“Keep Calm”

March 30th, 2013

Yes, in case you didn’t know it, free agent cornerback Brent Grimes and his bad Achilles signed a deal with the Dolphins this morning.

And, as can be expected, Bucs fans took to Twitter to lodge grievances at Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik for sitting on his hands and not doing anything, in their eyes, to upgrade one of the worst cornerback groups ever to stain an NFL field.

The past few weeks should have braced Bucs fans for Grimes heading elsewhere. Notice Dominik hasn’t made any strong push for any cornerbacks walking the sidewalks, not even one of his own, E.J. Biggers?

This told Joe that not only did Dominik think little of the free agent cornerbacks crop, he felt he would be better off keeping troubled Eric Wright and drafting a couple of corners than signing overaged, damaged corners for high prices.

Dominik said last week on SiriusXM NFL Radio, and has stated this several times the past year or two, that if there is a player he thinks can come in and improve the Bucs, he would be aggressive in bagging said player, like Dashon Goldson, like Vincent Jackson, like Carl Nicks.

Dominik has not been remotely aggressive in landing a free agent corner this offseason. Do the math.

As the Bucs’ Facebook page famously told Bucs fans just a few days ago, “Keep calm.”

Perhaps, Darrelle Revis is on his way?

70 Responses to ““Keep Calm””

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    And it is so easy to remain calm and patient when a GM with a 24-40 record is “building” this team.

  2. Ruggyup Says:

    Keep calm. Right. Trust me. Right. I know how to build a winning team. Right. Oh, you looked at the record? 40 under the L column.
    Right. Trust this.

  3. Tom Says:

    Of the 40 or so available corners Mark Dominik has signed 0 including losing one of his own on an awful pass defense, all of the top corners have now signed.

    Even if “the plan” gets executed and the Bucs trade a ransom for Darrelle Revis, he is good, but not good enough to play 3 corner positions while Ronde Barber is not the player he was 5 years ago and able to just walk out and be our nickel corner again.

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    What Dom thinks ,is obviously way off the Mark. His bad drafts and inability to build this team are pretty apparent at this point. He doesn’t know what he’s doing

    I was very optimistic entering this off season. My post reflected that. We had the beginning of a great offense. We had the cornerstones for a good defense. We just needed 4 CB, a TE,a Sam Backer, Slot Reciever, RT, and some depth. We had a ton of money- and good players available!

    Playoffs, here we come

    But Noooo. Dim has allowed the good young players to go elsewhere. His only signing- was a position where we HAD players!
    Now he’s going to try to plug Rookies into those gaping holes. Rookies take a couple years to really contribute. Plus we don’t have that many Picks

    Plus Dim is a terrible at drafting. Last year was the first time he had more than one player really stick. So we know the draft won’t save us.

    No. No more patience. No more Rebuilding. No more bad players and worse excuses. If Revis signs, that is one of the Four CBs we need to compete.

    I have watched this team since conception. Sick of watching it spin it’s wheels. It is more frustrating now, because we have a QB., and some talent.

    Think I’m gonna go buy another Boat. A few less people in Tampa stadium won’t even be noticed!

    And I’m not a hater. I used to get harnessed here for being a Homer. I want to be a fan. But the lack of effort by management, to secure the players we need/ is inexcusable

  5. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Nice rant Tim. I feel your pain.

    It seems that the Rock Star is waiting to see what the draft brings, then filling the need with cheaper free agents. I’m certain we are going to get some new CB’s just nothing from what we have seen so far.

  6. Nick Says:

    after thinking about it, its not like there was significant drop off when roy miller came out of the game for gilberry, he’s not a superstar but you cant have one at every position. Why not draft dt bodies in later rounds but go after dee millner as agressively as they are revis. if you can give up those picks for revis, why not this year for dee millner?

  7. stevek Says:

    Preach it Captain Tim!

    We are 2nd to Dan Snynder, take that Glazers!

    We fired Bruce Allen and Raheem Morris, both went to the Redskins.

    In our last playoff game, we LOST to the Redskins. Since that time, they rebuilt, retooled with our scraps, traded the farm for a FRANCHISE QB, beat our ass in 2012, and that win let them win the NFC East again.

    Some may say the Redskins got lucky last year, but I feel that we are their bitch, the management and decision makers on this team are inferior to them. That is just sad.

    28%, or 35 million in salary cap, and we can’t get one CB in FA.

