Upheaval With Bad Offseason?

March 6th, 2013


Yes, Joe would love — love — for the Bucs to finally win their first postseason game in over a decade come January 2014.

A good offseason could do the trick, of course.

A couple of solid decisions in free agency and the draft, and the Bucs, who were in a playoff chase at the dawn of Thanksgiving (even with the most wretched pass defense Joe has ever laid eyes on), should push themselves into the postseason. Last year’s toe-stubbing with a 6-4 record also happened without a healthy defensive front, which weakened the team’s ability to breathe on a quarterback, plus a battered offensive line.

It would seem the Bucs are on the verge of making the playoffs. But Tom Jones of the Tampa Bay Times suggests the Bucs are also on the verge of something else, a bloodletting at One Buc Palace.

Jones minces no words claiming Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik’s head could be on a platter if the team’s offseason moves in the next six weeks prove fruitless.

Mark Dominik’s job is at stake

No one needs a good offseason, and thus a good 2013, more than Dominik. If there’s a line forming at the chopping block, Dominik is first. Despite solid draft picks (Freeman, Gerald McCoy, Mike Williams, Mark Barron, Doug Martin and Lavonte David) and shrewd free-agent spending last year (Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks), Dominik is judged by wins and losses and playoff appearances.

Bottom line: the Bucs are 24-40 since Dominik has been GM.

But here’s the thing: I’m not sure who is making the call these days over at One Buc Place, Dominik or Schiano? It’s hard to imagine that Schiano doesn’t have his fingerprints on everything the Bucs do. In fact, he might have a complete grip on the Bucs’ future, determining who stays and who goes.

Joe firmly believes Dominik’s job is not in jeopardy. Generally, general managers are allowed two head coaching hires to turn things around. Greg Schiano is Dominik’s first.

No, Dominik didn’t hire Raheem Morris. How is Joe so sure? Well, in the summer of 2009, Dominik was interviewed on SiriusXM NFL Radio on “Movin’ the Chains,” co-hosted by Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan. Dominik was asked what his impressions were when he learned Chucky and Bruce Almighty were jettisoned on a Friday night. Dominik — Joe is paraphrasing here — gasped audibly and said, oh, I thought I was gone!

So let’s think about this. When Dominik heard his boss, Bruce Almighty, and the Bucs head coach, Chucky, were launched, he thought he was part of the purge, and in roughly 16 hours he goes out and hires a coach? Really?

Look, Joe knows Bryan Glazer stated last year that he and his brother “trust” Dominik because they have had a working relationship for quite a few years.

The Bucs are on the cusp of a postseason berth. Joe firmly believes that. So unless Dominik goes out and hires a bunch of Eric Wright and Myron Lewis clones, and the Bucs get worse or go 4-12 or something like that, Joe just cannot see a purge on the horizon.

25 Responses to “Upheaval With Bad Offseason?”

  1. You Go Joe Says:

    I do say that if Schiano fails he will be out, now is Schiano close to failing HELL NO!

    This has been a complete overhaul since the Raheem dark times and if improvements and progress keeps kicking in we will in playoffs this season or next.

  2. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    If #5 fails this year…The Rock Star gets kicked-off stage & boo’ed…..BUT…we KNOW…Freeman will NEVER be successful b/c his EYEBALLS are too big!!!!!!! The DB’s can see where he’s throwing the ball b/c of his GIANT EYEBALLS. …..o_O

  3. T in Orlando Says:

    If Dominick is let go, which I don’t think he should be, he’s leaving the team in much better shape then when he got it, with the likeliest biggest need being QB; Dominick would not be let go if Freeman has a good season.

    There will be a solid core of talent on the Defense, the OLine will be in good shape (barring injuries across the board), and skill positions (except maybe TE and backup RB) will be set. Oh, and the way he’s structured salaries, they will not be in cap trouble (may not have $30+ mil again, but shouldn’t be in dire straights either).

    This should not be a playoffs or bust season for Dominick, and assuming there’s not a repeat of the 2011 season in 2013, this regime should have at least two more years to make it to the playoffs.

  4. Bucfan Says:

    If Dom is let go we know we have a good GM prospect within the organization in Eric Stukes. Guy is very knowledgable and played a huge part in scouting talent the Seahawks have added over te years.

  5. Brad Says:

    @joe., no one has to think about it but you. Your a complete moron if you don’t think Dominik is on the hottest of seats. What is your deal? It makes zero sense to back this guy and not want a better GM . His failures far outweigh his successes! And he’s the moron that sighed Wright to that ridiculous contract and drafted the piece of crap Lewis (I think). Isn’t it amazing his best draft is when Schiano is hired. He weakened our secondary last year even more by trading Talib too soon. And he gets 0 credit for signing Nicks and Jackson. That’s all Glazers. He must provide u with something for you to continue to back this loser.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Tom Jones is most annoying.

