The Bucs And Free Agent Cornerbacks

March 25th, 2013

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Though the tone has died down a bit since it was learned why Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik let last year’s Bucs sacks leader Michael Bennett walk away, Bucs fans are still irritated Dominik hasn’t pulled a federal government and gone wild with Team Glazer’s American Express card.

Specifially, Bucs fans are angered Dominik hasn’t signed a cornerback — any cornerback with a pulse — who fans believe would be a significant improvement over projected starters Danny Gorrer and Eric Wright.

Even Joe’s good friend “The Commish,” Justin Pawlowski, of WHFS-FM 98.7 can feel the tension in the air.

Yes, the Bucs made a big splash with the signing of Dashon Goldson at safety, but Bucs fans want more.

Sure, the Bucs made under-the-radar signings of Kevin Ogletree as a slot receiver, Tom Crabtree at tight end, and Jonathan Casillas at outside linebacker, but Bucs fans still want more…and why shouldn’t they?

The Buccaneers still have holes at the biggest need areas on their team even after 2 weeks of free agency. While we’ve mentioned cornerback, the Bucs defensive line lacks any depth, they have no right tackle, and a threat across the middle of the field on offense is still uncertain.

Joe will have more tomorrow on why Dominik possibly has been quiet of late, but let’s look at the obvious, shall we?

Yes, Joe knows Dominik hasn’t signed Brent Grimes, although there are/were rumors Dominik might be interested. Please note that 31 other teams seem to be looking the other way on Grimes, including his former team looking to return to the NFC Championship, the Dixie Chicks.

If Grimes is still a valuable commodity, like he was before he blew his Achilles tendon, wouldn’t the Dixie Chicks have already locked him up? As the old (?) NFL saying goes, “If they want you, they’ll find a way to keep you.”

While Joe wouldn’t mind the Bucs taking a stab at Grimes — hell, Lakewood High School’s cornerbacks might be an upgrade — there seems to be a reason why he’s still looking for work.

29 Responses to “The Bucs And Free Agent Cornerbacks”

  1. Andrew 2 Says:

    Do we have the most cap space in the NFL? If not we have to be pretty close. Weve only signed one starter Goldson.

    Get Grimes or some other FA CB and a veteran pass rusher to help our rotation/depth.

  2. Andrew 2 Says:

    They need to get the damn Revis trade done already.

  3. jfgobucs Says:

    Either Grimes is hurt or he’s asking for a Large unreasonable contract

  4. nick Says:

    Bucs fans have serious anxiety issues. the season just started and its march, its like we’ve forgotten about the draft and the free agency after the draft when teams get rid of even more players. training camp is 5 months away seriously, wait until after the draft to freak out because we already know worst case scenario we lived it last year, last in pass defense we know what it looks like even with what we have now we wont be that bad. leonard johnson and gator and keith tandy also. time under the system will help them. even ronde barber was benched his rookie year..please RELAX, for now

  5. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So, none of the available FA’s at CB would have been an upgrade? Not just Grimes….

  6. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I still think the NSO believes that the CB coaching was so dreadfully awful that the new db coach (w/Shano’s help) can “coach-up” there current stable of CBs.

  7. Kaput Says:

    The Bucs are 27 million under the salary cap, and once they cut Eric Wright they’ll be 35 million under the cap!! This team is CHEAP, and until they spend like teams that want to win, I will not spend on them.

    It’s embarasing, truly.

  8. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Look, when we as an organization want someone, we go get them.hence flying out vjackson and goldson to sign with us and drafting mark barron early.obviously we don’t want any corners out there or something is building for revis.either way 1st or 2nd rnd pick will be a cb not a dt. Star is incredible but his condition makes him too much of a gamble and Dom and shiano want to win not play on a hope…

  9. Brad Says:

    Grimes is not necessarily the answer fans are looking for.. Just anyone would be better than what we have. Everyone can see we have lost more players than anyone other than the Ravens. They at least one a Superbowl. Dominik seems to be good at signing a big name when the Jet is sent and the team is all in but adding depth or improving key positions seems to be Dominik’s weakness. We need RT, CB’s, DT, TE, slot receiver. We can’t get top players at every position and we would get lucky to land 3 starters again in this draft. So why Dominik is ignoring FA to add at least depth to key positions is just careless and unacceptable..

  10. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    If the way the NFL is evolving, where CBs are essentially useless based on current passing rules, then perhaps bringing in and starting 2 new rookie CBs is the best thing to do.