    Glazers, how do you expect to SELL OUT a stadium to see Danny Gorrer and crew get burned? When will we get a CB upgrade?

    Are we FORCED to draft a “need”, and sacrificing Best Player Available? Ok, awesome, glad we can really TRY, thanks for the superbowl in 2002, maybe we can become “rebuilt” in another decade.

  8. stevek Says:

    42% of Mark Dominick’s wins came in 2010, and no playoffs.

    We lost 10 games in 2011.

    We lost 5 games in 2012.

    Are were there yet (to the playoffs?)

  9. Nick Says:

    It’s easy to bring up the rockstars record as a gm….yes 24-40, raheem morris was his coach for three years and i had never been more than a db coach, he’s still come up big as a gm with trades. we dont need a team full of old veterans. were YOUNG and UP and coming team…..YOUNG so all this complaining about what’s inexcusable before the draft is crazy. be a buc fan or be a buc hater. dont be on here thinking you can run a billion dollar franchise because you play fantasy football or madden. Im a fan which is why i want the player we have to step up (josh Freeman) hope they get better. People are saying he’s garbage and he’ll never be the franchise but somehow vjack had the best statistical season of his career hmmm wonder how he made it to the pro bowl

  10. stevek Says:

    *We lost 10 consecutive games in 2011.

    * We lost 5 straight in 2012.

  11. Nick Says:

    the coach was just as much to blame for some of our loses to, everyone can tell when a rookie head coach is being outcoached. what about our head coach getting better. deciding to run the ball 3 times and put winning the game on a garbage defense is bad coaching

  12. stevek Says:


    The billion dollar franchise you are referencing, you are referring to the Manchester United #fully funded team?

    We suck, and choose to suck at this point.

    Unless we get to playoffs in 2013, this will be just another money saving ploy leading to disappointment and “patience”.

    What seems to be the “miss-communication” with the FA CB market?

    Is the GM’s headset down, and we have to muster up a run up the gut all on our own? More like a shot to the gut, now, and the five year’s prior to last.

    We are still a last place team in the division. How does appointing only 72% of available resources BEST?

    What is best, is playoffs.

  13. stevek Says:


    Raheeem won 10( 46% of Dom’s career wins as Buc GM) games in 2010, we were rewarded in our HUGE BUDGET with a Punter that off season.

  14. Nick Says:

    Signing any free agent with a pulse doesnt equal wins….Id rather be a fan of the Bucs than a cowboy fan, the entire 2009 draft class is gone from the roster, now thats garbage. you build through the draft and i would love to be a team like the steelers and eventually we will. Think about it this way, im waiting for the days when we do nothing in free agency and its ok because our team is stacked with YOUNG talen. Dominick knows the nfl stands for (not for long) it doesnt just apply to players and coaches

  15. Nick Says:

    lol Steven i cant argue that but seriously im just optimistic ive been a fan since birth since before warren sapp and derrick brooks. Im hoping dom is gonna pull off the deal of the century because he feel he has to and that his job is no safer than anyone else…

  16. DjoshFreeman Says:

    You sir are great at complaining and not having a clue what you are talking about.the redskins didnt beat our ass, they won on a last second field goal and we played pretty well against them.

  17. DjoshFreeman Says:

    You should find another team since we don’t give you what YOU KNOW is best for the team

  18. eDDyk0k0 Says:

    I’m 100% sure the last time the Bucs lost a playoff game was against the giants in 2007 when that team went on to win a Super Bowl. Get your facts right. there is no point in complaining about what happens in offseason, just be positive and quit wasting your time with the needless negative remarks. We’re suppose to enjoy this, they play for our entertainment, quit stressing.

  19. TylerRuuu Says:

    So everyone’s upset about not going out and spending a ton of money in FA. Well let me be the first to say thanks mark dominik, when mike Williams and McCoy and all of our other players need extensions we’ll be able to do it. The bucs are the next dynasty. Might not happen this year or next but watch out we are building a very solid nucleus of young players. This team is starting to feel like the Pats of the 90 s.

  20. bucobruce Says:


    Thank you,are there any real fans out there,this is by far the best young team in the nfl.The Bucs are on the verge of getting a few rings in the next 10 years,and I bet all you haters are going to be sayin I knew it all along,I knew this and that would happen, just like when we won the super bowl before.I hate these kind of fans.Revis will be hear soon and a great draft, wow I cant wait.

