Harsh Critique Of “Cap Guy” Dominik

April 15th, 2013

TCDominik11Veteran NFL scout Chris Landry, who also works for various media outlets including Yahoo! Sports, joined The Steve Duemig Show on Friday and spent a good chunk of his time passionately criticizing the way the Bucs have handled their offseason and a potential Darrelle Revis trade.

Landy said “there’s never been a better year to fill needs” and the Bucs haven’t gotten the job done in “a buyers’ market.”

Multiple times Landry referred to rockstar general manager Mark Dominik as a “cap” guy (versus a “football guy.”)

Landry said the Bucs should have added all kinds of quality and inexpensive depth, pointing to the limited amount of guaranteed money paid to free agent cornerbacks Antoine Cason, Captain Munnerlyn and Brent Grimes; Landry would have signed all of them, as well as defensive ends Robert Geathers of the Bengals and Michael Bennett. Plus, Landry would have signed Roy Miller — “$650,000 guaranteed [with the Jaguars], are you kidding me?”– and Kevin Vickerson and Sen’Derrick Marks at defensive tackle, as well as new Bucs DT Derek Landri.

The Bucs had plenty of cap room for these “bargains” and their low guaranteed money would have given the Bucs competition at key positions, the freedom to still trade for Revis, and not force their hand in the draft. Landry emphasized many times that cutting any of the aforementioned free agents would have had negligible impact because of their limited guaranteed money.

On the offensive side of the ball, Landry was calling for signing tight end Dustin Keller ($2.25 million guaranteed).

Chris Landry

Regarding Revis, Landry is fundamentally opposed to a Bucs-Jets deal now and blamed its genesis on Team Glazer and Dominik looking to make a splash.

“You don’t make a trade for a player that’s coming off an injury until you see him play,” Landry said on WDAE-AM 620.

“This is coming from upper management. This is coming from ownership. And this is part of the problems, when ownership becomes involved to the point where, and you got a cap guy running the franchise that kind of is like, “Ok, we gotta make a splash.” In other words, you failed if you don’t get this trade done. It’s not your job to do a trade or to make things splashy. It’s your job to do the best job for your team. So whatever it is they need to do to make their team better, that’s what [Dominik] and them need to do.

“I think kind of creating an atmosphere if they don’t get this trade done, by God, they’ve screwed this up. That’s where to me they have screwed it up. Because they’re bidding against themselves.”

There’s plenty more. You can catch the entire interview below.

54 Responses to “Harsh Critique Of “Cap Guy” Dominik”

  1. BrianDorry55 Says:

    He’s completely right.

    This team would have been much better off forgetting about Revis and signing quality depth and competition and all positions of need. We could be going into the draft with the ability to draft the best player available and now we can’t do that. It’s a damn shame.

  2. Vic Says:

    Bucs passed on a load of talent at rock bottom prices. They better make the playoffs

  3. Adam L Says:

    It’s what I’ve been saying for years: Dominik doesn’t know how to evaluate talent. He has no eye for it

  4. Brian Says:

    The depth of this team is going to be of concern for sure

  5. BOb Says:

    Pinch your nose together with your fingers and then repeat after me……….” Well I I I I I I I I I just dont know about this guy dominick” thats chris landry

  6. BOb Says:

    I sware its like im listening to a member of the muppets trying do a radio interview

  7. BOb Says:

    With a stuttering problem

  8. Vic66 Says:

    Could of would of shoud of, you can’t cry over spilt milk. If Domonic was following orders from the Glazers than his hands were tied. If that’s the case as he has laid out, Than LANDRY would have done the same thing, if he wanted to keep his job. If NBC tells Landry to do something , don’t kid yourself, it’s toes on the line.

    I haven’t cared for the tentative moves the the team has made this off season either but we can not fire the Glazers. Old saying about “the golden rule”, “he that has the gold rules”.

    Lets just hope for the best, that’s really all we fans can do except to bitch and vote with our feet.

  9. Macabee Says:

    I’m beginning to wonder. Is this Dominik? Or is Schiano driving this bus? Is this the plan or are we in reactionary mode? These are not rhetorical questions! I honestly don’t know the answers.

