Thankfully, An End To Aqib Talib Nonsense Talk

March 16th, 2013

So Joe breathed a sigh of relief to learn this afternoon that helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging, pill-popping, granny-hassling Aqib Talib did the Bucs, and indirectly Bucs fans, a favor by signing a one-year pact with Bill Belicheat.

Joe actually turned on local radio airwaves yesterday afternoon — and quickly returned to SiriusXM NFL Radio — upon hearing people actually pining for the return of Talib! Can you imagine?

Why?! That’s like asking for another case of the mumps.

Joe literally has no idea where this fallacy came from that Talib is one of the game’s better corners. Even people who should know better peddle this absurd notion.

@RapSheet: On Talib: Smart of an elite CB to sign a 1-year deal in soft market, rather than a multi-year offer he got. He had 3 other options, stayed.

ELITE??? Good grief, have we, as Americans, lost our standards this badly? Just what exactly makes anyone think Talib is “elite?” Anyone that calls Talib “elite” is admitting they have never watched him play or have a far different definition of “elite.”

Simply playing for Belicheat does not make one “elite.”

Elite pain in the neck? Maybe. Elite talent? That’s debatable. Elite player? Don’t insult Joe.

Do elite corners allow Hakeem Nicks, not exactly to be confused with Jerry Rice, to charbroil them for 199 yards?

Just because one has talent does not make him elite. Reggie Bush has talent, for example. He’s not even close to being elite.

Then there’s Talib’s dependability, which is just slightly above depending on the weather in Chicago in March. When he’s not injured or suspended or incarcerated, yeah, Talib may be dependable. It’s hard to be dependable much less elite while caged in a county jail.

Joe would rather have Brandon McDonald than Talib. At least you can pretty much depend on McDonald to suit up and take the field.

Thank goodness this nonsense of Talib’s return to the Bucs is dead. At least for a year (sigh).

71 Responses to “Thankfully, An End To Aqib Talib Nonsense Talk”

  1. suicideisanalternative Says:

    nice talib rant joe, couldn’t have expressed it any better in my foggy, hangover phase this morning. cheers!

  2. tampabaybucfan Says:

    SHUCKS!!! I was hoping we’d get another 4th rounder from NE for Wright….I am convinced the way we are proceeding that Revis is in our future.

  3. Legarrettes Blount Says:

    Joe you need to take it easy on Talib. He is in fact an elite talent at cornerback. Don’t let his off the field problems blind you from what he is capable of in the field. You can’t blame the blitzing bill Sheridan for Eli and Nicks torching aqib. Get no pressure on the qb and leave any corner over on one with Hakeem nicks and it will be a long day. The elite Talib held Greg Jennings to 2 catches for 6 yards when the packers offense was really rolling. The elite talib is honestly the best cornerback our team has ever had on the field. His off the field antics are another story

  4. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    McDonald can’t wash Talib’s jock but New England fans actually appreciate the kid as does Tom Brady and Bill “Belicheat”. Oh well who needs a talent like Talib with Danny Gorrer and Myron Lewis patrolling One Buc…

  5. Druski Says:

    Is Myron Lewis the next man up?

  6. Sunny Says:

    Much rather have talib and his off field issues than Gorrer or Lewis anyday. If Dom doesn’t pull something big off on our CB front joe might have to stop saying rock star.

  7. thegregwitul Says:

    Let’s take it easy, Joe. I’m with you on the ridiculous notion that Talib is suddenly now elite since being traded to New England last season. Talib was approaching elite status as a corner a few years ago, but injuries, off field troubles and inconsistency have him in the ‘Very Good’ category, just below elite status.

    I’d take him back over Brandon McDonald everyday of the week, especially Sundays in autumn. Aqib Talib should be more than solid for New England, but I fully expect something to happen, be it an injury late in the season or during playoffs, Stevie Johnson or Mike Wallace having a monster game on him, or just something stupid off the field. If he stays out of trouble, New England will have to consider using the franchise tag next season as I fully expect a cap penalty free Redskins team to make a strong push for his services.

  8. Dylan Says:

    Brandon mcdonald…. over talib… that deserves a C’mon mannnnnn! Id personally take talib back on a one year 5 mil offer. why not. not like brandon mcdonald has a chance to even consider matching up against julio jones.

  9. Paul Says:

    He was considered garbage when he was on our roster. He turned elite the second he was traded to the Pats before even playing a snap. These media people need to get out from under Belichick’s satchel. I think he gave up the most TD’s per snap in the league.

  10. Paul Says:

    granted it didn’t help that barron crept up in the box every play, idk why.