  21. Andrew 1 Says:

    ah the notorious haters are all out in force today. notice how they ALWAYS have something negative to say. I dont even have to read the name, I can tell who it is just be reading their posts. their so predictable and they dont even realize all their blubbering is falling on deaf ears. kinda pathetic really. do yourselves a favor and grow a sack.

  22. Tom Says:

    LOL @bucobruce. I like Freeman, I think the Bucs have a good offense, but their Achilles heel is their pass defense. The GM has not addressed it and it appears he intends to address it through the draft, which doesn’t have a good short-term track record of success. People think he is an idiot for this strategy and I agree.

    There weren’t many haters in 2002 Bucobruce, I don’t know what boards you were lurking on then, but it was pretty well established that the D was amazing and the Bucs were one of the best teams in the NFC. I recall there being a lot of optimism then. There certainly was not an overall negative sentiment like in recent years. Dumbinik does not inspire optimism.

  23. dr j Says:

    You guys need to be more optimistic. We’re not in salary cap hell and we’re a few bone headed plays (@qb) and defense (e.g cb’s) from consistently making the playoffs. Dom didn’t resign certain players because by signing them, we’d stay mediocre. His draft picks have been getting better. I think we’re one of the better younger teams. If we can get some consistency out our QB that would alleviate a majority of our problems.

  24. Tom Says:

    @Andrew 1, speaking of blubbering that falls on deaf ears. Welcome to the club! Your membership card will arrive shortly.

  25. lightningbuc Says:


    I Guess this is supposed to be JoeBucsPositiveOnlyFan.com where mediocrity is appreciated and expected. Any sort of objective criticism can only mean you aren’t a fan!

  26. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Tom

    you got my blubbering confused with annoyance. just thought Id put the haters in their place.

  27. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ lightninbuc

    every bucs fan has a right to have objective criticism. its when you bash the bucs that makes you know longer a bucs fan. theres a difference.

  28. Neil Says:

    I’m surprised as anyone else the way this offseason has played out. Hopefully before the season starts we’ll sure up this roster, fill in the holes, and be ready to win NOW. How many close games did we lose this past year? All heart-breakers…before the 2nd annual great late season slide. It’s easy to complain about anything in life, but let’s wait til after the draft to size up our roster.

  29. dcbucsfan Says:

    Keep Calm!!!!

  30. dcbucsfan Says:

    Personally, I would rather the Bucs grab some CB talent from the draft. These old washed up bums with all types of injuries are just looking for a payday. [The Falcons were crazy for signing Osi….what a heist, he has absolutely nothing in the tank, not even as a back-up]

  31. Westcoastbucsfans Says:

    The Tampax MUST be flying off the shelves in Florida with all of the posters that are obviously menstruating. All these people having hissy fits over some scrub corners getting signed. No one is asking you to wait for years, just months. Just reserve criticism until you actually know how the entire offseason plays out. If we don’t have a legitimate secondary by then, go ahead and grab the pitchforks and torches.

    Does anybody think Dom will be out of job before the season starts? Didn’t think so. So why complain before you have seen what this offseason has to offer? Yes, we did lose last season, repeating how many wins/losses Dom has on every single article will NOT change anything! You don’t have to sing his praises, just keep your mouth shut until you have something to grade him on. (at the end of the offseason).

    No productive conversations on this site AT ALL. Just a bunch of people on a ledge with another bunch trying to talk them down.

  32. MarineBucsFan Says:

    I cant wait until Dom shows his hand. He is sitting at a poker table and continues to check/call with the best hand. He will raise all in pn the river!!!! Lol

  33. MarineBucsFan Says:

    I posted my last with my cell phone. I meant ON not pn

  34. TrueBlue Says:

    Wow. I haven’t heard this much crying since before the 2010 season. Bucs were going to go winless or maybe 3 wins tops. The majority of fans are usually wrong. So all this complaining is a good sign.

  35. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    @ West Coast- great post! Had me laughing. Love it.

  36. Illuminati Says:

    I smell a Revis deal in the next 72 hours. Might not be what you think, but then we can safely and rationally evaluate our secondary situation.

