Bucs Will Overpay Again

February 8th, 2013

“They’re terrible,” former Bucs QB Shaun King said of the Bucs’ front office.

Fresh off a 7-9 season with emerging young players and Pro Bowlers in their prime, the Bucs are cruising into 2013 free agency with a monster load of cash to spend after restructuring the contracts of Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson, and rolling over about $8 million of cap space into 2013 (a figure NBC put out yesterday).

But former Bucs quarterback Shaun King is not excited. The NFL analyst for NBC Sports Network, and one of three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, said yesterday that the Bucs’ needs and not a great fit for this offseason and he has no faith in rockstar general manager Mark Dominik.

“I’m going over the free agent list and I’m not that impressed. You know, they’re going to get a guy that’s gonna cost more than he’s worth. Sort of like Eric Wright last year,” King said on WDAE-AM 620 yesterday. “There aren’t a lot of difference-makers at need positions for Tampa. The safeties that are available are just OK. There aren’t any cornerbacks as good as Brandon Carr or Cortland Finnegan. There are some pass rush guys that are going to be there, but they’re going to cost. I just don’t know. I don’t like anything we’ve done so far.

“The one thing the good teams have is continuity. And we’ve changed a lot of coaches. I know Coach [Ron] Turner left to be a head coach, but Josh is going to get another quarterback coach. That’s another philosophy. That’s another set of opinions, That’s a new voice that he’s got to try and acquiesce to at the same time while he’s trying to improve. We changed DBs coach. We changed special teams coach. So in all those areas you’re starting from scratch, as far as what the expectation is for the guy playing that position. You know, the needs and deficiencies we have on this team are because of the mistakes that we’ve made in the front office up to this point.

“A lot of people come up to me and say, ‘Why are you so hard on Dominik?’ And I say because in the National Football League, the thing that makes it great is the parity. The economic system is the same for every team. So it comes down to intelligence in the front office. It doesn’t take four years to have a roster loaded with talent that’s a playoff team. What we do here is we’re just spinning our wheels. We make mistakes, so then we have to try and make up for the mistakes. And everybody just says, ‘Ok. Give him another year.'”

Joe must defend Dominik here a bit. King states it doesn’t take four years to build a winner because the economic system is the same for every NFL team. But was it “the same” during Dominik’s early years as GM? The Bucs were among the lowest spenders in the NFL for three of Dominik’s four seasons, two of which had no salary cap, aka no leaguewide economic parity.

Dominik also walked into the job and was awarded one of the youngest and most inexperienced coaches in the history of the NFL. Does anyone believe Dominik didn’t want to interview several candidates?

Of course, Dominik is responsible for the Bucs’ talent level, and he’ll ultimately be judged by wins and losses. Scott Pioli got canned recently in Kansas City with a stack of Pro Bowlers, a division title under his belt, and a season in which his Chiefs were a field goal from the playoffs, and only one less total win than Dominik in his four seasons.

Wins are all that matter in the NFL, and Joe’s confident Dominik’s front office will be held to that standard when appropriate.

82 Responses to “Bucs Will Overpay Again”

  1. ShayneGoodfellow Says:

    King is a fu**ing bum.. this is is pathetic. He is like grumpy Florio, only has negative things to say about the Bucs, he needs to cheer the f*ck up and stop focusing on negative things about the bucs the team he used to play for and he needs to go on a diet or something cause hes fat as f*ck. What a joke. Him and Florio are two of the people I hate the most in the media, there both pathetic.

  2. stevek Says:

    Good point, Joe.

    I can see that Dom was hindered to spend $$$, as the owners were being cheap to better support Man. U. No doubt about it, the Glazers hindered the “talent” level of our team by not appreciating the salary cap….

    I speculate that Dominick was forced to draft for “need”, and not “BPA” during his early tenure because of a lack of financial appreciation from ownership.

    Think about it, do we draft Reejus Benn, Myron Lewis, Brian Price, and others based off of “BPA” (I sure as heck hope not!). I like to think Dominick was “forced” to draft on “need” because the screwball owners didn’t want to $win$ bad enough.

    Our budget “lacked the talent” to be sucessful in years’ past.

  3. MadMax Says:

    king always talking like he has an ax to grind or something.
    He. Is. A. Joke.

