we just drafted a CB or 2 in rounds 1-3 this weekend stupid Jets! If they actually have the guts to turn that down, just let them keep Revis until camp and decide if we give up the 2014 1st rounder at that point after we get a good look at the rookies.

    6) Situation resolved eventually, half will say Dominik is idiot who should be fired, quoting the teams win/loss record. Regardless of how it turns out!

  87. Machiavellii Says:

    I think it’s time we all move on from this circus they call the jets…

    At least we tried to swing a trade so I think it’s now time to just cut our losses and draft 2 corners…

  88. feelthepewterpower Says:


    Buccs almost traded for Goldsen last offseason and ended up getting him in FA. No draft picks lost. I say, if you want a 2nd and 4th round in next year’s draft…take it or leave it Jets!!! 🙂

  89. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I hate to say it because I really really want Revis, but I agree with those who say to tell the Jets to shove it. If they are too stupid to trade a player who will be gone in 2014 anyway, then let them learn the hard way. They are going to be a dreadful team next year anyway, with or without Revis. I doubt Rex Ryan makes it past their bye week (whenever that is). I’m tired of them and can’t wait to see this blow up in their face. They are about to reach Raider territory in team management, and I am going to enjoy every second of it.

  90. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Concur, Hawaiian. BTW, I disagree with Joe’s assessment that the mole is NOT Mark Dominik. As poorly as Mark has drafted in the past, he’s pulling off a brilliant tactic in letting the media run with the notion that the Jets are wanting first round/a lot of compensation, not to mention claiming the Buccs are offering a first rounder but the Jets are wanting more. This a) throws any possible suitors from coming into the fray to keep the price down on Revis b) sets the Jets fans expectations high, so when no deal is done, the desperation (and anger at the front office for not taking the fake mole deal) to trade Revis and get something for their best player rises.

  91. scubog Says:

    I believe that the compensation the Seahawks paid for Harvin is affecting this deal in the sense that it set the bar for other GM’s. Idzik is the new guy in Jet Land so he has to make an impression on Woody Johnson (great porn star name) and the fans. Plus he has history working with Mark Dominik. It’s personal for him. A healthy Revis is better than any CB available in the draft so it makes some sense to give up the 2013 pick BUT, why pay a “buy it now” price when you are the only one bidding. I say Dominik holds back for the “Or Best Offer” and “fahgetabout” Revis until after the draft. He might be able to be had for much less than the 1st rounders.

  92. Fatmosh Says:

    @scubog: As others have said, the #13 pick alone is worth WAY more than what the Seahawks paid for Harvin.

  93. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    feelthepewterpower Says: April 9th, 2013 at 5:18 am

    “Concur, Hawaiian. BTW, I disagree with Joe’s assessment that the mole is NOT Mark Dominik. As poorly as Mark has drafted in the past”

    Hmmmn. Let’s see. GMC, Clayborn, Freeman, Williams, Martin, Baron, Foster, David, Bowers, Stocker, Lorig.

    Eleven starters in the last 3 drafts. That’s an average of almost 4 starters per draft. Name the other teams that have done so well.

  94. Jacko101 Says:

    Dom please please please don’t get desperate now. You have been patient this entire time don’t get into a bidding war with yourself. NO 1st round this year for Revis lets get the best player at 13. I would do this years 2nd and next years 1st just to guaranty Revis to the bucs, but nothing nothing nothing more. And if we do trade out 1st this year at minimum get their 2nd in exchange and give them our second next year. Sounds good to me.

  95. Cassidy Says:

    Having Revis and Barber on the field this year (Barber’s decision is likely tied to the Revis deal) would make me forget about the 13th overall draft pick. Our blitz-happy system needs a shut down corner now, or else every game will be on Freeman to consistently score +30 points.

