Answering The Tight End Question

April 25th, 2013

Sandwiched in between Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey breaking his leg during the 2007 season and Martellus Bennett having a strong year with Big Blue last year, the Giants won a couple of Super Bowls without much of a focus at the tight end position — on the field or financially.

The Bucs offense under Mike Sullivan has a load of similarities to the Giants’, and right now the Bucs have ditched surehanded veteran Dallas Clark in favor of Luke Stocker and Tom Crabtree, unproven guys with 46 catches combined over five total years in the NFL.

So legions of Bucs fans are wondering whether in the hours-away NFL Draft whether the Bucs will invest in a tight end or let Stocker and Crabtree prove themselves.

Joe’s unsure what the Bucs will and should do.

If the Bucs aren’t going to use the tight end much, and plan to run the ball more with a healthy Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph, then why invest in a tight end? In that scenario, why not let Stocker have a defining year in this his third season?

On the other hand, a dangerous tight end would complete the offense. But Josh Freeman certainly already has more toys than most, and the Bucs were the ninth-ranked offense in the NFL last season.

The more Joe thinks about it, the more Joe wouldn’t mind having Clark back.

22 Responses to “Answering The Tight End Question”

  1. Meh Says:

    First three picks: DT, TE, CB

  2. stevek Says:

    Draft the Best TE/WR available, when the time comes.

    Either one of those receiving threats will greatly imrpove our team.

    I’d love to see Stocker come out and do something this year, he did cost us 2 picks.

  3. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Id imagine the Bucs have scenarios set up for what seems like a pretty good crop of TEs this year. Dominick has really proven himself to be a wheeling and dealing, shifty GM who doesnt give away his hand easily. Like Ronde, Clark’s fate will be revealed after the draft

  4. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Travis Kelce in the late 2nd or 3rd. Do it Dom

  5. Brandon Says:

    Please quit asking for Dallas Clark to come back. He wasn’t very good last season. That pick 6 against Carolina was about 75% his fault (waiting for the ball instead of attacking it) as well as another INT. He doesn’t have the athleticism anymore and he could never block. I’d be happier with Stocker and Crabtree.

  6. PRBucFan Says:



  7. chris bell Says:

    Dominick has been stating he wants to add rare talent. EIFERT is the most polished TE in draft he’s 6’6 a big target Freeman could use and he would open things up and take attention off vjax and mike williams and definitely help freeman out on 3 and short TEs are QBs best friend. We are the only NFC south team w/o a elite TE. Atl-Gonzalez NO-Graham Car-Olsen Bucs-?????? 4-7 round picks who haven’t met the standard. We are in a TE era

  8. GenocideD Says:

    chris, there’s no way we’re trading up into the top ten/fifteen for Eifert and who says Olsen is an “elite” TE. He’s no where in the same class as Gonzalez or Graham.
    My wish:

  9. knucknbuc Says:

    I’ll pass on clark dude was slow as hell last year and stocker sucks. TE is a need Joe don’t let anyone tell you different.

  10. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Eifert is will require a lot to get into a position to draft him. Lots of interest from a lot of places. If he slides, that is another story.

    As much as Clark isnt the long term answer for the Bucs, who right now is our DT opposite McCoy AND our starting SAM LB? Many more positions of need than one where we actually have depth.

  11. Jason A Says:

    I agree with Chris!! We need an elite TE and would kill for Eifert to be on the team!! The man is a stud and could put this offense over the edge. If it doesn’t work out I wouldn’t mind the kid from Cincinnati, but TE is def a need along with CB, DT, RT (Wagner from Wisconsin, I think that’s his name) and LB but I think we can wait til next draft to get a LB

  12. Theodore Says:

    I think of all the great TEs in recent years and the the rings they have, I can’t help but think TE is a priority.

    Gonzales, Gates, Graham, Gronk – all champions.

    We’re talking FFL, right?

  13. KMAC1322 Says:

    Joe, every great QB has a really good TE!! We need that check down guy who can man handle D-backs and who are quick enough to shake LBs. This draft probably has the most NFL ready TE’s that I have ever seen in a draft, we need to scoop one up to help out Freeman.

  14. andres Says:

    All good points here. I think Ertz would be a better choice than Effiert, his hands are just as good but Ertz is a better run blocker. Would love to see Ertz sealing for The Dougie then catching a few TD’s!

  15. robert Says:


    any idea how fast Stocker is? 40 time?

    I ask because on PS3 clark is rated MUCH fater…and he’s like aturtle out there.

    Stocker seem to have the size and tools if given the chance

  16. Yar Says:

    Stocker and Crabtree will do fine Stocker can catch. The Bucs don’t use the TE for pass catching much. They need Swope in the third round for speed down the middle in the slot and speed in general, they don’t have much now.

  17. robert Says:

    I looked it up. he’s about the same a Gronk. 1″ shorter and 10lbs lighter.

    Graham has em beat in the 40 by like .15

    does not seem like much. Why not let Stocker have his shot?

  18. FlBoy84 Says:

    The Bucs currently have 6 TE’s on the roster. Don’t forget Schiano’s & Dominik’s recent reiterations that besides drafting & signing new FA players, they also have to develop the players they already have on the roster. Maybe they feel they’ve already got a couple of talented TE’s that just need more developing. See CB, DT, OT, and QB & LB as bigger area of need.

  19. robert Says:

    2 CB orDT or DE – BPA
    3 same
    4 same

    CB, DT & DE are dire needs and will be the 1st 3 picks

    Next I suspect LB, OT & then who knows late in the draft…BPA/project

  20. Oldguy Says:

    DT first. Got to improve that pass rush and we have a big hole there. I don’t see any argument against that.

  21. MadMax Says:

    Freeman is no Manning.

  22. MadMax Says:

    In other words, Freeman needs that TE….see the 2010 season