Darrelle Revis Trade Could Happen… Or Not

March 14th, 2013

Yes, Bucs fans are banging on that F4 key virtually by the minute wanting information. What’s up with Michael Bennett? What’s up with Brent Grimes?

More importantly, Bucs fans are panting over Jets whiney stud cornerback Darrelle Revis.

As Joe has documented a few times the past couple of days, the Jets are stonewalling the Bucs on a trade proposal that would bring Revis to Tampa Bay.

Trying to gather insider information, Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski, of WHFS-FM 98.7, asked NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport today to dish info on the Revis situation.

“The latest is that both sides at the least are discussing it. It is such a complex issue. So many different moving parts. Both sides are open to [a trade] yet, but there may never be a resolution.

“I hear there is another ream interested but I don’t know if there is another team involved. Not a lot of teams can withstand this: Accept star system or a coach who can handle it. Schiano handles it a lot better than most. You have to be comfortable with the injury, have to be able to pay him and give up the draft picks.

“The Bucs are pretty smart. The way they do things are very savvy. The longer they wait, the better it is for the Bucs. If the Bucs trade for Revis today I won’t be surprised and if the Bucs don’t trade for Revis today I won’t be surprised.”

Rapoport later noted free agent cornerback Sean Smith is still available and a signing of Smith by any team “could happen today but I’m not sure where.”

As Joe has stated many times already, coughing up the No. 13 pick for an expensive diva who may not return 100 from his ACL injury is just too much to ask.

54 Responses to “Darrelle Revis Trade Could Happen… Or Not”

  1. NJBucsFan Says:

    isn’t the F5 key????

  2. JonBuc Says:

    Coughing up a 2nd this year or next year’s 1st would be worth it IMO. It’s been a decade+ of mostly disappointing Buc football and a high risk/reward proposition like this is at least exciting a la The Gruden Hire.

  3. 4everBucsFan Says:

    I just can’t stand being jerked around by New Yorkers. They really think they’re savvy and smart, but in actuality, they are deviously transparent.

  4. Jordon Says:

    Forget Revis…sign Smith and Grimes or Winfiled. Then use that first round pick on a D lineman. Re-sign Bennett…he’s not qoing to get the $10 mil a year he wanted so we could probably lock him in at $6 mil for 3 or 4 years.

  5. Robbie_G Says:

    I understand the WOW factor, but this fan does not want them to give away the farm. Bucs are only a handfull of teams who can even consider this move. Like I said before, I hope they don’t let the other good free agents go to other teams, and HOPE they get this deal done.

  6. Gus Says:

    2nd, 4th, 4th, Blount, benn

  7. Kurius Boy Says:

    ye Joe, can you stop updating us on Revis if nothing new hasn’t happened? It’s getting annoying now. If Jets wont take less then a 1st ruonder, lets trying to sign Sean Sitth before all the CB’s are gone

  8. Jacko101 Says:

    Ok Sean Smith is Decent he is being betrayed as Great he isn’t he has really good games and really bad games grimes is a bit older and in recovery. There is a reason they aren’t signed yet and Revis is not that reason. We do have wright and as much as people want him gone for poppin a pill he likely won’t be. I imagine his contract will be re worked. Sadly out coaches feel optimistic about Gaitor and Leonard Johnson along with the return of Barber. Bring back Bennett and Miller go after a DT in The Draft and round 2 go corner

  9. Patrick Says:

    A Darrelle Revis with one leg would still be better than what we had last year!

  10. Capt. Tim Says:

    Revis is a great catch. If they can get him at a decent price- I’m all for it.

    My concern is- we still haven’t addressed our area of greatest need! We are dead in the water without a good CB – probably two.

    There are 11 decent CBs out there right now. Keenan Lewis And Sean Smith would be a great pair of starters!

    But we seem so focused on Revis( which may never happen) , that I’m worried we are letting really good CBs sign with other teams.

    If we sign Lewis- it a) makes our situation less desperate b) which will also give us more leverage with the Revis deal. New York has (typically) made such a circus out of this, that they have damaged their relationship with Revis beyond repair. They almost HAVE to trade him. If we sign a starting CB, then we DON’T have to have him. We are still pretty unique in being able to afford the deal, but don’t have to.

    That will change the New York trade tune really quick

  11. Jrock Says:

    Definitely the F5 key, definitely F5

  12. flmike Says:

    Off topic…
    Trueblood signs with the Skins, RGIII asks for trade….

  13. Terrance from Philly Says:

    Give me a break about the acl on every post about revis Joe. you act like his leg fell off and they put it back on with tape is he a diva? Yes! Is he on the last year of his deal? Yes! But you act like the Bucs have had a lot if success with first round picks not named Doug Martin. They would probably only take the German Defensive End a rookie corner Or Star who has heart problems. None of those guys are world beaters or perennial all star players. Give me Revis and let’s go

  14. Jrock Says:

    Also, why isn’t there any talk about the Bucs going after Nnamdi Asomugha, or any other FA CB for that matter? Revis’ health scares me, why are we holding our breath for him?

