Bucs May Have Top Pick Down To Three Names

April 15th, 2013

Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune believes Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert is on the Bucs’ radar at No. 13.

Bucs beat writer Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune had a sit down last night with WFLA-TV’s Dan Lucas to discuss the prospects of the Darrelle Revis trade and the upcoming NFL draft.

Cummings dropped all sorts of good nuggets and this is the second exerpt of the sitdown.

Cummings, per his research, believes the Bucs may have narrowed their choice of a No. 13 pick, if the Bucs still have that pick, down to three possible players. That would be Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson and Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert.

Cummings noted that unless the Bucs trade up, there is little to no chance Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner or Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes will be available, so a cornerback pick at No. 13 is out because other corners would be too much of a reach.

Cummings noted that Eifert at No. 13 “may be a bit rich, he’s more of a No. 18, 19, 20 pick. But the Bucs have shown if they like a guy they will go get him and right now the Bucs’ strongest asset is the offense and what a dynamic addition he would make for the Bucs at tight end.”

Let’s just say Joe would not be sickened by either of these moves, Lotulelei, Richardson or Eifert.

48 Responses to “Bucs May Have Top Pick Down To Three Names”

  1. Meh Says:

    Eifert is fine at 13 this year. Not a very top heavy draft. I’d be shocked if Star falls to us, but personally I think he’s the best pick we could possibly make at 13 if he’s there. I like all 3 names floated here, but Star is the best of those 3 by far. Richardson is a bit of a weird fit at nose, but I think he’d work well and bring a ton of pass rush.

  2. Curmudgeon Says:

    I’d be thrilled with any of them, because it means the Bucs were not stupid enough to trade their #1 for Revis.

  3. stevek Says:

    The 3 names on my list to pick at #13:

    1. Ezekiel Ansah
    2. Lane Johnson
    3. Tavon Austion.

    The 3 mentioned in this piece:
    1. heart conditions
    2. Notre Dame -overrated
    3. Sheldon Richardson- decent pick up.

    Would we be better served with grabbing the BPA or trading down? I hope we don’t “reeeeeeacccccch” for a player.

  4. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I would be very happy with any of these guys. One question though, does anybody know how good Eifert’s blocking skills are? If he was even just above average at blocking then, with his receiving ability, he could be a major asset to the offense. Dallas Clark was a pretty good pass catcher but didn’t offer much in the run game. If I remember correctly he didn’t see the field much because of this so when he did play he was a liability and kind of telegraphed that a pass was coming. Eifert would make it much harder on a defense to predict what is coming. I think I might prefer Eifert over Austin. (Depending on his blocking skills).

    With all of that said, I would still take one of the DTs instead.

  5. RCS Says:

    So if the Bucs reach for a TE at 13 its fine. But of they get the best playmaker who would add to ST too (talking Austin) then all hell should break loose?

    What am I missing ?

  6. Andrew 2 Says:

    Star wont be there and neither will Milliner or they would both be no brainers.

    The pick is Rhodes or Eifert guys. Im telling ya.

    A wild card would be Austin, but after signing 3 FA WRs it is very clear they don’t want to draft one. We have too many needs. We will be fine with the WRs we have if we get a good TE early( first 3 rounds)

  7. SirustheVirus Says:

    Lies Lies Lies!!! No CB no TE!! Both better to get in 2nd and 3rd round. Austin,Richardson,Jones or S.Williams.

  8. Andrew 2 Says:

    RCS the fact is we have two great WRs, one making a ton of money…the other about to get an extension…and after them there is a lot of talent on the roster in Ogletree, Underwood, Smith, Page and Owusu…3 of those 5 making the roster would give us a very good WR core. I believe our WR core will be

    1. Jackson
    2. Williams
    3. Page(slot duty only)
    4. Ogletree
    5. Underwood/Smith/Owusu(whomever wins the spot)

    I do disagree with Joe that all hell will break loose though. Its just we’ve signed so many WRs and not addressed other positions. We need to address the other positions in the draft. CB, TE, DE, DT

  9. James Buc Says:

    As much as i like Richardson or Star being the pick, I havea funny feeling is not going to be one of the three mentioned.