  11. 4everBucsFan Says:

    I wonder if the Schiano Order has taken any interest in Sebastian Vollmer.

  12. Greg Says:

    One of our local radio shows was trying to stir the pot for ratings like they always do. At no point was Talib a consideration. These are the same people that tried to question Shianos character if he didn’t cut Talib now they want him back?

    I am however getting tired an impatient with the Reevis talk. I hope we don’t give up a first rounder to trade for him. We have soo many needs at Defensive line and corner we should have signed 2 other corners by now and still be looking forward to all of our draft picks. Pleanty of linemen this year.

  13. Cmurda Says:

    Don’t worry so much about the elite Talib, we are interested in bringing back the elite EJ Biggers.

  14. Capt. Tim Says:

    Talib showed signs of talent his first year. He regressed every subsequent year. He played badly for New England. He also conviently didn’t play inthe playoff game- where he would have been humiliated

    His contract is probably very much like Wright’s. void if he is arrested, or fails a drug test. Most of money is probably incentive. Part for playing 16 games. Etc.

    Anyone who has watch Talib- and thinks he is a good Cornerback, doesn’t know what they are looking at. Bellacheat has spent so much on his offense, that Talib is an option ,because he’s cheap. If he screws up- void his contract. Make him earn money by earning bonuses. It’s a cheap fix. Nothing more

  15. bucfan1979 Says:

    JOE: just swa on that revis wants to be traded to the FINS in south florida. What is your take on this.

  16. Capt. Tim Says:

    Joe- you are absolutely correct on this one. It’s Scary how little some of this people can remember, or know about football. It’s like they’ve been lobotimized.

  17. Cmurda Says:

    How in the world could the fins afford him? Did you not see the shopping spree they have been on. That’s nonsense.

  18. Macabee Says:

    Bucs talking to Biggers about coming back!

  19. bucfan1979 Says:

    Cmurda: don’t get mad at me i am just saying what i saw on i don’t pay attention to any other team then the BUCS

  20. bucfan1979 Says:

    Cmurda: don’t get mad at me i am just saying what i saw on

  21. bucfan1979 Says:

    sorry sent it 2 times

  22. Cmurda Says:

    LOL. Not directed at you. It seems ridiculous for to report that. With my luck its true though.

  23. bucfan1979 Says:

    ya i know. but why would mark dom let this one go? i am hell he just scwred up and let a man beast in michael bennet. what the hell is going on down there at one buc?

  24. bucfan1979 Says:

    do my last comment was meesed up sorry guys

  25. Tom Says:

    BTW can’t wait to see that most of the Bucs corners that helped accomplish a near-record of pass defense futility will return while half of the starting d-line that accomplished the top run defense in the NFL bolts for marginal pay elsewhere. Someone give Dummynick a raise!

  26. Robbie_G Says:

    Can they TRY to upgrade ANY other position PLEASE? I am tried of seeing all these other teams making moves, and here we sit waiting for the Revis magic. Get another Tackle, we need CB help, so what they are telling us, the people that were and are available are NOT an upgrade on what this team has? BULL!

  27. bucfan1979 Says:

    Hey guys this is from about revis WOW!!

    07:39 AM ET 03.16 | An associate said cornerback Darrelle Revis, the subject of trade rumors, would welcome Dolphins interest if the Jets don’t keep him and if Miami decided to pursue it. There’s been no indication that Miami has any interest in trading for Revis, who’s coming off a major knee injury and could be a free agent next spring.

    Miami Herald

  28. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Apparently the broncos don’t want to resign Elvis Dumerville anymore I think the bucs should at least offer a contract.

  29. Patrick Says:

    LOL all that time spent on Revis and it doesn’t even look like they’re gonna get him. Dominick is a failure. Worst secondary for years now. Same ole same ole

  30. Robbie_G Says:

    If the Revis thing falls apart, the season will be a wash already, and undo all the good things last year.

  31. bucfan1979 Says:

    Patrick- you nailed it on the head. this is what it looks like a big waste of time inless things turn around in the bucs favior. Wish joe would coment on this. 🙂

  32. bucfan1979 Says:

    You got it Robbie_G

  33. bucfan1979 Says:

    Well guys here we go.

    Woody Johnson gives Revis another million

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 16, 2013, 3:48 PM EDT

    revis-woodyGetty Images
    Jets owner Woody Johnson may not want to pay cornerback Darrelle Revis later, but Johnson is definitely paying Revis now.

    As pointed out by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, today is the day on which Revis earns a roster bonus of $1 million.

    Revis also is due to receive a reporting bonus of $1 million, a workout bonus of $1 million, and a base salary of $3 million.