  4. Howard Bass Says:

    Who cares what Shaun King thinks. He’s nothing but a Buc-basher. I’m all for honest, objective analysis but he and Ian Beckles wouldn’t have a thing to bring to the table if it wasn’t for their constant negativity. Buc-bashing is their schtick. If King was such a great analyst he’d have a larger media presence than he does. I’m sick of hearing from this clown.

  5. Bucnjim Says:

    So he’s saying he doesn’t like Vincent Jackson or Carl Nicks? He doesn’t like the draft of Doug Martin, Levante David, or Mark Barron. He should realize that most free agents resign with their original teams. Then you have to factor in that unless you are a Super Bowl contender at the moment; it’s tough to get players to commit. So yes it does take several years to field a competitive playoff team. There is also luck that gets factored in. Some players get injured early on and never reach their potential while others get paid and simply no longer have the desire to play.

  6. T in Orlando Says:

    Is that Shaun King or Warren Sapp? He’s looking fairly chunky these days.

    As far as his analysis of available Free Agents, he’s basically right, no one really wows you, particularly at CB. However his view of Dominick only seems to note the mistakes. People will give him credit for Jackson and Nicks, but I actually appluad the contract he gave Eric Wright (stay with me on this one). Before the talks of suspension came up, Eric Wright was playing well, maybe not up to the level of his contract, but I don’t think too far off either (he did have that Pick6 early on). However, kudos for Dominick for putting in the clause that allows the team to cut ties, at no additional cost, with Wright once he did what he did. He knew he needed to protect the team incase Wright did slip up, and did just that.

  7. buccanay Says:


  8. Jeff Says:

    I do not respect King at all being he was an NFL FLOP!!!

    Joe, I realize he was the quarterback that PLAYED in our 99 NFC champ game but no way did he lead us. It was our D that did that.

    If he was such a leader, he would have figured out how to score a touchdown to get us to a SB and then I would use the word LEAD.

    Sorry joebucsfan, I just do not like King and his “opinions”.

  9. Javier Says:

    I really hate reading king’s posts. He’s always negative and I don’t know why he gets as much attention as he does. I live in San Jose and even the Raiders get less negative attention than the Bucs.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    The thing that really tee’s me off here is when Burger King uses the word “We” as though he is somehow affiliated with the Team or a fan of the Bucs. I don’t know what he is, but it “ain’t no” Buc Fan. Dom has one of 32 coveted jobs in the US, and King runs his mouth in between meals. It is pretty crazy the things people like King say to try and be relevant.

    King may been hired under “The Americans with No Abilities Act”, whereas Companies are given huge tax credits and incentives to hire blithering idiots at top salaries, that have no real function in society.

  11. robert Says:

    I am sooooo more than sick of hearing Shaun Kings remarks and take on everything Buccaneers. His story of being one of only 3 QB’s in TB history to lead the Bucs in an NFC Championship game was a nice little story eons ago…let it go. He was NEVER the answer. That teams success like the SB year was ALL defense. He rode their coattails. He never was “special”. He has had his 15 minutes of fame. Not sure Joe why you continue to even post his idiotic takes. He’ a has been – blown up like a DL bitter TB hater that STILL seems to be able to cash in on basically a 10 game run…I say enough! Man he’s gotten fat!…not to mention his blown-up ego.

  12. Bucnjim Says:

    I think Dilfer would have a say as to who actually led the team that year since he had 7 out of the 11 wins that year. Also the defense handed King 11 turnovers in the four games he won! That’s almost an average of three turnovers a game! Ken Stabler could have come out of retirement and had success with the D that this team had on the field.

  13. Adam L Says:

    In hind sight, regardless of what you think of Dominik, giving Rahrem a high priced free agent would be like putting Mercedes Rims on a Corvair. Plus, an FA won’t even LOOK at the Bucs right now because the team would have no credibility.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    I love Corvairs, great little car.

  15. TrueBlue Says:

    Dominic has improved every year since becoming GM. He’s just now entering his prime, and early prime at that. Cutting ties at this point would be madness. But then it’s Shaun King – ‘one of only three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to a championship game’ – which he lost.

  16. KD Says:

    @Bucnjim, you hit the nail on the head in your first post.

