Bye-Bye Bennett

March 14th, 2013

“Look, Glazer. I know what I’m doing.”

In a move that absolutely makes Joe want to vomit, Bucs free agent Michael Bennett has signed a one-year, $5 million deal to play defensive end for the Seahawks, per

A ONE-YEAR deal for only $5 million!

Joe really doesn’t get the logic of the New Schiano Order and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik here. Bennett was their best defensive end, is in his prime, and was an absolute manbeast against the run. He also logged a stunning amount of playing time and showed his versatility rushing inside at times.

For now, the Bucs will bank on hasn’t-proven-much-yet Da’Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn coming off a knee surgery to start.

Jimminy Christmas! The Bucs’ pass rush just got worse.

Joe can’t wait to see what the Bucs have up their sleeves to put a quality rotation of defensive ends on the field.

Joe wrote last week about how Team Glazer used to boast about their streak of not losing a homegrown talent because of money. Either the team had no use for Bennett, or the streak is broken.

150 Responses to “Bye-Bye Bennett”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I will never forgive the “Rockstar” for allowing this to happen!
    First, they allowed Clif Avril to get signed by the Seahawks, and now Bennett!
    This is devastating to Tampa!

  2. Paul Says:

    No more “Rockstar GM”. He’s douchebag gm now. He needs fired for this FA blunder

  3. bUcncRazy Says:

    UN believable

  4. Robbie_G Says:

    I was so excited about free agency this year. now ewwww. Yes he have Goldson, but we NEED CB HELP. NO more Revis talk, they have money to spend. Now the let Bennett walk for a one year deal? Not only dies the pass rush get worse, the secondary still needs a TON of help. Joe, I am just as confused as you are. DO they have their head so far up the Revis that they did nothing to help out the pass rush or get a cover corner, O line help, or a good TE? (sigh)

  5. Architek Says:

    What the hell? How does an injury plagued defensive line let a balanced player get away for peanuts? I don’t agree nor do I understand.

  6. #1bucsfan Says:

    Take a pill guys…jeez. It’s March 14th and you act like the season is over…

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    Good grief, keep sharp objects away from Chris@Apple Roof for a few days.

    Somehow I don’t think Dominik probably got his chance to match the offer. I think Bennett wanted a change of scenery and thought it would be cool to join the new “Dream Team”.

  8. teacherman777 Says:

    Teacherman is bummed.

    Michael did what he needed to, to earn our respect. And a fair contract.

    He worked so hard to go from undrafted to solid DE.

    And are we rewarding him? No we give Casillas 3 million.

    This is criminal. Poor Michael. He must be bummed. To feel rejected.

    So we are just handing the starting job to DaQuan? Thats what this is about. Give him his chance and only chance to prove he was worth a 2nd round pick. If DAquan fails to shine, he will be cut next year.. It will be his 3rd year of a 4 year contract. And for the past 2 years, he has barely played. We are giving him a shot to start. Thats it.

    Good idea? No! Investing in depth is crucial.

    Good luck Michael. Much respect!

  9. Matt Says:

    i am glad to see that bowers will be givin a shot to be the starter. remember he was a stud in college. i just worry about our depth with the history of our d lines health

  10. Fear The Glow Says:

    Any word on Roy Miller? It’d be nice if they don’t let two starters walk for chump change.

  11. Buc dude Says:

    I think Bennett signed a 1 yr 5m with seatle out of spite/embarrassment/pride. He thought he was going to get a long term 10m a year contract with another team. When he found out his value wasn’t that he decided to sign a low ball 1 year deal and gamble that no injury occurs and that he out performs it and can hit FA next year. I bet Dominick offered a little more money and 3-5 yr deal. But not a 1 year deal. He’s taking a gamble because he thinks he deserves 10m per yr. I think it’s a bad move on Bennett’s part.

  12. TPCMatt Says:

    Well, we can’t blame Bennett for going to Sea. They are gonna be sick. I’m wondering if Bennett and Schiano butted heads? Something seems odd.

  13. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Seriously joe… RETIRE the Rockstar nickname RIGHT NOW.

    I was ON BOARD just 3 days ago with everything… I am extremely bothered now. Even more bothered than when they lose. Why? Because there are only a few days out of the year that a team can get better… The draft and early in free agency. There were sooooo many CBs out there better than what we STILL don’t have. I mean everyone in the country doesn’t get this nonsense.

    News Flash Greg Schiano: Your defense STUNK last year! Your scheme STUNK! You SOLD OUT the secondary with that #1 rush defense. We make the playoffs, win 3 more games last year if your sorry Azz secondary could have slowed ANYONE down. Josh Freeman took the blame last year yet was scoring 20+ points a game.

    WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GREG SCHIANO???? You don’t know how to stop the pass in the NFL.

  14. Ryan Says:

    something doesnt smell right. Bennett couldnt find a better deal than 1yr/$5M from anyone else in the league??

    I’m guessing Bennett never wanted to come back to the Bucs.

  15. patrickbucs Says:

    Can’t believe they didn’t resign him, very good player. The Seahawks sure are having a great offseason so far. I guess I will wait and see wha we do moving forwardbut o ar I’m wondering what’s going on.

  16. Charlie B Says:

    You guys assume a one year deal was on the table for the Bucs. One year deals are meant to set up big money. Being a premier run stopper at DE doesn’t bring in the FA dollars like getting 10 sacks. Seattle gives him a better secondary and thus a better chance at sacks. This is all about him trying to set up a better deal next year.