  10. Architek Says:

    It’s all valid and deserve attention. Sometimes it’s better to know your weaknesses and as a leader use others strength within the organization. In this case it’s starting to become apparent that everyone is catching on to Dominik and he is somewhat being exposed. There is not need to panic but its valid to question the plan and direction of the team, especially after the past 6 or 7 years.

    I know the Bucs wanted upgrades but depth is a problem now too.

  11. stevek Says:

    Color the picture however you want, but there is the expectation of 2013 playoffs of the Bucs.

    The “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” train has left the station.

    Time to draft and win some football games.

    So long as we make the playoffs, who gives a goot.

    No playoffs, another 5+ game losing streak (3rd year in a row), and a meaningless 16th game (where oppenents lay down to worsten our draft stock) are not welcome.

    “Cap Guy” better be “playoff guy” by the end of the year, or else he and the other 3 Hanson Brothers will be: “Mmmmmmmbopping” all the way across the US.

  12. eastsidebuc Says:

    Pretty much repeating what Shaun Kings said last week. I agree, and at this point in “rocktars” career ITS FREAKING OBVIOUS!!!!!

  13. Tbuc Says:

    All football see it. Dom has no clue. Hopefully Joe will wake up to this and realize Dom is a part of the problem. No playoffs means Dom should be fired.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    So then Dom should just everybody and any that don’t work out in camp get cut. I think Dom wants more young talent and rookie FA’s than retreads and castoffs. I’m not saying all these FA’s are, but many are on the decline. Captain Munnerlyn is the one CB I liked and he’s not great. Let it play out and criticize or not, after the Draft.

  15. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I’m just a Holiday Inn Express GM, and I have been screaming this the entire time. This team is not just a few players away. There were tons of players out there to add depth and at good prices. And, sure, he added a few players, but not nearly enough. He seems to prefer to gamble on Revis and the players he has, even the injury red flags (DE anyone?).

  16. bucfanjeff Says:

    Stick to the draft.

  17. Capt. Tim Says:

    The guy is right. It’s what many of the posters here have been saying.

    The worst part of it is- this team has talent. It could be a playoff team with just a few intelligent moves. We never needed Revis. He is a great talent, but demands more money that any CB is worth. Especially an injured one.

    We needed some good, quality CBs, and depth.

    And in a perfect buyers market- we did nothing!

    The glazers obviously are pushing Dom for some action, yet still he sits on the gold pile- refusing to aquire the few players we need.

    It’s both a shame, and a waste of of the talent that we Do have.

  18. mvermulm Says:

    BigMac, I think you’re absolutely right. Dom is trying to build this team for the next several years, not just for one year. So many players signed one year deals this offseason, and Dom would rather bring in young guys first, and then see where he can fill holes through free agency after the draft. Does everyone forget that Gruden and Allen tried the washed-up veteran approach for years, with little to no success? For all of the complaints I’ve heard about Dom not knowing how to evaluate talent, there sure have been a lot of good draft picks and free agent signings the last couple years.

  19. stevek Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    You are right on, it will be: “both a shame, and a waste of of the talent that we Do have.”

    This will be 100% the case if we miss playoffs by another WIDE margin.

    No playoffs in 2013, then Dominick MUST be shown the door as GM.

  20. stevek Says:


    True, but Dominick is 24-40, and 10 of those wins came in 2010 with zero playoffs.

    I understand the need to have a future with the team, but there is also a need to win and improve. We are not any better than we were in 2010 (by wins and losses).

    Playoffs in 2013 is the expectation, as Dom has done nothing in his tenure but excersie the excuses and apologies for “miscommunications, youngry, big back hunting”..

    Plain and simple, the current plan and production from Dominick and Freeman are unacceptable. Either win, or get out of the way.

  21. Dreambig Says:

    Last year the Bucs took a reasonable step forward, signed what appears to be a great choice for a head coach then they followed that with a great draft and improved to 7-9. I actually agree with Stevek’s take on this; that this is the year for the Bucs to take it to the next level. If they don’t take a significant leap forward and make the playoffs then it’s time to call for Doms head. If Freeman, Bowers, and Clayborne don’t step up big this year, Dom looks pretty bad based on where those guys were drafted and the expectations the team has for those players going into this year. By now the team has enough exposure to make a good judgement on those players, so if they do not produce this year, it’s on management. For now Dom and Schiano should have our full support and let’s hope they know exactly what they are doing!

