Bennett Says He Didn’t Feel Bucs’ “Love”

March 16th, 2013

Joe’s unsure the truth will ever come out regarding why the Bucs thought it was a smart idea to let their best defensive end walk away in free agency when it wasn’t going to cost much to retain him.

For those returning from a Mars getaway, Michael Bennett signed with the Seahawks on Thursday.

Yesterday, veteran Tampa Tribune beat scribe Woody Cummings caught up with Bennett, and the versatile, young stud DE said he didn’t feel like the Bucs wanted him to return.

“They acted like they didn’t want me, so no, I didn’t go back to them,” Bennett told The Tribune on Friday. … …

“I just didn’t feel any love from them at all,” Bennett said. “And that’s kind of disappointing, because for a team that you put everything you had into for four years to do that, you’re just kind of, ‘OK, whatever.’

“You do everything you can to grow as a player and get better as a player and you prove yourself over and over again for them, but I guess that’s just who they are.”

The Bucs declined to comment.

Joe’s not going to rehash all the reasons why retaining Bennett — a guy who proved he was a strong fit in Greg Schiano’s defense — was a wise move. You can read many of those here.

As Greg Schiano and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik always say, every organizational move is about making the Bucs a better football team. Joe looks forward to seeing how losing Bennett fits into that paradigm.

85 Responses to “Bennett Says He Didn’t Feel Bucs’ “Love””

  1. BrianDorry55 Says:

    So we’re scumbags too now? Dammit…another trait to be embarrassed by.

  2. Daniel Shreve Says:

    Its because we didn’t give him that huge contract… Thats the love he talking about. Thank God we didn’t lol

  3. buccanay Says:

    Enough with the ‘rockstar’ crap. Makin you look foolish. Dominik has done NOTHING but keep this team at the bottom of its division. Never thought I’d say this, but we team could take a big step BACKWARDS, defensively, if possible. Taking huge risk on Revis to solve all our problems, and counting on draft to ALL become high-impact starters. It seems as if Dominik is trying to save his own A$$ with little regard for Bucs longterm SUSTAINED success.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I guess signing him is for Dominik to admit his draft picks are a failure maybe ?
    Stats may be for Losers, but they do not lie. He was our top pass rusher.
    And, he was cheap! I hope we did the right thing.

  5. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    Maybe they hate your Oily Agent. I’m gonna reserve judgement until i see the opening day roster. A Thousand players are gonna be released by then

  6. lurker Says:

    wtf…bennett says he will come back to the bucs, but then doesn’t…and it’s dom and schiano’s fault? lmao

    he doesn’t sound like a buccaneer man to me. blame bennett for leaving, not dominick for him “getting away”. why pay the backup starter money anyways?

  7. Tomcin Says:

    This is typical of the Bucs organization. Remember when they released John Lynch., same thing. On topof everything else there friggin liar. Its plain to see they had no intentions of resigning Bennett, they left us all believe there was a chance for the right money. If they really wanted him I’m sure they could have had him for no more than 6 mil. God, they make me sick. Wait and see I bet either Bowers or Clayborn don’t make it through the season without getting injured.

  8. Patrick Says:

    Oh, but Michael Clayton got a huge contract didn’t he?

  9. mikeinorlando Says:

    After looking at twitter and reading the interviews with Bennett and Trueblood i think both guys have no class.
    The speak bad about the Bucs or their fans. Just read the tweets from Trueblood:
    “Amazed by the Buc “fans” that talk smack, must be the 1s that sell their tickets 4 the big games to the opposing teams FANS” ————
    “To all the other true fans, thanks for struggling through the heat with us and cheering us on with sweat drenched clothes! “

  10. tmaxcon Says:

    Tomcin — Lynch’s situation is not comparable. Lynch was let go for 1 reason and 1 reason only he was more popular than Chucky!!!! Simple as that….