  37. bucobruce Says:

    To all you haters,Martin could be one of the greats when all is said and done,he was so close to the most yards a game.We have 3 of the best offence lineman in the league,we have the best run defence,we have one of the best duos in jackson and williams,we have two of the best d-lineman in the league and one of the best safties in goldson with maybe the next ed reed next to him named barron.Oh yea look at the rookie linebacker named the next brooks.With a few more players we will be super bowl bound, laugh all you want ,I will be at the parade with a big poster that says I told all you haters now come jump on the bandwagon!

  38. lightningbuc Says:


    3 of the best offensive lineman in the league? Penn, seriously? 2 of the best d-lineman in the league? What are their names? Where’d you get your rose colored glasses?

  39. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Ya three of the best o lineman…probowlers! Go watch a hockey game! Their names are clayborn and bowers and if u liked your team you would kno that.all I ever hear you do is bitch…

    You obviously are one of the few on this site who watch the NFL. We ‘ll be raw in the fall, you got it all figured out. These other tools are just mad that they’re ignorant

  40. teacherman777 Says:

    What is wrong with you guys? Seriously?

    Doug Martin. Pro Bowler. Stolen from the Giants by trading back into the first round.

    Did we maybe miss on Luke Kuechly? Yea maybe we did. But SS is a very hard position to find. And Mark Barron is going to be great. Just watch.

    LaVonte David. Almost defensive rookie of the year. Brought heart and leadership to our D. Also, we traded up to get him. Another smart move.

    Half of the teams in the NFL would LOVE to have Josh Freeman.

    Mike Williams. Great pick.

    Carl Nicks and Joseph, could be the best guard combo in the NFL, if they healthy.

    Gerald McCoy. Awesome player. And still with fresh legs! Thanks to the bicep injuries. Great years ahead of him. Brian Price-freak accident. Couldve been great.

    Whats wrong with u guys!!?

    We were a few plays away last year from easily being 10-6 or even 12-4!!!!

    We lost some heartbreakers last year. Coach Schiano was a great hire! I am so happy we have a disciple of John Wooden as our leader!

    And who chose him? Dom!

    All GM’s make mistakes. Wright? Mistake. Gone soon.

    Sean Smith! Sucks. Dominque Cromartie? Hates tackling. Asomugha? Punkbitch. Grimes? Awesome but old, and just a one year investment.

    We will get our corners. Amd Ronde will mentor them. Just relax. I bet we could draft 3! And they will all be young, fast, hardlworking corners that like to HIT. Those are the corners we need. Blue collar guys.

    Plus? After June 1st. Darrelle Revis will be a Buc!

    So shut the f up!

  41. lightningbuc Says:


    So Penn makes a Pro Bowl as an alternate and he’s one of the best, but McCoy makes the Pro Bowl and he’s not one of the best? Now that you’ve explained it to me with your intelligent rationale, all my negativity is gone – Super Bowl here we come!

  42. bucobruce Says:

    Mccoy is one of the best if not the best at his position.so yea Im sorry im on a buc site rooting for my team,why dont you haters go to a panthers site.GO BUCS and when I dont like something they do I just disagree with it, but I dont bash them for it, I just hope the guys in charge, head coach and gm, that spend all there time doing what they do are right.Bucs super bowl 2013!

  43. bucobruce Says:

    Thanks to all you true buc fans that do support your team and for having my back!

  44. Illuminati Says:

    Why are people so hung up on this June 1st date?

    Sure, if the Jets trade Revis after June 1st they can push some of his cap money to next year. But if they don’t move him before the draft, there’s no way they’ll get the draft picks they want in return.

    He’ll be traded before the draft.

  45. Illuminati Says:

    There’s a thousand ways to restructure contracts and manipulate cap money. There are only a few opportunities to gain additional high draft picks. If the Jets don’t deal Revis in the next few weeks, they get screwed.

  46. @build thru the draft Says:

    carl nicks played injured, without davin joseph and our offense started to pour it on once doug martin started to break out. It was more about martins success, we had 5 game losing streak when teams focused on locking him down….A drafted rookie not a free agent from another team. we supplement a young roster with high caliber free agents not washed up players that their teams didnt want. GO BUCS

  47. @build thru the draft Says:

    Can anyone team me of another gm that drafted 3 absolute studs in the 1st 3 rounds last year….3 more home runs like mark barron, lavonte david and doug martin and where do you think this team will be? our coach still has a connection into the college world so im expecting another good year of drafting excellent talent, its no coincidince dominick has such a good draft with having a rookie college head coach coming to this team

  48. DjoshFreeman Says:


    Ya so you agree, penn is a pro bowler.so yes you were wrong.thanks for the admittance. McCoy is understood as our best d lineman.i merely tried to open your eyes but they are still blinded by the light…ning

  49. Stevek Says:


    So we can expect to be in the playoffs this year, right? Boy I hope so.

