How Many Players Away With Revis?

April 21st, 2013

mark dominik 0620A common take on the potential Darrelle Revis acquisition goes like this, “The Bucs aren’t one player away and Revis won’t push them over the top, so his price is too high.”

But that’s sort of ancient history now, given that Bucs doctors are inspecting Revis tonight and a trade is imminent.

So Joe must ask, “How many players away from a Super Bowl run are the Bucs with a healthy Revis on the roster?”

If the Bucs pull-off the win-now Revis acquisition, then the Bucs really must complement it with upgrades to the pass rush and another cornerback, and convince Ronde Barber to return. Veteran defensive help is still available.

Joe believes the Bucs have a win-now offense, built with a Rolls Royce offensive line containing four longtime veteran starters, three of Pro Bowl caliber. Plus, the Bucs sport superior No. 1 and No. 2 receivers, a Pro Bowl running back, and a QB that has mad talent, loads of experience, and is entering his second year in the current offense. If the Bucs’ offense isn’t playoff-caliber in 2013, then a horrendous coaching or QB failure has occurred.

The Bucs will be pretty close with Revis in tow — close enough to put massive pressure on the New Schiano Order.

30 Responses to “How Many Players Away With Revis?”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    One less….well except for the young drafted talent VOID !

  2. DjoshFreeman Says:

    None…need all our current players especially freeman and wright to play to their potential.everything else will fall into place…our team is way better than we were when josh led us to 10 wins so logically if he plays well then we succeed, if not we fail

    That being said, we need 1 dt and 1 receiving threat either at te or wideout

  3. DjoshFreeman Says:

    He’s 24 years old…the guy is still a kid and younger than 90% of nfl qbs

  4. Patrick Says:

    Pull off the Revis trade and then draft the best available CB with our 2nd rounder. Convince Ronde to return and then the situation at cornerback should be much better than last year.

  5. tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs are now only one player away from it all…..Josh Freeman. Now that we have a decent defense and a very good set of tools for Freeman, he needs to perform. He doesn’t have to be spectacular….just good!!!

  6. Adam Says:

    This is Dominik realizing that his days are numbered and he has gone all-in. I don’t care about the draft picks because MD has done squat with the draft so I’d rather have a proven commodity than a maybe-draft pick.

  7. DjoshFreeman Says:

    So clayborn,bowers,barron,doug martin…those guys are scrubs? Yep Dom did squat with those drafts SMH

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If Freeman can play like last year, we are a playoff team. If he plays like 2010, we make some serious noise. It all falls on #5.

  9. Mike Says:

    Bucs have everything they need, now it’s just a matter of #5 bowers and clayborn all playing at a pro bowl level. If they do, we are a legitimate contender… If not, we are 8-8 or 9-7

  10. Fatmosh Says:

    Just Freeman. If he’s a Pro Bowler we’re set.

  11. Patrick Says:

    If Freeman plays like he did the last 6 weeks of last year, we’re still in trouble. He HAS to step it up, period.

  12. Vic66 Says:

    @Adam you must be “deaf, dumb or blind”. Do you really believe last years draft was a disaster?

    @Joe. Do the Bucs get to work out Revis? Or is it just a medical exam ?

  13. DjoshFreeman Says:

    I doubt he can do a workout, he only started running last Monday…prob just a physical and MRI with minor movement tests to see if the knee is structurally sound and has healed properly to this point.gonna be at the very least til June before he can really cut and show what he can do

  14. Vic66 Says:

    Why do some insist that Freeman is still only 24? It’s time for him to quite blaming others for his goofs (tried to be nice).

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    Free’s age means nothing going into his 5th season. It’s time for him to play to his potential or time to get a new QB next year. There will be no more excuses for the Free homers after this season. NONE.

  16. Sunny Says:

    2nd Ertz 3rd badger if barber is not back if he is best DT on the board

  17. bucsguy Says:

    Like I have said numerous times on here, now if we stay healthy we are ready for a deep playoff run now and a SB run next year. Let’s look at other SB caliber teams in comparison let’s start with last year’s ravens compare our units straight across – oline ours is better, wrs= ours, rbs = Baltimore (maybe but for now) TE = Baltimore, QB = Baltimore( but very close until a nice playoff run I would have said it was tied but since the ring I’ll go with Flacci) Dline = Baltimore (however there is more potential in Tampa but with exp ill go with the ravens, but really only one standout on each team Nata and GMC) LBS = Baltimore ( but really close once again only 1 star on each group ray lewis was more rep than actual production) and dbs = bucs. Now maybe you see it differently and I’m crazy but the truth is if our young guys take the next step, ie. Bowers, Clayborn, Foster, Baron, David, Stocker and especially JFree then talent wise we can compete with anybody. The one major issue with this team is depth of we lose a dlinemen or a db it will get bad quick but I think we can go out there and play with anyone in the league.

