“Two Obvious Targets:” Bennett And Miller

February 14th, 2013

ESPN NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas says the Bucs shouldn’t play dangerous games by exposing Michael Bennett to the open market.

ESPN NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas sat down with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620, to talk all things Bucs and more Tuesday.

Yasinskas was clear the Bucs’ top priorities in free agency should be Michael Bennett and Roy Miller, “two obvious targets” to build on the success of the Bucs’ revived D-line last season.

Yasinskas said letting Bennett test the free-agent waters is very “dangerous” and the Bucs would be wise to pay him the big, roughly $8 million-a-year deal he’ll command.

Bennett played a whopping 84 percent of snaps last season, per ESPN and Yasinskas, a stunning figure among defensive ends.

Joe can’t argue the value of Bennett and Miller. The Bucs can’t afford to be play games by swapping defensive linemen, plus they can afford both comfortably.

Yasinskas also lobbied hard for free agent tight end Martellus Bennett to join his brother on the Bucs.

Here’s the entire interview below:


22 Responses to ““Two Obvious Targets:” Bennett And Miller”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    I would agree.

    Show Bennett the love and his brother will follow. Miller can be had relatively inexpensively.

    Playing a cat and mouse game with Bennett would be a mistake.

  2. You go Joe Says:

    The instant Pat knows who’s in our team is when ill take him serious. He put Geno Hayes as a Bucs free agent on his espn blog.

  3. MarineBucsFan Says:

    Along with the above proposal, I would like us to bring in an average to above average OT. This will allow us to focus primarily on DB’s and OLB for the Draft. And maybe, just maybe a backup QB. But at the end of the day Miller, Bennett x2, and OT in Free Agency would be awesome IMO. Then draft 2-3 CB, a safety, and OLB and we good to go….

  4. grasshopp427er Says:

    definitely think we should re-sign bennett. not so sure about his brother. i think i would rather have delanie walker from SF. Walker gets tons of credit for being a great blocker and i have witnessed him make some very impressive plays in the passing game over the past 2 years too. martellus bennett strikes me as a headcase and while he may have slightly better measurables, walker has roughly the same career stats playing back-up.

  5. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    Demar Dotson is an average to above average OT the Bucs should resign.

  6. SirustheVirus Says:

    For all you guys that want M.Bennett as a TE for the Buccaneers should really look at Michael Williams TE Alabama. I really think he is under vauled. I hate Alabama(Gator Fan) but I can’t help notice the talent this guys has blocking and recieving. He did a great job blocking for Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, and Eddie Lacey. He was a good red zone threat even though Alabama didn’t use him as much recieving due to there ground and pound(which is what Schiano wants to do) Bennett dropped too many passes last year and doesn’t give good effort(in my opinion) I’m not saying Williams is a Jimmy Graham or Gronk , but in the 4th or 5th round he’s a good guy to have on goal line stands and could really help us blocking on short yardages situations. Also he’s an upgrade from Stocker and Clark. Bennett will probably want 4-4.5 million a year and I don’t personally think he’s worth it.

  7. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Not sure why you don’t think a guy who has gotten better and better every year without a healthy compliment of D-line players and will most likely top double digit sacks for the next several years (and also the best pash rusher we have) isn’t worth 4 mill a year. If we let him go its a serious SERIOUS mistake. I don’t care who we draft there is no guarantee they will have as much impact as Bennett. You don’t solve a problem by creating a new one. Counter productive.

  8. Erick Says:

    @ Silence- he’s talking about the TE Bennett.

  9. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Ahh that would explain it. Thats what I get for reading without my coffee!

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Big fan of TE Michael Williams(5th round projection) . Also the kid out of Boston College Chris Pantale is another under the Radar prospect. Pantale reminds me a lot of Baltimore’s TE Dennis Pitta (Drafted: 2010: 4th Rnd, 114th by BAL). Could be a steal in 6th round.

  11. MarineBucsFan Says:

    If Demar Dotson is the guy then so be it, we just need to solidy the RT position. As far as the TE position go, I really like bennett. He is a solid performer on the field. And not as much of a case off the field as people tend to point to as a reason not to sign him. However, I would welcome Walker in a heartbeat.

  12. 4everBucsFan Says:

    It would be nice if we could get both Bennett brothers for a team discount. I think right now, Martellus will be offered, on the open market, somewhere in the neighborhood of a four-year, $20 million deal, and Michael could easily probably land more than a $32 million four-year deal on the open market.

    It would be so beneficial for us to land both with a home discount for a combined 12 million a year. It would be nice if Dom can work his magic.

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    With the interest being somewhat high on DE Michael Bennett. Wouldn’t it be better to use the Franchise Tag designation on Bennett during (Feb. 18th-March 4th) period and trade him to a proposed buyer.