  10. James Buc Says:

    As much as i like Richardson or Star being the pick, I havea funny feeling is not going to be one of the three mentioned.

  11. DC Says:

    I could deff see Sheldon Richardson @ 13….with such a beastly front 4, you dont need elite corner’s. Picking up a CB in Round 2 (or trading up end of Rd 1) to get Johnathan Banks from Miss St. would leave us with Eric Wright, Leonard Johnson, J Banks, and Barber as our top 4 corners. Not great, but deff better than last year.

    Maybe another pick up in FA after the draft to get a VET in to compete with these guys and were in decent shape.

    Having Goldson come in will allow Barron to do what he does best (which is roam the middle) instead of playing way deep like last year. This alone will help our our corners tremendously. Excited for Draft day!!!

  12. Gus Says:

    Am I missing something with all this Tavon Austin hype. He is t even the number one receiver in this draft. Yeah the guy is talented and fast but one of the biggest troubles with our offense was red zone scoring. One I the biggest assets of this offense was the big explosive play. We had one of the most explosive offenses in the league. Add another explosive guy would be a plus but it would not help in the red zone where we need it most. If we need a guy to play special teams I would much rather have the Honey Badger who would be a returner(need) and cornerback(double need)

  13. Gus Says:

    That should say isn’t. I’ve seen few(http://walterfootball.com/draft2013WR.php) have Tennessee wide receiver Patterson as the best in the draft. So we draft a guy to play slot when he will be sitting on the bench during running plays(the dude is a liability in the run game if he isn’t getting the ball.). For my money it’s in this order Star(though the heart issue concerns me) Eifert, or Richardson.

  14. Gus Says:

    @sirusthevirus you are right that this is a deep draft at both corner and tight end, but where I disagree is we will not have an opportunity to draft the best corner. So why don’t we draft the best TE seeing how that is our second need. Get the best at that particular position.

  15. BrianDorry55 Says:

    More senseless, unfounded predictions.

    The past two seasons there were confirmed meetings with Adrian Clayborn and Mark Barron by this point in April…

    So far the Bucs have met with 6 possible first round prospects…

    Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
    Dion Jordan, DE/LB, Oregon
    Margus Hunt, DE, SMU (would have to trade back)
    Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma
    DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama

    Doesn’t mean more names won’t surface…but the visits suggest that the Bucs are looking at DT and TE prospects in Rounds 2-4, not in the 1st…and that the Bucs are looking at first round prospects at the CB, DE, and OT positions.

    If the draft was today, my bet is that Desmond Trufant would be the pick…which would not be a reach because he’s better than Rhodes and better than Gilmore and Kirkpatrick from last years draft who went in the 9-20 range.

  16. RCS Says:

    Yes Gus your missing plenty with Austin. Your talking about a player that is a mis match hell for Defenses. You can’t cover him with a LB or Safety you have to try and cover him with your best CB which would take a teams top CB off of Jsckson or Williams.
    Yes the offense had good plays last year but itbwas far from one of the top explosive. Ive never heard the the top teams in the NFL settle for having 1 or 2 weapons on an offense. You add Austin with Jsckson, Willaims, and Martin (and hopefully a TE) you tell me what is a defense going to do?

    One way too make up for a suspect Defense is keep the chains moving Austin can do that. I havent even got to his abilities on KR and PR…

    The draft is deep at CB…. and many have Austin as the first WR off the board so his status as the best WR is debatable

  17. Ruggyup Says:

    I can only trust the Bucs’ Security detail is doing all their homework on any Richardson IQ and emotional issues. By now Rockstar and Schiano should be solid in their draft plan and I’m comfortable believing that plan is none of my friggn business until draft day.

  18. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Some scouts have gone back and reviewed more tape on Star Lotulelei and have concluded that he may be over-rated to be in the upper half of the 1st round.

    I agree with stevek on all his 1st round choices except Tavon Austin. In his place I would rather have Sheldon Richardson. But if Xavier Rhodes is still available I would select him first.