  17. Killian Says:

    This is crap. Avril and Bennett could have easily been had for chump change. Here’s hoping Dumerville gets cut…

  18. Zoocomics Says:

    This was done out of spite! For those that think Bennett allowed the Bucs to make a counter offer, and the Bucs refused, I’m not a buying it. This happened quick, things just aren’t adding up… first I’m reading Bennett is going to Miami, if he didn’t pull a contract from Miami he’d be paying a visit to Detroit, now out of no where Seahawks sign him? For a 1 year 5 million deal? Doesn’t make sense.

    Does anyone on these boards doubt the Bucs didn’t offer Bennett before free agency started 3-4 million mulit year deal? He was expecting more in free agency, and his feelings were hurt when the Bucs didn’t offer more. It’s BS!

  19. Don Says:

    MUTHA F*+£R!!

  20. Mr. Patrick Says:

    If the Bucs really wanted to keep Bennett, they would have. I dont know what their plan is, but I know they have one. Maybe they know something about Bennett, and since he only a one year deal for 5 million maybe the other teams know it too. Only time will tell.

  21. kh Says:

    Joe, Bennett is not a homegrown product technically speaking.

    We’ve known for days if not a week now that Bennett likely wasn’t coming back, so the outrage now seems foolish. A one year contract at $5m to me says that the NFL viewed Bennett about the same as the Bucs did, which is not a every-down starter. He basically took a deal to try to set himself up for next year but he’ll probably be in a rotation at Seattle as well with Avril, Irvin, and Clemons. Irvin and Avril are pass rush specialists so I can’t see him anywhere but in the same boat next year.

    As far as the Bucs, we’ll sign Shaunessy or Abraham or someone along those lines and plug them into the rotation to fill Bennett’s role and not skip a beat, I really don’t think Bennett is irreplaceable by any means .

  22. Cameron Says:

    Will y’all just cool out for a moment Bennett has Ben signed for 5 mill a year he is a good all around de but there are at least equal pass rushers out there that now have had their value push below 5 mill a year so have faith yee faithful.

  23. Snook Says:

    Our moron GM can’t do two things at once. He’s too busy trying to bring Revis here.

  24. CC Says:

    Can anyone honestly say at this point in time, the Bucs are better than they were last year.

  25. BullDog Says:

    Pretty much BITES manatee turds ! Sit around while decent CB’s are taken, lose out on a MORE than quality DE even if it develops into a rotation. Bennett was worth that much. All the while pining over a CB under contract with a gimp f$$king knee and a price tag that would take draft picks we could use to build for the long haul. What happened Dom ?? You hook up with Tanard ?

  26. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If you go back and listen to that conversation between Dom & Nix. He said some of his Free Agents “he didn’t want to have back”. Maybe the reason he didn’t want to sign Bennett had to do more with internal issues.

    So until the whole Free Agent/ Draft Process is complete I will reserve judgement

  27. Buccfaninhawkeyecountry Says:

    Ha im tryna be patient. Im hopin they got some master plan thats about to unfold. Until then ill just have a nervous twitch i guess, ill give it to after the draft to fully meltdown. Haha. But i think our plan is to get revis and draft a cb at 13, prolly why we dont want to get rid of our first. leonard johnson would be a solid 3 or 4. (Sign ronde back for depth at safety or nickle. But if we did get rid of our first for revis maybe we could just trade our 2nd n the pats 4th to jump back in the first? I dunno how the brackets of what picks are worth works but meh? I dont want to see a pass defense like last year. We need to get ish fixed. I got faith in ya Dom. But damn. Seein all these free agents gobbled up for cheap makes me queazy n uneasy.

  28. Pinnacl3 Says:

    There’s nothing to say Bennett and/or his agent didn’t bet on himself and lose. Nothing to say he turned down an offer from the BUCS and looked elsewhere only to find less. Instead of coming back with tail between his legs, he may have taken the last offer made to him. That’s what I’m betting on.

  29. Macabee Says:

    I understand the sentiment regarding not re-signing Michael Bennett. On its face it looks like a blunder. But I think after one year of the NSO, the Bucs are attempting to radically change the Bucs defense. It’s too early to make much sense of it now.

    These are trying times hard to understand, but I’m loyal to a fault. I am as puzzled as anyone by our approach so far in FA. But I’m going to stay in the boat. There is a plan behind these moves or non-moves whatever. I simply refuse to believe that Schiano, Davis, and Dominik would put their futures and this team at risk by holding back. I believe there are bigger and better things planned for our defense.

    Things will unfold and we will be happy with the direction we’re taking. I’ve come this far, and not going to get weak-kneed now! I’ve said some things in jest lately, but rest assured, I’m a Buc for life. Go Bucs!

  30. Bucnnole Says:

    This move and the lack of signing a premier corner will be the nail in the coffin for Dominik if the defense isn’t dramatically improved. I have no faith in Bill Sheridan and feel as though his scheme(blitzing and stunting) wont improve without solid pressure on the QB. Glazers better pull the trigger on Grimes and/or Revis as well as adding a DE(Laurence Jackson or Abraham) to salvage this weak attempt in free agency thus far.

  31. Snook Says:

    Face it – players would much rather go to a program like Seattle and compete for a championship than come to Tampa and listen to Schiano yell. Oh, and Seattle has a franchise QB.

    Its the truth, Bucs fans.

  32. Lev Says:

    Lol Hitler reacts to Bucs/jets revis negotiations:

  33. Tom Says:

    Complete, and total, incompetence.

  34. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I agree with Macabee.

    Michael Bennett didn’t seem to command the price we were all led to believe. I was never too attached to him anyway. A good player? Yes. Irreplaceable? Nope.

    I also never thought DE was as much a necessity as DT this year. I think Miller is barely acceptable. We need a forceful presence next to GMC, and Miller isn’t it.