    Since ALL CBs will fail anyway, bring in cheap young guys that fit the mold to withstand the new passing league.

  11. Jrock Says:

    @Oil – my thoughts exactly. 90% of the free agent CB’s out there would be an upgrade for us. I guess we’re looking for the one top guy to lock down part of the field while we groom a draft pick for the other side.

    Still, hope the Joe’s stop using Grimes’ name when speaking about future Bucs corners. That dude’s career is more than likely over

  12. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Xavier Rhodes

  13. Bobby Says:

    I guess I could complain but since I’m not anywhere near as smart or informed as Schiano and Dom I’ll just keep my mouth shut and figure they know their needs and how to fill them better than I do. I’m sure they appreciate all the help they get from you guys though.

  14. BullDog Says:

    Like,,,,,the cheap talk is SO 2 yrs ago duuude.

  15. zam Says:

    You don’t need even one star cornerback, you need only adequate corners PLUS defensive coaching that doesn’t leave them hanging out to dry.

  16. Dreambig Says:

    Well said Bobby! I feel so inadequate since I let my full staff of NFL scouts, coaches and experts go. At least I have the expert opinion of everyone here, lest I make the mistake of getting fired up that football is on its way back! We picked up another pro bowler in FA, we have a draft coming to add new good players and maybe a Revis trade! It’s all good! Let’s get it on! Go Bucs!

  17. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Bobby…smartest post on here;)

  18. Rrsrq Says:

    Is Mike Jenkins less than the current corners on the roster

  19. jpbuc Says:

    I think we all need to calm down. There are several CB’s left on the market that would be an immediate upgrade. Grimes, Winfield, Asmougha, Jenkins, Jammer, Porter, etc….

  20. Rrsrq Says:

    Give Mike Jenkins a one year prove it contract…any word on Ronde

  21. teacherman777 Says:

    I think we have a nice core roster.

    Saving money is smart. The cap room will spill over.

    Nect year, V-Jack and Nicks will have their salaries balloon from 1 million each to like 7 million! Thats why we changed their contracts this year to clear up space!

    The Bucs days of being cheap are over!

    Thanks to Manchester United being so profitable.

    You guys need to be patioent. Though, I wish were going after more depth.

    Antoine Winfield didnt give ONE TD in the air. Amd only one on the ground.

    Draft the best CB we can, and let Ronde Barber and Aintoine Winfield playnand mentor our fesh draft pick and Leonard and Gorrer.

    We wont do it. But I would. Or imagine Revis on one side of the field amd Ronde Barber amd Aintoine Winfield are on the other. Damn. Thats solid. Even with their age.

  22. Jacko101 Says:

    I’m seeing Millner and Revis in our future. Especially if the browns grab Grimes

  23. Andrew-kriticalo Says:

  24. Andrew-kriticalo Says:

    Eric wright sounds like he wants to redeem himself in his blog

  25. MadMax Says:

    He can Start to redeem himself by renegotiating. Its that simple. When you’re already a millionaire but your career is on the line for injuries and a stupid decision to take adderall, 1 million or 7 million shouldnt be a big deal, especially if its a 1 year deal. I know it hurts your pride but Im sure Dom will lace the renegotiated contract with incentives. And if you play lights out, you can be paid like it again.

  26. Joey Lacey Says:

    I totally agree with you kaput they are cheap and that’s why they will continue to have black outs and no winning season

  27. Kaput Says:

    They’re going to be 35 million under the cap!!

    How anyone in their right mind could look at that number and think anything but that the Bucs are cheap is beyond all rational thought.

    And it’s not a one year occurrence, it happened last year too. Although they spent for Jackson, Nicks and Wright, but they quietly cut a lot of money as well and played the season in the bottom five in spending.

    How many years in a row does it have to happen before some of you actually hold the ownership accountable?

  28. Brandon Says:

    I love the knee jerk fans that want us to spend money solely for the sake of spending money. Sign this guy, trade for that guy… that’s how other teams become a huge mess.

    I’m fine with a couple of low level signings. I’m even more fine with not forking over way too much cash and picks for Revis. I just wish we could do an NBA style cah for draft picks deal where we take on a player with a bloated salary and the other team gives us draft picks as compensation.

  29. Kaput Says:

    Is it a knee jerk reaction if it has been going on for a decade now?

    The answer is no, by the way. Consistently spending little money is a pattern, a business model for the Glazers. Why is it difficult to see for some of you?