Trading For Darrelle Revis Not That Simple

March 21st, 2013

Though Greg Schiano wouldn’t even say his name, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the topic du jour was Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis during his breakfast with the fourth estate  yesterday in Arizona.

Though Schiano confessed he couldn’t even speak Revis’ name without fear of being busted for tampering, Schiano cautioned Bucs fans who can’t sleep at night pining for Revis that there are many things to consider, not just how great of a football player Revis is, writes Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

“Well, if it does or doesn’t, I can’t comment on guys under contract with another team,” Schiano said. “I think anything we can do to help improve our football team, we’re going to do. That’s not just as simple as, ‘This player is a good player and let’s get him.’ … There’s short-term thinking, there’s long-term thinking, the grand plan of things.”

Revis is expected to get an average annual salary of $12 million-$13 million from the Buccaneers in a long-term deal if a trade can be consummated, according to sources.

“When you’re dealing with a salary cap, you not only have to plan for a year or two, but you have to plan for four or five years down the road,” Schiano said. “We have a lot of quality young players in our programs that eventually we’re going to want to re-sign, so we have to make sure that we plan prudently.”

Schiano raises a valid point. Sure, the Bucs would love to have Revis. But Josh Freeman’s contract is up after the 2013 season. What happens if he blows up? And if he blows up, logically, that means Mike Williams will have a good year, and he and the Bucs are already talking a new contract.

Then, just around the corner, Gerald McCoy’s contract is up.

Those three contracts can easily eat up tens of millions of dollars.

Life would be so simple if Freeman would play like a mid-first round pick, huh?

Also, Mehta writes he has learned that Revis would be OK signing a long-term contract if the Bucs are his suitor, which could cost some $12 million annually.

31 Responses to “Trading For Darrelle Revis Not That Simple”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    We should still sign Grimes to a team friendly deal, 2-3 years, which puts more pressure on the Jets. It doesn’t mean we wouldn’t trade for Revis, but it lets the Jets know we’re probably moving on and at the very least, any PREMIUM deal (picks) for Revis is probably off the table.

    We’re still going to draft a CB with the 1st pick…everyone knows it.
    I actuallyl think you’ll see CB\DL picks in the first 3 rounds.

  2. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So, he wants a new contract and raise AFTER he blows out his knee. What happens if he has a great season?

  3. Steven Says:

    Joe, McCoy is already earning 10+ million/year.

    I don’t see him getting a big raise when he gets a new contract. So that argument is invalid in my opinion.

    However, as you said, Mike will definitely get a new contract and earn much more than now (right now less than 1m/yr).

  4. Architek Says:

    Lets just move past this, it doesn’t make sense financially. Lets go get Grimes and another vet; draft CBs and move on jeez this is just becoming a joke.

  5. Vern4499 Says:

    @oil Derrick Brroks,

    The Bucs won’t trade for him unless he signs a new contract. Won’t trade for a one year rental. If they do trade and get him, 12-13 million is definitely better than the 16 million that was being reported.

  6. flmike Says:

    All the pieces are in place, if the Jets could only get out of their own way this deal would have been done, Idzik and Johnson want him gone, but they are way over valuing him, they’re looking for a deal like Dallas got from Minn for Walker, that ain’t gonna happen.

  7. lightningbuc Says:

    Sounds to me like the Bucs maybe haven’t pursued Revis as much as all the media thinks they have. Maybe the Jets haven’t been “jerking around” Dominik after all.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    @flmike, you’re right and if the Jets hold to that, Revis will be somewhere else next year and they get nothing but compensatory picks, if that. The Bucs are the only team, most likely, with the cap space to pull off this deal and everyone knows it.

    It’s time for us to move on and deal with Revis later, if at all.

  9. Mavsmoney Says:

    I’m starting to wonder if the jets and bucs already have a deal in place and are just keeping it a secret until draft day. That way they won’t be pigeon-holed in the draft.

  10. Jacko101 Says:

    There is obviously a plan I’ll patiently wait and watch it unfold, I can say this now if we are counting on the Draft we will have another losing season. Our schedule is not easy this year.
    ATL (twice)

  11. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    I am not worried about the new contract. What I am worried about is the NEXT inevitable demand for even more $ and a possible holdout.

