“His Agent Should Be Telling Him That By Now”

April 9th, 2013

Pat Kirwan says Darrelle Revis won’t get paid anywhere near the money he wants and asserts that Revis is controlling the trade winds.

Former Jets linebackers coach and personnel executive Pat Kirwan, who currently is one of the busiest guys in NFL media, working for SiriusXM NFL Radio, CBS-TV and CBSSports.com, when he’s not writing football books, is one of Joe’s favorite insiders.

Kirwan packs a lot diverse knowledge into his takes. So Joe took note when Kirwan said recently on 770 AM in Fort Myers that Darrelle Revis won’t get paid outrageous money by the Bucs and the Jets should not trade him.

Kirwan asserts that Revis is in the driver’s seat, far more than Bucs or Jets management.

“Darrelle Revis controls this,” Kirwan said. “He’s going to manage that control by not accepting a new contract extension unless it’s the place he wants to go.”

Kirwan went on to explain that Revis wants $1 million per game and remains misguidedly convinced he can score that kind of money.

“He’s not going to get it, and his agent should be telling him that by now,” Kirwan said. “The market has changed and it’s changed permanently. Deals are down. There are so many one-year deals right now. You look at next year, you’re going to have 450 to 500 hundred free agents, plus another 150 free agents off one-year deals.”

The market will be flooded next season and team executives, Kirwan said, have told him they don’t want to pay Revis until they see him perform at a Pro Bowl level again.

Kirwan said the Bucs absolutely shouldn’t part with first-round picks, if they make a move for Revis. As for the Jets, Kirwan thinks they shouldn’t trade Revis.

The deal is “stuck in the mud until the Jets lower want they want, and they shouldn’t because they don’t have enough star players,” Kirwan said.

Joe’s written repeatedly that the Bucs would be insane to pay Revis anywhere close to the $16 million annually he’s seeking when the top free-agent corners on the market this season commanded $6 million, especially with Revis coming off a major injury. There’s no logic to that.

49 Responses to ““His Agent Should Be Telling Him That By Now””

  1. That Guy Says:

    F Revis and f the Jets. Draft Des Trufant and let the Jets deal with the last year of their headcase’s contract.

  2. Tom Says:

    What’s insane is watching the CB market dry up and go for peanuts while your GM goes on his quixotic belief that he’s going to get Revis even though the Jets haven’t exactly endorsed it. We’ll see if Dominik is right, I’m not entirely betting on it.

    Welcome back to Tampa Eric Wright! LOL

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    I think we have made pretty good progress and giving up any 1st round pick will set us back. Revis may be completely healthy but we don’t know what we’re getting in him….is he back to pro-bowl level? Does he really want to be a Buc or is he just chasing money?

    This whole Revis deal has me feeling sick.

    Dominik, please just walk away.

  4. stevek Says:

    Well said Tom,

    It is laughable to think we are stuck with an 8 million dollar Eric Wright. Sean Smith (better) signed for 6 million per.

    Ronde Barber might retire, and EJ Biggers has left in Free Agency.

    I expect the Bucs to make the playoffs in 2013, and at the very least demand 16 meaningful games this year.

    If Freeman and crew come out hot, lose 5 plus games in a row for the third straight year, and finish off the season with a MEANINGLESSS wiin only to hurt draft stock, then Dominick should be canned.

  5. Sunny Says:

    I agree with Kirwan we can’t give a first round pick and can’t pay 12 mil + for him if we can hit a grand slam on 2 draft picks we would actually be in better shape and keep the next years first for Aj mcarron if we miss out on one cb we can try and grab him next year. . . With wright coming back he only need to hit on one and another for depth

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    These FA CB’s might have been better than what we have, but still just a bunch of average players. Would rather roll the dice in the draft a possibly get a superstar instead of someone else’s garbage. Teams don’t let great players get away unless they are in huge cap trouble and even then they adjust moving other players since good CB’s are so hard to find.

  7. Biff Barker Says:

    Draft and develop Buccaneer men Dom.
    Beavis is a Butthead.