  11. buccanay Says:

    Our projected starting 4 is without a DT, BUT most importantly consists of Bowers, Clayborn and McCoy who have ALL had MAJOR injuries in the first 2 years. ALL 3 of these guys have yet to show ANYTHING remotely considered a consistant, long-term force in the NFL. MIND BOGGLING! All 3 of these guys are Dominik high draft picks with MAJOR MAJOR health issues, 2 of the three were injured coming out of college and, of course, we all know of McCoy paper biceps. This could be a disaster. And the dline is not the biggest of our concerns, it’s, obviously our CB’s, which we’ve done absolutely ZIP, NADA , NOTHING. This is gonna be very interesting, to say the least.

  12. Patrick Says:

    Yeah, like we all know that Dominick is gonna hit on every draft pick right? And pick up some great players like he did in Brian Price, Arrelious Benn, Myron Lewis and Josh Freeman right?

  13. Sunny Says:

    Maybe we draft a replacement, a bigger need is a cornerback, don’t mind Eric wright as our second cb but we new a strong number 1, all for revis but do not think that will happen, jets paid him 1 million bonus today could be trying to use that as leverage against Dom, trying to make him up the offer.dumbervil could be a good replacement for Bennett, and he was ready to sign with Denver for 8 mil. Also believe we need a linebacker to replace black, don’t think the new guy is a good starter. I have not read anything about grimes, he should be a good fallback if revis trade does not happen

  14. Ruggyup Says:

    Speaking of paradigms, how does Crabtree, low man on the Packers TE depth chart, fit in? Are we that hungry for a blocking TE with hands of stone and robotic routes?

  15. jlynch Says:

    brian price was better than mc coy

  16. 1976Buc Says:

    Sounds like a lot of “Buccaneer Men” aren’t feeling the Buc love. I know of at least one more that wants out.

  17. Sunny Says:

    Not sure how the Crabtree signing fits in, but maybe they decided to go back to the run first team idea

  18. J2couch Says:

    Bennett is overrated. He overplayed his hand. The only reason he had a good season is because of the emergence of GMC. Dude could not beat a double team if his life depended on it. Joe please stop man crushing on Bennett, Bowers will be the next big thing. Add in the boy-dog clayborn and the white dude from Florida state and we will be stout this year. And don’t forget about Teo-nes—. That kid is Bennett for way less money

  19. Capt. Tim Says:

    That was sad, reading Bennett’s statement.

    Now, not only do we suck- we are also a bunch of jerks

    Go Bucs??

  20. Zoocomics Says:

    Although we have yet to see a full season of Bowers, him and Clayborn were drafted to start and be our premier pass-rushers. I saw this being a problem the second we drafted Bowers, with Bennett performing admirably in the starting role. The only relief was the injury Bowers suffered last year. I was hoping with Bowers size that he could shift to DT playing opposite McCoy with Clayborn and Bennett on the corners… but perhaps that would have been too big of a stretch.

    Unless Bennett was exploding off the line from game 1 this year, or another major injury occurred, it was matter of time before Bowers assumed the starting position. So with that logic, to pay Bennett the money equivalent to a starter, then bench him, not only would be wasteful spending, but could have also ruined Bennett’s moral as well.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Really??? Since Dom wouldn’t overpay him, he didn’t show him love. That’s ridiculous. Bennett wasn’t going to sign for little with the Bucs. He wanted the big contract and found is real worth on the open market, and it wasn’t much. A one year contract. I’m glad he is gone. He wasn’t that smart and who’s to say he wasn’t spreading cancer for the past year about being underpaid. Those in the organization know the real story and this under performing D Line needed a shakeup. Now it is up to Dom to fill the voids, but I truly believe the D line couldn’t be any worse than it has been the last few years. I’m over Bennett and his whining.

    Bennett will be cut from the Seahawks before opening day. He won’t even see that first paycheck.

  22. Snook Says:

    Classless as usual.

  23. Fish Says:

    Damnit, would you guys just stop your b1tching and moaning!?!

    This is OBVIOUSLY part of a plan and these comments from Bennett just support that.

    Joe – I believe you even posted something that stated there was less of an importance on d-lineman and more of an importance on secondary players in Schiano’s defense, which makes A LOT of sense.

    We still have solid starters and MAYBE Bennett just so happened to have so much success because of the system – hence the “prove it” 1-year deal from Seattle.

