Mark Dominik Speaks

March 21st, 2013

Yesterday, Joe brought you two nuggets (here and here) of Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik’s interview on “Movin’ the Chains,” with co-hosts Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Below is the rest of the interview.

Tim Ryan: We welcome to the program, the general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mark Dominik, how are you doing?

Pat Kirwan: Hello my friend. You are coming in to the winter meetings with draft picks and a lot of cap space, you land a big-name free agent safety, these are good times.

Mark Dominik: It was a hectic situation, and hectic time to get Dashon Goldson into our building for his first visit but it was even better when we got him locked for five years. We felt like he was the best defensive back in free agency. Obviously that is an area we want to improve on in terms of talent. So therefore he was a guy we targeted and we were hopeful [San Francisco] wouldn’t tag him and when they didn’t, we went after him and we made some other good moves. I like some of the young players we just picked up and we are still talking to clubs and still talking to agents as well.

Ryan: The back end of your defense, the corner population, no question as your young pass rushers get healthy and play more consistent, we all link the coverage to the rush but you have to get some guys behind them. Talk about the secondary.

Dominik: I think it is an important position and that’s why we talked about Goldson. I think he and [Mark] Barron back there will be a good combination. Hopefully, they will make the receivers think twice about coming across, but on the outside perimeters we have to continue to address. We liked the way Leonard Johnson stepped up towards the end of the year but also, Greg and I talk about improving the competition and we are not opposed to starting young players or drafting corners and put them in there and play, but we know we need to continue to upgrade the competition level at that position. There is no doubt about that, it’s no secret to anybody. We are still talking with some free agents and we are looking at the draft and any opportunity we can improve there we will take a shot.

Kirwan: No names required, you won’t name them anyway and I don’t need them but your assessment so far on the draft and the cornerback position. Good draft, bad draft, deep, quality players?

Dominik: No, I think it’s good. There are quality players all the way through it. There are players I think at cornerback that is consistently – it’s not quite the cornerback draft where as you get closer they start skyrocketing up the board. But certainly I have been involved in drafts where there were eight corners taken in the first round. I am not surprised that some of these guys have continued to move up. They have had good combines, a good senior bowl. Those guys I am not surprised that they continue to move up the board so I see a solid three or four rounds of good players and some back end guys that have some speed to them, some height-weight speed. And maybe small schools guys that may get pushed up, so I think it is a solid draft.

Kirwan: This is my estimation, it wouldn’t be fair for anyone else, I could be totally wrong here but for our listeners, if I was forced to come up with an answer there are probably four or five first-round corners and there are probably four or five second-round corners. There are some guys there I really like. So, in the first two rounds we could see 10 corners [selected] and all 10 of those guys, there would be an expectation to play those guys, almost right away.

Dominik: Yeah, regardless of what team you are, whether you are Tampa and need a lot of corner help and continue to add to what we have or you could be the Pittsburgh Steelers or whoever it is if you take a corner in the first couple of rounds, you expect him to come in and have an impact. The thing is, we are fortunate in Tampa with Coach Schiano, and who we have in the secondary with Tony Oden and Jeff Hafley are secondary coaches, they are not afraid to play a young guy. That’s a great thing.

Ryan: What about your first three picks last year and the impact those cats had, the Dougernaut, as I like to call him, and Mark Barron on the back end and a guy I think has such a huge future, Lavonte David. You hit it hard with all three of those guys. Job well done.

Dominik: That was a great draft class for us, Coach Schiano’s first class. And it was a lot of fun because we moved around a lot. As you guys know we moved back to take Mark Barron, moved up to take Doug Martin, moved up to take Lavonte David so we were kind of fluid and you have to love that. That’s the fun thing of the draft, massage it to get the players that you want. All three of those guys make a really good impact. Barron I thought played well at the end of the season. He kind of lost it in the middle of the season in terms of having a big impact. He made plays and had production but even in the last game of the season he deflects a ball from Tony Gonzales and it helped us beat the Atlanta Falcons with his play. I was excited for how he finished the season. It was a long year for all of those players. They go through all the training and the combine. Doug obviously speaks for himself. To be a rookie and to make the Pro Bowl, that is exciting. Lavonte, you know, was one of the most productive rookies and most productive players in the NFL from a defensive standpoint.