  22. Biff Barker Says:

    Valid points at Dom being a cap guy. We wouldn’t be in this hole if the Bucs scouted or drafted well.
    Look at this past years draft with three very solid starters in positions of need. What has changed is that Schiano and Davis have an eye for talent. Look at last years housecleaning of failed picks and FA’ as evidence.
    Please Glazer’s, unless Revis comes for a second rounder and 8M a year, run like hell from this deal. Drafting wisely and developing players is the future.

  23. Biff Barker Says:

    Hey it’s no problem having your GM be a cap specialist as long as the he knows how to hire talented personnel people. Dennis Hinkey happens to be an old sphincter buddy of Dom’s though. Hence the problem.

  24. Oldguy Says:

    I, too, am puzzled by Dom’s inaction. There were (maybe some still are) good FA OTs out there. We nees one. Have the money. Why no action? Don’t get it.

  25. BirdDoggers Says:

    Most of this offseason is hinging on the potential Revis trade. Apparently the organization chose to focus their efforts on acquiring one of the best CBs in the business (when healthy). If the trade doesn’t happen, I’m sure Dominik has a contingency plan, which will likely include drafting two corners. I would suspect he’ll spin this as the plan all along. Without Revis, Wright and a rookie corner will be the starters with the possibility of Ronde coming back as the nickel.

  26. Dreambig Says:

    If you remember back to Raheem and Dominics reign, they were quite vocal about building through the draft and not through FA. Last year they deviated and spent a ton of money on three players in FA only to have one of those players make a serious contribution, that wasn’t Nicks fault but when you look at return on investment, you can see Doms reluctance to go crazy again in FA. I think he still believes in primarily a build through the draft philosopy, unless a truly special player is available.

  27. Brett Says:

    Half of these responses are completely ridiculous. The grammar and spelling is horrendous.
    “I sware its like…” Really?

  28. Charlie B Says:

    There’s a reason this guy never made it past scout and had to go into the media.

  29. karl Says:

    Everybody is a Freak’n Gm! Im so sick all these idiots that think they can run a team better than Dom and his staff.Like Schiano had no say in who we get in FA. GO BUCS!!! No matter what we do half the people think they can run a team better.We dont spend enough,we paid to much for this guy or that guy.We should have got this guy in FA not the guy we got,We could have got 2 guys for the price of this one guy.Freak’n endless people who think they can run a team better who will NEVER have or deserve a chance to run an NFL Team.Im sick of all the b&ch’n from these “know it alls”

  30. mvermulm Says:

    I agree that the team needs to continue to improve; however, the Bucs were 6-4 at one point last season before Freeman’s implosion. Dom was handed a team with a coach whom everyone knew was there simply because the Glazers didn’t want to give a coach millions of dollars during a lockout. I firmly believe they are on the right track the last year or two, and just need to continue to build. Veteran, one-year free agents to be stop-gaps are not typically the answer to that, unless the team is only a player or two from a Super Bowl team, which the Bucs are not.

  31. Chrispy0515 Says:

    I agree with Landry in that Dominik is taking a huuuge risk by passing on several qualified and affordable free agents, and it’s almost like he is not very smart or is trying to sabotage his own career by rolling the dice SOLEY with Revis and Goldson. This could very well be his last year as a GM anywhere in the league and he only has himself to blame!

  32. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Another year of empty stands guaranteed. I love it. I’ve been sitting in seats I could only dream of years ago. Of course they are painful to watch but that’s another subject.

  33. Mike M Says:

    Amen. I wish Landry would have given this interview 2 months ago. Unfortunately here we are less than two weeks before the draft pining our hopes to an MRI looking over our shoulder at what could have been in free agency. We have tons of cap room but no football team. I have defended Dom over the past few years but regardless whether its Schiano or the Glazers pulling his strings, I think we go 5-11 and and have a new GM in 2014. His demise will start with an R and end with an s……..

  34. admin Says:


    I agree with Landry in that Dominik is taking a huuuge risk by passing on several qualified and affordable free agents,

    Once again (Joe can’t remember how many times he has typed this), Dominik didn’t think the free agent corners were worth a spit. He has gone on record as saying how the Bucs need to upgrade at corner. He doesn’t try to hide from this.