  8. 4everBucsFan Says:

    You would think that with what seems to be a 2 to 1 margin against supporting Revis suiting up into a Buc uniform, Mark would just walk away. Listen, we understand that he may have screwed up a little (still not really decided) on signing any FA corners cause he was banking on the trade. And the fact may be the Glazers were enthusiastic about the trade and pushed for it strongly. But like Kirwan said it ultimately comes down to Revis’s decision. He wants “1,000,000 MILLION per GAME”. That’s redonkuluos … just say forget it and let’s move on. …and if you’re still interested next year, then negotiate with Revis’s agent.

  9. stevek Says:


    We narrowly escaped having the worst passing defense ever in 2012.

    Not one free agent CB?

    Give me a break! If Dom doesn’t get Revis, then he FUMBLED the offseason.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    At this point, I would much rather keep our draft picks and withdraw from any Revis deal.

    If we keep our picks we have the chance to get DL and CB help at the beginning of the draft. I feel we severely handcuff our selves if we don’t have a 1st round pick.

    I’m not even sure Revis WANTS to be a Buc. If his heart isn’t here, why should he be?

  11. bucfanjeff Says:

    @stevek, yes Dom fumbled away chances to aquire FA CB’s this offseason, but that shouldn’t mean that we bend over and take it just for Revis. What if he’s knee IS healthy, but lost some speed? Does he want to be here? Will we overpay?

    Yes we need help, but Wright, Trufant\Millner\Rhodes, maybe Ronde, and any other CB we draft isn’t a bad thing.

    Giving up picks means giving up flexibility. My fear is we give up too many picks. If it was ONLY this years 1st, I could stomach it perhaps, but anything more than that – I just don’t think is worth it.

    We’ll find out in the next 2 weeks or so.

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    One thing the Bucs might be doing by saying we’ll give up this years first, is a ploy to give Revis a physical and talk to his agents on a potential deal. If we don’t feel it’s going to go well, is to say his knee didn’t check out and walk away.

  13. Bucnjim Says:


    The defensive line is equally to blame! having the least amount of sacks for several years now also puts the CB’s at a disadvantage. Everyone needs to remember that injuries to both the offensive and defensive lines set the Bucs way back last year. Not saying we have talented Corners, but there is more going on then just bad CB play.

  14. dannymac Says:

    I cant believe I hear so many of you comparing anyone we could get in draft to Revis. Shut down corner or rookie that MARK drafts. Who do you want covering the NFC south recievers.

  15. lurker Says:

    so don’t give up a first for revis because he might not be at a probowl level, but the 13th pick is a sure thing?
    also, people here bitch because the bucs aren’t spending money, but bitch when they might spend money.
    we have some silly fans!

  16. mvermulm Says:

    The CB market wasn’t very good to begin with, so Dom decided he’d see what it would take to get Revis instead. I don’t have any issue with it, even if he walks away from the deal. Ideally, we’ll address the position in the draft, bring Barber back (assuming he doesn’t retire), and get Wright in with a restructured deal. With Goldson on the roster now, all of those things should help the secondary improve from last year anyway.

  17. passthebuc Says:

    First and only common sense article on the subject

  18. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Anyone ever have an issue where you post a comment, but, after 10 minutes or so, it never shows? But, if you try to post again, it say duplicate comment detected. Wondering if it’s my settings. I cleared my cache.

  19. lurker Says:


    this site has always been a little wonky

  20. Gus Says:

    @that guy that’s how I feel at this point. “Buc fans are growing impatient” and I am one of them .

  21. Vic66 Says:

    My question at this point is how strongly are the Glazers driving Domonics actions on the Revis matter? He could be just following orders. Are we frustrated? Hell yes!

  22. mpmalloy Says:

    With all due respect to Joe’s site:
    **** Revis!

  23. stevek Says:


    You are spot on! The Bucs have run a 4-3, and still finish with less team sacks than: Jared Allen two years ago, and JJ Watt had 5 less than our entire squad last year.

    I agree whole heartedly, and the enitrety of our CB problem has been magnifited by Dominick not signing atleast on Free Agent CB. We have giant void at the position now, and we could be FORCED to draft a CB and pass on BPA.

    If we “have to” pass on Best Player Available because our GM and front office thought it would be a good idea to sit out Free Agency for a CB, then we have a huge problem.