  96. berserker Says:

    Don’t give the Jets any picks. Draft a DT first round. Then 2 CB’s. Resign your players and figure out if you can even afford Revis when he hits FA. No one is that important. We can’t go broke over this. When someone picks Revis in next years FA I really doubt he’ll sign for 16 million a year. Keep your picks. We need depth not a one man salary cap eater.

  97. feelthepewterpower Says:

    “Hmmmn. Let’s see. GMC, Clayborn, Freeman, Williams, Martin, Baron, Foster, David, Bowers, Stocker, Lorig.”

    Dominik did well last year, but then again Michael Clayton had a stellar rookie season as well. It usually takes four years to grade a draft. I’m a Freeman apologist, but he’s been inconsistent, although I feel he’ll have a solid year this year with the return of a healthy o-line. Williams production went down this year, Gmac finally showed production and actually made it the entire year. Baron slumped at times, but showed promise. Lorig wasn’t even drafted as a fullback, the Buccs lucked into that move. I thought Foster took too much blame in 2011 when he was a rookie calling the shots, he played much better. Stocker isn’t used that much in the offense, although he should be used more, but he’s has not shown yet he can be an every down TE.

    “Eleven starters in the last 3 drafts. That’s an average of almost 4 starters per draft. Name the other teams that have done so well.”

    And just because they start doesn’t mean they’d start on other teams! The Buccs are building through the draft, and have had a lot of holes to files so they’re relying on first or second year men.

    These were not my quotes on 2009-2011 draft, but take a look at how bad things have been at One Bucc….

    Class of 2009

    Rd. One (17)- Josh Freeman QB -**Makes or Breaks this draft class in 2012**
    Rd. Three (81)- Roy Miller DT – Never developed into a starter. Underachiver.
    Rd. Four (117)- Kyle Moore DE -If there is any such thing as a 4th round bust…
    Rd. Five (155)- Xavier Fulton OT – Did he ever step on the field?
    Rd. Seven (217)- EJ Biggers CB -For a 7th rounder, not a bad pick
    Rd. Seven (233)- Sammie Stroughter WR – INJURY PLAUGED

    Class of 2010

    Rd. One (3)- DT Gerald McCoy -INJURY PLAUGED
    Rd. Two (35)- DT Brian Price -INJURY PLAUGED
    Rd. Two (39)- WR Arrelious Benn – Injury/Slow learner/Underachiver?
    Rd. Three (67)- CB Myron Lewis – Rd 3. Bust, big time reach in 3rd round.
    Rd. Four (101)- WR Mike Williams – Solid starter @ #2 WR
    Rd. Six (172)- P Brent Bowden – Cut before 2010 season started
    Rd. Seven (210)- FS Cody Grimm -INJURY PLAGUED
    Rd. Seven (217)- LB Dekoda Watson -Solid back-up, should unseat QB IMO
    Rd. Seven (253)- DE Erik Lorig – Chaged to FB, an ok FB

    Class of 2011

    Rd. One (20)- DE Adrian Clayborn -DROTY runner-up, best DL to comeout of 2011 draft
    Rd. Two (51)- DE Da’Quan Bowers – INJURY PLAGUED
    Rd. Three (84)- LB Mason Foster – Led all rookies in tackles (2011), solid starter.
    Rd. Four (104)- TE Luke Stocker – Who knows…
    Rd. Five (151)- S Ahmad Black – Has yet to see the field…
    Rd. Six (187)- RB Allen Bradford -Cut early last year…
    Rd. Seven (222)- CB Anthony Gaitor – Who knows…
    Rd. Seven (238)- TE Greg Hardy -PS player

  98. RustyRhino Says:

    I think it is a fools game to trade our #13 pick on a player who was one of the best CB’s in the nfl. But he was healthy then, last season he injured his acl. Are we going to all believe that he will be what he was before the injury? Sure this is not the nfl of 1970, but even the best surgery has physical losses. I do not like the fact that we do not know how his injury is progressing. We assume it is all on the up&up. This might make an Ass u me. Don’t use a 1st 2nd round draft choice for injured players.