    Sure the terms to trade can vary depending on what the team is asking for in return.But the Draft has some good prospects at DE-Like Datone Jones, Sam Montgomery, Devin Taylor, Corey Lemonier. And Hybrids like Brandon Jenkins, Jamie Collins, and Trevardo Williams.

    I’m just saying wouldn’t it be better 2 let him walk. Pick up a draft choice or 2 in return.

    Spread the love across the Roster

    For Example: Depth Concerns

    DT:Gerald McCoy. If dude goes down herrreee weeee go again. So signing someone like Oaklands 6′ 6″, 311 lbs DT Desmond Bryant.

    Sign another Oakland player that’s not getting alot of buzz 6′ 6″, 285 lbs DE Matt Shaughnessy . He’s been the league for 4yrs has complied 123Tkls and 15.5 Sks

    Sign (2) Veteran Corners:
    6-2 182 lbs CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie(Bradenton,FLA) & 5’9 180 lbs Slot CB D.J Moore (Lakeland, FLA)

    Sign 5-11 210 lbs S Patrick Chung. Since dude has been banged up the last 2 yrs. He should come at a bargain.

    Offense sign

    6-6 245 lbs TE Jared Cook. With Jackson & Williams on the outside Cook in the Middle. We would give opposing defense match up fits.

    Plus Re-Up Mike Williams

  14. Sneedy16 Says:


    A franchise tag would be around 14-16 million (I think) and if the Bucs do not trade him that will cut the salary cap room to just 17-18 million. Teams will not trade for him given the fact that they will have to give up 2, 1st round picks to get him and there isn’t many teams that has the cap room for him.

    If McCoy gets hurt there isn’t anyone in free agency that can replace him. All we can do is get depth around the DT position. If they are decent and cheap I’m all for it.

    I’m more in favor of signing Sean Smith over Dominique since he isn’t that good against the run. Patrick Chung would be a good signing if Barber doesn’t retire, but if he don’t he wouldn’t see the field much which is a good thing. He might last a whole season as a backup.

    I’m not for Jared Cook though, I’m for Martellus Bennett since he is a way better blocker and he would help in the running game. Jared Cook a big guy but his run blocking isn’t that good.

  15. joe y Says:

    the franchise tag for de is 8 million

    Pretty sure it’s in the 10-11 million neighborhood. Joe

  16. Sneedy16 Says:

    Thanks, Joe I was 4-5 million off.

  17. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    DE: Franchise: $10.984

    I like Michael Bennett don’t get me wrong. But we’ve been burned so many times in the past by signing ONE year WONDERS. Just because they put up a few decent numbers. A truly elite player, who has played at an elite level for multiple seasons, no doubt deserves to be paid like a (Top five player) at his prospective position. Because his consistent productions warrants it.

    (98-Tkls) & (15-Sks) over 4 yrs is not elite. Like I said his numbers are comparable to Oaklands 6-6 285lbs (26yrs old) DE Matt Shaughnessy. Except Matt has 123 Tkls & 15.5 Sks over 4yrs.

    Back 2009 the New England Patriots placed the franchise tag on Matt Cassel Giving the Patriots the option of matching any offer made by another team or allow him to sign with that team in exchange for two first-round draft picks.
    They had visions of maybe a first round pick, multiple firsts. But ended up sending Cassel and Vrabel to KC for a second round pick (Hommie Discount)
    Remember the Patriots also did this with defensive back Tebucky Jones in 2003 and cornerback Asante Samuel in 2007.

    38 days ago defensive end Chris Clemons tore his ACL. And at 31 there are serious concerns about his future. Seattle is setting there at the 25th slot. Hey, maybe we can get a 1st & a 3rd or 4th. Who knows, but history has shown you dont have to give up two 1st rounders for a franchised player.

  18. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    And of course we cant replace Gerald McCoy overall production if he’s hurt. But my Low End Theory is we find someone with the comparable skill sets and production. And I believe -6′ 6″, 311 lbs DE Desmond Bryant is that guy. With 124-Tkls & 10.5 Sks over 4yrs.

  19. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *DT/DE Desmond Bryant

  20. Mike J Says:

    I am not a huge Roy miller fan; he gets almost no up-field penetration. The Bucs could use a more dynamic guy at NT.

  21. SirustheVirus Says:

    Let Bennett go!! Pick up Margus Hunt in the 2nd. There plan was never to keep Bennett. Bowers got hurt and he was better than Tim Crowder. Wouldn’t mind taking Dion Jordan in the 1st honestly.

  22. Mike J Says:

    SirustheVirus , Jordan is an interesting prospect, isn’t he? Question is, where does he fit in a 43 defense? Probably can’t play sam, & may lack the bulk to be a three-down DE. I tend to think he will wind up at OLB in a 34 scheme;he would shine in the old ”elephant” spot that Charles Hailey played in San Fran IMO.