  35. Tom Says:

    Snook are you a Seahawks fan? What are you doing here? Bennett so much as said he would give the Bucs the opportunity to match his offer until Rosenhaus realized that it hurt his FA value (playing against any offer he made) and made the retraction. Bennett wanted to stay you dumb seachickens fan.

  36. bucrightoff Says:

    I’m gonna say the Bucs offered him a long-term deal, he didn’t like the offer, went to market and saw the Bucs offer wasn’t far off, and figures might as well ride the coattails of a potential great Seahawks team to a big long-term deal next year. Market for pass rushers is soft.

  37. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The complainers are viewing this all wrong. If, out of all the teams in the NFL, Bennett could only get $5 million and only for ONE year from ONE team, that means EVERY SINGLE OTHER TEAM IN THE LEAGUE FELT THE SAME WAY ABOUT HIM AS THE BUCS. Get it?

    You guys are NOT better talent evaluators than every single GM in the NFL. Get over yourselves already. They ALL made a similar decision regarding Bennett, and that decision was that he is not a premier DE in this league. Remove the fantasies out of your heads about him being among the best. He’s not. He’s above average and it’s obvious that all the teams in the league felt that “above average” was also his ceiling.

    Now the ceilings of Clayborn and Bowers are far beyond “above average”. Their ceilings are about as high as it gets. The Bucs drafted those two guys to START. Get that? Start. That means they weren’t going to pay a free agent DE starter’s money to take away snaps from the guys they drafted for the express purpose of BEING THE STARTERS.

    Take this to the bank: the Bucs did not “lose” Michael Bennett. The Bucs let Michael Bennett walk. Simple as that.

  38. tmaxcon Says:

    SPEECHLESS IN Texas! I’ll reserve judgement until the plan plays out but right now I am confused.

  39. Aldo Says:

    oh cmon really?? we lost bennet not bruce smith for gods sake!!! sure he was solid but i got some points:

    1. what if his relationship with dom or schiano were bad??
    2. seacocks just offered a year contract, if he is SO stud why that small contract??
    3. Drew Rosenhaus its that kind of agent that is worst than a cancer, what if he was the one who damaged all?
    4. you remember how bennett comes??? is not llike we CANT make another player like that
    5. When we want to sign players, its damn sure we do that, so its not a money problem

    My point is, TRUST in COM and SCHIANO, let the drama away from here, and dont forget this, all this “dream team” hype that seattle are receiving its kinda similar than philly two years ago…..

    on the paper they are unbeatible, its on the field when we talk and i trust in all bucs organization..

  40. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Completely disgraceful. I m speechless. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  41. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    He’s about to win a ring in Seattle

  42. MTM Says:

    Bennett is a perfect example of why the Bucs struggle. Write a big check for one good player. Then let go of a good player that could have been kept for a reasonable price. It doesn’t add up to a winning organization.

  43. Matt Says:

    @lev…that video made my night lol

  44. BeeScreamer Says:

    Maybe it was how Bennett treated free agency, saying he would let the bucs match any offer, and as soon as free agency starts says he won’t let them match.
    Miss the depth he provided, but to me that says he doesn’t really want to be in Tampa, and was just trying to play the fans and the team.

  45. Raphael Says:

    Relax people …take a chill .Rock star has got this….Bowers >>>Bennett

    Btw that DE from Brigham young looks mighty good

  46. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @FLBoyInDallas – EXACTLY 100% RIGHT!

  47. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    If all Bennett could muster is a 1 year 5 million deal then the Bucs made the right decision.

    McCoy got Bennett his 9 sacks, remember Chidi Anahotu and Marcus Jones? Sapp made both of them look better than what they truly were by constantly getting double teamed but neither could manage double digit sack totals despite getting single coverage.

    Once a truly elite DE was added (Rice) we immediately saw 15+ sacks on a regular basis.

    The front office saw Bennett for what he is, an average DE that could only manage Stylez G White type numbers despite seeing single coverage on a routine basis. Bennett’s numbers can easily be replaced by Bowers (who is better BTW).

  48. Raphael Says:

    @Lev…..hilarious !

  49. MR.T Says:

    Have no idea what the bucs “plan” is but the other needs we have are still there. letting Bennett walk when it appears he could have been signed for a reasonable amount may come back to haunt us. lets hope they don’t give away the farm when the Revis trade gets done, most likely next week. It would be stupid for the jets not to do a trade since he walks after next year and they get nothing. We are definitely going to need a really good draft, can’t afford any mistakes.

  50. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Lev Says:
    March 14th, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Lol Hitler reacts to Bucs/jets revis negotiations:

    Too funny dude… heh heh heh

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Preach Brothas …Preach. Way to rallying the troops.

  52. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Well said. Your post is dead on.

  53. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Not good. I just vomited too. Good player and a good person.

  54. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Not good. I just vomited too. Good player and a good person.

  55. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I would like for us to hedge our Bets and sign SS Benard Pollard & DE Matt Shaughnessy(Bargain Bin players)

  56. the_buc_realist Says:

    I have been telling you for years that the rock star is terrible. The funny part when we look back at his tenure years from now, this is not even close to his worst mistake.

  57. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ lev

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THANK YOU LEV!!!! I HAVEN’T LAUGHED THAT HARD IN YEARS. Oooo man I was crying I was laughing so hard. God bless you.

  58. Sledd Says:

    Letting Bennett get away for just $5mil is ridiculous…what about the philosophy of groom and develop and keep your core guys? We’re not getting Leon Washington either, or Welker. Dominik looks more like a bonehead than a rockstar…if they roll the dice on Revis and give away the farm for him, I’m gonna pee my pants…

  59. Bb Says:

    Wow thought he’d get way more good luck,in Seattle

  60. bill gilbert Says:

    This makes me sick. I’ve taken my bucs flag to half mast to grieve

  61. Jimmy Says:

    This is an OUTRAGE!!!