    I mean really Shaun. It’s no secret you hate Dominik and want to see him fail, but you don’t like ANYTHING they’ve done? ANYTHING?!?!

    Damn, if we had consistent quarterback play last year this would’ve been a playoff team!

    Shaun doesn’t like the signing of a top 5 receiver? A top 5 guard? Doesn’t like the drafting of three all rookie players? A PRO BOWL ROOKIE?

    We don’t keep giving Dominik another year every year. I think it’s fair to say the talent level has risen every year he’s been the GM. We keep giving Freeman another year…not that we have too many options on that front.

    We get it Shaun. You hate Dominik and will hate the Bucs as long as Dominik is around. But try a little harder to veil that hate.

  17. Chucky Says:

    I think it was pretty clear King was talking about not liking the 2013 offseason so far, not every move Dominik has made. …Then again, maybe King is that hateful.

  18. tmaxcon Says:

    What makes Shaun King and expert on football. Looks more like an expert at food buffets. He is a local kid made good who is trashing his hometown team constantly. Move on King. The defense is the only reason he sniffed a playoff game.

  19. tbbucs1638 Says:

    Jairus Byrd is a better than just okay safety!! Hes a moron because there is quite a bit of talent out there.

  20. Justin Says:

    Does King ever have anything positive to say? God, his act has worn thin. Its almost to the point where it doesnt even make any sense.

  21. Brad Says:

    Keep pissing your readers off Joe. I don’t know what’s more comical .. King saying he’s a Buc fan or you constantly saying how he lead us.

  22. ShipWreckedInKentucky Says:

    Joe, if you have no real ties to King drop his useless un-supported garbage analysis from your site and stop giving him the attention that he doesn’t deserve. As you can tell by our comments no true Bucs fan wants to read or listen to this clown. This article is as inconsistent as his career, maybe every once in a while he may say something intelligent, but most the time its inaccurate. I know us Bucs fan crave news,especially during the off-season but can this crap, all your doing is feeding his ego which is as fat as his face……Had to get a fat joke in.

  23. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Funny how many people are mad at King for being negative and constantly berating when you hear all season long the nasty stuff said about Dominik, Schiano, Freeman, etc…from so many regular JoeBucFans. It’s seem it’s always wrong when the shoe is on the other foot.

  24. SoonerinTampa Says:

    The ONLY thing that Shaun King knows about is which buffett to eat at!!! Other than that…he is straight trash!

    Most of the real Buc fans that come here are sick of seeing his fat face on this site!!!! Take a hint Joe!!!!

  25. Joe Says:


    Shaun is a reputable member of the national media and former Bucs starting quarterback who had some success as well. While Joe doesn’t agree with everything King says, Joe finds his takes and perspective interesting and if something interests Joe, Joe uses it.

    The thing that cracks Joe up is immediately people go after Shaun personally — Joe never guessed readers were so concerned with Shaun’s dietary habits — but rarely discuss the merits/substance of the subject King is speaking about.


  26. Gt40bear Says:

    Wonder if King talks trash about the other teams that cut him loose w/o even playing a down? Kind of gives you a clue as to his greatness! Loser! He didn’t lead the Bucs anywhere. That defense dragged his ass to the playoffs. They held one of the greatest offenses in NFL history to 11 freaking points and the doughnut muncher couldn’t deliver a win. That is all!

  27. bucsfan1979 Says:

    Really King!!! who is “we” that’s all you say chump. it’s like you are part of the frount office of the bucs. if you are so great why don’t you make the the calls to Domm and tell him who to choose. i don’t get this guy he wasn’t the best damm QB we ever had. i belive the Best QB we had was Doug williams before the superbowl. King thinks he is all thier. JOE i respect he is your friend in all but, damm all he talks about is “WE”.

  28. Todd Says:

    I am tired of Shaun King….Other than playing a few years in the league with one of the best defenses in history, what has this guy really done. If he was half the QB Freeman is we might have another Super Bowl appearance, if not victory. I am not sure what qualifies him to be a judge of talent or of what a GM has done. If he wants to comment on Freeman, I am okay with that, but his statements aren’t grounded in facts and are often wrong. Stop posting comments from this guy….Hey Shaun…have another donut and stop hating….fat a$$. The more down he is on the Bucs the more it seems like he has a vendetta against them for some reason.