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    @Brad I think your hatred of Dominick is clouding your assessment. Yes the Glazers get the credit for giving the Ok to spend the money but Dominick executed HIS plan perfectly and surprised all buc fans. Conversely the Glazers, also get credit for being absentee owners and letting Allen and Chucky destroy our team. Not mention the time period they closed their check books while they dealt with Manchester United’s financial turmoil. Your hatred should be directed at Allen and Gruden for destroying this team. Oh and that Talib trade, Dominick committed HIGHWAY robbery! Kudos Dominick for stealing a 4th round pick from the cheater. Talib is unreliable and will prove this out when busted (AGAIN) for some knuckle head move int he next few years.

    I can’t wait to hear “Over the outstretched arms of Talib” from another teams broadcasters.

    I for the life of me can’t understand all the negativity surrounding the Bucs from so called Fans. I guess it makes for good banter but I see last year nothing but progress and thought dominick and schiano worked well TOGETHER yes the control freak has significant input. I truly believe Schiano is smart enough to realize no one man can do it all and it’s in his best interest to work well with dominick.

  8. Dave Says:

    Every expert out there talks about what a great job Dominick is doing and what a great job he has done with the draft and salaries.

    Has not panned out in the win yet, but it is about to. He did not push hard for Raheem not Freeman, so he kind of gets a slight pass there.

    Unfortunately for him, he wins go as Freeman goes.. mostly.

    I do not see him goig anywhere for 2-3 years. Basically I think that is how long they give him with Schiano.

    Seems fair to me. The haters will scream otherwise, but they have to see the Bucs are about 4-6 player additions from being in the playoff hunt for a long time

  9. Curmudgeon Says:

    It would take a total bust of a season for Dominik to be gone after 2013. And really, why all this planning for failure talk? Things are looking up. We saw a different team last year and there’s no reason to expect anything but improvement again this year. Personally, I feel pretty confident that Dominik and Schiano will be here for years to come, with playoff appearances and victories on the horizon.

  10. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Brad

    Critique Dominick for mistakes if you’d like, but you must also acknowledge his successes. How can you blame Dominick for Wright, then not give him credit for Nicks and Jackson? That’s one of the most ignorant things I’ve seen posted on these comments (and there have been plenty).

    Here’s a tally of hits and misses:


    Miller (if Lewis is a miss for a 3rd rounder, Miller is a hit as a 3rd rounder)
    Winslow (say what you will he was quite productive for 3 years)
    Schiano (Morris was not Dom’s hire)

    Significantly more hits than misses (and jury is still out on Freeman of course, and this will be the last chance for Benn), and in his biggest miss of an FA signing, Wright, he at least shrewdly protected the team in the event of what happened, to dump without penalty, so under some other GMs, that may have been worse.

    If you want to give Schiano credit for the players drafted last year, fine, but then you must credit Dom for bringing in Shciano.

    Point is, based his acquisition track record, Dominick should clearly not be on the hot seat. You would have a better argument about Wins and Losses, however my counter would be the 1st three years was not his coach (but at least the W/L record is a stronger argument for a hot seat).

  11. Dave Says:


    He gets no credt for Nicks and Jackson in your mind but all the credit for Wright and Talib (someone he did not draft)?????????

    WOW. See it how you want I guess.

    The problem is you guys think there should be NO misses in the draft and Free Agency.
    The reality is Dom has a GREAT track record so far.

    Most teams MISS on 1 of every 3 draft picks an most Free Agents are being let go for a reason

  12. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Dom is not responsible for hiring nice guy but worst head coach ever Morris.

    He is responsible, in significant part, for idiotic moves that set the franchiseback: Leftwich, Ward, Hands of Stone Clayton, Jane Black (get well soon), Nugent, Crowell, make Jermaine Phillips Derrick Brook’s replacement, and some poor drafts until Schiano took over personnel veto power last year.

    Dom has tons of responsibility for 24-40 and 4th, 3rd, 4th and 4th in our 4 team division.

    However, he is little more than a scout who assists Schiano with contracts and cap related issues today. Dom understands contracts, the cap and CBA well. What happens on the field during the Schiano era rests almost entirely with Schiano. In that role, Dom is serviceable.

  13. J 2.0 Says:

    @ Jerry AGREED!

    Those two bozo’s in the morning are trying to be shock jocks and write articles to provoke the fans. Why does the media around here hate our teams? Look at the 2009 roster. Seriously look at it. Expansion teams have had more to work with. Schiano’s change of culture is finally making Dom’s picks the players they were supposed to be. Dominik has done a great job and neither he nor Schiano should be on the hot seat this offseason. Especially since I feel, if FA and the draft go as I think they will, the Bucs will be in the playoffs. Let’s go Bucs.