    The Bucs has no pass rush. NONE! And you let your best defensive end get away for this paltry amount?

    Something smells here. DAMNIT I AM P*SSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Jimmy

    check out Lev’s video. trust me it will make you forget why you were ever pissed in the first place.

  63. gotbbucs Says:

    I can almost guarantee that Dominik put together a contract for Bennett as a rotational DE. Probably an anual salary in the realm of $3-4 million per year. Bennett got butt hurt by that because he feels like he’s a starter, which is understandable to a point. Seattle said we’ll rent you for a year and let you test the market again next year.
    Neither side was wrong here. Would I like to have Bennett back as a rotational player? Of course. Bennett views himself as better than that, which is fine. He’s going to gamble on his abilities and hope for better next year.
    My guess, Bennett plays out this year as a rotational guy in Seattle and ends up signing a 3 year deal worth $3-4 million per year with some crappy team. Probably the exact type of contract that Dominik offered him this year.
    Bennett was a good rotational player that could play inside too, which was nice. Those are replaceable guys though, maybe not easily, but they are replaceable. Clayborn and Bowers were 1st and 2nd round draft picks by this organization, and whether you like it or not, that matters.

    Good luck to Bennett, he’s earned the right to try this out for himself. Ultimately, I think he will turn out to be just what Dominik wanted to pay him to be.

  64. dcbucsfan Says:

    Bennett wasn’t all that! He was fair but far too many games after Adrian went down, the Bucs pass rush disappeared last year!

  65. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Is it possible that based on Bennett’s agent (Oily Drew) that Mark Dom and the Bucs have been blackballed by the NFL agents?

  66. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    worst pass defense in the NFL and still no CB. sh!t is nuts man.

  67. TPCMatt Says:

    Ty Lev! Made my night.

  68. Sneedy16 Says:

    I’m pretty sure Bennett took less money with hopes of a superbowl run. Miami would of paid way more than that.

  69. Pete 422 Says:

    Ha, yeah our best DE with Clayborn out for the year & Bowers out for half of it.

  70. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    *based on Bennett’s agent’s reaction from the radio show

    Think about it. Even Mark was complaining to the Bills GM, and seriously surprised, that he couldn’t get anyone to commit.

    Dom has done something to collectively PO these NFL agents… this makes more sense than them not even trying to sign anyone.

    1) Wrights voided contract
    2) His dealings with Drew over Bennett
    3) His comments made during the wiretapping
    4) His overall attitude perhaps… maybe he THINKS he is someone that HE ISN’T

  71. Nick B Says:

    Step away from the cliff guys. Overreacting much??? Do we need another pass rusher? Sure. But it’s still early in the offseason. I trust Dominick and Schiano have a plan for this upcoming season and it doesn’t end with Goldson and it certainly doesn’t end on March 14th

  72. GetGrishd Says:

    A. Seattle drafted him he’s Not HomeGrown!!!
    B. You all way over value Bennett. He’s average at best. If he was so great why’d he only sign for $5mil??? No one else offered better because they too know he’s Average!!!
    C. We avoided a dumb contract extension on an average player and now can get Revis! Y’all are crazy if you don’t think Goldson and Revis are better than Bennett and say Sean Smith. Mark my words we sign Osi, Grimes, and get Revis. He’s still a ROCKSTAR you’ll see!!!!

  73. Dan Says:

    Bucs in 2013, 4-12

  74. GetGrishd Says:

    Dan I wish I could hold you to it somehow but I’d bet you $1,000 we are a wild card team and finish 10-6!!!!!! Book it!

  75. CC Says:

    This just in. The Lighting suck!

  76. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Like everyone, this stinks. I’m upset, and really don’t understand this at all. I just can’t help but think there’s something behind the scenes that kept his value down. What hot free agent signs a one year deal, when he should have easily been able to get a long-term deal with a ton of guaranteed money? That is beyond stupid. What if he has a Quincy Black type injury? Especially if you have Drew Rosenhaus as your agent, I just don’t get it. As slimy as he is, he’s still one of the best agents in sports. There just has to be more to it. Obviously I’m just speculating here, but the first thing that came to my mind was that maybe there’s a suspension looming? Or maybe he has an injury that is much worse than what we realize. Maybe the players and/or coaches can’t stand him. Hell, maybe he has really bad breath! At this point, I would really just like to hear something like this to make me feel better. I wish him the best, but this smells bad.

  77. gotbbucs Says:

    Let these morons sign one year deals and wait for someone like Elvis Dumervil to get released.

  78. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    All I’ll say is that Dom better pray Bowers and Clayborn stay healthy and fulfill there potential next year or he’s going to be out of a job. I realize that Bennett isnt the next great thing, but he was the best we had, and letting the best D-end walk when you are trying to find more pass rush is insane. Especially when we could of signed him on the cheap. 1 year for 5 mill? Come on he was dam sure worth that contract.

  79. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    Smells to me like the rest of the NFL views him the same way Dominik does.

  80. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Ian

    Great point up there.

  81. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    But seriously people, one guy is not going to destroy our season, relax. Idiots are already claiming we are going to be 4-12 next season!! Well hell, let’s just not even take the field then, because you’ve got it all figured out. It’s fricking March!!!!! We aren’t going to win the offseason Super Bowl, but our team is so far from complete it’s ridiculous. I’m as confused as everyone, but the world isn’t coming to an end. There’s still a bunch of players out there, and there’s this little thing called the draft that happens in a month. Stay away from sharp objects, take a deep breath, and have a little bit of trust that we know what we are doing. We are 6 months from taking the field!

