Bucs “Willing To Get A Deal Done” With Freeman

March 5th, 2013

Joe’s always eager to embrace the small fish in the Bucs blogosphere, especially when Joe is approached in a dignified manner. So Joe is pleased to pass on that the folks at TheBayCave.com claim Josh Freeman’s new agent says he and the Bucs have not only begun contract talks but “the Bucs have shown us they are willing to get a deal done.”

You can click above to read more from agent Erik Burkhardt, who delivered the quotes.

A couple of weeks ago Freeman changed his representation, which Joe didn’t write about because agent-type stuff bores Joe to tears, unless it involves oily Drew Rosenhaus or good guy Ralph Cindrich.

Does Joe believe the Bucs are willing to extend Freeman’s contract? Sure, just not for near the cash Freeman is seeking.

As Derrick Brooks reminded us earlier, it’s the time of year not to believe anything from agents and teams.

66 Responses to “Bucs “Willing To Get A Deal Done” With Freeman”

  1. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    As long as they extend Josh & Mike Williams by December 31st…..no bubbles, no troubles

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    You’ll see around an 8+/- year deal somewhere in the $12-14mil per year range at its core as of now.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Wake me when Free Agency starts.

  4. Jacko101 Says:

    Haha it will be around this time next week BIGMAcattack

  5. Jarret Says:

    Smoke screens at their finest

  6. T in Orlando Says:

    @ bucfanjeff

    8 years is a long time for a team that is unsure about this player, and a long time for a player who’s not being the highest paid player in the league when signed.

    I think if they’re looking for a model, see the Alex Smith deal from a year ago, 3 year, $24 million. Not saying it will be that exactly, but that’s where they should start.

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    Alright, for cheap w/ incentives if he plays good football.
    If not cut him next year if bad josh shows up.

    A win win

  8. FunkYxMunkeY Says:

    This would make zero sense. Especially a 8 year contract cough*wtf*cough. He has to earn an extension, and to this point hasn’t even come close. IF he has a good season then we can resign or tag him. Terrible idea to pay him now, even if its a cheap incentive laden contract.

  9. Fatmosh Says:

    I would LOVE it if they extended Freeman. Why?

    1) His value is pretty low right now
    2) It likely wouldn’t come with a lot of upfront guarantees
    3) NFL contracts can always be broken by the team

    Essentially, there is a low risk, high reward to signing him now while his value is low:

    a) If Freeman “proves it” this year and shows he is a franchise QB, we have been locked up at a reasonable cost, especially relevant given the enormous costs that franchise QBs are taking up on other teams.

    b) If Freeman doesn’t prove it and bombs out, we can still cut him after the year with little future cap ramifications, if the contract is written correctly.

    This isn’t the NBA or MLB: the team should always strive to lock up players long-term, unless they are currently overvalued.

  10. Fatmosh Says:

    @FunkYxMunkeY: “IF he has a good season then we can resign or tag him. Terrible idea to pay him now, even if its a cheap incentive laden contract.”

    Yes, we can tag him, for probably 16-18M/year. If we sign him now we’re looking at something closer to 8-10M/year, long term.

    The Ravens are going to be saddled with Flacco’s contract for the next six years, even though he isn’t a Top 5 QB. Why? Because when franchise QBs become FAs, you HAVE to pay them top dollar, even if they aren’t a top QB. The current BEST CASE SCENARIO has the Bucs in this position a year from now.

  11. Vic66 Says:

    Now is not the time to give Josh a new contract, let alone increasing the guaranteed cash. This guy is a head case and a reported (Boomer) heavy party guy and by other teammate testimony , one who needs to take the game and winning more serious. Sure he’s a pretty boy, but we need real Buccaneer Men. I’m probably not the only one scared to death that Dom will feel the pressure too much by the stupid radio talking heads and ignorant others who want to keep him so much they would overpay accept flashes of great for a real winner. Remember, a team either smells good or stinks according to the play of it’s quarterback. No team wins with a deficient quarterback. Please Dom—- let him play this year before you tie our destiny and your fate (how much do you like being GM?) to this fickeled, inconcistant and pouty player. I know he’s just 24! OK – then wait till he is 25 or 26 before making a discission that could keep us out of the superbowl

  12. Vic66 Says:

    For years to come.

