“The Professor” Sees Ronde Barber In Tampa Bay

March 27th, 2013
Hail (no) to the Redskins?

Hail (no) to the Redskins?

Monday night, Bucs icon Ronde Barber didn’t exactly slam the door on playing anywhere other than Tampa Bay this fall, he seemed to leave the door a wee bit cracked open, though his body language suggested the door will be bolted.

Given that he is still on the open market and he has ties to Redskins secondary coach Raheem Morris, some Redskins fans — desperate for corners like the Bucs — asked “The Professor,” John Clayton of ESPN, if Redskins chieftain Danny Snyder would swoop in and latch on to Barber.

Q: Given that there are some quality veterans that remain on the free-agent market, do you think the Redskins go after Ronde Barber or Charles Woodson? Woodson can still play in the league, and Barber is connected to Raheem Morris. The team currently lacks safety and corner depth with the loss of DeAngelo Hall, who played well down the stretch.

Matt in New York

A: I can’t see Barber playing anywhere but Tampa Bay. Plus, the Bucs have the cap room to pay him $3 million if he decides to continue playing. The Redskins don’t have that cap room. They would be able to offer him or Woodson a minimum benefits contract of around only $1.005 million, and that won’t entice Barber to go to another team. The Bucs have made it clear that they have a spot for Barber if he wants to come back. If Barber is playing football this year, I think he will be playing in Tampa Bay.

Now Joe knows exactly what Bucs fans are about to bang on their keyboard quicker than Joe inhales a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon: “Why can’t the Bucs get Woodson?”

Like Barber, Woodson’s days as a great corner are over. He’s a safety now. And if the Bucs bring back Barber, the team will have a glut of safeties. Besides, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik is not inclined to sign outside free agents in the sunset of their careers.

4 Responses to ““The Professor” Sees Ronde Barber In Tampa Bay”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree, if Ronde will play anywhere this year, it will be here in Tampa, or he will retire as a Buc.

  2. Tiny tim Says:

    You mean like Dallas Clark?

  3. Capt. Tim Says:

    It is foolhardy to count on Ronde this year. We should proceed as if he is gone. Then, if he does return- it is a nice lil luxury. If he doesn’t- then he’s done his bit for this team. He can enjoy his well deserved retirement.

    Would love to see him back. He is still better than most of our players. But if we haven’t prepared for his retirement by now( and we haven’t- idiots), then we never will. Hounding him to to come back is just in bad taste

  4. Matt Says:

    Heres a thought? As bad as our secondary is, why not bring in Barber and Woodson? You mean to tell me we cant get them on the field together with Barron and Gholston as well as an addition of a rookie like Rhoads or Milliner? Sounds like a bad ass secondary to me and those 2 would only take up salary room for one year till we get the rookies all caught up. Just Saying!