    It seems like just about every season, before and after his last contract, he has been complaining about $ and holding out. This year is not close to being the first time he has been wanting a raise.

    So, if he has a history of doing this, and is doing it now, after blowing out his knee, what makes anyone think he won’t do it again after a season or so?

    Also, when you have one guy demanding top dollar all the time, what happens to the rest of the roster? Does anyone expect the other guys to not want their fair share too?

    Where does all the $ come from, when you are trying to pay a (supposed) top level QB, a top level guard, a top level OT……

    To me, he is bad for the overall health of the team. Zebras don’t change their stripes.

  12. 4everBucsFan Says:

    I got it! Since Revis is going to get QB money we’ll trade Freeman away and let Revis manage the offense also. 12-13 mil for damaged goods. This is preposterous, and down-right criminal for a corner to want QB money after he sustained an injury that in latter days would have cost him his career. Nothing but a money grab. He better be better than SUPERMAN in my opinion because I won’t accept anything less. What will probably happen is he will be kept out of camp and on opening day will have a medical relapse and be put on injured reserve indefinitely. Let’s move on. Unless I got proof that Revis is as good as new I would walk away from this potential time bomb before I regret it. Nothing worse than buyers remorse.

  13. Vern4499 Says:

    @oil Derrick Brooks,

    I see where you are coming from. He held out his rookie year and then one more time when he was the best CB in the game. By football standards he probably deserved more money. With how our CB’s are looking right this minute it might be worth worrying about that at some point down the road.

  14. Jacko101 Says:

    @4everbuc You just completely made up a scenario in your head lol. Calm down let the professionals handle the professional stuff and be ready to do your job and cheer your team On.

  15. Jacko101 Says:


  16. thegregwitul Says:

    $12 million is fine for Revis. He’s the best corner in the game, I’m confident he’ll return to form after his injury and the Tampa secondary was garbage last season, so he would fill a huge need. I have faith a trade will be consummated, possibly right before or during the draft, and Dominik and co. will work out contract terms to allow for flexibility when it comes time to resign Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and Gerald McCoy.

    I’m not as sold on Grimes, however. His injury was more significant, especially when you factor in his age. If he can be had on a one or two year deal, I’d be happy rolling the dice and still acquiring Revis, but one has to think that if this scenario plays out, our 1st round pick this year will be in play.

  17. Phenom4 Says:

    Wow…Thanks for telling us something we don’t already know. Isnt there anything else to write about other than Revis because you have beaten this topic to death. We all know that “the trade” is at a stalemate so regurgitating that same stuff over and over again is really getting played out.

    And why is everybody so in love with the thought of signing Grimes?? The guy blew his Achilles but that’s ok and Revis’s torn ACL is a bigger deal?? Id rather have the best CB in the league coming back for an ACL than a mediocre CB coming back from a Achilles. The draft hasn’t even happened yet and Im sure theres rookie CBs that will be better than a busted old undrafted Grimes

  18. Matthew Says:

    The thing people keep forgetting with signing Revis is the Bucs don’t have to pay him “12mil per” for every year of his contract thus limiting their options down the road. They can front load his contract in annual salary or bonus money while we have the space to spare. Give him maybe 15 or 16 in the first year or two of his deal then you have him making 7 to 9 million in the later parts of his deal. This gives the Bucs cap flexability, protects them in case he ages poorly, and still gives Revis the “12 mill per avg” he’s looking for over the course of the contract. It’s not easy but I don’t think it’s as difficult as it’s being sold either.

  19. Sneedy16 Says:

    If his contract would hinder things in the future, they wouldn’t try to get him. They’ve been good at keep the salary cap space manageable.

  20. Dylan Says:

    @joe not holding you to this or anything, but what do you think is there chances looking like of revis suiting up in pewert next year? Just curious on your opinion. I think it’s like a solid 60% chance. And I think IF he gets traded it’s 90% chance it will be the bucs.

  21. Snook Says:

    $12 million a year? For a CB? When no other CBs are making HALF that?

    You people are NUTS.