  13. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I think the Bucs looked at the QB’s in the draft and who might be a free agent and just don’t see anybody that’s any better. If you are going to replace your QB then you have to have somebody to replace him with.

  14. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Take full advantage of the Tom Brady discount. Joshis worth 60% of Brady’s contract.

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Tough call here. He really hasn’t earned an extension…at the same time at this point last year neither had Joe Flacco, but one four game run at the right time made Flacco worth $20 million. I’m afraid if Freeman does the same it will result, like Flacco, is a gross overpayment.

  16. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    What percentage of the top 5 QBs is Freeman worth?

    60%? 75%? 80%?

  17. Vic66 Says:


  18. Bucfan Says:

    Mark Dominic’s seat is going to get hotter. Handing freeman a new deal is a huge gamble especially since he doesn’t show up in big games and plays his worst.

    Dom will have to answer to the glazers if they don’t make the playoffs next year.

  19. NY Bucs fan Says:

    This is the best time to do this. Get him at a low price.

  20. RichinNC Says:

    Freeman may not want a new deal. He is not as hot as projected when he signed his first contract. He may not make as much next year under a new contract due to his unpredictable play.

  21. jarrett Says:

    bucfan 238 Brady got 30 million dollars to sign the contract. I believe he go 50 million guaranteed in the next 3 years. SO whats 75% of that.

  22. jarrett Says:

    Brady just took all his money in signing bonus. Dont even look at that contract. Flacco just got 20 million a season, whats 75% of that, Freeman is not 75% of flacco, more like 95%. Sign him now before the contract gets outta control

  23. Mr Lucky Says:

    The ONLY contract extension the Bucs should give Freeman is a subscription to ESPN Insider….other than that


    Or you’re out of here!

  24. FlBoy84 Says:

    It’s doubtful Freeman would be willing to sign a new deal at this point (much like Flacco just admitted he wasn’t willing to either last yr because he thought he was worth than offered, though his numbers didn’t necessarily support that). With the lack of proven QB’s in FA and the inconsistent QB draft class available this year, wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs brought in a guy like Moore, Campbell or Hoyer to compete with Freeman and continue to develop Weber on the practice squad. It’s been stated that this organization is very forward thinking, not just looking at the players available in FA and the draft in 2013, but also 2014 and beyond as well. More probable we’ll see the next Bucs QB of the future arrive from the 2014 draft class.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Unless we sign him to a contract with very little guaranteed money (so we can get rid of him if he stinks it up), I see no point in signing him now for big money. Don’t you typically need to earn a big contract? Shouldn’t he at least have one big game win on his resume? If he beat Atlanta at home or Denver on the road this year, that’s one thing, but he didn’t. At least play well in big games. No playoffs, no big money. Its really not that complicated.

  26. jarrett Says:

    Mr lucky. -The dumb is strong with you

  27. jarrett Says:

    Hawaiian just curious. What do you think is market value for freeman, take into account in the market flaccos deal. After you answer that ,Think what would we have to pay him next year as a free agent. Hypothetical scenario next year we go 9-7 miss the playoffs, freeman throws for 4400 yds 32 tds and 15 ints. What is market value for that? I know you are smart so think about truly what is market value, then you should be able to figure out why we should sign him now. Its really not that complicated.

  28. Eric Says:

    Really the elite money is for those that make the playoffs and then win when they get there.

    We’re still haven’t got to stage one with free.

    And neither has our coach

    Or our GM.

    If I’m the glazers nobody gets nuttin till I drive to the stadium for round one of the playoffs, including Josh and our wonder boy GM.