    And for those of you who think picking Rhodes is a reach, How can it be a reach if they believe he will be gone before the 13th pick?

  19. bucsguy Says:

    I been telling u guys its star or a trade down with st Louis and taking the ND te

  20. SirustheVirus Says:


    What would be your grades for the top TE in this years draft? in the 90’s? He’d have to be that high for you to take him with the 13th pick. 83 T.Eifert E,82,Z.Ertz and 79 Escobar is what the NFL has them graded at. With guys like Austin(91) who fill losts of positions of need #2 or #3 RB/Returner/Slot Reciever. That doesn’t sound like a guy that just sits on the bench. Even Richardson(90) and Jones(88) would help this team more in the first than a TE seeing as we can get one in the 2nd that isn’t far off from the best TE. Now grades are overrated, but I feel those 3 players would impact the team more with an Escobar in the 2nd then taking Eifert in the 1st.

  21. Que589 Says:

    Austin or Richardson should be the pick

  22. raphael Says:

    I agree with Woody 100 %….he nailed it .

  23. Que589 Says:

    Dominik will trade up to get his guy. I’m getting a feeling that will be Milliner or Jordan

  24. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    They better have more than 3 names, this draft is more unpredictable than most others and theres a real chance those 3 players could be gone. Nobody knows how this draft will unfold.

  25. Gusjackson Says:

    How does Austin help with the offenses biggest troubles: the red zone and Freeman’s tendency for inaccuracy. Remember that 1st and goal on the 1 yard line against NO. Four tries, FOUR TRIES! and we couldn’t punch it in. With Eifert it would give us a third guy to throw it up to and he will come down with it. Eifert is probably closer to a 87 by your rating of everyone else. Austin is explosive and would be a huge asset to the team but slot receiver, not a big need, running back, not a big need, special team return man, big need but again we can solve that problem with Tyrann Mathieu and he would feel another big need, cornerback. I am all for getting a DLinemen but I am not 100 percent sold on Austin. I would much rather get a guy would make us unpredictable in the way our offense is right now(without changing much of the playbook)

  26. stevek Says:

    @ Gus Jackson,

    1st down at the 1 yard line:

    Take Freeman out, let Austin take the snap. Does he take himself (hiding behind our Pro Bowl OGs, or does he hand it to Martin.

    Problem solved, take Freeman off the field.

    You mention “how could we draft Austin” followed up with, “because of Freeman’s inaccuracies…” Don’t worry, we can draft Austin, and then come back and draft a QB that can THROW CONSISTENTLY. Good thing we do have more than just one draft selection.

  27. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I disagree I think the offense biggest trouble is all the 3 and outs which Austin would absolutely help with.
    Everyone keeps saying how the TE isnt a big part of our offense… so if thats the case the samethings can be said for Eifert that you are saying about Austin. Austin is the more complete player and more of a game changer.

  28. morgan1672 Says:

    There are several scenarios I would like to see in this years draft.

    1 scenario- Try to trade up to the top 5 position. Give up 2013 1st, 3rd and next years 4th for either CB Dee Milliner or DT Sharrif Floyd. 2nd round draft CB DJ Haden or DT Kwann Short depending on which player you choose in the first. Package your first 4th round pick and our 5th round pick to trade back into the 3rd round – select CB Ryan Logan or TE Gavin Escobar. If we choose Logan in the 3rd, use the other 4th rounder to select TE Jordan Reed. And our 6th round pick select OT Ricky Wagner or DE Quanterus Smith.

    2nd scenario – Select Tavon Austin at 13. See above scenario. Do not select a TE in this years draft and sign TE DC Jefferies from Rutgers as a undrafted free agent. Here is why I believe Tavon Austin is worth the 13th pick. He would fill 2 maybe 3 rolls on the team. Starting slot WR, KR and our 3rd RB. This guy is electric. He is Wes Welker and DeSean Jackson with a aplash of Percy Harvin and without the attitude. Best offensive player in the draft. Our TE is our 3rd receiver but I would change my offensive to get this guy 4-6 catches and 4-5 pitches/hand offs a game. Or the last scenario

    3 scenario – Trade out of the 13th pick back to 20th position. Pick up extra picks and select DT Sylvester Williams, TE Tyler Eifert or DJ Fluker.