    What if Ronde retires? Biggers and Ronde gone? I am praying Ronde comes back, he is still a good player. I love Ronde’s quiet consistency, he truly is just a Hall of Fame Person.

    “True” fans would not judge opinions of other fans. We are a family, all walks of life, with the Bucs in mind.

    Cap’n Tim, any room on that new boat? I’m more confident in catching fish, than watching a good young team not quite make it because of a lack of funding. Maybe ticket prices should reflect the payroll, ie “Tickets now cost 72% face value”. After all, we are ok with sitting behind Atlanta, New Orleans, and possibly Carolina? I would not be so outraged, but my sentiment is that the Glazers care more about Machester United (as the probably should?$$$$), and fail to sign a CB. I am all good with rebuilding another year, but just phucking say it, at least the expectations of the fans will be met. I take our losses personal. I support any and all Buccaneer people, just concerned we are forgotten because of ticket sales.

  50. Capt. Tim Says:

    SteveK- absolutely! It’s nice to hear a true fans opinions, instead of these guys who keep watching this team get screwed, and are Ok with being losers.

    I have watched many great players waste away here. James Wilde. Paul Gruber. Ervin Randall. The list is enormous. All because Management was to cheap to surround them with talent. Too cheap to but a competitive product on the field.

    I don’t bad mouth our players( other than scumbags like Stevens and Talib). These guys play their hearts out, risking life and limb to win.

    I get angry with the suits and ties, that won’t give them a fair chance to compete. We spent 27% less than most other teams. That’s over a quarter less. Money is talent.

    We have a lot of good players. But we won’t win unless we get 3 or 4 Cbs that can play defense. Not one great CB- we need a whole new rotation.

    But we knew that the last two years. And we did nothing. Wasting 2 years of Freeman’s career. And McCoys. And Penn’s. and Josephs.

    Why? We have the money available. Talent was out there. But we don’t.
    Because they’d rather pocket that money, than win. They figure there are enough idiots around here, who will justify losing and inferior teams.

    Reading the Post around here. They are right!! Posters who are Ok with the owners not spending money on the team. Ok with not getting the players we need. Ok with losing . And losing . And losing

    Some of us are not ok. If the owners are keeping their money in their pockets- so am I. The rest of you wanna reward the greedy- go ahead.

    If we all went fishing- they would have to quit short changing the Tampa bay fans. And our players could have a fighting chance to win

  51. Jerry Says:

    And we are keeping Wright…be sure of that. Like him or not, he’s the best corner on the team right now.

  52. lurker Says:

    there were no talented cb’s available. don’t mistake prudence for cheapness!

  53. lurker Says:

    lightningbuc said:

    I Guess this is supposed to be JoeBucsPositiveOnlyFan.com where mediocrity is appreciated and expected. Any sort of objective criticism can only mean you aren’t a fan!”

    the only sheep I know of are those who believe in a god!

  54. stevek Says:


    The only sheep I know are those that narrow their sight (unable to accept differences) based on the beliefs/representation/skin color of others.

    I am happy we live in a country where you can avidly not believe, and I am thankful I can believe.

    I like to believe that everyone should have the ability to lead a genuine life, and if yours is fulfilled by not believing, that’s fine. 🙂

    I just really hope you don’t think lesser of people because of their beliefs/personal faith.

    I respect your opinion and beliefs, but I pity the ability to see others equally simply because they choose to “believe”.

  55. stevek Says:

    in-ability* ^

  56. lightningbuc Says:


    Happy Easter! Believing the Earth we live on just came about after a really loud bang is so much more believable than the thought there may be a God! Shame on you for injecting religion (or lack thereof) into my post. Go back to the pasture with the rest of the herd.

  57. lightningbuc Says:

    Above should have read as a question:

    Believing the Earth we live on just came about after a really loud bang is so much more believable than the thought there may be a God?

  58. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lurker- you lost all respect. To make that statement on Easter, was obviously meant to be disrespectful and inflammatory.

