Dominik “Listening” To Offers For Blount

March 18th, 2013

TCDominik11Not much new here, but it is a fresh nuance to the LeGarrette Blount trade possibility.

Speaking at the NFL Owners meetings in Arizona this evening, rockstar general manager Mark Dominik implied that while he’s exploring trading Blount, he’s aware that a solid No. 2 is necessary. Per the Twittering of Tampa Bay Times beat writer Rick Stroud, it seems the Bucs believe Blount could be their No. 2 and he won’t be dealt for a ham sandwich.

@NFLStroud – “Right now we’re just listening with the understanding that Doug Martin can’t do everything,” Dominik said.

Joe can’t blame the Bucs for seeking to trade Blount, who becomes a free agent after next season. If the Bucs aren’t going to use Blount much, they might as well see if someone will part with a middle-round pick.

Perhaps the Bucs are sniffing a running back they like in a middle round, but don’t love enough to use one of their current picks on him.

14 Responses to “Dominik “Listening” To Offers For Blount”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    We may as well get what we can from him, while we can still get it.
    Send him to the AFC, so he don’t run any Bucs over.

  2. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    Blount a 2nd and a 4th to the Jets for Revis!! thats a trade that would work for everybody. then grab Turner on the cheap as a back up. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!

  3. Macabee Says:

    Dominik is listening to offers for Blount? Plural as in several? I hope that is true. It appears to be mixed messages in the marketplace.

  4. Doc Says:

    First why would you trade your number 2 without some one to replace him. Why would a general manager make a trade for a player that the bucs did not play very much. Word has spread around the N.F.L. about this coach and his ego. Player’s talk if you get someone to come you have to overpay. the buc own players did not want to stick around. this coach has heard the talk that is why he said he will tone it down this season. the bucs have tried to get some free agent but they refuse to come because of the coach and how he has treated players in the past.

  5. lurker Says:

    a blount update!


    funny how these gms/coaches say a player is great for the team and we want/need him, but….but, we are trying to trade him.

    a negotiation ploy. I am sure the “feelers” are out, so does this ploy placate a player’s feelings?

  6. teacherman777 Says:

    Blount is NOT a motivated dude. He said it himself last year with the Trent Richardson talk!

    Blount medicates a lot!

    Thats why Dom wants him gone.

    Cuz for his first 2 years with Raheem, he grew into a coddled punk!

  7. Dave Says:

    Get a 4th or higher and get rid of him. He is a slacker and will not stay content getting 50 touches a year.

    Michael Smith… step up.

  8. lurker Says:

    there could be a holdup on a trade since ahmad bradshaw is still out there and available. steelers and packers had expressed interest in bradshaw.

  9. Rrsrq Says:

    wow, love all these posters who know Blount, are in the locker room with him and everything. You don’t make it in this league without hard work, talent only takes you so far.

  10. Vic66 Says:

    @doc: you are so badly misinformed! I’ll not say what I want to- Joe would probably not like it. Just think positive.

  11. lurker Says:


    try and ignore the comments where people are actually talking out of their behind. they are generally just a troll.

  12. Mike J Says:

    Means nothing, but I was very surprised st the comments from fans in Rotoworld wanting their clubs to trade for Blount, & offer a nice draft choice. The videos from two years back, I reckon…..

  13. 1976Buc Says:

    I’m thinking with the extra $700,000 in performance based bonuses in his new deal it is expected he will play somewhere else. He will not get the playing time in good old Tampa.

  14. MadMax Says:

    Stepfan Taylor or Lonnie Pryor….or spend a 6th on Lattimore. He’s going to need more time to finish healing though (probably another year, I saw him when he visited Greenville last week, love him like crazy, but he’s going to be a project…but if he heals well, man look out)