Kirwan: Talk about Josh [Freeman] with me for a moment. There are those games that are bad and there are a lot more games that are good. We are in the world of securing the best players that we have. Talk about Josh, his status with you guys and maybe a sketch of the plan you have for the future with him.

Dominik: Yeah, I think Josh knows we like him a lot. We are really excited for him. For that six-week period you are talking about we were the best in the league in scoring points and getting yards and we were hot. Josh can do that. At the same point, we all want to play better and he had some games where they were not up to his level of standard and we look at it no different – we’d like to look at it the same way as the Baltimore Ravens did. It worked out well for them in every way. I am sure they had no problem in writing a check coming off a Super Bowl championship so, Josh is a guy we think long-term with but right now we are just going to take our time and let him play and if that costs the organization more money, good, that’s great.

Kirwan: That’s how [Ravens owner] Steve Bisciotti described it last summer to us. I was standing on a stage with him as they won the Super Bowl and I said to him, “You know what this means?” and he goes, “And I am glad to pay.”

Dominik: Amen.

Ryan: It is consistency with him. I did a bunch of your games and what I always think about is the fourth quarter how it ended at the Carolina Panthers and what he did on that football field.

Dominik: Those were remarkable drives and great throws, precision throws with arm strength. That’s why we have so much faith in Josh and so much excitement for him. He’s only 24 years-old and he is on his way and he has a lot of experience built up, and we just want to see some consistency from him like everybody else does.

Ryan: Two guys I want to ask you about: I want to ask about the rehabilitation of Adrian Clayborn, who I think is big for your team and then the big one fella Carl Nicks at offensive guard.

Dominik: Good reports on them. Our players who didn’t finish the season with us are coming back strong. The only one who isn’t is Quincy Black, unfortunately, who sustained an injured arm in terms of nerve damage. Adrian Clayborn looks great and his ahead of schedule. Davin Joseph is ahead of schedule Carl Nicks with his toe is in great shape so those are three massive players for us. We are excited about what Da’Quan Bowers is going to do. There are a lot of guys who we didn’t get to fully utilize last year and that’s why we are excited, specifically Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks getting back on the team.

Ryan: Good players, good quarterback and cap space and draft picks. Love it. Mark, we loved having you here.

Kirwan: Awesome.

30 Responses to “Mark Dominik Speaks”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like Pat Kirwan

  2. tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m prepared to be paitent with Dom. Actually, I don’t have a choice in the matter. But….I think he has learned a lot by his mistakes. If the first 3 players we pick in the draft are as good as last year’s, we will be fine.
    The draft is CB deep. We could easily pick up two very good players with both or one of them starting.
    The addition of Goldson automatically make us a better defense.

  3. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I do not understand your post, we lost EJ Biggers… the sky is literally falling on us. Our whole season is ruined. Dom should be fired for all these average to slightly below average players that he is letting go. All hope is lost. He surely lacks intelligence and is not as qualified as they educated name calling Buc fans who swear they know more about the game than the professionals. (Sarcasm Intended)

    No seriously though I agree. Dom is learning from his mistakes and seems to be getting better every year. Only thing I hope is that Freeman doesnt bomb this season and cost Dom his job.

  4. Sunny Says:

    I am all on board with drafting Cb’s this year, but it is not a given they will pan out we need to sign a vet as insurance. This is the biggest need coming into the offseason and am kind is surprised something has not been done on that front so far. I hope Dom knows what he is doing or he is will called fallen star general manger.

  5. Vern4499 Says:


    You had me going me there!!!!

  6. Jrock Says:

    I just want us to sign ONE CB in FA, one worthwhile guy. That would help put my mind at ease… not Grimes either.