  29. Jwied73 Says:

    I don’t even bother reading the post when Shaun Kings name is on it. Pure drivel.

  30. ShipWreckedInKentucky Says:

    Actualy Joe, There are quit a few comment regarding the merit/substance of his opinion, but it could also be that his opinions are so far from the truth that no one want to give it that much attention. Making jokes about his weight is no different than your comment about Peter king every time you mention him, lets call a spade a spade. But to entertain you lets start here. Drafted GMC, Mike Will(in the 4th),Mark Barron,Traded up to get Doug M,and also Lavont D., jury still is out on Adrian and Bowers for obvious reasons but barring they stay healthy..Studs,bringing in VJAX and Nicks and then to restructure there contracts to have more $$ this off-season…..Looks like Dom is doing a good job to me, so he whiffed on a few picks a F.A. but pretty smart to put that cluase in Wrights contract. The thing about all teams have the same economical situation, well tell that to the Baltimore Ravens. King take on the Bucs is completely useless so the only thing I can come up with is that King hooks you up diners at Burns Steak House and you don’t want to lose out on those benefits so you continue to post his crap and give him credit for being a failure, and thank you Bucnjim for pointing out more than half those wins wher Dilfers. If Freeman had the Defense King did that year we wouldn’t even be discussing all of this.

  31. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    the irony of all ironies is that if Dilfer were healthy, we would have scored more than 11 points and won the NFCC

  32. J A Says:

    A respected member of the media? What media, the “dumb and dumber” franchise on 620 every weekday morning between 9 and 12? There is not another media outlet in the country that has heard of Shawn King!

  33. robert Says:

    To all,

    Joe doesn’t seem to care that the core of his readers detest Shaun “donut boy” King’s negative and ill placed, uninformed takes . Joe always talks about that his number of page views keep growing, well if you keep giving King an outlet to express his seemingly personal vendetta against OUR franchise when there is so much more good going on than bad, then just sit back and watch your blog go down…its getting VERY old JOE – get a clue!

    [NOT cool! — Joe]

  34. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    The Joe team knows what they are doing, Shaun King is polarizing and drives traffic. The more you post to complain the more it puts ad $$$ in The Joe’s pockets

  35. SoonerinTampa Says:

    Just as J A said…”Respected member of the media”

    So if someone puts a mic in his fat face, he is a respected member of the media?

    That is laughable.

  36. eastsidebuc Says:

    Its a lot of sensitive dudes reading this website. King has a ton of knowledge on the NFL, not to mention he played in the league. Dominic was fetching pizza and going on beer runs for the front office not too long ago. Now Joe and all his sheep don’t like to hear the truth about the “rockstar”. I can always read the comments for a good laugh LMMFAO!!! The proof of “rockstar’s” incompetence is in the pudding. Note our record, the money spent on E. Wrightoues also just look around the league. The crappy front offices have bad and or mediocre teams. Yall can be happy with 7-9, I wont. Clowns (Shaun King voice) PS. Joe why don’t you interview King first and debate him on your differences? My bad that would take journalism instead of just listening to the radio. SMH…

  37. robert Says:

    Ian_620WDAE Says:

    February 8th, 2013 at 2:15 pm
    The Joe team knows what they are doing, Shaun King is polarizing and drives traffic. The more you post to complain the more it puts ad $$$ in The Joe’s pockets

    Ian -as with your useless takes – WE ARE SICK OF IT and I for one call for a one week boycott to Joe’s core readers and watch the page views go down – LETS BOYCOTT

  38. robert Says:

    [Robert: Let Joe help you with your crusade for less visitors to Joe’s site. — Joe]

  39. Joe Says:

    Yes, Shaun King works for NBC Sports and is routinely seen on NBC Sports Network as an NFL analyst with Mike Florio, on Florio’s radio show, as well.
    King’s also seen as a game broadcast color analyst on regional FOX college football telecasts.

    And yes, King played six season in the NFL and was a top college football quarterback, in addition to being a St. Pete native and lifelong Bucs fan and Bay area resident.

    You folks are welcome to believe King is a bumbling moron, but please don’t try to convince Joe that King’s takes are worthless, baseless, boring and clueless.