  29. jarrett Says:

    Im not advocating elite money im advocating market value, If im the glazers i would rather sign him for market value now, then be forced to pay him alot more next year. He gets paid nearly 11 mil a yr, so with let say a 13 mil a yr contract we lock him up and lose only 2 million towards the cap.

  30. Mr Lucky Says:

    @jarrett – After reading your comments are you really just a Washington politician who likes to give away good money for awful performances?

    If Freeman got paid based on productivity he’s be making 4-5 million a year – PERIOD.

    Comparing Freeman to Flaco is like comparing Little Annie to Rachael Watson.

  31. Mr Lucky Says:

    @Jarrett – giving a QB 13 million/year was elite $ 4 years ago; but then again the Federal deficiet was on 1 trillion 4 year ago too.

    Maybe jarrett is really BHO?

  32. Mr Lucky Says:

    Eric – you are a business owner and you understand the economics of the game.

    jarrett and his ilk are customers and think money comes from a printing press in their basement; hey maybe jarrett is really Ben Barnake?

  33. Mr Lucky Says:

    @jarrett wrote, “Hypothetical scenario next year we go 9-7 miss the playoffs, freeman throws for 4400 yds 32 tds and 15 ints. What is market value for that?”


    No Playoff in 2013 the Josh is a BUST.

  34. jarrett Says:

    Mr lucky: The more you post the better i look

  35. 76buc76 Says:

    Jarrett if Freeman put’s up those stat’s we’ll be in the playoff’s.Hawiian is right you can sign him for 4 year’s 40M per with a 2M bonus for each playoff win.A Superbowl would add 5M to his yearly salary.So if he win’s a SB next season (from a Wildcard) his salary will be 18M. His base salary baloon’s to 15M for the last 3 year’s.Still having the playoff bonus,winning a second SB would make his salary 23M. But NO gauranteed money.If we sign him to say 4 year’s 20m gauranteed and 20 base salary.His cap hit is the same 10M.But if he stink’s the place out we can release him with no dead money.The second contract would mean we’d owe 15million in dead money.His 10 million salary is off the book’s thou.So basicially a 5M dead money hit.Not good because we’ll be releasing Josheph next year and eating a lot of dead money there.

  36. Mr Lucky Says:

    @jarrett – the more YOU post the harder we all laugh.

    You compare Freeman to Flacco

    One has lead his team to the playoff’s every year and won a SuperBowl

    The other has lead his team to the TidyBowl and you want to give him a 8 year contract extension worth 13 million a year.

    Did you get dropped on your head as a child – like last week?

  37. jarrett Says:

    76bucs- thank god there is someone smart to debate with. Brees put up monster numbers and didnt make playoffs. I did the hypothetical scenario this way because i knew mr lucky would prove his dumbness by saying cut him or bust. I understand its taking a chance signing him now i just think his market value will only go up, especially in 2nd yr of system.

  38. Mr Lucky Says:

    No jarrett you posted what you did because you’re infatuated with Freeman and can’t admit that he’s NOT a winner, (like Drew Brees) but Freeman’s only average; at BEST.

  39. jarrett Says:

    Vince young is a winner, hes sitting on a couch, i wish your posts were average at best, you are the blaine gabbert of posters.

  40. Stevek Says:


    Terraj is way cooler.

    If Freeman throws for 42 TDs and 15 INTs, then he will get franchise tagged to prove he can do it again.

    Just like 2010, this is a “show me” year.

    Mediocrity has left the building.

    Our friggin QB better know how to audible in case the headset goes down.

    No gun ranges.

    Please stop doing FIFA Soccer dances to celebrate NFL TDs.

    You looked too good at being Michael Jackson, weird, but winning cures all.

    It’s the fastest who get laid, it’s the fastest who get paid- Ricky Bobby

  41. jarrett Says:

    Stevek-I am jarrett, not jarret or terraj please dont confuse me for either of them

  42. MTM Says:

    If the Bucs resign Freeman it should be an incentive laden and short term. Pay him big bonus for making the playoffs etc… Use it to motivate him.