    Of course, it won’t matter if he’s traded, since he’ll get a new contract. Unless the Jets eventually decide to trade him without his new team signing him to a new deal — which will mean that someone could get him for one year, $5 million.

    Which pretty much falls in line with the current free-agent cornerback market.

  34. Cmurda Says:

    From Crabtree’s Twitter page.

    Thanks for the warm welcome Bucs fans! Excited and thankful for this opportunity.

  35. bucfan1979 Says:

    Cmurda ??????????

  36. bucfan1979 Says:

    oh ya duh..

  37. Machiavellii Says:

    Maybe they are trying to swing a trade for Blount and wright before they make any moves… I’ve been hearing the bucs haven missed out on a few trades this free agency so maybe they are trying to trade for some players instead of picking up free agents… Just a thought..

    Maybe they trade for Revis and 2 other players ?? ??

  38. Patrick Says:

    Dominick has basically subtracted our #1 rush defense from last year away from this team, letting Miller and Bennett walk like it’s nothing. That was probably the best accomplishment on our team last year. Now I guess they want it back to 2009-2011 level?

  39. Cmurda Says:

    The scary part is the Jets didnt balk at paying a million today. They must not be too enthused by Rockstar’s trade offer for Revis. If Revise goes elsewhere, would that be part of the plan?

  40. Dave Says:

    SOme of you have been stating you WANT Talib back.

    You need to re-watch the games of Talib. He was above average. He NEVER played up to what his potential was. He gambled and lost ALOT. He thought he was better than he was. THen of couse off the field …. not worth it. Give met he guys from last year back over him

  41. lurker Says:

    what the heck will it be like here if the bucs do not acqire revis nor dumervil?

    scary thought…i need to get some earplugs!

    i did find some good news…

    with all this going on, noone is btching about josh freeman!


  42. Rickster Says:

    So the jets paid revis a million to hang on to him a little while longer? Why would They pay him if they plan to trade him?
    Can anyone explain?

  43. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Give me time to come up with something Lurker 😀

  44. lurker Says:

    oh well, that didn’t last long…

    vic66 in the thread before this one, @5:25, already ruined my good news 🙁

    ps that wasn’t a challenge 🙂

  45. Tom Says:

    Dave, so if Talib is above average, what is the current crop of Bucs corners? Would you rather have well-below-average over above average because of the off the field stuff?

  46. Machiavellii Says:

    I think the jets are just playing games.. They are bluffing in paying out the 1 million trying to convince they world they won’t part with Revis. bottom line is they are hoping someone gives in and offers them what they are asking but no teams is silly enough to give them what they want.

    Revis wil.not be a jet at the start of the season and the Bucs have the best offer on he tale. It’s just a matter of time.. Be patient..

    And.. We don’t get the trade done.. Well at least we tried.. I’m sure we have sme contingency plans thought out just in case.. We cold always use those draft picks we were going to use in the Revis trade to possibly trade for more players off another team, and remember there is the draft to come as well..

    Just be patient.. I’m sure Dom and schiano don’t wake up every morning trying to figure out how to lose their jobs.. They obviously have he same goals as us and that is trying to make this team better… May not seem like it but that is the cold hard truth so lets all support the decisions instead of criticing them and just give them a chance..

  47. Saskbuco Says:

    No need to panic….. But Brent “notwalkingdead” Grimes is in Clev and could very well sign with the Browns, ways things are going probably a 1 or 2 yr deal at 4-5 Million. Bucs and other team must critical of his injury as they pursued him last year. Bucs have no problem with knee problems, but maybe this is something that scares them away. Still hoping for CB help, see how it plays out. I don’t claim to know much and def trust in the front office, but 3 names I’ve been mentioning are still out there. Grimes, Myers (TE) and Adam jones he would add good CB value and on special teams? What doesn’t Bucsnation think??

  48. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Revis is going nowhere. Time to move on (thank God).

  49. Nick B Says:



  50. Matt Says:

    A good article explaining some of the bucs free agency moves

  51. adam from ny Says:

    this might be the plan…pair up goldson with barron as the safetys…i think dom might believe barron will develop in year 2 and playing with goldson can only help and increase his progress…bump ronde back to corner and pair him with either revis or grimes…so possibly steal grimes away from atlanta…in fact if they can land both revis and grimes, and get ronde back for another year to play as like a floater between the 2 positions….either safety or corner as needed…maybe sign biggers as a backup and leonard johnson should be kept for developmental purposes…gorrer should not be on the squad….if we can get these guys and draft a corner early in the draft we are good…as ronde definitely wont be here after this season, and it’s questionable if he even comes back this year…revis might bolt too after a year if we aquire him…leaving us with grimes and a top rookie who hopefully develops for more playing time in year 2…and as said earlier, keep leonard johnson or biggers or both as back ups…and maybe cody grimm can play like he did a couple years back as a backup safety if he is even still in the mix…..if somehow this far fetched senario can come to fruition we are all set…otherwise the team is left blowing in the wind….adam from ny

  52. Oahubuc Says:

    Compared to our current corners, he is the second coming of Deion Sanders.