    Joe finds them interesting, therefore Joe shares them. Period. It starts and ends there. Joe will share King’s takes when Joe finds them intriguing same as Joe’s done the past four years. For those talking about Joe’s traffic and $$, Joe’s not here for the money. Joe could make a lot more money doing something else.

    No, King doesn’t buy Joe Bern’s steaks, though Joe is willing to accept such offers.

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    I am still trying to determine how in the hell the words “Media” and “Respected” were used in the same sentence.

  41. Jacko101 Says:

    If it wasn’t for this site I would never hear from Shaun King. Personally he is biased and has some sort of bad taste in his mouth regarding the BUCS. He thoughts never matter in my opinion, but I must admit quite a debate comes along with his words. (Hence maybe why you share this Joe) I on the other hand do like the way for once BUCS fans back and support the team. Go BUCS

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    Here fishy fishy fishy

  43. Dan Says:

    I agree with Shaun. You need only look at the steady down turn our team and fan base has had since 08. It’s time to stop making excuses for Dominick. Feel free to look at our teams win loss record and as a Bucs fans and then post something good about him. Bucs Fans deserve better and it’s time we acted like fans that hold there teams leaders accountable. 24 wins 40 losses under Dominick any one think that’s success feel free to say so!!

  44. stevek Says:

    Wow, reading the message board is like watching the “Lifetime Channel”.

    All the pissing, bitching and moaning.

    What in the heck is wrong with Shaun King’s opinion?

    Last time I checked, he had a more successful NFL career than Dominick.

    Everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over nothing.

    Shaun is right, we signed a punter before the 2011 season, and that was all.

    Cortland Finnegan, Jonathan Joseph, and Brandon Carr COULD and SHOULD have been BUCS.

    Dominick is the guy who signs players, so what the hell was the problem?

    Answer: Glazers/Dom were going to be as cheap as possible prior to the forced salary floor.

    King may have a pessimistic view most of the time, but he is right.

    Why aren’t the Bucs any freaking good?

    Bruce Allen just took the Redskins to the playoffs last year, when will we go back to the playoffs?

    Maybe people would go to the games if we had a QB worth watching.

  45. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Dom did not start out very good in Tampa, neither with the fans or with the team. As of right now I believe he has failed so far without a doubt. However with that being said, he is very good at a few things and seems to be getting better and better every year overall. I think he has a high upside and given a bit more time we might just see it. Ultimately I think his fate is in Freemans hands this season. Either they both stay or they both go.

  46. Andrew 1 Says:

    Saying Shaun King led us to that championship game is like saying Trent Dilfer led the Ravens to that super bowl back in 2000. you cant honestly believe that Joe, or can you?

  47. stevek Says:


    No need to defend your honor for delivering GREAT BUCS NEWS. Good, Bad, or indifferent: thank you for showing the fans what is really up.

    News is News, people. And when you haven’t been to the phucking playoffs since 2008 than there is a problem.

    We need to return to legitimacy as soon as possible.

    Think about it, folks, Shaun King has been to the playoffs and won a playoff game or two.

    Dominick and crew haven’t done squat. Last off season has boosted my perception of Dominick, but the facts are facts.

    From 2008-2011 the Glazers decided they wanted to void our team of talent, and ship out home games across the pond.

    I do not follow Soccer much, but it seems like Manchester United is the “New York Yankees” of their league (fiscally and payroll speaking).

    So, how can some buffoon owners decide to spend a sh!t ton of money on Soccer, but could give a sh!t less about the BUCS

    WE SUCK BECAUSE OUR OWNERSHIP DOGGED US, it is on the mend, but they screwed the fans and establishment of a good roster.

  48. stevek Says:


    Both Shaun King and Trent Dilfer (After this year Josh Freeman) led their respective teams, yes.

    Were they the damn starting QB? Ok, so, yes they did lead their teams, as they were the STARTER.

  49. stevek Says:

    Dominick once boasted about finding players outside the draft, that is great and all but….. Myron Lewis, Reejus Benn, Brian Price, Quincy Black, Jeremy Trueblood, and Josh Freeman were all pretty high draft selections.

    I would only brag about identifying and collecting undrafted talent, if and only if, I can draft some freaking talent.