    Dominick should be relieved of his duties, and he can go to the JETS for a job if he can’t get us in the playoffs this year. There is just no way we can justify letting our CB position fester to this extreme without one free agent.

    Revis or bust.

  24. stevek Says:

    Vic66 Says:

    April 9th, 2013 at 9:25 am
    My question at this point is how strongly are the Glazers driving Domonics actions on the Revis matter? He could be just following orders. Are we frustrated? Hell yes!

    – Good point Vic, I am not sure at all who is drving the bus.

    All I know is that it has been far too long, and the Glazers have saved far too much cap space for us not to EXPECT PLAYOFFS in 2013. I guess they need to spend enough to just get us 16 meaningful games next year.

    It sucks to watch our opponents lay down in the 16th game the past two years, only to let us win and make our draft placement worse. Seriously, what good is that? Our team is so bad that the Falcons didn’t even need to play us in week 17 last year. Of course they are going to let us win so we can pick 13th instead of 7th or 8th.

  25. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @ lurker

    Dude, I got some prime real estate in southeast Georgia I’d like to sell you man.


    He wants a MILLION A GAME …..get it.

    If he don’t get it

    He could hold-out. …..SO even though it may not be our money.. we can also decide when a bad business decision is being made. Spending money just to spend money is foolish.

    This dude wants “6 million” more a year than the highest paid corner to date.

    This is a bad deal. Their are way to many risk involved that can have a negative lasting effect on this teams future.

    The potential of giving away all these future draft picks, coming off what used to be a career ending injury with no ideal if he’ll be the same, and then have him walk away after we refuse to pay him MOUNT OLYMPUS type money.

    For all his “GREATNESS” he needs to be realistic. It’s a classic money grab for a guy who seems he wants to play somewhere else.

  26. stevek Says:


    You are right again, “Dom fumbled chances to get a free agent CB”.

    It may or may not become a problem. If we are forced to sacrifice the #13 pick for a CB not named “Revis”, or BPA (hopefully a d-lineman), then there will be a huge disconnect with our fan base (Capt. Tim, Lightning Buc, and I) and the front office.

    I would love for a “25,000,000.00” sign to be posted up in Dom’s office doorway: it will represent the millions of reasons why we are not in contention. Or the miillions of reasons why we are last place in the NFC South, and not going anywhere soon.

  27. stevek Says:


    Good points, Revis is not a 16,000,000.00 dollar Cornerback.

    Is Eric Wright an 8,000,000.00 dollar Cornerback? HECK NO!

    Why is Eric Wright being paid 8 million this year, and we could have cut and signed Sean Smith for (2 million less).

    I get your point about equating a player’s value on the field to their cap hit, but the Bucs front office clearly doesn’t embrace that same mold. They are much more content to pay Eric Wright 8 million, good for them.

    I just don’t see how the price of Revis is an issue, given our cap space, and the fact that we pay another Cornerback (Wright) 50% of what Revis demands and about 10% the player?

  28. BrianW Says:

    If you are frustrated and want to quit on the deal ect., keep in mind that the ideal, smart way to play this situation for the Bucs is a as follows.

    1) Draft day #1 = Bucs use pick#13 on CB, maybe DL Jets get nervous

    2) Draft day #2 = Jets call to ask for our 2nd and next years first…. hang up.

    3) Still day 2 = round 3 begins, Jets call begging for 3rd and 2014 1st… hang up

    4) Draft Day #3 = New York Press completely destroying Jet’s management over crappy picks for 2 days in the papers and no Revis resolution….. Jets call begging in the morning, pleading for or 4th and 2014 1st rounder.

    5) Still draft day #3 = It’s noon, Bucs on the clock in half an hour. Take the Jets call, say our 4th and 6th, next year’s 2nd or no deal… we just drafted a CB or 2 in rounds 1-3 this weekend stupid Jets! If they actually have the guts to turn that down, just let them keep Revis until camp and decide if we give up the 2014 1st rounder at that point after we get a good look at the rookies.

    6) Situation resolved eventually, half will say Dominik is idiot who should be fired, quoting the teams win/loss record, regardless of how it turns out! Revis gets 4 year, $12-15 per. Lots guaranteed, he’s worth it.