  82. Dan Says:

    LOL @ GetGrishd Says: Your on

  83. #1bucsfan Says:

    C’mon guys. Did u really think Bennett was the next Rice? U guys are acting like a bunch of whiners…Believe!

  84. marty Says:

    Perhaps Bennett, inspite of the public posturing, did not want to return to Tampa. He was likely to get less playing time and therefore not be able to position himself for a bigger payday next year. In Seattle, he has the chance to play on a very good defense, pad his personal stats and head to free agency again next year.

  85. Dan Says:

    5 Playoff appearances in 18 years, woo hooo I believe

  86. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    But we also have a Super Bowl in the last 10 years. Want me to give you the list of NFL teams who haven’t won one in 10 years? It’s a pretty long list.

  87. Tee Ware Says:

    2 questions for all the cry baby fans……this is a BLITZING team now defensive ends are not really valued here…so my questions are…Do you think bennett wanted to return to tampa??? (Can’t believe everything you hear someone say) and my 2nd question is why pay a man 5 million for 9 sacks?? Hell Daniel Teo’ had damn near half that amount..its a reason Bennett wasn’t a pro bowler and its a reason why he was on the market so long…Hell even the Dolphins Low Balled him…THE DOLPHINS..wake up people…we will get revis probably and we will blitz and we will be better on the back end…stop crying and wait until we get this thing going. …we still gotta draft and pick up a couple more players….

  88. Dan Says:

    Raymond James will definitely sell out next year, no more blackouts, lol

  89. White Tiger Says:


    Where are all the calls yelling at the player for not keeping his word?!

    I am laughing remembering all those goofs whining about Gruden not being forthcoming with players, or the countless YEARS I heard everyone crying about Dungy’s one word pressers (“execution”…)…

  90. tampabaybucfan Says:

    1year 5mil…..that should speak volumes….we didn’t want him and neither did anyone else….but a 1 year 5mil deal.
    Have some patience…..if you don’t think we could have kept him at those terms…you are wrong.

  91. Dan Says:

    Bucs suck like your momma TampabayBucfan

  92. Patrick Says:

    Daquan “take a gun to the airport” Bowers hasn’t proven sh!t yet. And he’s also a moron. Clayborn is coming back from a knee injury. What else other depth do we have?!?!?!?!?

  93. lurker Says:

    these posts the last couple of days are silly.

    “the sky is falling! the sky is falling!”

    look at all the loyal armchair gm’s who surprisingly don’t work in the nfl despite their genius.

  94. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Don’t worry guys… after we trade the FARM for Keyshaun Johnson… no, I mean, Darrel Revis, we will WIN the SUPERBOWL!!!

  95. Jacko101 Says:

    Dom loves his Job Shiano does also, so believe me there is a plan. I am excited to know what that is, so be patient watch Everything unfold complain if we look horrible ok the field next year. I am a Buc fan ALL the way so I will support them.

  96. Paul Says:

    Did you watch the games last season? Bennett was a boss against the run and pass. Think he got the most TFL on the line.

  97. Tom Says:

    That’s funny lurker, because the trend is that Mark Dominik will be joining these armchair GM’s not working in the NFL despite his genius if he fails on getting A. (2/3)Starting level cornerbacks B. A 3rd Defensive End C. A nose tackle. Of which Dominik presently has 0.

  98. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    “I am a Buc fan ALL the way so I will support them.”

    Ummm… we were ALL Buc fans during the Raheem Morris disaster too.

    Was that a good time to say “Meh, no worries peoples… trust in Raheem. HE HAS A PLAN”

  99. john Says:

    for the same reason a few years back the rays took Tim Beckham over Buster Posey. they said they had a catcher in Navaro. Sorta like we hve DE in Bowes and AC.

    they are wrong like the ray were wrong.

  100. Tom Says:

    Jacko, Dominik loved his job when he signed Michael Clayton and Eric Wright to ridiculous free agent contracts. Dominik loved his job when his only free agent signing one year was Punter Michael Koenen and the Bucs ended up losing 10 straight that season.

    Loving your job does not mean that you are successful at your job. Raheem Morris loved his job, then the Glazers told him what he could do with it.

  101. Paul Says:

    “2 questions for all the cry baby fans” funny, you’re crying about crying fans.

    “why pay a man 5 million for 9 sacks?” Thats a bargain wow, and why do you discount his TFL in the run game???????????????

  102. Nick B Says:

    Bennett was good last year. But losing him isn’t the end of the world. Would everybody be upset if they say… re-sign Roy Miller, added Umenyiora (sp?), and maybe Trade for Revis or sign Grimes. If that was to happen you could add a DE or TE or CB with your first pick in draft. Again it’s only March 14th

  103. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    What about Dwight Freeny or Abraham on a one year deal? I mean heck… if its a rental, why not just get someone that can get it done while you watch Bowers grow.

    Same with Deangelo Hall.

  104. Paul Says:

    Bottom line, we needed DE depth, we have cap space, we had a chance to keep a proven starter in OUR system for peanuts and let him walk. Draft picks are limited. There’s just no sense in it.

  105. Dave Says:

    Paul Says:
    March 14th, 2013 at 8:43 pm
    No more “Rockstar GM”. He’s douchebag gm now. He needs fired for this FA blunder

    WOW. I just picked this example, but there are alot on here bashing Rockstar like it is his fault completely.

    2 days ago you people were kissing his ring because of Goldson.

    Come on people. It takes more than one party to dance. It seems blatantly obvious to me that the Bucs wanted him back at a rotational player price. Bennet was annoyed by this and made it clear he wanted out.
    Joe linked to it when Bennet said he would give Tampa a chance but then said less than 40% chance he’d be back.