  15. Patrick Says:

    Even if we got Revis, we’re still gonna need to sign at least 2 more quality cornerbacks.

  16. Terrance from Philly Says:

    Nnamdi can’t tackle I’ve watched him get burnt time and time again no thank you

  17. Gus Says:

    I don’t get why everyone thinks we have to get a corner in free agency. Go after Revis. Resign bennet. If we don’t get Revis have we forgotten how deep the draft is at corner. We’ll be fine without getting one and none if the FA are world beaters. Be patient our pass d is already miles better with Goldson alone

  18. FlBoy84 Says:

    Believe one reason the top CB’s are still on the board is because they’re waiting to see if the Revis trade get’s done, because his new deal will set the market for everyone else. If Smith signs for $7/8 million per year and Revis ends up getting $10 mill per a day later, there’s going to be a fallout (whether it’s reasonable or not).

  19. Gus Says:

    @patrick I don’t think so. We can draft one very deep in the draft for number 2 corners. Save money for big namesb

  20. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Idzik, the Jets GM, is under pressure to win, and win now, so he needs our first round pick THIS year, not next year.
    We gave up 2 number ones for Keyshawn, and we need a guy like Revis who will sell tickets here.
    I think if Revis will be cooperative, and passes medical exams, why not give a number one pick for a proven player we so desperately need.
    Besides, a Revis only come around once, every 10 years or so.

  21. Weber_88 Says:

    terrance from philly, the bucs run a similar D then the Raiders, where he balled out

  22. Weber_88 Says:

    to* not then

  23. Killian Says:

    I would like to hear who our other targets are besides Revis. Are we looking at other CBs, TEs, DTs, DEs? They have to be doing more than just trying to trade for Revis, an example is Casillas. I didn’t even know we were interested in him until we signed him. Any insider info on the Bucs FA would be appreciated.

  24. jfgobucs Says:

    Redskins reach agreement with Jeremy Trueblood

  25. J 2.0 Says:

    Random comment.

  26. Snook Says:


    You all will be cussing his name this time next year when he’s wanting more money from Dominik and threatening a holdout in August.

    Keep the diva in NY.

  27. flmike Says:

    Watch Nnamdi, he has lost the ability to change directions, he strating playing stiff like a zombie.

  28. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Give up the farm for a one year rental, and that’s only if he has healed 100% to even play. A second rounder and that is it. If not, walk away.

  29. Terrance from Philly Says:

    @weber ask victor Cruz how good he is I can’t tell u how many times he burnt him and I’ve lost count how many misses tackles he had I think it would be interesting to see him in zone coverage but he played man in Oakland and man here in Philly idk what happened when he came east but he is not the same guy. On top of that our dlineman still don’t create enough pressure if they can’t get do a better job of getting to the qb it’s not going to matter who’s back there

  30. Patrick Says:

    Any updates on Ronde Barber?

  31. 4everBucsFan Says:

    KC signed Sean Smith, and they picked him up with the Budweiser Clydesdales

  32. Jacko101 Says:

    Sean Smith signed for 5mil per year

  33. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Is it okay to complain about Dom and the Bucs now?

  34. SirustheVirus Says:

    Keenan Lewis to the Saints is what i’m hearing. Give the 1st no one we draft at 13 isn’t going to have the impact Revis will have. We can get a TE in the 2nd and a CB in the 3rd OT with the 4th. Plus our 1st rd pick could be a bust because this years draft IMO isn’t that good. ACL isn’t as bad as everyoe makes it out to be. WIll he be Peterson probably not, but a 70% Revis is better then most that are starting in this league and is definitly better than anyone we have. Also I want our 1st next year we can trade 2014 1st and 2nd and 2015 1st and 3rd to move up to the #1 spot in 2014 and take Jadeveon Clowney lol.

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Sounds like we’re about 2 go Bargain Bin Shopping. Still some value out there lets make it happen.

  36. Capt. Tim Says:

    Gus- um, because we were 19 yards from being the worst pass defense in the history of organized football.

    We have no one capable of starting.

    If we start two rookies, backed up by the flotsam and jets one we have- then we will possibly be worse than last year!

    No playoffs. Another wasted year for our offensive players, – growing old with no chance of winning

    Dom gets fired.

    Yeah, I guess signing a CB is pretty important. We only have one on the roster now- and he’s 37

  37. Tampa2 Says:

    I hope we dont cut our nose despite our faces here waiting on the Revis deal. I know Dom knows what he’s doing, but Sean Smith and Derek Cox has since signed elsewhere. 2 of our top targets other than Revis. I would call the NY’s bluff and give them 48 hours and if nothing is done, then move on to get Grimes. Super pumped about Goldson, but we need a veteran CB man..

  38. Capt. Tim Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention. Shiano wants the CBs to play man on man. Alone on an island. Signing a safety won’t help the CBs.

    That’s why Some experts( Waltfootball in particular) gave the trade a bad grade. He said that, while upgrading talent is a plus, Safety wasn’t an area of great need. We need to address the worst pass defense in decades. And in our defense- that is CBs.