  29. stevek Says:

    Brian W,

    You say pick a CB at #13, to make the Jet’s sweat? Ok, but is a CB the best player available, or are we skewing our picks to make the Jets think twice?

    We are in need of talent all across the board, and it would be an injustice to the fans to draft anyone other than Best Player Avaialble.

    I will be shocked to see us reach and draft a need, Free Agency is where you plug up the holes in the ship, not the draft. The draft is for identifying and brining in the best possible talent to keep your team competitive.

    When we sacrifice talent for need, in time, it leaves with a roster of Myron Lewis.

  30. Paul Says:

    I like how the Dom-defenders are now seeing more clearly now.

    He threw away this offseason by obsessing over Revis. No backup plan, just trying to give away our whole draft and every bit of our cap space for one player that isn’t even healed up from a major injury. If that doesn’t sound crazy, then you need to take off the rose colored shades.

    Oh well. Hopefully he learns from this next offseason and we can be competitive in 2 years.

  31. stevek Says:


    I expect playoffs in 2013 for Dominick’s Bucs. This is year 4 of the Dominick era, and to say we are “two years away” feels like treason.

    If we participate in free agency for a conerback, then we could compete this year.

    Why is it do we accpet being “two years away”, every stinking year?

    Was 2002 an anomally, did we not draft/have really good players back then? Why do we suck so bad for so long, only to get great, and then watch it all come back down to crap.

    We need to win, and now. Dominick, please shed some light on “the grand old plan”, the fans are “youngrier” than ever.

  32. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    No one knows what the BPA is at #13… jeez! Trufant has pedigree and Rhodes is a physical beast. We need one of those guys.

    BrianW… I love your scenarios, I have said similar.

    The Bucs have all the cards and time.

    Next year, Revis will be clamoring for 16 mill a year, and with all of the CBs that signed 1 year deals this season, couple with the other high paid CBs released, the CB pay scale has essentially been reduced to peanuts.

    Revis will be lucky to get $9 million per year next free agency.

    Besides, the Bucs need to know if his knee is better… let Revis prove it with the Jets.

  33. stevek Says:

    Anyone here think the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to draft anyone other than Best Player Available with the 17th selection?

    The Steelers will take the BPA, maybe Jarvis Jones? Ultimately, the Steelers will return to the playoffs before we do because it is just how it works around here.

    The more I think about it, we are AMAZINGLY mediocre. Hail to the rock star- 4th Hanson Brother?

  34. BirdDoggers Says:

    There’s no way Revis is worth $16 million per year. This offseason has proved that players don’t set the market. There’s no way the Bucs should give up draft picks and let Revis dictate his salary. Revis will never be happy until someone pays him well above market value. Dominik needs to steer clear of this mess. Revis is not worth paying like a good starting QB. Draft corners and pick up a free agent. Go after Keep the draft picks and go after Revis when he’s a free agent next year. He’ll find out what market he has then.

  35. stevek Says:

    Buc Fan#238,

    I hear ya, Revis’ knee is the QUESTION MARK of our offseason.

    Revis didn’t need to be this huge distraction. We could have alleviated the problem by signing a free agent cornerback.

    I don’t like the distraction of the Revis trade. The Bucs need to get back in the playoffs in 2013.

    Say we do draft: Trufant or Rhodes at #13, who will we pass on? If there is a talented D-Lineman there, more talented than either Corner, then WE MUST take the best player available.

    Just because we sat out of free agency for a cornerback, doesn’t give us the right to sacrifice picking talent or picking a need, no sir.

  36. 4everBucsFan Says:


    Steelers will pick WR Cordarrelle Patterson to replace Mike Wallace

  37. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    I would be curious to hear what conversations are going on between Shiano and Dominick. Could NSO be telling Mark that it was all about the scheme and the (now fired) db coach and that are current crop of CBs arent as bad as everyone is making them out to be?

    I see Dominick taking all the blame for this CB debacle and nothing really coming back on the NSO.

  38. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    You don’t know who BPA is steveKay… all you are doing is following Mel Kiper and that other guy… perhaps you will use a collection of all mock drafts to come up with your BPA for #13?