    That tells me he had no intention of coming back here … at all. Don’t know why, is what it is.

    Seems to me they are tryng to get Revis AND draft a DE.

  106. lurker Says:

    tom said: “That’s funny lurker, because the trend is that Mark Dominik will be joining these armchair GM’s …”

    what trend? just because you say there is a trend?

    the rumors of posey demanding $$$ to sign was an issue.

  107. Dave Says:

    “Bucs Fan #238 Says:
    March 14th, 2013 at 9:59 pm
    *based on Bennett’s agent’s reaction from the radio show
    1) Wrights voided contract
    2) His dealings with Drew over Bennett
    3) His comments made during the wiretapping
    4) His overall attitude perhaps… maybe he THINKS he is someone that HE ISN’T”

    SEEMS like you are trying to create a controversy.
    1. Wright SHOUDL be voided.
    2. Bennett NEVER had any intention of coming back to Tampa… it was obvious all along
    3. He did not make any bad comments in the wiretap. The Bills GM is the one who through his ex-QB overboard. Dom never said anything bad that I heard.
    4. His “attitude?” What is it? He has been nothing but respectful and straight forward with GMs and the media and FANS from what we have seen.

  108. Tee Ware Says:

    @paul .. that can be replaced…where was those TFLs in 2011?? 2010?? Oh that’s rihht wevwere dead last against the run then… Its a reason it took a while for him to get signed…last I read we offered him 5 mil for 1yr….but he jumped ship….turned his back because we didn’t pay him 8-9 mil before free agency opened…he was bitter…we will be fine with Daquan and A.Clay and Teo and whoever else gets here

  109. Bobby Says:

    That’s twice Dominick has let our most productive end walk. Bennett wasn’t going to stay unless they paid him a lot of guaranteed money, the guy doesn’t want to deal with politics at play. Dominick is trying to dump as much money as possible on proven talent to mask his horrendous draft picks and production. Throw shutdown coverage out there and you can make an average line look like pro bowlers. Surround a mediocre QB with 3 probowl lineman, probowl WR, stud runningback and a top notch QB coach and you might be exciting but still inconsistent. He talks about “building through the draft”, that requires doing better than Kyle Moore, EJ Biggers, Myron Lewis, Daquan Bowers, Adrian Clayborn, arreloius Benn, you can even throw Freeman on that list. Spare me on McCoy, with the third pick who else was he going to pick? Mike Williams was his best find but his style of picking high risk players has hardly paid off, just reference Clayborn and Bowers. Schiano is the stud, Dominick is gone if we don’t win next year.

  110. lurker Says:

    for those wanting/hoping for dumervil…

    VP of Football Operations John Elway confirmed Thursday that the Broncos will not back down from their pay-cut request of Elvis Dumervil.
    –Due $12 million, Dumervil has lost even more leverage after Cliff Avril accepted a deal worth $7.5 million annually and Michael Bennett only got $5 million. “I hate having to do it, in the position I’m in,” Elway said. “But I’ve got to do what’s best for this football team … Especially when you look at the market and what’s out there now. (The $12 million salary) is so far out of whack. Hopefully, he realizes that.” The Broncos have Dwight Freeney in their back pocket and the market working in their favor. We’re betting Dumervil will cave.
    Source: Denver Post

  111. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I have really come to believe that Buccaneer fans just love to complain. It’s really kind of sad. I would never want to live my life and be so miserable.

  112. Mitch Says:

    The moves made, so far, this year tell me that the bucs are focused on trading for darelle revis. IF they get him, then theyll draft the best overall d-linemen , thats available, with their first pick in the draft. Period.

  113. #1bucsfan Says:

    Good news is us Bucs fans don’t b!tch as much as Jets fans. They are up in arms about the possibility of losing Revis for a 2nd rounder. If the Bucs can get that done, we win. If not…we have some issues with the CBs coming off the board already…we need to put an expiration date and move on.

  114. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Whenever your a consistant loser, fans are going to complain. That doesnt matter if you are a New England, Pittsburgh, Dallas or any other big market successful team. Only people who dont complain are the ones who are ok with mediocrity…. Right now as much as I hate it, our beloved Bucs are consistant losers.

  115. buccanay Says:

    He’s a rockstar alright, better quit smokin that sh!t before….go to he!! dominik

  116. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I understand Revis is the best corner in the league and all, but is this guy really who Schiano wants? He doesn’t seem to fit the mold of “team first” “do anything it takes” type guy. Not to mention the unknowns around his health. If we were just keeping the players that “gave us the best chance to win”, wouldn’t we have kept the drug addicts in the secondary? Do they really think Revis will come into town and bow down to Schiano and play his heart out? I just dont see that happening.

  117. White Tiger Says:

    Wow…all this over a guy who disappeared when he was needed most?

    He had some nice streaks but he just wasn’t that consistent, or clutch.

    And as many have pointed out, the proof of what the league thought about him is where he ended up, and for how little he signed for – that is way more telling

    So yes @Mitch, I too agree with you and @Dave…buc fans have been tricked into beleiving that the media knows what they’re talking about – that annoying pessimism is somehow an indication of football IQ.

    If the best he could do is a 1 year $5 mil deal…I’d have to say the Bucs know something we don’t.