  43. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree MTM, give him some motivation.
    Wonder what will happen next year if he starts sucking again ?
    Will we wait till next year to make a change, or will we bench him, and start a backup ?
    I can not imagine Tampa not drafting a QB this year, or going after a veteran one.
    Looks like they have little faith in Orlovsky, where is Rudy Carpenter, when we need him ?

    I think Rudy had that “IT” factor. I saw how he seemed to energize the team when he came in there one game.

    Josh Freeman just don’t seem like the leader he once was.

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Not to pile on, but you just can’t compare Freeman to Flacco. That’s literally insane. Flacco makes, and wins, in the playoffs every single year. It wasn’t just this year. He’s a better QB in every aspect. It’s not even close. Ask 32 GM’s and coaches, not one would prefer to have Freeman.

    At best case scenario, Freeman is an average QB. I can easily name 15 QB’s that are better than him (at least what he is right now). That can be backed up with individual statistics, team wins, and the good ‘ol eyeball test. I’m not saying Freeman is terrible, but he’s far from an above average QB at the moment. Throwing for 4000 yards just doesn’t mean what it used to, especially when he folded when we needed him the most. Great QB’s don’t one hop ball after ball on third down. That has nothing to do with having different coordinators or coaches, that’s all on him. Do you really for one second believe if we had Drew Brees as our QB, he would one hop balls as consistently as Freeman? The knock of Freeman coming out of college was inaccuracy, so nothing has changed. After a while, you just have to realize that sometimes he just is what he is. He’s had plenty of time, and his improvement has been very marginal at best. If he has a great season next year, then that’s a good problem to have. Pay the man if that happens. But you don’t get paid an above average contract if you aren’t an above average player. That’s just not fair. After 4 years as a starting QB, you no longer get paid on potential, you get paid on productivity. So don’t compare him to Flacco, he’s much closer to Mark Sanchez. How did that work out for the Jets (extending him before he earned a new contract)?

  45. Capt. Tim Says:

    Yeah- sign Freeman now, or get Flacco-ed next winter

  46. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Again, if you can dupe him into signing a heavily incentive-based contract, with little to no guaranteed money, do it. I highly doubt he or his agent would go for that. You asked what do we do if he puts up big numbers; more importantly, what do we do if we extend him and he puts up terrible numbers? What if he completely flops and we are stuck with him for years. Based on what you’ve seen so far and if your job was on the line, would you be willing to risk that for a guy who hasn’t proven jack squat in the NFL? Or would you rather let him play out his contract and see if he’s worth the money? It’s not like we are in salary cap hell and can’t afford to pay him at that point. At worst, you can franchise him.

    If your big concern is to save a little money, then extend him now. If your concern is to put this team in the best possible scenario for years to come, wait it out and see what happens. If he gets us to the playoffs, or even better wins a game in the playoffs, I say give the guy whatever the hell he wants. It’s been so damn long, I forgot what the playoffs feel like.

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Please, everyone stop using Freeman’s name in the same breath as Flacco. I can’t think of one similarity between the two. I am a homer in every sense of the word, but even I can’t say anything so stupid. I don’t give 2 sh!ts if Freeman throws for 6000 yards next season, he still has a ways to go to be in the same category as a super bowl winning QB.

  48. Capt. Tim Says:

    If we put a defense on the field, get Nicks and Joseph on the field, find him a Tight end. We are in the Playoffs. He played that well already.

    Let us win a playoff game- Freeman becomes recognized as a great YOUNG QB.

    Empty the bank vault to keep him, or prepare to suck again until we replace him. Good luck with that. Like Larry Fitzgerald- we watch our young talent waste years until we stumble on another Qb.