  18. DjoshFreeman Says:

    If free doesn’t step up this year, then absolutely we move on…regardless however his age factors in just like it did for Eli.josh pending health will play at least another 8 years…if the guy gets his head on straight like we have seen before, then we don’t have to worry about a qb for a long time.let the guy move outta the pocket a little and show glimpses of that second year where he shined and everyone Thought this guy would be the next great qb.he would have to do god awful for the bucs to let him go after this season.will easily be the most coveted young player in FA.josh can be THE guy, it’s all about the mental side which some qbs just can never handle.

  19. bucsguy Says:

    @vic 66
    Because he is only 24, he has started full time 3 seasons and in those seasons he’s has had 2 ocs one of which was horrible (olsen) and he has thrown for 68 tds and 49 pics and 11000 yards and until last year he had to deal with dj k2 and his best wr was a young mike Williams who was trying to learn himself. Last year he threw 27 tds 16 pics ( 8 of which came in 2 games) and 4000 yards behind an oline that had 2 opening day starters (one who was playing out of position) by midyear . He gave the bucs the lead 6 times in the 4th qtr and 3 tines with less than 3 minutes to play and they lost all 6 games due to poor Defense/def playcalling, now you don’t think that starts to creep in to his head that he needs to do more because the D can’t hold a lead , you don’t think that leads to him pressing and making some mistakes that he shouldn’t have. I already said it in an earlier post but look at Eli and how long it took him to get over the top the year before his first ring he led the league in pics. I agree that we need to see another step from Free but you guys act Luke we have a 10 yr vet who has been in the offense for his whole career. This guy was 20 when we took him his learning curve was huge when your 20 you don’t even know how to digest info and process it into meaningful data that can be used. He needs to be more consistent definately but how can u see things like the end of the second Carolina game and not just say wow this kid is special, there are only a handful of guys in the world that could make those throws and even less with the balls to pull the trigger on them.

  20. Capt. Tim Says:

    Honestly we aren’t that far. We need a TE, a slot WR, a DT, a Sam backer, and 2 more CBs.

    That isn’t that hard to address.

    But if we trade this years number one, DT will be tough to fill.

    The biggest problem is depth. Only the O-Line has any depth. No other unit has any depth. None.

    And injuries are gonna happen.

    But Revis fills one spot, in the best way!

  21. Pewter_Power Says:

    Finally some one on here who knows what they are saying. I’ve been saying the same thing all offseason. Well said sir!

  22. chris Says:

    Here is what I’d do in the draft:

    1st: Traded for Revis

    2nd: Jarmar Tayler CB Boise State
    – Physical CB that can play man and zone. Can press WRs at the LOS. Another good fit here in Tampa

    3rd: Akeem Spence DT Illinois
    – Talented and strong DT that is good agaINST THE run and has upside as a pass rusher. Good quickness and strenght.

    4th: Quanterrus Smith DE W.Kentucky
    -Add more pass rush threats and depth up front to even more solidify the defense.

    4th via NE: Landry Jones QB Oklahoma
    – Back up to Freeman

    5th: Rick Wagner T Wisconsin
    – Competition and depth to the Tackle spot. Could push Dotson.

    6th: Zac Stacey RB Vanderbilit
    – Small, but stocky RB that is tough between the tackles. Similar to Ahmad Bradshaw

    6th via Phil: Levine Tolio TE Stanford
    – Big TE who can be a redzone threat.

  23. Macabee Says:

    Free Agency

    We have re-signed Wright and are about to sign Darelle Revis. We should wait after the draft to around May 15th to start a 2nd FA following release of players forced out by new draftees. Most of the teams under the cap like Miami and Cleveland have spent out and we should have an advantage to pursue the best available players.