    Miller, while seemingly a great guy, also had a lot of success in this scheme when he was previously mediocre. They know they can find an easy (and cheap) replacement.

    It actually ALL MAKES SENSE if you look at the grand scheme of things… Except for potentially the lack of corner attention. Honestly, they probably don’t think much of them and, again, need premier players at the position because of its increased importance – probably so we don’t see what happened last year, again. Which is probably why we’re willing to go after the BEST CORNER IN THE GAME even though he’s going to cost 3 times as much as some of these free agents.

    As we all found out last year, a mediocre corner is going to struggle. If Dom pulls off this Revis trade and works something out with Wright, we’re fine. Hell, maybe the corners in the draft are underrated.

    You just have to look at the big picture and have a little faith in the GM that has a track record of pulling off miracles.

  24. JH Says:


  25. 1976Buc Says:

    Unless the atmosphere inside The Palace changes we will see more FA’s abandon ship as soon as they can relocate. You can discipline but you also have to be respectful. These are grown men. Wonder why Barber is straddling the fence?

  26. lurker Says:


    so your logic is that since they paid clayton “a huge contract”, that was a mistake, that they should do it again? for a reserve player, no less

    1976buc with the inside source. is it your hairdresser?

    sorry, capt tim, but bennett was the one who went back on his word…i think he is the “jerk”
    unless this, “Now, not only do we suck- we are also a bunch of jerks” refers to the posters here…lol

  27. lurker Says:

    barber is straddling the fence because he is being relegated to a reserve role.

    man, the stuff you guys make up so you can justify your complaining…

  28. Patrick Says:

    Lurker, Clayton was a bum and did nothing for 4 years. Bennett was productive and improved every season. Same with Miller. We had the best rush defense with them, keep in mind! But I guess Dominick wants to gamble with banged up Bowers and Clayborn and zero depth behind them. Let’s not forget, Bowers has a gun charge in NY. In addition, we now need another DT starter and currently have zero depth at that position as well.

  29. Tee Ware Says:

    Tampa Picked his ass up off the streets….and he talking bout he didn’t feel the love…we aremoving on….with bowers and clayborn….

  30. Architek Says:

    Not improving

  31. Lev Says:

    Hitler reacts to Bennett going to Seattle:

  32. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lurker- how can you not be happy? We have a great defense- explosive offense, playoffs 5 years in a row. We are signing all our free agents, and talented players are just swarming to the team!!!

    Oh, no- that’s the wretched Atlanta Pigeons

    We haven’t seem playoffs in years. Our secondary is an embarrassment. We are constantly trying to build a D-line, and failing. Every player that can leave- is leaving. The only way we get FAs is to hugely overpay them, or sign guys that won’t be on any team otherwise.


  33. lurker Says:

    wow lev…

    you still adding words to that old video?

  34. Nick B Says:

    The overreacting by the people on this site is ridiculous. Before we all jump on Dominick let’s remember he is building a team in the mold Schiano is looking for. And it doesn’t happen overnight. The season doesn’t start tomorrow. They will put a good team out there. Let’s give the front office some time. If Bennett and Miller aren’t what they want. Then so be it.

  35. Druski Says:

    Don’t forget where you come from Bennett! You were undrafted and a nobody when you showed up here, and the Bucs make you a starter and allow you to play 85% of downs last year. He faced more passing plays than anyone and still couldn’t get 10 sacks…Good luck being a backup in Seattle!

  36. lurker Says:

    you all enjoy your negative complaining that isn’t helping anything. well, i guess you feel better venting on a fan site.

    i guess the old addage “misery loves company” is true, on this site anyways.