    I don’t think that could happen- I think that Will happen this year. Unless Dom totally humps the bunk, we address our horrific secondary. Unless we are hit with season destroying injuries-
    Freeman gets us in the playoffs

    If we sign him now, will be much cheaper than signing him after this season
    Ask the Ravens how that turns out

  49. Capt. Tim Says:

    Hawaiian- Flacco didn’t win the F*%^ing SuperBowl

    The Ravens won the SuperBowl

    If Freeman was in Baltimore, and Flacco was here- The Ravens win The SuperBowl, we go 5-11

    Freeman has done more with less. Flacco is a Game manager, with a great cast, and better sense of timing a contract

    Or meybe you are still in Awe of their last SuperBowl winning Icon Qb

    Trent Dilfer.

    Guess you think he was better than Freeman, Too. Didn’t he play here once?

    Aaron Rodgers carries the Packers. Flacco rode the Ravens.
    This is the first year Josh had weapons. With another year with them, in the same system- we will again be riding Freeman, this time to the playoffs

    Watch and see

  50. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Capt. Tim,

    I get where you are coming from, I really do, but I disagree. You are basically saying he needs to have a full house on both offense and defense just to get in the playoffs. Hell, Matt Moore could make the playoffs if we add a tight end, Nicks and Joseph, and a good defense. Isn’t a great QB supposed to actually make his team better and make up for their deficiencies? RG3 did that. So did Luck. So did Cam. Hell, you could make the case that Tannehill did that with much less talent. Should I go on?

    And when has he played that well? He completely folded this season when we needed him most. Did he not? And to top it all off, he was one of the last to the stadium against Atlanta (I was there), and he was the very last one in the building the next day (so much so he parked in the expectant mother parking and he sprinted through the museum at One Buc). And oh by the way, during our losing streak, he found the time to pose as Michael Jackson. You think that took 5 minutes of his time? I promise you, it took hours upon hours of his time. Pretty sure you would never see Flacco, Manning, Brady, Russell Wilson, or any other playoff QB do that.

    Freeman isn’t even a young QB anymore. This will be his fifth season. He should already be in his prime. 5 years is veteran in every sense of the word. If he wins a playoff game, he will be doing what he is supposed to be doing.

    And you know what, I’d much rather us turn out like the Ravens than the Jets. Only difference is that Mark Sanchez actually made the playoffs and won some games, something Freeman can’t claim. If Freeman leads us to a championship, I’ll take the salary cap hell we will be in to afford him. But I’ll bet you the Ravens are still a very good team next year. Wanna bet on that?

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wow, so a guy that goes 14 Td’s and 0 INT’s didn’t win the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl MVP isn’t any good? You really want to stand by that? If so, you are completely embarrassing yourself. Did he not win the game against Denver? Are you serious?

    How many GM’s do you think would rather have Freeman than Flacco? Find me one expert (player, coach, executive, scout, etc.) that would choose Freeman. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  52. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Flacco is a game manager? The guys throws the ball down the field more than any QB in the league (yes, more than Freeman). Obviously you know absolutely nothing about football, so I will let you continue to make a fool out of yourself.

  53. Capt. Tim Says:

    As always, 3 pages of response, still wrong. That 14- 0 impresses you?
    Guess what Dilfer threw, on his way to the SuperBowl Ring

    And no- it isn’t a Quarterbacks job to win with an inferior team! That’s idiotic
    A Quarterbacks job is to get the most out of the weapons he has. If the GM doesn’t get him any weapons- then no QB will win.

    Did you bother to notice who plays Wr for the Ravens? Didn’t think so. Great veteran players, with several years with Flacco. TE? RB? O-line? Defense?

    Of course not. It wouldn’t fit in with clueless, crybaby complaining that you so excel at.

    Flacco is surrounded by weapons, talented O-line, and excellent Defense. And he’s been in the system with them for years.

    THAT’S how teams achieve greatness. Talent, time together, stability.

    Until this year, Freeman had no weapons.blount can run- cant pick up blocking
    Williams was a Rookie, Winslow wasn’t physically able to perform any more. A bad line.

    And a horrible defense. Flacco wouldn’t have won squat here. The fact that Freeman went 10-6 showed all he can carry a talentless squad.

