Understanding LeGarrette Blount’s Value

March 11th, 2013
Photo by Michael Hamm

Photo by Michael Hamm

Former Bucs running back and Florida Gators great Earnest Graham is a huge LeGarrette Blount supporter but understands why the Bucs would want to trade him, as has been rumored.

In Graham’s mind, the Bucs and the rest of the NFL know Blount is a true No. 1 running back capable of a Pro Bowl-caliber season, so the Bucs know Blount could return strong value in a trade.

Graham explained that Blount is not an ideal complementary back to Doug Martin during an interview with host Steve Isbitts on 98.7 FM yesterday.

“LeGarrette’s talent is undeniable. I think LeGarrette in the right system is a 1,500-yard back, I just really do,” Graham said. “I think the guy is impressive. I played alongside him. I played fullback for him. I saw him day in and day out. I think he just needs to be part of a system. You know, LeGarrette’s a back that needs to be heavily involved. He’s not a back that’s, ‘Hey, you get here and you play a couple of spurts.’ He’s a guy that feeds on getting carry after carry and the game becomes really simple for him. You know, I think definitely the Bucs understand his value. They understand his value might be greater to another team. If you turn on that film [from 2010], it’s undeniable the level of football LeGarrette is capable of playing.”

Graham went on to say if he were rockstar general manager Mark Dominik, he would not be interested in any veteran free agent running backs to replace Blount if he is traded. Graham said he’s confident the Bucs could find a true No. 2 running back late in the 2013 draft or an undrafted player.

Joe gets that Blount could return a third or fourth-round pick on the trade market, which would be too juicy to pass up. But Joe also knows the Bucs have been constructed to run the football — a lot.

Blount may be second-rate in spot duty, as Graham suggested, but Blount remains fantastic insurance if Doug Martin were to be out injured for a full game or more.

19 Responses to “Understanding LeGarrette Blount’s Value”

  1. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Dude is getting paid less than a 2nd round tender would. For that low a price on insurance for Peakaboo Martin, Dominik hit one out of the park. To get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him would be great as well. Either way, win-win.

  2. Terraj Says:

    Joe, any news on this story of Eric Wright challenging the voiding of his contract? Read something about it on PFT saying tomorrow there will be a ruling. Im gonna be sick to my stomach if this piece of trash gets his way.

  3. dave Says:

    4th or higher? DO IT

  4. passenger 27 Says:

    Still think blount finds his way to st.louis to relace steven jackson…agree with graham on replacing blount in the draft a sixth rounder on Ray graham or lonnie pryor shud get the job done

  5. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Terraj,

    I think Wright is just doing everything he can to save himself the $7.5 mil, and not because he’s right or wrong, he knows he won’t ever see that money, from the Bucs or any other team, if this contract is voidable. He has the right to petition this as part of the CBA, and he should, just on the off chance somewhere on the contract someone didn’t cross the right “t” or do the right “i”.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    You know Jeff Fisher needs a RB in St Louis. He knows Blount, but he probably isn’t interested for a reason…just sayin’.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Also must say, slick move by the Bucs, the whole Blount thing. Especially since no guaranteed money in his contract. They can cut him without cap harm – which could be their plan all along. In the interim, they’ll see if they can get a draft pick.

    Gotta hand to Dom. I know some don’t like him, but I think he get’s better every year. Now the coaches just need to produce with the talent they’re getting.

  8. FlBoy84 Says:

    @ T in Orlando,
    Hate to agree with you, but you’re absolutely Wright.

  9. Capt. Tim Says:

    Doug Martin played fantastic last year.
    Blount played fantastic in his season as a starter.

    I worry about Martin. He is a lil dude. Blount is a tank
    I don’t know why we didn’t use Blount more. He is an incredible runner, and fun to watch. Blount sat, and the uninspiring D.j. Ware always managed to come up short on 3rd down.

    The more I watch, the more I’m liking Shiano. Not figuring out how to use Blount was the one thing I didn’t like.

    The guy beats defenses to death

  10. FlBoy84 Says:

    With the glut of FA CB’s on the market and the less than stellar year Wright had, he’s trying to save every penny of that overpriced contract Dominik gave him. It’s never a good sign when a GM gushes during the presser that he’s been trying to sign Wright for two years and finally got “his guy”. Translated that means “I overpaid and have massive player wood”. Hopefully that condition can be cured on Tuesday.

  11. BadNewsBucs Says:

    This would have been a whole lot easier if Dom did this prior to the 2012 season, when Blount was coming off a solid yet limited 2011 season and probably had a bit more value before this staff choose to stymie him this past season. How much could you expect in return for 41 carries and 100 something yards, this staff was just as bad as the last in implementing such a talented runner and then we turn around to end up gifting DJ Ware a role in our offense, coming out of NY where he was passed up for a rookie, and even then Gilbride didn’t even use Ware in his offense the way Sullivan tried to

  12. FlBoy84 Says:

    Like the guy, but just don’t see Blount as the complete package that Martin is, unlike a lot of others posters out there. Definitely agree he’s a poor fit as a part-time back, as he seems to need multiple carries to get into a rhythm. Seems obvious the team didn’t trust him as a 3rd down back either, which there is definitely a reason for whether others want to admit it or not. If the team can move him for a solid pick or as a combo with a pick for a player, it’d probably be best for both parties. A guy like Chris Ivory would be a great compliment to Martin, with the added power he brings but also the ability to pass protect and catch the ball out of the backfield. I’m sure the team could find a similar RB coming out in the draft. Maybe a guy like Taylor, Jamison, Franklin or Michael might fit the bill.

  13. Jacko101 Says:

    I’m not mad at him for trying to keep 7.5m, however from a fan standpoint it sucks and I hope he loses. (Selfish me huh) I still wouldn’t mind keeping him just for about 4 1/5 million instead

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    The way Schiano used Blount reminded me of Gruden with Alstott. Waste of talent!

  15. TrueBlue Says:

    @Capt Tim. Martin is not little. He’s just short. The guy’s a cannon ball.

  16. Capt. Tim Says:

    TrueBlue- he is really stocky- and really pumped up. Just looks so little in the huddle.

    I really love to watch the guy. Just hope he can survive the pounding

  17. 1976Buc Says:

    Hmmm. If this guy is that good, according to Ernest Graham….wonder what kind of deal we could get for Martin? Oh God….here we go again lol.
    As I raise my glass in a toast….”Confusion to the enemy”! 🙂

  18. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    Blount can’t block & will get #5 killed!!!!!! When he’s in the game, EVERYONE knows we are running the ball

  19. 1976Buc Says:

    Blount will continue to improve. #5 survived Blounts rookie year and with the help of Ernest Byner I can’t imagine that he isn’t better today than he was his rookie year. Jusy my opinion.