D.J. Ware Best Remembered For QB Miscue

April 4th, 2013

The D.J. Ware Era with the Bucs is largely forgettable by Joe because, well, can you think of a significant play he made?

Actually for Joe, the most memorable thing Ware did was something that Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman didn’t do, and that was throw the ball away.

Joe can’t even remember the opponent, it may have been New Orleans or Atlanta but it was a home game, and Freeman was back to pass and had time to throw. Freeman looked for his first option, looked for his second option and then his third before he checked down to Ware.

Problem was, Ware was covered like stink on feces by a linebacker, as Ware was a good four yards behind the line of scrimmage blocking for Freeman.

Instead of Freeman just tossing the ball away and/or throwing at Ware’s feet, Freeman throws right to Ware (who was equally to blame for catching the ball). Ware grabbed Freeman’s desperate pass and was immediately hauled to the ground for a four-yard loss.

Joe, watching this with his binoculars was aghast and silently asked, ‘What are you doing?’

Despite every crazy throw Freeman makes that has your jaw drop because it is so good, there are aforementioned plays Freeman creates that makes Bucs fans pull their hair out at night.

And sadly, it is a Freeman hiccup by which Joe will remember Ware.

7 Responses to “D.J. Ware Best Remembered For QB Miscue”

  1. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I truly hope that #5 gets better. His inconsistency is very frustrating. DJ Ware is only there because of Sully.

  2. Mike J Says:

    I remmeber Ware for that crucial drop late in the season on a play that would have picked up a vital 1st down. I forget who it was against.

  3. Westcoastbucsfans Says:

    How is the deflection into the air not the most memorable play for Ware? Freeman throws it to Ware, who is probably eight yards away, as hard as he possibly can and Ware deflects it straight up into the air where it was picked off. (Not sure if it was returned for a td).

    I never understood all the talk about The Dougernaut being an “every down back” yet Ware was almost exclusively in on third down. This frustrated the hell out of me all season. Reminds me of when they used to pull Blount off the field, it basically told the defense a pass was coming. (or a non-threat HB might run).

  4. Stevek Says:


    Good reference, but the Freeman scud off his grill on Dallas takes the cake lol. Not even Ware’s fault, but wrong face, wrong time.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    It will be interesting to see of Leonard will have a bigger role in the offense than Ware or Blount did.

  6. Paul Says:

    The best was when the ball hit him in the facemask and defender got the int.

  7. guns4roses Says:

    The play westcoastbucsfan and Paul are referring to was against the Cowboys. That’s also my most memorable DJ Ware moment, but again the INT was #5’s fault.