  14. Hyperryd Says:

    You have to remember that the first three years he worked on getting the players that Raheem wanted. Raheem wanted fast & strong, but he didn’t have a great focus on the players he needed, because I honestly don’t think he knew what he needed. I also think Dominick was on the learning curve those first couple of years on the draft and free agency. He also didn’t have any money for FA from the owners, which in hindsight was probably good bad long term decisions weren’t made by a green GM. The difference now is he has a coach who knows exactly what he wants in his players so now Dom can focus on finding that guy. Last year was a great example. Schiano was too busy trying to find a coaching staff to have major input in the draft, but he knew what he wanted in talent and Dom did a great job of aquiring them with the money that our owners finally let him spend. Then our coach went out and acutally coached them. Go figure.
    I think Dom has learned a lot and has gotten considerably better as a GM. If you look at our talent and our Cap, both are pretty impressive. Now that we have a real coach, a crafty GM and owners who will now spend (especially since Manchester United made big money this year), we have a chance to really put together some good football years.
    I think Freeman will do fine. He is maturing and can throw with the best of them. I know I was a different person at 25 than I was at 21 and I still didn’t know sh!t at 25. Give us a solid Defense and I think we will be just fine with Josh. Hell we used to go to the playoffs every year with quarterbacks 10 times worse than Freeman!! But, somebody give Josh a Michael Vick tinte visor so nobody can see where he is looking, not to mention he would look scarey with his size and a tinted visor.

    Go Bucs!!

  15. T in Orlando Says:


    Valid points with the previous misses, and how the on field results pan out rest with Schiano.

    I basically agree with your assessment of scout and cap guy, however I think it’s a little over simplified. I think Dominick and his Personnel staff are good at going out and getting the types of players the coaches ask for. The problem with Morris was, he was not able to clearly convey what he was looking for and/or his plan to piece that talent together was questionable at best.

    With Schiano; being one of the most structured/detailed coaches in the NFL; this is not a problem and Dominick and the Personnel team are better equipped to find what the coaches are looking for. Perhaps Dominick knew this when he hired Schiano, and knew that would be a great compliment to his own strengths.

  16. T in Orlando Says:

    Well siad Hyperryd

  17. Dave Says:

    For those that think Dom does so bad you need to take a look at Belicheats drafts the last 8 years. Count up the misses and hits.

    He is considered to have done very well, but as you will see, the whole thing is a crapshoot where batting .300 is consdered great.

  18. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I would not call Mark a Rockstar, but I think he has done a great job lately.
    One more draft like last years, and I think Tampa will be in the playoffs soon.

  19. thomas 2.2 Says:

    It is a tough, tough call on Josh.

    Some may remember that I was against drafting Josh, but in 2009-10 he made me into a big supporter of his. Now I am totally uncertain and on the fence.

    Josh is very talented, very inconcistent and totally unpredictable. I think that he has not improved.

  20. Tbuc Says:

    Bucs are going into year 5 of rebuilding with Dom. How long do we give him until the rebuilding is over? We all know Joe loves the Pop Star, but in reality he’s a losing GM.

  21. JonBuc Says:

    Make or break year for both Freeman and Dominik. I truly hope they both succeed.

  22. Capt. Tim Says:

    The Glazers have proven that they are all about winning, bottom line.
    They seemed to like both Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden also,but if you don’t produce- you get canned. NFL is tough.

    I think Dom has to have a winning season this year. Don’t think it has to be the playoffs- but gotta show signs of revolving into that” lasting contender” he spoke of when he took the job

    I think he has done quite a bit to improve the starting talent on this team. He really had nothing to start with. Nothing!

    But it bothers me that, in year five- we still are putting entire units on the field, that are so far below NFL standard( secondary, omitting only the great Ronde).

    And Team Depth is still a huge concern across the board. He has do threat with some late round picks- put of missed on high round/mod round picks, that should be the quality depth.

    Still, unless he just totally blows it on the secondary picks( it seems to be his Achilles heel!)- think this year we start to become a power in the NFC south.

    But a key injury in the D-line, O-line, or WR- we could crash to the bottom again. And yeah- I think it would get Dom fired.

    There are about 10 players, whose lose would be almost insurmountable. Think Dom will be whispering a lil prayer every time they are on the field

  23. Capt. Tim Says:

    Dang phong phone! He has “Done great” with . Not “do Threat” sorry guys.

  24. Joc Says:

    Schino is now Making mist draft decisions. With Dom until Greg rolled In you got one starter a draft. Google his drafts and tell men he has done well.

  25. BrianDorry55 Says:

    If Dom lets Bennett walk…and signs some bum like Sean Smith for $10 million, and we miss the playoffs…Dom and Schiano will be gone next year. Chalk it up.