Smoke Screen Season In Full Swing

February 22nd, 2013

“Even when they picked up Byron Leftwich. It was something they told me -– they told me it was a smoke screen, everybody would think they didn’t want a QB. They said they were ready to trade up. I think it worked out great. I was sitting there with my family and enjoying it, and I got to go to the team that I wanted to go to.” — Josh Freeman, April 2009

Joe’s not doubting the veracity of Greg Schiano’s backpedalling yesterday when it came to desiring/not desiring “competition” for Josh Freeman, but Joe just wants to caution fans that in the world of endless spin and misdirection that swirls through the NFL draft, one should take Schiano’s comments with a grain of salt.

Sure, Freeman is the guy for 2013, but that doesn’t mean the Bucs won’t draft a quarterback in the second or third round if they believe the value is there with the pick. Schiano didn’t say he doesn’t want a rookie QB pushing Freeman.

Also, does anyone believe Schiano was too “busy” (Schiano’s word yesterday) to fix the perception about desiring competition for Freeman that Schiano himself put out there to media seven weeks ago? He could have quashed that national story in a matter of seconds via an interview or news release. Remember, this is a man who takes pride in accounting for every last detail.

The quote above came from a young — and still media naïve — Freeman during a live chat right after the 2009 draft.

There will be plenty more “smoke screens” bellowing over the next two months. Some will be easy to sniff out; some won’t.

15 Responses to “Smoke Screen Season In Full Swing”

  1. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    Freeman will sign a 10 Year Deal

  2. Kennedy Says:

    I don’t trust a damn word these guys say. They can always hide under the cover of saying they’re trying to build a winner, whatever it takes.

    Schiano loves Freeman … until his next two-pick game and the boos come down.

  3. Vic Says:

    Thanks for the reality check, Joe. There’s all kinds of nonsense flying around. NFL Network keeps trying to sell that Revis is coming here, all day yesterday. I just want to see them draft a couple of defensive studs. If they do, it’ll all work out.

  4. Keith Says:

    Schiano’s not smart enough to pull off smoke screen. #truth

  5. Brad Says:

    @ Joe .. How does someone close to the team as you appear to be get sucked into a story that was fueled by the national media? Seems like what pewter report might do. This was never ever a story and if one listens to Schiano’s entire end of season press conference Frerman was or never has been in jeopardy. Talk about a statement taken out of context. When the Freeman statement about bringing in competition was made, Schiano was talking about evaluating the entire team in the offseason including himself and the entire coaching staff. Why this grew into only being about Freeman and him being replaced is crap media at its finest including the once respected pro football talk..

  6. Bucs or gtfo Says:

    Do you think Schiano visits JBF at all? Have you mentioned it to him?

  7. SteveK Says:

    Trade the 1st for Revis, draft Margus Hunt in the 2nd.

    That would be a nice addition.

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    Trade a first for Revis, have the Jets throw in Tebow, so you give Josh some “not for real” competition. The team gets some national exposure, a Buccaneer Man who would work hard and the Jets get nothing else for us taking Tebow of their hands.

  9. SteveK Says:


    You are the 1st to bring up Tebow.

    Funny thing is, Tebow will never be as good as “good Josh”, but at the same time he is more consistent, better at sustaining drives, is a great leader, has a playoff win, AND his play will never be as bad as “bad Josh”.

  10. FlBoy84 Says:

    Very similar to Dominik stating he doesn’t draft lineman. If Fisher or Johnson are there at 13 and a QB they have a high grade on in the 3rd or 4th, you’d have to believe the team would look hard at drafting them. Fluker as well, though he’s more of a true RT (who looks great since he dropped a ton of weight). If Penn can’t drop his weight, the team will need to look at a future replacement as he loses steps over time. Carrying that much weight at 26/27 is a lot different than trying to do it at 31/32 with the wear and tear his body’s been taking.

  11. Joe Says:

    @Bucs or gtfo — To answer your questions, yes, Joe’s talked to Schiano about Does Schiano come here? All Joe can say on that is that all NFL coaches are typically advised of what’s happening on in the media on a very regular basis.

  12. MadMax Says:

    KC has their 1st up for grabs. It would cost, but if we could land Joeckel. Man that line would be set. But with all the help we need on D, I cant see us doing that.

  13. Rrsrq Says:

    I only bring up Tebow as package deal with Revis, I don’t think he could replace Josh but there could be some packages for him, esp. when defenses have to game plan for Doug Martin

  14. Brad Says:

    Tebow is done in the NFL. I don’t want that zoo in our town

  15. PRBucFan Says:

    Nothing ever changed after his recent statement.

    Josh has this season show he’s the guy before the comment was made and that is still the case after the comment was made.

    NOTHING has changed.