    Get real. When you start getting into those picks, it is ALL a gamble.

    Trufant and Rhodes won’t be there in the 2nd round at pick 12… so the Bucs need to take one at #13.

  39. stevek Says:

    Buc Fan #238,

    Get real my friend. We are a last place team, and not looking any better yet.

    We better draft the Best darn Player Avaialable.

    If we draft a CB, and they turn into Myron Lewis 2.0, then what? “It is ok, two more years we will be competitive.”

  40. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Revis has continually said that he is the best defensive player in the league and wants to be the highest paid. If you sign him to a big deal and next year someone else gets a better deal, the Revis will want a new deal and will hold out until he gets it. Bucs just need to stay away from this guy as he will be nothing but trouble.

  41. lurker Says:

    @ 4everBucsFan
    I can’t get property in Georgia because I have all my front teeth! 😉

    so you know for a fact revis wants and is going to get $16 million per? ohhh, just because pft, cbs, yahoo, espn, jbf says so. you do not know what kind of teammate he is, obviously.

    also, $$$ is wasted all the time. look at the Iraq war, Rutgers AD dismissal package, etc.

  42. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    @Mr Patrick

    EXACTLY! For all the talent he has on the field… its negated by his idiocy off of it. He continually holds a team hostage to get every cent he can… Our young team doesn’t need this type of leader in the locker room. MOVE ON DOM!! Draft a corner or two and sign an average one still on the market who could be a good vet to learn from. You dont need to be a pro bowler to be able to teach others.

  43. mvermulm Says:

    Stevek, give it a rest, man. Every other post is you freaking out about Dom not signing one of the mediocre corners simply to have a body out there, or screaming about how Dom needs to be fired because this is the fourth year of his tenure (even though the Glazers threw two of those out for the lockout by forcing the Raheem signing).
    Sean Smith gave up more TDs than any corner in the league last year, and he was the best CB on the market. Not a signing I would’ve liked either if I were Dom. He overpaid a bit for Eric Wright last year, in a different CB market (one where other players such as Brandon Carr got even more), but he also did a masterful job of writing up the contract to give him the option to void it this year following Wright’s suspension.
    If, after the draft and the second wave of free agency, Dom looks to have had no plan all along, then by all means complain away. The fact is, it’s April 9th, and even training camp is months away. The roster is far from complete, and whatever Dom’s plan is, he’s going to execute it how he wants, not how fans want, because there are millions of dollars riding on his decisions. So just relax and enjoy the craziness of the offseason.

  44. kh Says:

    steve go become a steelers fan then buddy

  45. lurker Says:

    wow, I must commend the sound logic and reasoning when I see it. thanks mvermulm, for providing it. stevek’s diatribe is a tiring, useless, illogical venting.

  46. Celly Says:

    Every day I come on here, I’m honored to know that I get to share the same web space with so many people that work hand-in-hand with Dominick and Schiano at One Buc Place. It amazing to know that you guys the the opportunity to have lunch and dinner with the Glazer, on a daily basis, to know exactly what they think of the job that Dominick has done.

    The fact that you ALL know exactly how things are going to play out in the draft is simple astonishing.

    While you’re at it, could you please tell me EXACTLY what the Bucs big board looks like. Considering THAT is the only way we know who they have ranked where.

    Just because you view someone as the best player available DOES NOT mean the team views him as such.

    Question for you:
    If the best player available at 13 in the draft is a Guard, and we are UNABLE to trade down, do we take him?



    Can’t win for losing.

    I really feel some of you just like to read what you typed…smh.

  47. mpmalloy Says:

    Dom is a Rock-Star.

    Revis is a border-line sociopath

    Bucs and Dominick are doing great.

    Stay the course……Have another great draft.

    Better D-line play on passing downs will do wonders for our maligned secondary.

    Everyone please stop hyperventilating and relax!

  48. mpmalloy Says:


  49. arealbucsfan Says:

    The only reason i would give this years 1st is if sheldon richardson is unavailable. And Revis would defintely be worth this years 1st. No other corner in this draft is a “sure” thing. Atleast we kno what we’ll have with Revis. A shut down corner! I think he’ll be 100%. get DJ Hayden or Logan Ryan in the 3rd.