    Most draft experts are stating that picks 15 thru 50 are about the same grade. Trade back and get as many picks from 15 to 50 to fill our positions of need.

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Round 1, Pick 13 (13)
    CB Johnathan Banks

    Round 2, Pick 11 (43)
    DT Sylvester Williams (was coached by Butch Davis)

    Round 3, Pick 11 (73)
    – CB Darius Slay

    Round 4, Pick 15 (112)
    OLB Chase Thomas

    Round 4, Pick 29 (126) (From Patriots)
    QB Landry Jones

    Round 5, Pick 14 (147)
    DE Lavar Edwards

    Round 6, Pick 13 (181)
    FB Lonnie Pryor

    Round 6, Pick 28 (196) (From Broncos through Eagles)
    TE Ryan Otten

  30. Gus Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t be upset with the Tavon pick. I just think in a run first offense a TE would be a bigger and better impact than a third wideout. Austin in a more spread out offense would be absolutely leathal. We just don’t have a spread out offense. I would be really interested in the play calling if we do select him. My vote is still for Eifert

  31. SteveBucsFan Says:

    I would give the combination of Schiano and Dominick an A for there first offseason together. I say give them a chance. I’m sure there will be surprises.

  32. Mike J Says:

    Meh, my thoughts exactly–Richardson (or Floyd),you wind up with 2 three-techniques at DT?!? There are several good pure NTs who will be available later in the draft. Lotulelei isn’t actually as good a prospect as everyone thinks baesd on college productivity, but the top of this draft, everyone has problems. Eifert I am getting to like more & more; a very safe yet desirable player.Could step in and start for 12 years.

  33. Pete 422 Says:

    I’d love a top DT to compliment GMC at #13.

  34. Capt. Tim Says:

    Tavon Austin is his years Trent Richardson. A slightly above average player- who we don’t need in any way, shape or form- who some have embraced as the savior of the franchise.

    We won’t sign a player to sit on the bench. We are boring, and never play 3 WRs – even in a pass oriented league. We have two WRs that have better measurables- and are established in the league. We have enough average players sitting around.

    A DT, DE, or left Tackle are always good choices with a top 15 pick. CB is an obvious need, but this draft has a ton of good CBs. Not one exceptional. Not even Milner. Tyler Eifert would be a great pick. He is an exceptional talent- and would fill one of many gaping holes in the lineup.

    We have no TE worthy of starting. We need one. Clarke is done. Can’t block. Stocker is yet another bust. Freeman needs a good TE

  35. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Tavon Austin is his years Trent Richardson. A slightly above average player- who we don’t need in any way, shape or form- who some have embraced as the savior of the franchise.


    I assure you nobody will read any further past that first moronic statement.. 🙂

  36. stevek Says:

    Austin is a stellar prospect at his postion, as was Trent Richardson last year.

    I see the likeness in comparison.

    I bet 3 WRs would fit right in our game plan. After all, Doug Martin can catch the sh!t out of it and he can pass block.

    Let the team “compete” for an “H-Back” to fill the 11th slot.

    5 OL
    3 WR
    1?? (best matchup possible: Crabtree to block, Lorig, Leonard, another future draftee?

    Good point Tim, and “moronic” response, @SilencetheLambs…

    Tavon Austin is the truth, he would change the game for us. He is a great receiver, can eat up space, take the top off the defense, and be a returner.

  37. stevek Says:

    Just because the kid is 5’8” and from West Virginia is no reason to avoid picking him, as BPA could be anyone.

    Jerry Rice was a d2 player, as was John Kuhn, Jahri Evans, Brent Grimes… etc…

    It should not be determined by: “where you are from”, but rather: “can you play”….

    Drafting is like picking your team in gym class, some people get suckered into taking “friends” (reaching for particular postions/ excluding outside of the box talent), and others draft for “war”.

