Skins And Raheem Sniffing Talib

March 12th, 2013

“I can’t wait to vibe with Talib in my room again, and things of that nature.”

Joe shook his head this morning at the reports from the Washington Post and USA Today claiming the Redskins are eager to ink helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging, Adderrall-popping, coach-cussing, referee-charging, pistol-friendly, granny-hassling Aqib Talib.

Are Bruce Allen and Raheem Morris, leader of the Skins’ 30th-ranked secondary last season, that foolish?

How did the Tanard Jackson signing work out up there, fellas?

Apparently, Washington would need to make some last-minute, salary-cap clearing to afford Talib, and will have to outbid Bill Belicheat. It seems the Patriots want injury-riddled Talib to disappear in the playoffs again.

Joe’s so glad rockstar general manager fleeced New England of a fourth-round pick for Talib.

14 Responses to “Skins And Raheem Sniffing Talib”

  1. Nichole Says:


    Have you seen the Dominick prank on deadspin yet? Good stuff.

  2. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    “…Raheem Morris, leader of the Skins’ 30th-ranked secondary…”


  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Talib is still better then any player Tampa currently has back there.
    Too bad he is such a head case, he does have some talent.

  4. bucfan1532 Says:

    Talib is not the only thing they are sniffing…..

  5. Dave Says:

    Why Talib would not want to stay in NE is beyond me. Maybe hard work and accountability aren’t his thing.

    At least with the Redskins history of Free Agent signings this should work out well…… LOL

  6. don' Says:

    Well, It looks like Dominik has reached out to several splash players but it’s looking like our biggest splash player will be a backup QB.

    My predictions,

    Colts will get Avril, …
    Philly will get Goldson, …
    Skins will get Cox.
    9ers will get Smith

  7. CoachG Says: (And this is why I hate technology in the wrong hands)

  8. Capt. Tim Says:

    The skins are sniffing Talibum- and he smiles like a fresh pile of s+*^ !! Lol

    The skins always have been the masters of Free agency! Lol

  9. Andrew 1 Says:

    3 more hours to go

  10. passthebuc Says:

    Have you heard the expression, “2 peas”

  11. Snook Says:

    Allen and Morris are a couple of douchebags. I hope they sign Talib. That’d be great.

  12. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Yeah, Talib is going to get along real good with Shanahan, This is not going to turn out well. At least for Skins fans. For Philly fans its going to be hilarious.

  13. pick6 Says:

    fitting if he reunites with his old head coach, the GM for whom he was 1 of only 2 reasonably successful draft picks (davin being the other), and the NFL player whose career most resembles his (the more hype & headache than production deangelo hall)

  14. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Allen and Morris created this monster, let them live with him. That 4 round pick is looking better every day.