  7. Sunny Says:

    By the way we haven’t talk much about the ogletree signing much. Was it just to replace Benn or do they want him as number 3? For some reason they don’t seem to be high on underwood, by everything I read he is great in practice and he had a good preseason. He is tall and has decent speed. Maybe schiano just doesn’t like his hair. Joe got some insight?

  8. Macabee Says:


    Just listening in. I’m curious. If not Grimes and I’m not on the Grimes bandwagon either, at this point who would you consider a worthwhile pick?

    I will come back and offer an opinion.

  9. Tom Says:

    Silencethecritics, as amusing as your sarcasm is, the longer I read the posts on sports boards the more stale the “professionals know what they are doing” line gets.

    So the Jets knew what they were doing when they traded for Tebow and signed Sanchez to a massive contract extension? They were professionals after all, and unlike Dom they made the AFC Championship two years in a row with the same people in charge.

    Did Dominik “know what he was doing” when he gave Michael Clayton a massive extension based on nothing but a rookie year that occurred 4 years prior?

    You know, it is possible for smart people to disagree and for smart people like Mark Dominik to be wrong about things. That is sort of why sports are interesting. If your GM was never wrong and people played exactly like we all thought, then what is the point of watching?

  10. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    IMHO….Underwood has not been the same player since he took that MASSIVE hit over the middle during our OT win at Carolina. Anyone else agree?

  11. Bucs or gtfo Says:

    Still don’t have any cornerbacks and I don’t agree with relying on young players. AGAIN

  12. Sunny Says:

    Scott actually his most productive game in the season came in atl 5 catches 77 yards which happen to come after the Car game

  13. Jrock Says:

    @Macabee, I think Tracy Porter would be the best option right now. I wouldn’t mind Jammer, Hall or Gamble though. They’re all older guys, but we need someone with experience for 1-2 years as a stop-gap to teach our youngins. I don’t mind getting young players, but we need someone who can still ball a little for insurance/experience

  14. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Never said Dom was perfect. Infact in my post I stated he is learning from his mistakes and getting better. I never once claimed that nobody has a right to disagree with the way things are going… however, getting all pissy about losing average to below average players and thing the sky is falling is rather ridiculous.

  15. tampabaybucfan Says:


    I’m wih you…..we didn’t “lose” anybody….we deliberately let them go! I will wait to see what the end result is.
    Kept Economus, Te’o Nesheim…Cutera, so we are keeping some. There is absolutely a plan. We don’t know exactly what it is, but will know soon enough. We are more fortunate than most think. A player plugged in here or there (CB) (DT) (TE)….and we will be a much better team than last year.

  16. Sunny Says:

    tampabaybucfan we also need LB, OT . . . FB is debatable

  17. 76buc76 Says:

    Winning the Super Bowl is great but what’s happening to the Raven’s roster.Will be a annual thing with the new CBA.The player’s seem to have taken a 20% hit on free agent salary’s.So once they get a ring,they need to get the cash while they are still healthy.Also way more player’s are getting cut.

  18. Big Rob Says:

    Why do people keep saying we need LB? Our SLB plays maybe 30% of the game. We picked up Casillas and he will fill that role admirably. We don’t need, and can’t have, world beaters at every position. This isn’t fantasy football with 10 teams. There are 32 teams and a salary cap.

  19. Macabee Says:


    I like your recommendation and recognition of the fact that we need experience. I would be wary of Tracy Porter and his injury history, but I’m totally on board if we could talk Gamble out of retirement. My opinion, he is the best of the rest and had no injuries, played consistently at a high level, got too expensive, and was cut for salary cap reasons. Gamble would be a significant upgrade at this point.

    I’m impressed. Didn’t expect the Gamble props, nobody else does!

  20. Sunny Says:

    @Big Rob we need to replace Q Black and I dont think Casillas is the one to do it and we could use some depth what happens if foster or David goes down?

  21. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Big Rob

    Every team always needs linebackers. We don’t need a starter. I would like to see Watson get lots of playing time.
    We need some depth on both lines.
    I will be interested to see what happens to Goode & Tandy.