    Every blind squirrel finds a nut.

  50. Bobby Says:

    @Dan….it’s a GM’s job to provide the talent…not coach it. The talent is there and now I believe we have a coach that can do something with that talent. I think Dom is one of the best at getting good talent in the drafts. If they could all stay healthy at the same time I think we’ll win the division.

  51. stevek Says:

    The only reason we don’t have one of: Brandon Carr, Jonathan Joseph, or Cortland Finnegan was because our ownership did not give the “ok” to spend.

    The Glazers would have rathered counted up a little more money, and watch the Bucs and Tampa fans suffer.

    I am pleased with their recent turnaround in the spending department. We need to shell out the rest of the salary cap intelligently.

    I hope we get some talent, as our secondary and QB’s throwing accuracy/consistency LACK TALENT.

    When will someone be held accountable?

    I sure as sh!t hope that the Bucs post 2008 have SUCKED.

    It says something when the Falcons beat your ass, and they have a hard time winning a playoff game. It just shows how far off we are.

    On the other hand, the Redskins won their division this year. If you would have told me that the Redskins with a ROOKIE QB were going to be superior to the Bucs before the season, I would’ve laughed. Now, look who is laughing, Freeman is a laughable QB, might as well pull up a seat next to Shaun King because JUST LIKE SHAUN KING, FREEMAN IS TAKING US NOWHERE. Not even the playoffs.

  52. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ stevek

    no need to get defensive. just because they were the starting QBs doesn’t me the led anything. those 2 QBs had the luxury having arguable 2 of the best defenses of all time who should and do get the credit for LEADING their teams to the top. anybody without such a narrow minded perspective, such as yourself, would realize this. there, now I gave you a reason to be defensive.

  53. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ stevek

    yea, way to contradict your with your last post. You just said it yourself, King lead us no where. btw with that attitude I think its you who should pull up a seat next to Shaun king because you both sound the same. lol

  54. Big Bick Says:

    Who’s that fat ass in the picture? Is that Shaun King or the guy that ate Shaun King? His “expert” opinion is only surpassed by Ian “Idiot” Beckles in terms of ridiculousness. Shaun SUCKS!

  55. stevek Says:


    Shaun King is a playoff QB, not you, me, or anyone can take that from him. He just wasn’t good enough.

    My point, Andrew, was that why is our team so damn bad? and deficient of talent?

    Why didn’t ownership spend some damn money for a TALENTED CB in year prior?

    I don’t believe that Shaun King or Trent Dilfer were key cogs in their team’s performances, but your narrow sighted view MUST acknowledge: Shaun King has been to an NFC Championship game, and Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. They were the STARTING QB for their respective ball clubs, thus the statement “Leading their team”.. Lead= Lead man out AKA Starter, 1st string on a team that went somewhere.

    You may argue with Joe and myself to your definition of “leading your team”, but the simple damn fact is that they were starting QBs for successful teams.

    Josh Freeman aint done squat, and that can be Doms and Glazers fault.

    We let John Lynch walk away for nothing, and we cut ties with Derrick Brooks, just to replace him with garbage.

    “And btw with your attitude”… LOL, I can say it right back to you, but what is the point? We are 2 different people, differing values, opionions, and thoughts.. We can all agree that we have sucked for far too long.

    People don’t want to come to terms, but we are a talent deficient team, last off season was a huge step in the right direction, but we are only about half way there.

  56. stevek Says:

    I wish our starting QB could lead us somewhere other than NO PLAYOFFS.

  57. ShipWreckedInKentucky Says:

    @ stevek,
    Don did not draft Black or Trueblood, that was Allen and Gru. To be fair to Price he had a freak injury and showed promise playing through pain, we can’t call him a bust for that, or blame Dom. Trueblood had to be resigned to keep Joseph. I get your point about seeing the post season, we all want that. The reason we didn’t get any of those corners you mentioned is because we signed VJAX and chose to bring in Nicks, with the thought Wright would pair up nice with Talib,Dom took a risk, didn’t pay off but not every decision is perfect. I don’t know if you read the whole post but Joe isnt defending Kings take on Dom, he actually disagrees,he’s only defending his decision to post the article. The statement above is true as that the GM is suppost to bring the talent in including head coach, if Shiano fails then we can talk about firing Dom and even though I’m not happy with a 6-7 record I can be excited about the future with the talent we do have.