    You hate God, but love Dom and the Glazers?? That seems appropriate, as that path will certainly leave you a loser.

    Happy Easter to all. Despite our differences of opinions, we are all Passionate Buc fans.

  59. Darrion King Says:

    Why do people complain about us not spending money? We’ve signed Four prenium free agents over the last 2 years FOUR!!!

  60. lurker Says:

    half the posts on here are disrespectful and inflammatory and thinking lesser of people for their buc beliefs.

    religion is already interjected with happy easter, merry christmas, amen, chorus, sheep, etc. I was relating a person’s comments to another absurd comment, granted with less tact. but I’m uncouth in “real” life, too.

  61. Capt. Tim Says:

    Darrion- because we can count, my friend. Buc ownership has averaged spending 30-35% less the the other NFL owners for the last 6 years.

    And. , by coincidence- the Team has a losing record for that time period. Coincidence?

    Management is telling the fans to spent their money on the team, put damn sure aren’t spending theirs!!

    They make an astronomical profit, printing “Tampa Bay” on their product. Both in tax incentives, pure profits, and merchandise!

    All I ask is that the spend some if that money- and represent Tampa Bay the best they can. That ain’t asking much

  62. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lurker- ” but I’m uncouth in “real life”, too”

    I suspect that most people, who are happy being losers, are of similar ilk.

  63. stevek Says:

    All the “happy go lucky” fans,

    Do you all EXPEXT playoffs for the Bucs in 2013?

    I do, Cap’n Tim does, lightning buc, and others do as well.

    Excuse us for finding this losing to be unacceptable.

    How can any “true” fan be happy with our current group of CBs, this many options in FA (at the beginning of FA), and the fact that our owners are sitting on 35 million dollars twiddling their phucking thumbs?

  64. lurker Says:

    awwww, capttim,your implications are not hurtful, though you strive to be

    you are a “true” fan? lmao
    all you do is bitch and moan. you do not say anything about the positives. just because the bucs are not doing what you want doesn’t mean they ar wrong. they didn’t want to throw $$$ at average corners. you have no idea what coach/gm feels about our corners. they must like them more than what was available in free agency.

  65. lurker Says:

    ps the offseason is not over yet either, but that obviously does not concern you guys

  66. stevek Says:


    What happens is Ronde retires next month?

    Who will replace Biggers?

    Is Myron Lewis on the roster still?

    Did we just narrowly miss out on having the WORST PASS DEFENSE EVER last year?

    Why not sign at least one FA CB?

    Do you expect the Bucs to be in the playoffs last year?

    Does “liking” our CBs make them able to do the job? I thought talent was needed?

  67. stevek Says:


    I am a fan of Buccaneer football and winning.

    I believe we are going to get Revis, and draft CBs, so who knows?

    It just hurts to see quality FA CBs not get signed to the Bucs, especially considering the current state of affairs.

    Seriously, not trying to be rude, how many more years is it ok to be “rebuilding”?

  68. lurker Says:

    stevek, those comments are well thought out and lacking the hate i have seen in some others.

    i am saying it is early, yet. i am saying, last year it was complaining about the rush defense and no changes made, the rush defense was the worst ever, we can’t stop the run, gmc sucks, yada yada. at what point do you trust the gm/coach?

    the glazers have made mistakes, they have said so. but i truly believe they want to win, and have shown that with what they gave up for gruden. maybe they learned from overspending on wright last year and didn’t want to this year for people they don’t feel are better. perhaps coach sees positives in the players you can’t stand. we have a new cb’s coach, too. perhaps new coaching their, as in the dline last year, will help. maybe the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know!

  69. lurker Says:

    ps i think barber is irrelevant. they have a plan for/with him and one without. he needs to decide if he likes their plan, probably a nickelback. i believe he will return, if not just to help and mentor the youth. they are giving him time after learning from some earlier mistakes with brooks, et al.

  70. lurker Says:

    via rotoworld

    The Tampa Tribune thinks it’s time to “start getting used to the idea” of CB Eric Wright being back with the Bucs in 2013.
    “He has been a reliable player,” coach Greg Schiano said. “If I didn’t feel there was good there, we would have already separated from him.”
    The Bucs are paper thin at cornerback and still feel Wright has upside. His $7.75 million salary isn’t guaranteed, so he can easily be released at any point.
    Source: Tampa Tribune Mar 31 – 11:59 AM