  53. Capt. Tim Says:

    Revis knows that the Bucs have been in 3 days of negotiations. His opinion of the situation, is to state that he would like to play for the Dolphins

    1) worst Slap in the face for Bucs that has happened since Parcells pissed on us.

    2) we have to question why players don’t want to be here. There must be a reason

  54. 1976Buc Says:

    Capt. Tim, you can command respect, you can earn respect but you cannot demand respect. That’s the problem at The Buc Palace. According to my “tailor”.

  55. raphael Says:

    lol… Revis will have no problem with Shiano, I am sure coach Wannstadt has spoken to Revis , since he was his coach in college…..some of the non-sense here is comical.

  56. lurker Says:

    1976buc and his tinker tailor soldier spy.

    gee, so an employee is complaining about his boss(es). that is nothing new. they don’t want to be fired but want to spread their hate aonymously…lmao


  57. 1976Buc Says:


  58. 1976Buc Says:

    The Tailor says the hold up on Revis is that the Jets want Doug Martin and 2 future picks. Schiano only wants to give 1 :0

  59. Andrew 1 Says:

    ^^^^^^^ dont you dare give doug martin away. I dont care if they would give us the whole jets roster. hes way to special.

  60. bucobruce Says:

    If you think about this we will be getting a lot of new players this year compared to last year,clayborne,joseph,CARL NICKS,goldson and DRAFT picks WOW WOW and Im sure a few more we will all be happy soon just wait Buc fans!THATS A LOT OF NEW PRO BOWLERS WE ARE ADDING THIS YEAR!

  61. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Brent Grimes said this evening that he’s not signing with anybody at this time because he’s not recovered physically yet.

  62. Andrew 1 Says:

    for anyone who doesn’t think the bucs have a plan. this is a direct quote

    Mark Dominick-

    “I wouldn’t count us out of anything because I think we want to keep our doors open. But we have a plan, and we’ve been sticking to that plan.”

  63. Cmurda Says:

    Anybody would say they have a plan. They may, in fact, have 10 plans. We are on about plan #8. One of these plans better happen.

  64. Orlando bucs fan Says:

    Is this not the year that teams are required to spend up to a certain cap percentage? If it is I’m sure the bucs have to bring in more pro bowl talent.
    @1976 there is no way the bucs trade Martin for Revis that would be asinine a second year rookie probowler for a player coming off an injury that only has one year left on the contract. Martin will not be traded this year. He alone sells tickets.

  65. Cmurda Says:

    Agreed, there is no way in Pewter Hell Martin gets traded? They would need to close the Skyway.

  66. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Cmurda

    Im sure most of the people on here, like you, believe their is a plan. but I have read plenty of comments from someone people who really didnt believe there was one so I just wanted to set them straight. obviously since I was talking about the plan-less people my post was not direct at you.

  67. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Cmurda

    lol ” Pewter Hell “. that was good. I gatta remember that one.

  68. 1976Buc Says:

    Schiano plan for Roy Miller: “He is a heck of a run stopper and plays the position, you know we call the tilt nose in our defense, he plays it very well. And he’s really custom-built to play it,” Schiano said yesterday. “I mean his traits really fit the position.”

    There are plans out there,,, most of them smoke screens. Believe 1/2 of what you see and non of what you hear.

  69. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Talib has elite stuff. I think he had some kind of issue last year, hamstring not sure. But the raw talent is there to be a number one shut down corner, his head just doesn’t allow him to be. I’m not sweating it too much..another failed Gruden/Allen draft. The Buccs are due for some good drafts just by law of probability. they had one last year, but one year isn’t enough to label it a great draft.

  70. Paul Says:

    “Jets want Doug Martin and 2 future pick”

    ROFL, yeah right. if Martin was on the table, it’d be Jets give US Revis and a 1st.

  71. Mr Lucky Says:

    Joe comparing wanting Talib back to a case of the mumps?


    Wanting Talib back is Tampa would be more like having a senior pine for another case of the shingles or that of a streetwalker missing a return of the clap; …”I kinda missing having that warm pain upon urination…”

    Good riddance to bad rubbage.