  58. Jon Says:

    “So it comes down to intelligence in the front office. It doesn’t take four years to have a roster loaded with talent that’s a playoff team. What we do here is we’re just spinning our wheels. We make mistakes, so then we have to try and make up for the mistakes. ”

    Shaun- If it was that easy then every team would be in the playoffs. Obviously it isn’t. Moron!

  59. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ stevek

    ok a few things

    Ef Im reading this correctly your thought process is that the starting QB is automatically rewarded with the success of the team weather or not that same QB is mediocre to average and weather or not that same QB had the benefit of having a defense who outplayed the QB and offense as a whole. Im sorry, but I just cant agree with that.

    second of all you blame the Glazer’s for not spending. although that may be true, move on and stop living in the past and recognize the Glazers have a renewed interest in the club again.

    Third of all if Im remembering this correctly Dom was not the one who cut John lynch lose, and even if he was it was believed that Lynch was past him prime, a mistake many GMs make.

    and lastly, as hard as is it for me to say this Brooks was washed up, proven by the fact that no other team wanted him after we released him.

  60. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Stevek

    and also, we may not be the most talented team in the world, but we are hardly talent defitient, as you put it. Just ask the pro bowl.

    Even though this quote is going to sound corny as hell, Im going to type it anyways.

    “Fortune smiles upon those with a positive attitude.”

    Therefore if you want the bucs to be fortunate, maybe it would behove you to appreciate all the positives we have done for a change instead of every little negative thing.

  61. Andrew 1 Says:

    you might just get what you want.

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m not saying Shaun doesn’t ever have anything good to say, just never anything good about the Bucs. He’s constantly ragging on the team, coaches and franchise. Just my opinion, but I’m sick of the guy and as long as he takes pot shots at Dom and the Bucs, I’ll keep making fat jokes about Mr Dick Cheeseburger himself.

    I like that Joe posts King’s drivel so we can have a good bash fest, but the Biggest Loser deserves what he gets from us. I didn’t care for him then and don’t really now. He really likes the sound of his own voice but I think he took one too many shots to the head.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    Derrick Brooks and John Lynch both offer constructive criticism about the Bucs, but they do it with tact and class. They also don’t take cheap shots at those running the team who are giving their best effort. It looks like King’s only effort is stuffing his fat face and running his suck.

  64. josh Says:

    This pudgy clown needs to shut up. Why hang around and discuss a franchise that he clearly has hard feelings towards. The negative remarks get so old!

  65. Andrew 1 Says:

    King’s lack of respect for a team that gave him a shot is clearly evident. So why should I or anyone else give him even the least bit of respect? He had his chance to prove himself and, unlike a what a man would do, is not owning up to the fact that he has nobody but himself to blame for that fact that he blew it. instead he is putting all of the blame for HIS failures on the bucs. hardly respectable. I don’t hate the man, I just don’t respect him. Two different things.

  66. rmac Says:

    Count me among the growing number of people who wishes that King would STFU. He was a sub-par quarterback and has demonstrated time and time again that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’m tired of reading about him at joebucfan.com. Please consider pleasing your fans, Joe, and stop giving attention to this loser.

  67. Joe Says:

    @rmac – Joe hears you and others, but Joe’s not going to stop delivering some of King’s opinions just because people dislike King. Fans quickly forget that it was King who was the only public analyst predicting the Bucs would have a winning record in 2010, and Dominik was the GM.

    Joe follows only one standard. If Joe thinks a report or commentary is credible and interesting, Joe will share it. That’s not going to change.

  68. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Is it really that hard to believe that maybe he really feels the way he does and isnt just hating on the Bucs?… His opinion is no better than yours, but yours is no better than his. All the personal attacks seem to speak a lot more about your character then this article does about his.

  69. Trey Says:

    Shaun King, one of three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, is yet again spewing negative comments toward the Bucs. Go figure!

    I have expressed my displeasure of the exposure King gets for his negativity on the site. I think it’s time I take a vacation.