    But just signing people for the sake of signing people doesn’t always equate to upgrading. If Dominik truly didn’t think (a bad wheeled) Grimes, et al could help him, why should he waste his time, the player’s time and your bosses money? Now Dominik may be wrong as hell, time will tell. Let’s wait until after the June 1 cuts to decide if Dominik was way out to lunch or if he actually had a plan, which Joe’s going to bet he does.

    In Joe’s eyes, unless he was totally conned, getting rid of Roy Miller for peanuts may just come back to bite him in the arse, that is of course unless Joe was conned by Bucs insiders who were terribly thin-skinned to any negative press about Miller.

  35. Snook Says:

    Sounds pretty spot on to me. Dominik is more worried about having cap space next year and the year after and the year after than he’s worried about talent on the team. And that’s fine to plan for the future. But what good is it, if you’re don’t have a job next season?

    You have to win NOW in the NFL. The Falcons turned around their franchise in ONE season back in 2008 and haven’t looked back. The Bucs are still “rebuilding”.

  36. Capt. Tim Says:

    Karl- um, you do know that we finish in last place every year, right.
    When you lose year after year, people get upset.
    And after five horrible years- I believe many people here would do no worse than our current GM

    Rachaelsthong- now that’s one way to find that silver lining! Lol

  37. 76buc76 Says:

    Yes we should have signed more guy’s,Because we have the cap room.However next year V-jax and Nicks make something like 18 Million,as opposed to 1.6 Million this year.Spending all our money might cause us to be 30M over next offseason.Just look at the Jet’s,Cowboy’s and Redskin’s,nobody want to be in that position.The cap minimum is 330M for the next 3 years.So if we spend only 90M this year.We can roll over 30M.If we Signed Revis next offseason we’d have 155M to spend.We could then front load his contract 25M first year then 7M per for the last 3 year’s.

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I disagree with Landry. The talent pool in this years free agency was extremely low in regard to the under 30 players. Especially in the cornerback position.

    So far as TE, anyone notice Dallas Clark has not signed anywhere yet? Without signing him yet, people think they may go TE in the draft, but what if the plan is to resign him post draft, and the two parties have already verbally agreed to this? Smoke and mirrors.

    I believe we are three good players from competing for a superbowl. 2 CBs and a good DT.

    After that the rest is depth and that will come. We can address the 3 spots in the draft, plus LB and backup QB in the 4th.

  39. Capt. Tim Says:

    After 5 years- it’s pretty obvious that Dom doesn’t know a good CB from a brick wall. He drafted Myron Lewis, signed the in talented Eric Wright to a gigantic contract, and passed on Mo Claibourne- who is considered far more talented than any CB in this draft. He continued to relie on the totally unreliable pair of debris brothers- Talibum and retard Jackson.

    Our secondary last year was an abomination. It was by far the worst in the league. It was very nearly the worst in pro football history.

    After 5 years of “rebuilding” it is obvious that Dom can’t get the job done. Time to quit making excuses.

  40. stevek Says:

    In the past two seasons, we have see a 4-2 and 6-4 starts (both with promise and the belief that “we are in the hunt”).

    We all know how the last two seasons went after those starts: 2011- losing 10 straight, and 2012- losing 5 straight (both times erased from playoffs).

    We have shown signs of *almost*. We need to take the *almost* and turn that into *proven talent/production* from Dominick.

    Freeman is the key, no playoffs no more Josh and probably GM too.

    I understand for everyone that is upset, happy, or aloof on the situation of the Bucs’ CB postion. No need to freak out now, let’s wait and see how 2013 plays out.

    If we miss the playoffs, and this team is taking a whooping (week to week), then Freeman and Dominick should be shown the door.

    Freeman needs to put it all together, and Dominick traded up to draft him.

    We should not be rebuilding, still…. 2013 playoffs or Goodbye Mark Dominick, thanks for nothing! (if that is indeed the case).

    (I am also really tired of people stating: “I am so tired of people thinking they are NFL GMs.”- No we are not, and no we don’t. Shut your mouth and be collectively tired as all of us that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t winning enough games. I am most tired of those who are “ok” with the current state of the Bucs. It seems some folks want to stick up to Dominick and the state of the Bucs by saying “I am tired of it…” – Well, I am tired of being the doormat of the NFC South, so win some games or don’t read the comments, because losing is unacceptable.)