    With no 1st round pick, and having strengthened our secondary, we should focus on strengthening the D-Line. I do not want to move up so I suggest we take the BPA available at 33 – Margus hunt, Cornellius Carradine, or Kawann Short. Otherwise, I would consider either D.J. Hayden, Jonathan Banks, or Khaseem Greene.

    RD2 – DE/DT Margus Hunt
    RD3 – CB/KR/PR Tyrann Mathieu/LSU
    RD4 – OT Brennan Williams/UNC
    RD4 – RB Stephan Taylor/STAN
    RD6 – DE Quanterus Smith/WKTY
    RD6 – DT Nicholas Williams/SAMFD

    1. Margus Hunt has the size, speed, and strength to play inside and out. Get DE and DT with one pick.
    2. Tryrann Mathieu in the slot is a ball hawk, need Barber to mentor
    3. Either Stephan Taylor or Leveon Bell for RB
    4. Brennan Williams great run blocker with nasty disposition, good bloodlines too
    5. Ask USF coach Willie Taggart about Quanterus Smith, hurt now but worth preseason PUP
    6. Nick Williams, small school, rare find

  24. Bobby Says:

    With Revis our defense is IMMENSELY improved. You have to understand what this guy does…he takes away half of the field for opposing QB’s. Watch our sack totals go up. If Erick Wright is doing a half way decent job then our D line is going to have time to get to the QB. It won’t be a 3 step drop and throw the ball to any one of 3 open receivers like it was last year. ‘The Firm’ (Barron & Goldson) will put fear into receivers going across the middle. It’s a whole new ball game now. It’s at least a 10 win season now and probably more like 11-5. That’s the impact this guy will have on our secondary. He’ll make everyone else step their game up because that’s what great players do.

  25. 20b50u54c59s93 Says:

    We still need a tilted nose, another defensive end to back up Te’o’nesheim and a sam linebacker to replace Black. I like Dakoda Watson but to thrust him into a 3 down linebacker is chancin it a bit. Not to mention 2 more corners. and a TE. Sooooooo uhhhh was this worth the cap space and our shot at eifert?

  26. Adam Says:

    “@Adam you must be “deaf, dumb or blind”. Do you really believe last years draft was a disaster?” “So clayborn,bowers,barron,doug martin…those guys are scrubs? Yep Dom did squat with those drafts SMH”


    I believe Barron was a reach – if he’s not Ronnie Lott/Ed Reed, he’s a bust for the draft pick (in a draft where they needed a corner and Mo Claiborne was there for the taking). His number could be duplicated in FA or with a lower pick.

    I think Claiborne had one good year and was injured for another. Hardly “proven.”

    I think Bowers has YET to play a full season. Hardly “proven.”

    I think Doug Martin had a fantastic rookie year… but so did Michael Clayton – and we know how that turned out.

    But I don’t hear EITHER of you humps mentioning Myron Lewis, Bryan Price, Arrelious Benn, trading up for Luke Stocker, extending Michael Clayton, Kyle Moore. favoring Kregg Lumpkin over Cadillac Williams…….?

    Face it: Dominik knows he has to do something NOW. Scott Pioli lost his job and he had 1 more win a slew of Pro Bowlers in his tenure in KC. The writing’s on the wall.

  27. gracelivin Says:

    I think our secondary is stout, especially if Ronde comes back. I believe Johnson will be fine as will Gaither and even Tandy. Ronde is who we really need, he fills two positions either safety or corner and is also a great mentor. WE do need some help on the Dline, the tilt DT is vitale in our D scheme so I think we will look early in the draft to fill that position and also another DE. Offense we may need RB and a possession type receiver; TE or Slot. If we can stay healthy I see us playing deep into January if not February.

  28. Free's A Boob Says:

    What a stupid move The problem isn’t the secondary Look at the rankings of out CBs..especially Johnson The problem is a QB with an IQ of 65 I have a good contact in the Falcons who is giddy over this move to cap hell

  29. Bobby Says:

    @You’s a Boob……

    No….our secondary WAS the problem. Are you forgetting the 4 games we lost on the final seconds of the game because our secondary couldn’t stop Ryan Leaf???!!?? I’m sure you have a contact at the Falcons….yep…course you do… Hey, did I mention that Kobe and I have been hanging out since his injury? No really…

  30. Adam Says:

    @free’s a boob

    There so much factually incorrect stuff in your post, you might have had more credibility if you just said dog’s meow and cats bark.