  22. Big Rob Says:

    We lost Black and signed Casillas. It doesn’t sound like we’ve lost any depth from last year. I can’t think of any other LBs we lost. My mind is shot from Calculus though…

  23. Sunny Says:

    @ big rob casillas in four years has had 93 tackles and 3 sacks . . . Just in 2012 David had 139 and 2 sacks . . . Foster 108 and 2 sacks (2012 alone ) . Sorry I don’t feel he is up to par as a starter. Also I didn’t say sign an all pro btw their is combined for less than $2 mill if I remember correctly

    @tampabay I am looking forward to Goode hopefully he can come along let’s see what happens

  24. Tom Says:


    I disagree with the assertion that Dominik has learned from his mistakes. Going back to when he traded a 2nd and 5th for Kellen Winslow and making him the highest paid TE in the league Dom has been consistent.

    1. He likes to go after what he believes is the top available player at their position (Winslow, Haynesworth, Koenen, V Jackson, Joseph, Nicks, Goldson)

    2. He then fills the rest of the roster with draft picks or ultra cheap players.

    3. This results in the Bucs having a lot of non-premium position players taking up the top of the payroll as 2 guards and a safety are some of the highest paid players with a TE in Winslow previously being one of the highest paid and Koenen being one of the highest paid punters in the game.

    4. This also results in huge holes like at corner where the Bucs almost set an all-time record for futility because of a complete lack of depth at the position.

    5. Which is exactly the plan now, to have a position with maybe one ultra premium guy (Revis) and a bunch of scrubs and rookies that QB’s would spend all day picking apart.

    Yup, Dominik learned a heck of a lot from 2012.

  25. Big Rob Says:

    Sunny – We will never have a SLB reach those kind of stats playing around 30% of the game. It’s just not a priority in this defense and in this age of football. With all the pass heavy offenses we spend most of the games in nickle and/or dime. The SLB doesn’t play in the nickle or dime.

  26. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I dont see how going after great players at skill positions is ever a bad thing. Apparently you think we need to have a balanced payroll… that would mean we have 53 average players on our team… thats most likely not going to win you very many games. And then you would probably be bitching that we cant sign any good free agents. You have to sacrifice something to get something better. Thats how it works.

  27. Sunny Says:

    @Big Rob black had 35 tackles thru 10 weeks which put him on course for 60+ on the season. Better than any of casillas season . I am not saying go give up picks to get someone but at least we want an upgrade over black and not a downgrade even if the Sam lb is devalued you want some one that can handle the job

  28. Tom Says:

    @Silencethecritics, Safeties, punter and Guards are in no way “skill positions.” If an OG is a “skill position” then so is the guy manning the slushy machine at the 7-eleven. It happens that Dominik has dumped a lot of his salaries into non-skill position players which is my point. Two of the past three years (this and 2011) have resulted in one big FA signing at FS and Punter. That is Dominik’s strategy, get guys at NON skill positions that are best in breed and it is ridiculous.

    With the young roster there was ample space to fill a number of holes at reasonable prices. Would you be sitting on your thumbs right now watching every corner that can play sign while putting all of your eggs in one basket? I wouldn’t and that is where I disagree. My job isn’t on the line however, fortunately Dominick’s is.

  29. Big Rob Says:


    Casillas was never a starter, and nothing says he can’t be. Tom Brady didn’t have any stats when he took over from Tom Brady. Stats are misleading bro.

    Here is a quote from a Bucsnation article after the first Carolina game last year.

    “Linebacker Quincy Black is being phased out of the defense, and he should not expect to be back next year. He only played in the base defense, and the Bucs played base on just 12 snaps – giving Black just 12 snaps on defense, one less than his nominal backup Dekoda Watson, who is on the field in some nickel and dime subpackages. Impressively, the Bucs managed to have a stifling run defense despite playing in nickel and dime for most of the game.”

    That fact is that SLB is devalued in the Bucs defense. We don’t need a lot to hold down the position in the base package. I’m 100% certain that the Bucs feel that have their SLB solution on the roster already.

  30. Big Rob Says:

    When Tom Brady took over from Drew Bledsoe** LMAO funny typo.