    We are slowly gathering some talent. If we can let them play together for a year or two, we will have a dangerous offense.but STILL don’t have a TE that scare anyone. STILL don’t have a slot receiver. STILL have questions at RT, and no line depth

    But like all the clueless- you blame the QB, without enough sense to see the guy has had nothing to work worth

    Show some real football knowledge. Ask why we have been rebuilding for 5 years- yet still have a secondary that shouldn’t be on an NFL field. Ask why so many draft picks aren’t on the Team! Ask why we still have no depth! Ask why we didn’t spend any money to get players until last year. Acting like FA was a curse- then suddenly embracing FA last spring! Why not 4 years ago?

    Nah! That’d take some real analysis! And football knowledge
    Better to just bitch about the Quarterback!

    Again, the level of ignorance here is sometimes nauseating!

  54. PRBucFan Says:


    Flacco lead that team to a SuperBowl victory by making throw after throw after throw. Regardless of anything you say the WORLD saw this (as did you) and his brand new contract is evidence of it. Admit it or not, it changes nothing. It just makes you look ridiculous.

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Dilfer threw for 12 td’s and 11 INT’s in Baltimore. Look up every single season for Flacco and find me one even close to that bad. You’re a joke of a person, and everyone knows it.

    And yes, an Elite QB is supposed to make a team better than their talent. Tom Brady does it every year. They all do.

    I’m not going to argue the obvious. Obviously, everyone agrees with me, which is why Flacco got paid and Freeman hasn’t. You are so clueless, but it’s so funny that you think otherwise.

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    And apparently you must not know me, but I’m not one to complain about our players, especially Freeman. I’ve defended him year after year. However, it’s been four years with little to no improvement. I have witnessed first hand that he doesn’t necessarily have this great work ethic that people believe he has. I still wear my Freeman jersey, but at what point does he have to be held accountable for his poor play? At what point is it no longer acceptable to throw ground balls to his receivers on third down? At what point is it no longer okay to make ridiculous INT’s at critical moments both the game and the season? At what point is he going to have to put all this talent together and win some damn games? I don’t believe he is loaded with weapons as Joe and others believe, but he certainly has enough to put up more than zero points against the worst defense in the NFL (New Orleans) in a game we absolutely had to win.

    It’s even funnier that you have the audacity to say that Flacco didn’t win the Super Bowl. He had the single best playoff performance of any QB in the history of the NFL dumb arse!!! That’s a statistical fact, and has been said time and time again. I guess you didn’t get the memo. The guy has never thrown more than 12 INT’s in a season, and only in his rookie year did he throw less than 20 TD’s. Comparing him to Freeman and Dilfer is downright laughable, and only a complete tool would ever do such a thing. Like I said, obviously one of the best GM’s in the game agrees, because he gave him his money. You gonna tell me you are smarter than Ozzie Newsome? You are a joke, and we are all stupider as a result of having to read your ridiculous posts.

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And for the record, in Dilfer’s playoff run with Baltimore, he had a 48% completion percentage, 590 yards, 3 TD’s, 1 INT, with a rating of 83.7. Joe Flacco (same number of games) had a 58% completion percentage, 1140 yards, 11 TD’s (thought it was 14, my bad), zero INT’s, with a rating of 117.2. You go ahead and analyze those stats and let me know how they are in any way comparable. But like the little girl you are, you’ll just run away from facts and start pretending to be more enlightened that EVERYONE else in the world.

  58. Capt. Tim Says:

    Hmm, Flacco threw 11 td’s, and no interceptions! He won the SuperBowl!

    Dilfer threw 3 Td’s, and 1 interceptions! He won the SuperBowl! Yaaaa!

    Same size Ring as Flacco’s!
    It’s almost as if Raven’s won two SuperBowls- without or without great QB play!! Kinda like its a Team Sport, and it takes a great TEAM to win- more important than great QB play!!!

