Ronde Doesn’t Know Bucs’ Interest

February 6th, 2013

Joe’s among the legions of Bucs fans on edge hoping Ronde Barber will return for the 2013 season. But Joe was a bit surprised recently to hear Barber say he’s unsure whether he’s in the Bucs’ plans.

One would think the New Schiano Order already would have expressed to Barber a desire for his return, even if they were waiting a while to get into details.

Barber opened up during an interview on WFAN-AM before the Super Bowl.

“I don’t know how many I could play. I honestly don’t know how many I will play,” Barber said. “I’ve been in a very fortunate situation here in Tampa that I have a GM now, and really a coach going all the way back to Raheem and now with Greg, that’s I think going to let me make the decision. You know, we’ll sit down here in another month or so after they decide what they want to do and we’ll have a pretty frank discussion about my future, and whether or not I fit in. And if I do, if I’m willing to continue to go. And it’s been that way for three years so I imagine it will be the same when we sit down and try to hammer out my future with the team.”

Joe hopes it’s a smooth situation that leads to Barber’s return at the end of the month, per Barber’s stated timeline.

Forgetting about everything the Bucs icon represents, Barber’s still a good, durable football player who’s important in the locker room.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

22 Responses to “Ronde Doesn’t Know Bucs’ Interest”

  1. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    take FS off “Draft Needs”

  2. Jacko101 Says:

    We need A FS regardless even though I like Black I think we need another Solid FS to replace Ronde eventually

  3. ShayneGoodfellow Says:

    I definetely agree with you Jacko101. If Ronde comes back, thats good for our defense because hes the IMO the 2nd smartest defensive player we have and he can still make plays at age what 36 37 ? but at the same time.. there is no way he would come back for the season after this upcoming one. We need to draft his replacement this draft, 4th round?

  4. Patrick Says:

    Off topic, but NEWS FLASH, Ahmad Bradshaw just cut by the Giants. Boom, if the price is right we have the perfect compliment to Doug Martin!!

  5. dcbucsfan Says:

    Ahmad Bradshaw is broken up and has one foot! No thanks!

  6. Macabee Says:


    Bradshaw has a foot that won’t get well. Has had two operations and has two screws. Now using an even bigger screw! Pass – bad wheel, may be done!

  7. stevek Says:

    Come back Ronde, and see the Bucs back to the playoffs.

    Ronde can still play. I would love to see him come back and play nickel CB and such.

  8. SirustheVirus Says:

    They should bing Barber back so we don’t have to address the FS position untill next year.

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sign-Patrick Chung to Play safety.

    Move Ronde back to the Slot.

    Draft S Jonathan Cyprien out of FIU in the 3rd. Dude’s got some real nice coverage skills, plus he hits like a mack truck.

    I like Ahmad Black, but he’s a huge liability. Whenever he has to lock up with a TE

  10. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Barber is a liavility at Nickel. H

  11. Have A Nice Day Says:

    That was weird….. Anyways, what I was trying to type was Barber is a liability at CB these days, be it outside or inside. He played just fine at FS however. Moving him to Nickel again will expose him as it did two years ago and the end of this past season. Keep him at FS.

  12. Stevek Says:

    I will be pissed off as hell if we don’t let Ronde decide when to hang it up.

    This will be an epic fail if we let Barber go. He’s got his gsmes played streak, and he is still playing productive ball.

    Did I also mention he’s been here for 17 seasons.

    This will not be another Derrick Brooks situation. We replaced D. Brooks with Jane Black.That kind of despicable sh!t needs to be swept under the rug, just like the Glazers pre-2012 salary cap appreciation.

    We got rid of Talib because his off field actions are more wreckless than his play.

    Ronde is still pretty good, has a new position to keep him youngry. If we miss on his replacement, than Rock Star and theKing of Pop’s heads will roll.

  13. Stevek Says:

    King of Pop= the guy who takes the snaps all game, but only gets his sh!t going in the fourth quarter.

    “but he set franchise records, and his pass D sucks!” – it just shows that Tampa is still yet to get a franchise QB.

    Newsflash- how does a bad pass D affect Freeman’s right arm throwing an accurate ball? Why can’t he look off coverage and dictate a D with his eyes.

    55 starts later: makeup, high heels, gun range booboo

  14. Stevek Says:

    And NO PLAYOFFS^^^^^

    Or what about the streaks, kinda like the ones I get in my underwear, 10 games, and 5 games or more of losing.

    It’s just sad that your QB has “elite” physical attributes, but just doesn’t seem to give enough of a phuck to develop it.

    I only get on Freeman because I believe he has potential, and I have waited 4 years plus….

  15. Chucky Says:

    Actually, Stevek, we replaced Brooks with Jermaine Phillips, who was quickly replaced by Geno Hayes. … Sad memories

  16. Ladyz Says:

    Let Ronde play! Joe, how about a vote that Dom & Glazers see( how fans feel about Ronde returning). He is still very valuable to our team.

  17. Joe Says:


    Dominik knows very well what fans think of Ronde. He and Schiano will do what they believe is bst for the team.

  18. 941-Bucs Says:

    Maybe we can Nab Kenny Vacarro (S from Texas) and stick him next to Barron. IF Rhonde returns he can work closely with Barron and Vacarro and teach them some tricks of the game.

    If he leaves then you have a deadly combo of safeties (mix in Ahmad Black) who look like they would compliment each other amazingly/ Both have similar styles in how they play aggressively. Barron is more of a run stopping hard hitting SS and Vacarro seems to be more of a ball hawker who can also bring the wood. Not to mention Vacarro is a reward x2, he also can play nickel (this is where Ahmad Black comes in for spread option plays.

    The more i think about it… The more I am leaning for us to nab this guy at #13. CB needs to be addressed in FA, the talent in the Draft isn’t very strong at the top. Vacarro can be a huge difference maker next to Barron in the secondary.

  19. 941-Bucs Says:

    Plus Brian Dawkins Was my all time favorite defender to watch and i see flashes of that aggression in his tackling.

  20. buccanay Says:

    Barber was the FS is the WORST pass defense in history. FS is a huge part of a teams passing defense, and IMO Barron is being put in a bad position because of Barbers lack of ability to play a true FS. In fact, Barron is being asked to play more deep CF when, clearly, his strength is playing SS. Everybody was asking what happened to Barron, well he was playing out of position because of Barber lack of ability to play a true FS. Barber was playing more SS than FS to the detriment of Barron. While still valuable as a backup and, “teacher”, he, Barber is a liability on the field.

  21. MarineBucsFan Says:


    I couldn’t agree more. I actually felt this way weeks ago. However, One problem we may have with this scenario is that Vacarro is moving up the Big Board brother…..Im not so sure he will be there at 13 anymore.

  22. USN_BIT Says:

    Buccanay you’re a d!ck. Nuff said. Barber is great at fs and everyone knows it, Give the old man a chance at hall of fame instead of booting him back to a position he can’t play very well anymore. :/