  41. GenocideD Says:

    We don’t need injury-riddled Dustin Keller, thank you.

  42. Kaput Says:

    Where are we now, 33.5 million under the cap?

    The Bucs are cheap.

    Landry is right, and anyone with even a passing interest in football AND a non-biased outlook knows it.

  43. stevek Says:


    We are “cheap” if we don’t make it to the 2013 NFL playoffs.

    “saving” should be replaced by “hindering”, as that is what Dom and Glazers do best.

  44. TrueBlue Says:

    What a bunch of Chicken Little’s. Dom’s had one year with his head coach and staff. That year, which the same people were predicting 4 wins or less, was a complete turn around. Worst to first in run defense. An offensive machine for much of the year unlike the franchise has ever seen, even with their best two linemen out for most of the year.

    Injuries to arguably their best two defensive ends. Yes, the pass defense was horrid. But everything can’t always be fixed in a single year. Schiano’s now fool, nor is Dominic. They dumped an inadequate defensive backs coach and will change the scheme. They brought in the best defensive back available on the FA market – an all pro in his prime. They also brought in decent depth at LB, TE, WR, RB and DL.

    Corner back is still a major area of concern of course, but the off season isn’t over yet. There is a possibility of a Revis trade. There is the draft deep in good CB’s, and there will be cuts and movement in more FA’s around the league as the off season continues.

    Stay calm.

  45. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Dom’s had one year with his head coach and staff.”

    So, he did not make a single hire until then? C’mon man. He didn’t hire Jagz, Greg Olson and the rest? You can’t tell me the Glazers forced every single hire. This is not Dom’s 2nd year here, no matter how its spun.

    “They dumped an inadequate defensive backs coach”

    Who hired said inadequate coach?

  46. stevek Says:

    True Blue,

    “Stay Calm!”

    Even if we go 16-0 this year, that puts Mark Dominick’s record at a .500 winning clip.

    We are staying calm, but playoffs are the expectation.

    No playoffs: mutiny on the ship!

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    Karl, I agree with you, and the others here keeping the faith. I really don’t see Dom as the problem. I believe he is growing and improving in his job. I also think Schiano is much more heavily involved in personnel decisions now than he was one year ago.

    I don’t think it’s that bad, and half of you whiny spoiled brats don’t go to the games whether they’re winning or losing. Most of you could qualify as a nagging wife in half the homes in town. Please go back to your Soap Operas and get dinner started while you’re at it.

    We may not get everybody or everything we want, but guess what? We’re going to get a few good players, and when the great teams like the 49’rs with tons of picks, make their cuts later, we’re going to get a few more.

    As stated above, Chucky got booted for signing old FA’s and not drafting for $h!t. Do we really want to go back to that? I’m all for Revis, but I hate to see them give up so many picks. Either way, I’ll take it.

    This whole thing still goes back to Josh Freeman. If he sucks again, we’re doomed or else this defense has to be top 10 all the way. That may just do it, holding teams to 16 ppg may get us there. This is why Dom and Schaino are thinking all defense, because that may just carry you, if your lucky.

    Forget about Eifert and Austin or even and OT early in the Draft. This is all about defense because we are stuck with Josh for one more year.

  48. stevek Says:

    Big Mac Attack,

    It is on Freeman, and so is Dom’s job.

    After all, Dominick traded up to draft him some Freeman, so here we go again.

    I agree, negativity is not forgone conclusion yet, but if the playoffs aren’t reached in 2013 then it is ALL ON DOMINICK. Dom chose to “save” (hinder our playoff chances) 33.5 million, or roughly 28% of the salary cap.

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    Stevek, you need to read up on the cap a little more and where the Bucs really are. When you figure it out, please share with Landry. he also needs a lesson. They don’t have as much as you think. Dom did draft Freeman and he was following his HC’s lead on the pick, which most GM’s do consult their coaches first, not Jerrah though. I believe it was the Glazers that made the Raheem hire, which was late and filling out his staff was tough, and mistakes were made.