    But that can’t be! Otherwise, you can’t blame every lose on Freeman!! It might possibly be mistaken for a TEAM lose

    Pathetic! Hawaiian- you’ve posted here for at least 3 years, and I swear you haven’t ever posted an originally thought, or anything but the crap you are regurgitating from an ESPN broadcast. But you main goal seems to be some kinda half as*ed board monitor, critiquing every post- making sure it’s in line with the typical brainless crap you post

    Why do you come here? If you aren’t gonna really watch the sport? Are you practicing to get some kinda editors job at ” mediocrity Monthly” Magazine

  59. Capt. Tim Says:

    And good call on Talibum! He straightened right out, didn’t he!!
    And Trent Richardson was the second coming of Jim Brown, just like you said- over and friggin over!!

    Well, at least you never get tired of being wrong! Lmao

  60. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey Hawaiian Buc,

    Don’t get frustrated with Capt Kim and Jarrett – remember you can’t cure stupidity.

  61. jarrett Says:

    Hawaiin still waiting on answer, what is the market value for freeman? Use google if u must. Mr. lucky ive been trying to cure stupidity all week, i have high hopes that you will come around.

  62. jarrett Says:

    Im not even advocating flacco money at all, Im just saying his contract affects market. When matt ryan and aaron rodgers resign, that will also affect market. Look at salaries for top 12-18 ,flacco is one, stafford ,bradford, romo, schaub, cutler. Even throw in sanchez’s contract. After you look this up, tell me that i am wrong, Hawaaian you said i hate to pile on,what? Ive been kicking people off from the top of the pile all week. I just think if we sign him now, it will be cheaper than waiting til next year. Anyone care to wager on that.

  63. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m done with you. You’re not worth arguing with.

    @ Jarrett,
    I thought I answered your question. I dont believe you extend him now, but if you do, you pay him below average QB money (whatever that is) with little to no guaranteed money. Obviously it will be cheaper if we sign him now, but I’m more interested in having the right guy and winning games than getting a bargain. As for the pile on comment, I was referring to the fact that everyone was criticizing you and I wasn’t trying to pile on you. You have a right to your opinion, and I was trying to respect yours.

  64. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I can’t help it. Where exactly did I blame losses on Freeman? All I said was he hasn’t earned a nee , big money contract because he hasnt played well enough. Even though its a team sport, you are paid off of your individual performance. I have never once said we should get rid of him, or that there is someone better we should replace him with. But if he has had 4 years and still isn’t even a top half of the league QB, why should we pay him like one? This is a results based business, and he has yet to produce results. He’s been wildly inconsistent, so there’s absolutely no reason to extend him, even though he’ll be cheaper. If he doesn’t work out, his contract could damage us for years (i.e. Mark Sanchez). None of us know how he’s going to turn out, so let it play out before we jump the gun and take too big of a risk.

    As for being wrong, I’ve been wrong many times before, and will be wrong many times again. I hope more than anything Freeman plays lights out and makes all of us criticizing him look like fools. I’m not a GM, and I’ve said that many times in the past. None of us are, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been wrong before too, even though you have never once admitted it. But don’t you sit on your high horse and pretend as if you are better or smarter than me, especially when you say such ridiculous statements like comparing Flacco to Dilfer. I come on this site because I love the Bucs and I like to hear the opinions of other Bucs fans, whether or not I agree with them. Its fun to argue points with other fans, but you are the biggest piece of trash on this site (with apologies to a few others deserving of that distinction). You constantly name call, you never admit being wrong, and you criticize others for doing exactly what you do yourself. And trust me, everyone knows it.

  65. jarrett Says:

    Hawaiian, still havent answered,whether u would resign him not question, what is the market value. I am looking for numbers as in millions. Look at market and what comparable qbs get paid

  66. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I guess I’m not making my point clear enough. I don’t care about market value. His contract isn’t up yet, so there’s no reason to worry about that yet. How he plays this year is what’s mostly going to determine his market value. If he doesn’t play better, his market value is zero as far as I’m concerned.