  118. Que589 Says:

    Anticipate Bucs brass acquiring Revis, Grimes and Abraham or Dumerville. I’m sure Dom offered Bennett a multi-year deal but Rosenhaus saw the market value for DE’s were low and wanted his client to get back on market next offseason and Dom was having no parts of a one yr deal

  119. BadNewsBucs Says:

    At 5 mil a year we couldve locked Bennett in for the rest of his career, we still don’t have any corners and we’re still trying to work out a deal with the worst front office on the eastern seaboard for a 16 million dollar cornerback that only plays corner back, last I checked the last CB that held the “shutdown” label in this league finished his career with +30 TDs as a CB, KR, PR, & WR and was worth every penny to every franchise he played for. Deion was badass to the point where he didn’t even need to come into the huddle, Revis couldn’t sniff that type of talent if he were addicted to it’s powder form. Dom signing Revis will only prove he’s really good at over paying 2 players in 1 free agency period. The Falcons & Saints are both out doing us in F/A and we aren’t even close to being as consistent as either of those teams, so here’s to trying to get out of the basement of the NFCS in 2013, all.over.again.

  120. Hyperryd Says:

    If you listened to the Schiano video after we scored Goldson, he said every move is to make the team better. “One player at a time. Sometimes you subtract a player or sometimes you add a player. Net net you are improving your football team.” It sounded to me then like he knew we were going to let somebody walk and by doing so improve the team. I thought he was talking about Wright, but he may have been talking about Bennet. Whether he is right or wrong, they definitely are thinking these moves through and I for one know they know more than I do about football decisions. I really hope they are as sharp as I think they are. Only time will tell now.

  121. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yeah, Revis is terrible. I mean, who would want one of the best defensive players in the NFL. It would be much better if we got a whole bunch of moderately talented guys instead of one elite guy.

    And Deion was the greatest ever as a shutdown corner, but Revis is a million times better tackler. Not only is he the best cover corner in the league, he’s the best tackling corner in the league. If you can get a corner that can lock up ANY receiver in the league, then you get him. But I’m sure someone with the anonymous screen name “BadNewsBucs” knows much more than everyone else, so Revis is awful.

    And for the record, what Revis asks for and what he gets are two different things. He will get fair market value. Besides, are you writing the checks? What do you care?

  122. Tom Says:

    AC and DB were high draft choice, Dom did what every Gm in NFL do.. Play your drafted player.. period……. relax,, they will find players who want to play for us…..MB never wants to come back here and play behind Bowers. it is what it is! we need Ronde back as nickel CB… best Nickel corner in NFL…

  123. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    I’ll tell you one thing… they BETTER be right. Because what they are doing now, looks absolutely ridiculous.

    If it turns out we trade the farm for Revis, then you HAVE NO DRAFT.

  124. Bucsqb12 Says:

    31 teams passed on Bennett. What does that tell you? Bowers and AC are the starting bookends for 2013. Dom can’t pay for 2 starting left ends. Money is tight and need to use it in other areas especially if they get Revis.

  125. buccobill Says:

    Everyone just needs to relax and have a beer. In the end it’s just a game that is paid for with someone elses money. And it’s their reputation on the line. Get over it! And let’s all wait ’till December before we proclaim 2013 a loosing season.

  126. Andrew 1 Says:

    Maybe he saw how we treated Goldson so lavishly and felt a little disrespected that he wasn’t given the same treatment. whatever the reason we will be just fine. chill people, smoke a joint or something. just kidding about the last part.

  127. danny Says:

    i dont get why people are all upset that whole d sucked last year .. its not like we lost reggie white and u kno what else lets get rid of mccoy

  128. Raphael Says:

    Rockstar baby ! This team will be a big surprise to a lot of people….relax

  129. Vic66 Says:

    Isn’t it strange that it is the same few posters that is always crying, hating on Schiano and Domonik? Could it be that they are snowbirds who have other allegiances? Dave, do you resemble that last question?

    I don’t know what the plan is either, but I’m a Buc Fan for the duration. Do I like everything ? He’ll no! Let’s step back and see where things take us.

  130. Saskbuco Says:

    Dear Mark Dominik

    Please: Sign Brent “notwalkingdead” Grimes and Brandon Meyers.

    Sincerely: Bucs Fans

  131. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It is so funny that we have people on this board seriously wanting Dominik fired, Gerald McCoy released (?????), and proclaiming that we will be 4-12 next year – in March!!! I sure do hope your stupidity isn’t contagious.

  132. 4everBucsFan Says:

    The Bucs had their finger in a lot of pies, it’s just unfortunate that none were interested in signing with Tampa Bay. Most players choose to sign with potential contenders when offered. Tampa is left at alter quite often, usually as leverage gain more money from other offers. Wait till all the dust settles and we’ll find out exactly how much the Bucs were truly involved.

  133. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    For the most part, I completely disagree with your statement that most players choose to sign with potential contenders, assuming you mean for a lower price. They are usually much more concerned with guaranteed money, as well as the coaches and scheme (so that they will be successful as an individual). Although players do take less money to be on a contender, it is almost always with players that are at the very end of their careers. You will almost never see a young player take less money to go to a contender. Quite simply, their agents will do everything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. Tampa is typically left at the alter because they usually refuse to outbid other teams. We are historically tight with our money, although there have been many exceptions. Overall, we are never considered big spenders.

    I really don’t believe Tampa had any interest in signing Bennett. I don’t understand why, because if I was GM I would be doing everything in my power to keep him in Tampa. But I can almost guarantee he knows something we don’t (at least I hope that’s the case). I don’t think they really had that much interest in Sean Smith, Cliff Avril, or even Brent Grimes. From what I’ve read, they weren’t real impressed with the CB free agents. Time will tell if they are right. For myself, I’m not that thrilled with the idea of getting Grimes, although I would of course fully support it. An achilles tear is a serious injury, especially for a 30 year old CB. There is a huge difference between that and a torn ACL. I really believe they are going to fix the secondary this offseason, and that it will become a strength of our team. How that’s going to happen – I really don’t know. But it sure as hell looks like we are going to try to get Revis, like it or not.