  70. McBuc Says:

    Funny, everyone wants Joe to stop running King’s take, however, this article has more comments than any other one today. Also, if you guys are going to discount King for lsoing the NFCC, then you better do the same to Doug Williams…he also did not score a TD against the Rams in the NFCC. I am no King fan, and I agree he is negaitive as hell, but he knows football and fires you guys up. I also find it funny that you guys say Kings knows nothing based on his NFL carreer, but you praise Jeff Carlson…King had a much better run than Jeff. They both made it to the show, so more power to them for voicing their opinions.

    Keep it coming Joe! Where else can you get news 365 days a year on the Bucs? Keep reporting all things Bucs!

  71. McBuc Says:

    Oh, and I agree with ian, if Dilfer played we would have won that game.

  72. Joe Says:


    Also, if you guys are going to discount King for lsoing the NFCC, then you better do the same to Doug Williams…

    Shaun King, to read some on this site, was the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL. Yet he had better numbers than Doug Williams, who the same people on this site laud and demand his number be retired.

    (Oh, and Williams is not exactly a Bucs loyalist either.)

    Yet King is trashed right and left. It’s never about the content of his message, it’s always about King’s eating habits. smh

  73. Joe Says:


    I’m tired of reading about him at joebucfan.com.

    Not since Joe graduated college has he been forced to read anything. Joe’s elated that your instructors are subjecting you to Joe’s writings, and the opinions of many in the national media hired for their insight and knowledge.

    Joe is truly humbled. Thanks.

  74. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Count me in as reading less of Shaun Kings rants.

    Does anyone recall the 45 minute rant he led on his radio show when Raheem Morris got fired? Dude was ANGRY that Raheem got fired.

    That is where he stands. He orated his manifesto against the Bucs and Mark Dominic.

    He later was let go to no surprise.

    His radio show was depressing.

  75. Dan Says:

    @Bobby. It’s the GM’s job to draft and sign talent. So lets see resigning Clayton and a long list of drafted players who are on practice squads or not even in the league. Can you name any solid draft picks before the 12 draft that have produced above avg results. I can’t think of 1. So no you can’t give him a pass he is responsible he is top of the chain period.

  76. Adam Sproles Says:

    Why Shaun always hating on the only team to give him a chance. He need to focus on working out, he looking like Sapp

  77. Joe Says:

    @Bucs Fan #238 – Do you really believe any radio host would be “let go” for unleashing his displeasure after a coach was fired?

  78. Joe Says:

    Bucs Fan #238:

    Joe did not hear that rant (wishes he had) but Joe can state for a fact King was not “let go” by CBS Radio. His departure had zero to do with anything he said about the Bucs.

  79. Ryan Says:

    why does anyone pay attention to what this sack of crap has to say?

  80. Brian D. Says:

    8 players still reside on this team from the 2008, the end of the Allen/Gruden era.

    Ronde Barber, Quincy Black, Andrew Economos, Adam Hayward, Davin Joseph, Donald Penn, Jeremy Trueblood, and Jeremy Zuttah.

    5 of those guys are role players…three stars (one of which is on the wrong side of 35 years old)

    When Dominik took over the cupboards were bare…Go back and look at that 2008 roster: http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/tam/2008_roster.htm

    It was practically devoid of young talent. Allen and Gruden were absolutely terrible at drafting and maybe even worse at developing young talent…second to only Raheem Morris who managed to regress his entire young roster after a 10-win season.

    I don’t think Dominik was given a fair shake in his first few seasons here…by all accounts he did a really good job in free agency last season (minus the Eric Wright blunder) and maybe landed the best draft class of the year. Schiano managed to help McCoy, Foster, Miller, Dotson, and Mike Williams progress significantly and despite the loss of Joseph, Nicks, Clayborn, Bowers, Black, Talib, and Wright…we still managed a respectable season…I guess what I’m trying to say is…

    Shaun King is a jack*ss and nobody needs his negativity in this town…we’ve had enough negativity for the past decade.

  81. the truth Says:

    King, is correct the worst defense in the nfl the past two seasons. If it is not the G.M must be coaching.

  82. 76buc76 Says:

    Everybody does know we were the best run defence last year right?A team has NO chance if you can’t stop the run.Did we all forget 2011.With V-jax,Martin and William’s.We need better than a 27TD,27 turnover QB