  37. lurker Says:

    ps a least noone here is a chip kelly fan…lol

  38. glen Says:

    Maybe soggy I liked Bennett to but guys let’s get real 4 yrs in the league 15 sacks. Now Bowers has potential to be elite but he needs snaps, can’t get him snaps with bennet around. Bennet thought he was gonna get a multiple yr contract for like 8-9 mil didn’t happen now he will sit behind avril in Seattle. Bowers can be be the real deal he has a couple games where he flashed like against Carolina he was a beast and his “A” game is way higher than Bennett’s. They have to see if he can be consistent and he has to be on the field to show that. Now thecorner situation is a mystery I believe they think they will land the island and I think they will take another early in the second or move back into the first to grab trufant. I also think they able on the honey badger in the 3rd. So here it is in the first they grab star of Sharif if both are gone if both are gone maybe ziggy then late 1st or early 2nd they grab trufant and in the 3rd honey badger then depth another te a wr and oline dline

  39. passthebuc Says:

    That is the adult, pro version of pay me what I want or I’ll take my ball and go home.

  40. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Bennett didn’t give the Bucs a chance to match or beat any offers. He’s butthurt because we didn’t shower him with starter money. Too bad so sad, next man up. He’s completely replaceable.

    Right around this time last year people were crying about losing Winslow. How were we going to score touchdowns without him!!?! Well I think it worked out pretty well. Just wait until all of the chips fall folks.

  41. FlBoy84 Says:

    Obviously if he only signed a 1-year $5 million deal, he didn’t feel the love from just about every other team out there as well. That should tell everyone who thinks Bennett is an All-Pro something about how he’s viewed league-wide.

  42. Mark Says:

    As fans of a team that has not made the playoffs in years you look forward to upgraded names on the back of the jerseys. This team is either going to get markedly better – this year – or Dominik will be out like Miller and Bennett.
    So: A) Dom/Schiano have a plan they are willing to steak their jobs on and B) They are sending a serious message to their “Buccaneer Men” on the expectations of this upcoming year.

    This feels like a team that understands this is a make or break year for folks in the front office and for folks on the field and as a Bucc fan I’m excited.

  43. Stranger Says:

    I don’t feel the love from Dom either.

  44. Scotty in Fatantonio Says:

    Seems to be alllll quiet on the FA front. I smell something big a brewing at OBP this weekend.

  45. Fish Says:

  46. Fish Says:

    ^ We’ll just see how much people will miss Bennett after going against some of the better right tackles in the league next year with Seattle.

    Oh, btw, that’s when he disappears. Sounds like someone I want starting for my team.

  47. Jeff Says:

    There has got to be a reason why the Bucs did not sign him.

    Why was no other team in a rush to sign him? 5 mil for one yr tells me he has some injury concerns being he was playing through one last year.

    My point is, if Bennett was that good, he would have landed a better contract.

    But I will say this, if we are blown away in the secondary again because we did not sign any CB’s then Dominick needs to go.

  48. 1976Buc Says:

    @Lurker: LOL! Actually my Tailor.

  49. andres Says:

    Here’s the deal as I see it, Bennett wanted either a long term deal in the 10mil a year range or he wanted a 1 year deal fully knowing that next year’s cap rise he could really break the bank. My guess is the bucs said sign long term for 5 or 6 mil a year and he balked, knowing that after next year he can get a long term for 10 or 15 due to the cap raise. He was smart and the bucs don’t want to pay too much for a DE that doesn’t produce on 3rd down when it counts. Smart move by both IMO.

  50. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lol- not a chip Kelly fan

    Listen, I still occasionally watch “lost in space” reruns.
    I’ll watch some bad stuff- live and on TV.

    But this is supposed to be a team on the rise. So. Far, they are getting worse. Alot worse.

    And the good CB options are off the board

    Not feeling optimistic now. At all. They could have signed two of those young Cbs, kept Bennett and McCoy- I would have bet the farm we were in the playoffs

    Now, we have more holes than when we started.

  51. jose Says:

    If you ask me, it looks like Bennet thought he had the Bucs by the balls and when they didnt want to over pay him he to ppm k the best he could get on the market if not the only thing. To me he was overated at least 3 of his sacks the qb just ran in to him when trying to run away from GMC. Besides a backup is not worth 5 million a year and thats all he was gonna be next year a backup.

  52. Andrew 1 Says:

    I had a dream last night that we got Revis, so If dreams count for anything Revis will be a buc.

  53. Buddah Says:

    Losing Bennett means a 1-15 record at best. He’s headed for Canton. This is the end. No reason to ever watch another Buccaneers game. They let such a star get away. How we will go on from here. Obviously, the management wants to lose games. Time to jump….