    Winning is everything in this league, why create a further gap in talent with the rest of the NFL, simply to settle on “position of need”. Shame on that sheeeeeeeit.

  38. Andrew 2 Says:

    I saw Austin as a viable pick up until a week ago. I do think Austin will be a very good player in the league. I don’t hate him.

    We have signed 3 FA WRs…clearly we have addressed the position already and do not need to do anymore at this point in time. Why don’t you let Page, Ogletree and Smith compete. Im sure our WR core will be above average with the guys already on our roster, whichever 5 make the final.

    Same cannot be said about CB and TE, and Eifert is guaranteed to be there. Rhodes first, if he’s gone take Eifert. Simple as that.

    Eifert is a bigger upgrade over what we have at TE, than Austin will be over what we have at WR. We have no starting TE, we have 3 or 4 guys who could adequately fill the slot role, one of them will. Go look up Eric Page.

  39. Tampa2 Says:

    Stevek – Jesus christ my man. You’re wasting your time constantly pining for a dude WE ARE NOT GOING TO DRAFT. We get it, you <3 Tavon Austin. Holy Cow.

  40. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Agreed. Not to mention he gives us something this offense is seriously lacking. A guy who can put 6 on the board from anywhere on the field… To say he is a guy “we dont need in any shape way or form” is absolutely moronic. And thats being nice.

  41. stevek Says:


    Austin is better than Eifert.

    The value on a 2nd/3rd/4th round is leaps and bounds better than WR.

    Austin is a rare talent.

    There is no reason not to pick him. He makes us better, period. Our offense finds a new gear with his addtion. Our special teams is enhanced, and Austin can even come out of the backfield. He is dynamic and the fastest player in the draft.

    Imagine Devin Hester meets Percy Harvin. He is a rare talent, and will absolutely chew up yaradage.

    We are a scarier team with Austin than with Eifert. Their are about 3 other TEs worth a look: Vance McDonald, Travis Kelcie, Gavin Escobar, UCLA kid, etc…

    Eifert is explosive, but Austin is more so.

  42. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Stevek – Jesus christ my man. You’re wasting your time constantly pining for a dude WE ARE NOT GOING TO DRAFT. We get it, you <3 Tavon Austin. Holy Cow.

    Are your sources inside 1BP telling you this? Or Dom himself? I'm sure you must have a plausible reason for spewing your opinion as fact.

  43. Pirate Phil Says:

    If those three are really the choices then we need to trade back in the draft so we acquire more draft picks. Only star might be taken higher then 13 and eifert is probably a second rounder. I would rather go best available then him

  44. BOb Says:

    everybody here is so smart………until draft day that is

  45. Andrew 2 Says:

    Some of you Austin supporters are being unrealistic.

    Austin would make this team better, almost every player in the first round would make this team better.The fact is there are much bigger needs,

    If you guys don’t see that a stud TE like Eifert would improve our team as much as or more than Austin.

    We just have addressed the WR position in FA. I understand some of you may not like the WRs on the rosted after the first 2. I assure you they were signed for a reason.

    We cannot move forward with the TEs or CBs we have, we can move forward with the WRs we have.

    You guys need to stop trying to be right, and try and see what others are saying for a minute.

  46. stevek Says:

    @ Silence,

    Just want the Bucsl to take BPA.

    I would hate to see the Bucs grab a TE, only because our QB couldn’t throw to a smaller guy.

    We will see who is the “better” player. My money is on the guy that can:WR, KR,PR, and some RB.

  47. stevek Says:


    Free Agency is the time to wheel, deal, and fill “needs”.

    The draft is for taking the best possible player with your pick. If you pick based on need, then all off the other teams only get better by drafting BPA.

    Watch the Steelers draft, or the Ravens. They have it figured out.

    Fill your needs in free agency, why force yourself to draft a lesser talent?

  48. Tampa2 Says:

    Silence – Are you a betting man? Because if you’d like to put some mulah on the line I will gladly take that all day. The Buccaneers are not drafting Tavon Austin.