    You can say Dom’s job is on the line, but you really have no Clue either way. The only ones that know that is the Glazers. They are pretty fond of Dominick. I agree the Bucs need to make the playoffs, but they also need to stay healthy to do it. Injuries have plagued this team since 2003′ and also helped cost Chucky his job. Quality depth is important and I think Dom and Schiano will address this.

    I don’t know about Josh, but if he can put it all together this season, the Bucs will be hard to beat, defense or not. I am quietly optimistic that he will find the consistency he has lacked.

  50. Camby Says:

    Yeah I’m pretty much done with how Marque Domoneek thinks, as his hunches and feelings havent amounted to squat. Whether or not he thought there was some superstar out there in FA, the facts are he basically whiffed on it by being the 1 guy to really overspend on someone (Golston) like the guy who calls out “$100!’ at an auction when nobody else was even going to spend $50. And maybe there isn’t a Julius Peppers out there, but what was out there was better than nothing, which is what he’s done. To let Bennett go was understandable, to let Roy Miller go and create yet another hole in this team that will have to be filled by the draft is insane. And yet he wants to trade half his draft to the Jets for a crippled guy who will be available at half the asking price next season (with no trade compensation either)

    This guy is a joke. If he was in my fantasy football league, we’d make sure he paid up front and laugh as we took his $

  51. TrueBlue Says:

    “So, he did not make a single hire until then? C’mon man. He didn’t hire Jagz, Greg Olson and the rest? You can’t tell me the Glazers forced every single hire.”

    Dom had Morris forced on him. No team, no coaching staff, succeeds without leadership from the head coach on the practice field and in games. Dom gets a pass for the Morris debacle.

    Look, he’s not been perfect. But all rookies have a learning curve. Now he’s at a point where it’s fair to expect production. Last season was encouraging. Especially when you consider the injuries on both lines and lack of quality in defensive backs. His last couple of drafts have brought in some quality starters. He’s also brought in some top tier FA’s that are starters. Good things are happening.

    It’s just not time to call for his head. This team was far better than anyone thought it would be last year. The high estimates were 7 and 9. And it’s easy to point out the failure in pass defense while ignoring the shutdown run defense and dynamic offense for most of the year. But neither was Dom alone. That was the result of Dom hiring Schiano, and Schiano bringing some leadership to the field.

  52. stevek Says:


    Dominick gets ZERO pass for Raheem Morris.

    If anything, it is PROVING that Raheem Morris “gets a pass” for working with Dominick.

    Raheem delivered 10 wins in 2010, which stands for 40% of Dominick era wins.

    Raheem was banished to the Redskins, and what do you know? The Redskins beat us at home in 2012, and they wond the NFC East.

    “It is looking more and more like Raheem was *forced* to work with Dominick.”.

    Dominick needs to do more than just keep the salary cap pretty. Playoffs in 2013, or BE GONE!

  53. stevek Says:

    Big Mac Attack,

    Nice excuses, see you at the finish line in 2013… Playoffs or Dominick is gone.

    Other teams BEAST thru the regular season, overcoming injuries, all of the time.

    The Ravens last year: Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis both missed a lot of time. They still found a way to get it done.

    “Injuries since 2003”- Draft better, bring in more FA’s, lord knows we have the cap room to make a change.

    BigMacAttack says: “You can say Dom’s job is on the line, but you really have no Clue either way. The only ones that know that is the Glazers. They are pretty fond of Dominick”
    — I have “Zero” clue, but I can count. Dominick’s 5th campaign as Bucs’ GM is going to commence this year. It doesn’t take 5 years to rebuild, just ask the: Bruce Allen, Raheem Morris, and EJ Biggers- Redskins.

    If it doesn’t happen now (33.5 million in the bank, and 4 years with zero playoffs), then I doubt Mark Dominick and Josh Freeman will ever take the Bucs to the playoffs.

    2013 is a “show me” year. We are all prepared to suffer thru another Dominick contract term if he continues to not deliver?

    It is embarrrasing to watch us play like we did in 2011, after a 4-2 start. EMBARRASING! Dominick “had to” soign Albert Haynesworth, that trash got to wear a Buc uniform! (I guess that is on Raheem too.)

  54. Joe Says:


    “It is looking more and more like Raheem was *forced* to work with Dominick.”.

    They were forced to work with each other. Dominik did not hire Morris, but he did fire him.