  54. Bb Says:

    Damm we are like 50 million under the cap, we can still do lots you guys are so impatient . Sept is a long way away.

  55. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    Love the Goldson signing, disliked the Casillas and Ogletree signings, liked the Crabtree signing, Loved the Benn trade. WE NEED 2 NEW STARTING CB’S!

  56. andres Says:

    Oh and I once said Bennett sucked on 3rd down… well… boy was I wrong

  57. buccanay Says:

    I would bet that Bennet has more sacks over the last 2 years than McCoy, Bowers and Clayborn combined, or its very close.

  58. raphael Says:

    good Riddance Bennett !

  59. FlBoy84 Says:


    From what’s been posted out there, the cap is projected to be basically the same as it is for 2013.

  60. Sgt Mike Says:

    Don’t like when they treat players that performed well over 4 years. It does not reflect well for loyalty down the road or in signing FA’s. Especially when you consider that Bowers and Clayburn have not proven that they can stay healthy. 5mil was small potatoes for a proven commodity. Hopefully there is something BIG brewing on the defensive front (CB, DL, LB). Go BUCS!

  61. andres Says:

    @FlBoy84 – NFLPA was telling players and agents that they expect a boost, but owners of course are like hell naw…

  62. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @Daniel Shreve: Daniel you effing moron, you thank god we did not give Bennett a long term contract now? May I ask why you are so happy about it? Is it because Bennett has character issues? No. Is it because he is not a hard worker? Is it because he is a bad player and worse than others playing the same position on the team? No. So what exactly are you happy about you schmuck.

  63. raphael Says:

    jonny3.3 you effin moron , bennett told the Bucs he would give them a chance to match any offers, then changed his mind and signed without giving the bucs a chance to match the offer …..your a dumbass …

  64. raphael Says:

    Bowers >>>bennett

  65. BigMacAttack Says:

    Dom offered Bennett a deal. Bennett didn’t like it and thought he was worth more. Dom said test the market and get back to me because this is where I’m at with money. Bennett went elsewhere and got a big reality check. How in the Sam Hell does this make the Bucs bad or disloyal? It doesn’t and its business for all the Bennett loyalists. We’re not talking about Derrick Brooks here.

    Is Bennett a dominant DE in the NFL? Do tackles fear him? Do coordinators fear him. Is he in the league of Julius Freakin Peppers? Has he taken over critical must win games in the 4’th quarter? Has he lead is to the playoffs? The answer is not only “No” but “F@%k No!”

    For those that love him so much, move your self to Seattle. But you better make it a round trip ticket because Bennett isn’t even going to make their roster. If I’m wrong, I’ll refrain from running my mouth here for 30 days in September.

    And that’s all the eff I have to say about him. I’m a Buc fan and he’s dead to me!

  66. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    As much as I dislike the fact we let him go… I gotta agree there is a lot of over reacting and whining going on. We lost an average player not an irreplaceable one. Gotta believe there is a plan in place here. Dom and Schiano arent stupid, they gotta know we cant lose our best DE and expect to be any better.

  67. gotbbucs Says:

    Michael Bennett = Dewayne White

    I remember the uproar when he was allowed to walk too.

  68. bucfat Says:

    Funny how Football players always seem to play there best football in the last year of there contract. I always knew and said M.Bennett wasn’t a buccaneers man. I do wish him luck.

  69. bucfat Says:

    On a side note Buc Fans need to be more positive.
    Never have heard so much negativity towards a favorite team.

  70. Vic66 Says:

    @bigmac:: you peged it right. Bennet was too dam embarrassed to come back to Dom and admit he wasn’t even what Dom had offered in the first place.. What’s the old sayin?”pride cometh befor a fall”.

    As for the dumb ass “spend the money $ Dom is not spending”.. Most that talk this way has never managed a budget over $30,000. (your pay). Sit back – have a cold one and let’s see what they can put together. If this is another f’up year I’ll bitch right along with you. After all we still have mohalk boy, prema-dona, moonwalking cover guy to complain about. “Don’t stare down your receivers , etc”

  71. MadMax Says:

    It was stupid of Dom to not hold onto him! But if he wanted starter pay, (and he wasnt going to get it here), then I can see why he left and was bitter. Lets see how he does within that division. Good luck Bennett.

