“His Work Ethic’s Unbelievable”

March 18th, 2013

Put aside Jets coach Rex Ryan’s loud mouth and world famous foot fetish, and one must respect the man’s knowledge of defensive football players.

So it was interesting to note his comments today on Darrelle Revis, via NFL Network. (Here’s the video, including footage of Revis training.)

“His work ethic’s unbelievable,” Ryan said of Revis.

Ryan went on to say “absolutely,” when asked whether Revis will return to the Jets. “He’s our player.”

Surely, Ryan talking about Revis staying with the Jets could just be him touting the company line, but it was world’s more convincing that the clip of the video when Ryan talks about Tim Tebow competing for a QB job with New York this season.

24 Responses to ““His Work Ethic’s Unbelievable””

  1. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    What a Hoist and Bamboozle-Fest…the Media bought it!!!!! The Glazer Kids won’t spend more than the minimum $109 Million

  2. tampabaybucfan Says:

    If we want Revis…just wait a year. Then we don’t have to give up a pick….he will be expensive but no more than a restructured contract now. Tell the Jets to enjoy him while he lasts and lots of luck trying to trade him to someone else.
    Lets move on!!!

  3. Macabee Says:


    Do you know if the Bucs are not going after anyone in FA or could it be that they are being told by agents that my guy won’t come there and out of respect nothing is being said?

    Just seems odd that of all the FA CBs in what turns out to be a soft market that there was no one the Bucs thought was an improvement over what we have now.

  4. lurker Says:

    yep, macabee, that is exactly what is happening! their agents say “the bucs are offering more money but you shouldn’t go there.”
    –sarcasm intended

    perhaps this revis thing has something to do with it, or maybe, hey didn’t want to overpay for mediocre. there is always next year! πŸ™‚

  5. lurker Says:

    in other buccaneer trade news:

    via rotoworld

    “The Bucs are still trying to trade LeGarrette Blount.
    Unsurprisingly, his market has been ice cold. Blount’s one-year, $1.75 million deal contains no guaranteed money, so the Bucs’ only impetus to get a deal done quickly would be to clear cap space. If a trade never materializes, the Bucs can still pull the plug on Blount’s time with the team free of charge before Week 1.
    Source: Tampa Bay Times “

  6. Ryan Says:

    I am praying that the bucs get Revis

  7. adamant Says:

    Interesting take Macabee. Maybe those other CBs don’t want to sign on to the worst pass defense in the league. It would definitley have merit if they are assuming that it is the scheme versus the talent that caused the problems (or have seen it on tape). I do know that the talent was lacking last year, so it may be a stretch.

  8. Macabee Says:


    I asked that question because almost every team in the playoffs have looked at a CB in FA. I wanted to rule out the fact that we may have something in common with them!

    Sarcasm intended! lol

    You may be right about overpaying for mediocre talent, but it’s a soft market and nobody has overpaid. I think they have their eye on the best and won’t accept less. It was a rhetorical question – one that I kinda knew the answer to!

  9. Joe Says:

    @Macabee — It’s still very early, with loads of free agents still available. Don’t think there’s much, if any, won’t-play-for-Tampa sentiment going on.

    @lurker – The Blount stuff is nothing new.

  10. CC Says:

    Saints with no cap space sign Ben Watson to go along with Graham. Thats a pretty good 2 TE set. Not as good as Stocker/Crabtree though.

  11. lurker Says:


    it was a recent update I threw out there since some in other threads talk about trading blount

    sorta like all the revis updates πŸ™‚

  12. lurker Says:


    my point was that they would take more money to come here, but the bucs might not feel they were worth the $$$

  13. Terraj Says:

    Anything Rex Ryan says to the media is purely for entertainment/shock value. Think about how many things he’s said since been the Jets head coach. Super Bowl guarantees, Sanchez being a pro bowl quarterback, Revis not going anywhere, and now Tebow actually having a shot at starting. The media loves him because of the crap that comes out of his mouth.

  14. 1976Buc Says:

    @Lurker: New deal on the table according to my “Tailor”…Martin and Freeman for Revis…. Sarcasm also intended πŸ™‚

  15. Andrew 1 Says:

    I just thought of something. if the Revis trade wont happen until sometime in June, wont that make it even more difficult to determine who we should take at 13 during our draft in April?

  16. Andrew 1 Says:

    Ryan went on to say β€œabsolutely,” when asked whether Revis will return to the Jets. β€œHe’s our player.”

    yea, just like he absolutely thought his team would win the super bowl. LMFAO. that guy just need to shut up for about 5 minutes.

  17. bucs55 Says:

    Forget bout revis let move on pick up grimes and draft a corner wit our second or.third I’m tired of all this talk bout a player that the gm dosent have the balls to trade u can.tell hrs he’s a first time gm smh let’s go bucs

  18. Macabee Says:


    I got your point, and point taken. we’re good! A little sarcasm is needed to make a point sometimes.

  19. tampabaybucfan Says:


    I would think the Bucs would be a great place for a CB to come….hard not to improve on current players, no state income tax….couple of good safties backing you up with a young stud defensive line….a great place to play a year, prove yourself and score a big long-term contract.
    Toes on the line!!!

  20. the_buc_realist Says:

    Bucs need to sign Matt Hasselbeck!

  21. Capt. Tim Says:

    Tampabaybucsfan- lol!” Toes on the line!” Hey , I said linguini- not Angel hair!”
    “Wait, can’t hold team meeting! It’s 73 degrees!”

    Other than that, they should be beating the door down.

  22. lurker Says:

    “touchdown, buccaneers!”

    and the bucs are heading to the playoffs!

    works both ways capt. tim

    was the “tailor” the sarcasm? πŸ˜‰

  23. 1976Buc Says:


  24. MR.T Says:

    Forget Revis, lets get Tebow before somebody else does. He’s a Rb/Qb combined so he can backup Free and replace Blount if he’s traded. It would also liven up the media around here. πŸ™‚