  39. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    I am NOT convinced Dom knows what he is doing now.

    After hearing him whine with the Bills GM about not being able to re-sign his own players, I am thinking he is not the negotiator for the job.

  40. Mikenatx Says:

    Sean Smith off the market. Every DB getting signed makes Revis’s stock go up. Derek Cox is gone, Smith is gone, Wilson is ancient, Grimes is hurt, Revis is hurt. Why are the Bucs not jumping on Keenan Lewis? 26 year old Mike Tomlin trained cover guy with excellent speed who can be had without over paying or giving up draft picks.

  41. Bad Boy Bucs Says:

    For a 1 year contract on a broken player… no deal…. As Prince would say, “Draft like it’s 2012″….

  42. Buc'N'iT Says:

    Sean Smith signed a deal with 18 mil and 11 mil guaranteed, not 5. IMO I would rather suck it up and start with E, E.J, Ronde and Leornard.

  43. SirustheVirus Says:

    It’s not a one year deal if we trade for him we’re giving him his 5 year deal(so what Im hearing) Revis agents has agreed to the contract it’s just the Jets. They want our 1st this year. The Bucs want to give them our 1st next year.

  44. thegregwitul Says:

    We need corners, period. Revis trade or free agency and of course the draft, we need to hit all areas. I’ll be bummed if we just resign Biggers and move on to the draft, it won’t be enough.

    I’m for rolling the dice on Revis, let’s see where he is by Saturday when the million dollar bonus kicks in. I’m hoping it’s with Tampa for a #2 and a player (Blount, I would think, as Jets lack RB).

  45. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    If Dom can’t shore up our secondary this year then he loses his Rockstar nickname Joe.

  46. Jacko101 Says:

    Sean smith has 11 mil guaranteed 15 million dollar deal 5prr year

  47. Bucsalltheway Says:

    Like I told joe yesterday Dom and co. Are waisting time with revis and missing out on valuable pick up because we’re so far up the revis trail that there missing the point on our pressing needs would revis be an upgrade…yes…do we need to throw a vault at him…no…

  48. Bucsalltheway Says:

    @joe I think if we had snagged a corner or two then we would have leverage in the trade opportunity I just think we’re pressing the trade and there stone walling because they know we’re desperate.

  49. BullDog Says:

    Capt n, I agree most all you said but methinks you undervalue Golden’s services a tad. He should help out quite a bit over the top. Of course the better the CB’S the more he’s allowed to scheme. I’m for 2 decent cb’s vs 1 diva /mental cancer gimp kneed backfield savior myself. Hell DRAFT a couple and see what you come up with. Heck of am idea right ? lol

  50. Sean Says:

    The only way I would give up our first round is if we also got the Jets third round pick. Maybe our 1st and Blount or Benn for Revis and their 3rd.

  51. Vic66 Says:

    Question for Joe and knowledgeable people! After all the carnage to the FA pool, who is left that would really help us? Did I really just hear that Matt Castle chose Vikings over the Bucs? What a dip?

  52. White Tiger Says:

    I think we are working the best deal possible for EITHER Grimes or Revis…the Jets don’t like our offer and Dom has no motivation to sweeten the deal…yet.

    …but if Atlanta is ALSO working on a deal for Revis, keeping Grimes as a fall back position…tells you why we might just be waiting longer for Something to develop.

    Schiano NEEDS Revis, because his system requires ManCover CB’s, and John Idzik KNOWS Revis is the perfect fit…we can get by with Grimes, but we really want Revis…but Idzik wants MORE than Dom is offering (and Revis wants more than everyone is offering) and doesnt have enough leferage to get a 1st rounder this year – if the rumor regarding Atlanta’s interest in Rvis is accurate – then Atlanta and the Bucs may BOTH be holding off on offers to Grimes until they see what they can work out to land Revis.

    No one has any way of pushing this deal forward because right now…everybody thinks they still have time, can get more, or just plain want more..

    Since the Revis thing is a TRADE – and the Grimes thing is about a FA, it would help the Jets to drag this out until Grimes disappears from the market – because they could either get their 1st rounder this year. if the Bucs balk and sign Grimes…then they can tell Revis his value has been determined….kind of like what happened to Michael Bennett…

    We’re in a strong position, but we don’t hold all the cards…and the fact that Grimes is still out there tells me he’s 2nd place to everyone wanting Revis.

    The fact that Grimes is still out there reinforces this – despite what Dom says/doesn’t say – Revis is his “El Número, Uno”…

  53. Bobby Says:

    That’s ‘cut off your nose to SPITE your face’ not….oh never mind…sigh.

  54. Harry Says:

    WTF? Why are we not signing ANY cornerbacks by now? Freaking KC signed Sean Smith for LESS than Eric Aderall Wright. Are we putting everything into trading for Revis? Do we not need a 2nd CB? (and a 3rd, and a 4th?). OMG! KC signed both Smith and Dunta Robinson and they did not almost make the history books for most passing yards allowed