  72. Dick Tracy Says:

    Michael Bennett was BY FAR out most talented pure pass rusher over the last two years. He easily could have had another 6 sacks that were near misses…. granted he benefitted from strong play out of Mccoy, but what end doesn’t benefit from a DT’s push? Dominick just learned AGAIN about getting a deal DONE and signed…. #1 rule of sales- if the document is not signed, sealed, and delivered- you do not yet have a deal. Once again, the best organizations are more professional and organized from the top-down than the Bucs. Winning consistently is not an accident!

  73. 76buc76 Says:

    This Bennett thing is not Dom’s fault.Bennett said he would let the Buc’s match any offer.Then they recanted the statement feeling it would scare team’s away.So the buc’s probably didn’t bother contacting him.Instead waited for him to call.His agent is why he’s not a Buc.Probably got a kickback from the Seahawk’s to delete Dom’s #.

  74. 76buc76 Says:

    So Trueblood and Bennett are dissrespecting the Buc’s.Perfect reason to let then walk.I’m sure your new team’s think that’s pretty classy.ala K2 last year “toes on the line”.The one former Buc that could be crying about not getting a shot.Benn is taking the high road. If Goldston came here saying “the niner’s don’t want great player’s I guess,they are commiting to not win the Super Bowl.I’d question his character

  75. teacherman777 Says:

    Trueblood is not disrespecting the Bucs.

    He is talking about the sick ppl out there who send him hate mail!!

    He has the right to address this problem! Stop it! Everyone. Say no to hate.

    Now, you guys know, I dont complain too much.

    But I am sad we didnt show Mike some love. He was one of our hardest working players over the years.

    3 starting caliber DE’s are needed these days.

    Especially in that Tampa heat!

    We need fresh legs in the fourth quarter.

    Anyway, I wish Mike the best. I dont blame him for feeling hurt.

    Its just shows he LOVED the Bucs! He did! Cant u guys see that??

    Amd appreciate one underdogg who played hard for us??

    Man. Some of you guys are just so cold. One Love.

    Seattle is rocking it!! By the way…

  76. Raphael Says:

    @teacherman…..if Bennett “loves” the Bucs so much why didn’t he give the Bucs a chance to match the offer…….I call bullspit

  77. Oahubuc Says:

    It’s not building a stronger team. It’s jumping the shark. Schiano/Dominik are Captain Ahab and Revis is Moby Dick.

  78. Berserker Ryan Says:

    Let us never speak of these non-Bucs again. He left.

  79. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @ Raphael the louse. Read my post again simpleton, where in that post did I mention any frustration towards our front office supposedly not pursuing Bennett harder? Are you a junkie that dropped out of fifth grade? because that is how bad your reading comprehension is.

  80. Stanglassman Says:

    A grievance filed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright to challenge the voiding of his contract guarantee for 2013 has been denied, according to a ruling obtained by NFL Network and Shyam Das was the arbitrator in the ruling, which was issued Tuesday.

    The Bucs won the ruling, which means they no longer have to pay Wright the $7.75 million guaranteed in his contract for 2013. They also have no obligation to make a decision any time soon, meaning they could let the issue linger until the start of training camp.

  81. raphael Says:

    @ jonny 3.3 , your gay and stupid ….thats all, it ain’t ur fault

  82. TampaBayTay Says:

    Cry me a river. Same to all you fans crying about this.

  83. stratobuc Says:

    Big money for Quincy Black – but not a penny for a guy we needed to keep. More bull s*** from the front office. Now they’ve let Miller walk…. GREAT JOB!!! Looking forward to finishing in last place next year. Way to go – Dumbanik.

  84. St Augustine Says:

    Two sacks the last five games and both came against a bad Philly line

  85. Donut Glazer Says:

    The Seahawks waived Bennett early in his career. But the Bucs didn’t show him enough love… so he’s back with the hawks. Makes perfect sense.