  134. lurker Says:

    i guess the doomsday prophesying starts with the joes. this article and the ones on revis are doom and gloom. nobody knows yet just what the plans are or if they have needed to be changed…and the glazers do not need to let us know.

  135. scubog Says:

    I’ll offer up the name Dewayne White who was a 2nd round draft choice who had a good, not great year, prior to hitting free agency. Many were outraged when he was allowed to sign with the Lions. He went there, cashed his check, did little to earn his money and was soon out of football. Bennett is a ‘try-hard guy” and little else. I doubt any offensive coordinators were game planning around Michael Bennett. There’s already a lot of money tied up in the defensive line and we need to get them on the field together. Find some quality back-ups not a $5,000,000 likely part time player. Whoopie!

  136. Patrick Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc………..we have a right to complain! especially loyal fans like you and me who live for Bucs football! The last 5 years have been complete bullish!t and embarrassment. We haven’t seen the playoffs since January 6, 2008. That is UNACCEPTABLE. Too many bad signings by Dominick (Clayton, Ward, Black, Wright, anymore I left out?), the hiring of Raheem, reaching for Freeman in the draft and watching his lack of progress, etc. We’ve had the worst pass defense in the league for how long now? and our “rockstar” GM hasn’t even brought in a cornerback yet, keeping the overpaid untalented hoodlum Wright on our roster. Let’s hope good old Ronde returns.

  137. JSmalls Says:

    I’m supposed to cry about losing the best pass rusher on the worst pass rushing team? As many pass attempts our defense faced and he couldn’t even manage 10 sacks? Boo hoo! A left end no less…

    I’d rather freeney on a 1 year deal if possible.

  138. astrobuc Says:

    @ Hawaiian
    You are doing a great job on the front line batting stupid. Unfortunately you a severely outnumbered. RETREAT, RETREAT.

  139. William Says:

    Could Dominik be planning to acquire Elvis Dumervil from Denver after he is cut?

  140. Chris Says:


    Horrible news. Do you think the Bucs are going to try their hand at getting Dumervil now that we lost Bennett? I am guessing if we don’t go after Dumervil then we are tied to getting Revis or DRC and Asomugha maybe and drafting a good DE/DT in the draft?

  141. Paul Says:

    Tee Ware: “where was those TFLs in 2011?? 2010??”

    I’d hate to watch football with you. How can you not see a good player in Bennett? LOL.

    When something this misguided is said, I usually don’t even take the time to reply, but I will this time. HE WAS A BOSS THEN TOO. He STARTED 2 GAMES in 2010, and in 2011 he EARNED more playing time and STARTED 10 GAMES. That EARNED HIM MORE SNAPS and he CONTINUED to show that he was a boss.

    What’s your agenda dude? You are just spouting off nonsense but I can’t figure out your angle. I’m a true Bucs fan that wants to see the team get better, what about you?

  142. Paul Says:

    I’ll tell you what happened. Mr Ego Rosenhaus got butthurt when Michael undermined him by saying that he would match Bucs offer. Mr Ego then said f that, you hurt me in the butt, then promptly quit helping Bennett out of spite. End of story. We lost a good player because of Mr. Ego-haus.

  143. Paul Says:

    Comment section is being an ass, but: There are two type of fans: Sheep fans and Rabid fans. I’m the latter

  144. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m not bothered by the loss of Bennett, at this time. I believe things will work in the Bucs’ favor.

    I didn’t listen to the Illegal taping of Dom’s conversation, because it was done without his/their consent and never should have been put on the internet for the public. It is an invasion of both GM’s privacy and I can’t support that action by listening to it since it wasn’t for public knowledge to begin with. I hope the Feds teach the pranksters a lesson with at least 1 year in prison. This is what I am upset about and it is no different than breaking into someone’s home, unarmed of course.

  145. Paul Says:

    “where was those TFLs in 2011?? 2010??” Benett also played through injury. Groin and shoulder if I remember correctly.

  146. Tee Ware Says:

    @paul…I’m a die hard bucs just like I’m sure you are…but come on every team in the NFL could use a pass rusher and everyone didn’t line up for Mr.Bennetts services….Hell even the patriots let welker walk..and they decided to go with a younger guy that’s always hurt. Our pass rush will be fine…and as I repeat myself word is tampa offered 1yr 5mil also and he still decided to go to seattle….now if you are a true fan you would just accept that and move on.. Bowers is healthy, Clayborn will be healthy and we will have 2 book ends for a long time…and as someone stated earlier in the offseason we are a blitzing team now..all we need is corners and we will be fine

  147. Paul Says:

    The guy in the other post said it and it makes almost total sense, Rosenhaus advises 1yr contracts to players on the cusp.

    The only thing, why wouldn’t he take a 1yr deal here where he already knows the system and knows he can dominate in it?

  148. Tom Says:

    @lurker the trend is what Scott Reynolds on another Bucs site has already reported. Dominik himself thinks he’s on the hot seat. I guarantee you if Freeman doesn’t take the next step, the Bucs go 6-10 and fail to make the playoffs again and Dominik’s last year with the Bucs will be this year.

  149. danny Says:

    anyone who thinks crybaby mccoy is good doesnt lnow football ya im talking to u hawaian

  150. RustyRhino Says:

    we all act Like we know the in & out of the market called free agency. Just because you want something / need something does not mean you get it. We signed the best FA FS and we’ve lost out on a few we’ve been trying to sign. You can offer every halfpenney the Glazrers own and still come up empty. That’s how it goes sometimes. I would have like to have Bennett back but it didn’t happen. Move on. !