“I Haven’t Had Any Concussions”

April 1st, 2013


“With all the talk about head trauma going on in the league, those things really don’t weigh for me because I haven’t suffered any. I haven’t had any concussions. I’ve been tested. I haven’t had any concussions. So like I’ve said before [returning in 2013] will be a gut decision type of thing.” — Ronde Barber, recently during an interview with J.P. Peterson.

Barber details (as much as one would expect him to reveal) what will affect his future in the video below. Amazingly, Barber says he’s never had a conncussion. In a different part of the interview (not seen below), Barber attributes some of that to proper tackling technique.

One Response to ““I Haven’t Had Any Concussions””

  1. NJBucsFan Says:

    All this Palmer talk is making me nervous….

    There is no need to trade for an older and more expensive QB that is equal to Freeman. At least Freeman has the upside of youth on his side. Plus any trading of picks could shake up the apple cart for the Revis trade.