  22. Bobby Says:

    Dominick is trying to save face but the guy is desperate which may be a sign that ownership is desperate. We are going in year 5 of the “rebuild” and we have one winning season to show for it. The fan base has dwindled and now big money is being thrown around to compensate for the disastrous years of Dominicks drafts. Let’s view it from this angle, how good is Brent Grimes if he’s still sitting on the market and the Bucs can take their sweet time toying him along? NFL players want one thing and that is assurance as to where there next paycheck is coming from. NFL players also have big egos, which again, how long do you think Grimes is going to sit there and play second fiddle if other teams are after him? Dominick is trying to play the top dog for his bosses but like Raheem, his true ability is becoming more and more clear. The guy is still wet behind the ears when it comes to being a GM and I believe Schiano knows this and has expressed this.

  23. Matthew Says:

    Snook if you are going to call people nuts at least have “accurate facts”. There are several guys making more then “half that” as you claimed.

    2013 Base Salaries for Top paid CBs
    1 Champ Bailey at
    2 Cortland Finnegan at
    3 Charles Tillman at
    4 Eric Wright at

    Revis is better on a bad day then every guy on this list (not champ in his prime but how he is currently), he’s in his prime so he commands the top dollar salary. That’s just the name of the game in NFL free agency very rarely does a Top player or 2nd best player (for those who like the Seattle CB) at his position become available. Thus, he’s gonna make more then the current group.

  24. Adam Says:

    As with any of Dominik’s picks, I don’t think “blowing up” is a huge concern.

  25. Vern4499 Says:


    Thank you sir!!!!

  26. Bucs4life Says:


    Be honest with yourself AND your readers: you’re obviously anti-Freeman and only waiting for the opportunity to pile on Freeman after one bad outing in the first quarter of next season. It’s unfortunate, but you’re one of the most influential voices in shaping fan opinion. Take a formal stance and let it be known you don’t really believe in Freeman. You keep leaving yourself an out, but reading between the lines let’s us know you’re a skeptic.

    *You’re constantly referring to his “toys” (a make shift offensive line for most of the 2012 season, a running game that was anything but consistent, no true starting caliber TE, and no reliable slot receiver). VJax is a stud, as is Mike Will. Doug Martin obviously helped too, but he had a few chunky performances that skewed his numbers significantly and his successes are generally linked to the vertical game opening up the running lanes.

  27. Havingfitz Says:

    Ugh…..Wright is the 4th highest paid CB? That is a bit nauseating.

  28. BIG SIR Says:

    Can’t be too obsessed with future cap space because if your team keeps losing and missing the playoffs, coaches and front office personnel won’t be around to spend it or worry about resigning our players.

  29. 76buc76 Says:

    The Buc’s have false cap room.V-jax and Nick’s make under a million this year.But next year they are back to over 10M.So ya we have the money to pay Reevis this year but what about next year?For how much power and money these GM’s have.It’s amazing how they don’t even consider the following season.Signing Revis mean’s Freeman is gonzo next year.We’ll be lucky to have enough money to sign William’s.I don’t like this situation at all.With all our holes to fill we have only address the FS position.I’d rather have Cullen Jenkin’s,DRC and Sean Smith for the same price as Revis.We need a slot receiver,TE,RT,LB,DT,DE and corner’s.I hope Dom know’s what he is doing.If we miss the playoff’s he’ll be fired.

  30. Greig Says:

    @ Matthew

    You can’t front load a contract with MEvis because as soon as the big money early years are done he suddenly forgets he got extra cash in the past and starts his usual I’m not loved, pay me garbage.
    2 years is a long term deal with this diva, it was the same with his uncle too.

    This trade will be the worst move the Bucs could make in regards toolong term planning,it will be a cap killer.

  31. Matthew Says:


    I disagree. The merits of whether Revis will complain again are speculation; but the possibility of him “complaining” are negated by the cap number being much lower thus allowing the bucs to trade him if need be. This will be his last “big contract” he won’t have any leverage once he hits 30, ie after he gets his front loaded years. Open market Revis at 30 will not command 8mil per year and he knows this. It’s very easy for Dominik and Co to structure the deal to prevent any of his Diva antics; ie how they had the provisions to allow them to void Eric Wrights terrible contract. The point I was making however, is we can sign Revis and front load the contract while we have space, thus leaving us flexible in the future if it doesn’t pan out.