The Future Of Josh Freeman

January 6th, 2013

Joe knows there are many Bucs fans who would cherish the day that Josh Freeman is no longer with the Bucs.

Many Bucs fans are tired of seeing Freeman’s inconsistent ways and they also see quarterbacks with less experience if not lesser talent lead their teams to a playoff berth, something Freeman has yet to accomplish as he enters his fifth season as the Bucs’ starting signal caller.

Joe is under the impression that, barring something totally unforseen, Freeman will have his contract extended with the Bucs at some point before it runs out after the 2013 season. If Freeman struggles again, well, then the Bucs get a team-friendly contract from Freeman.

But not all believe this to be the case. Enter Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times,who is of the mind there is a very real possibility that Freeman, if he struggles again in 2013, could play for a new team in 2014.

Coach Greg Schiano inherited Freeman, so he has no loyalty to the enigmatic quarterback. He likes a lot of things about Freeman’s game — he did set franchise records for passing yards and touchdowns — but plans to add a quarterback, either in the draft or free agency, to compete with Freeman next season.

But let’s say Freeman doesn’t lead the Bucs to the playoffs in 2013, his fifth season. He’s gone. Schiano might start over with a new signal caller that might not win fast enough to save his job.

Stroud goes on to note that if the Bucs decided to franchise Freeman after the 2013 season — provided he has a good season — it could cost the team as much as $17 million a year or more to keep the Kansas State product via thefranchise tag.

This is something Joe has written about a few times before, even before Freeman was drafted. A new coach, Schiano, isn’t going to Pearl Harbor his own gig if Freeman struggles. Schiano didn’t draft Freeman; he is not tied to Freeman in any way.

Also, as Joe has noted before, Schiano was wont to start freshmen quarterbacks at Rutgers. That tells Joe Schiano expects a high level of production from his quarterbacks and if he does not get said production, is quick to pull the trigger on another quarterback.

Simply put, if Schiano doesn’t believe Freeman can lead the Bucs to the playoffs after the 2013 season, Joe wouldn’t be surprised if Schiano waves goodbye to him.

In short, the ball appears to be in Freeman’s court. His future with the Bucs is in his hands. Get to the playoffs in 2013 and Freeman not only hits the lottery, but he will be your Bucs quarterback for perhaps the next decade.

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  1. PRBucFan Says:

    “After Week 14, Freeman had 25 touchdowns and eight interceptions. But you can’t erase the back-to-back four-INT games or the fact that his team has never reached the postseason.

    Freeman, who turns 25 next Sunday, is out of excuses. After 2013, he could run out of time.”

    – Amen Stroud

  2. Free's a Boob Says:

    The very thought of The Moron being shown the door will have me smiling all day. A QB with a brain would be nice.

  3. Brad Says:

    The only thing I agree with about the article is if Freeman is not our man, Schiano will be fired shortly after so were stuck with a team that continues to spiral downwards. I’m going to back Freeman and believe he and the team can turn this thing around otherwise were a team still looking for that franchise QB with a new coach starting and no defense to lean on… Yeah you morons better wake up and beg and pray Freeman is the man.

    If not I hope the Glazers sell the team and get new energy into the orgination. That I believe is the only thing that will truly bring the fans back to the stadium..

  4. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Freeman doesnt appear to really love playing QB (does it b/c he can or should) Guys like Johnny Manziel, Erin Rodgers, Tom Brady. … can tell that they were BORN to play QB….not Josh…..

  5. ramdog Says:

    If Freeman isn’t the man unless we luck out drafting a QB next year Schiano and the organization is in trouble. Unlike what a lot of people on this site thinke getting a franchise QB is not as easy as it seems if it was how come every team doesn’t have one. If we wanted a franchise QB we should’ve listened to Gruden and drafted Aaron Rodgers like he wanted to. But what does he know that was just his speciality, quarterbacks and offense. Instead we listen to Radio Raheem and draft an QB who was inconsistent in College. To be honest I trust Schiano and Dominik much more than Raheem and Dominik.

    Another thing it is funny the same thing happened with Drew Brees in San Diego. They drafted Rivers and Brees went to New Orleans. Just hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Freeman. Let’s just hope and pray Freeman develops in the offseason and plays better next year otherwise the team is in trouble.

  6. raphael Says:

    Interesting…Is Freeman going to DEFEND the pass as well….? lol

  7. MadMax Says:

    @brad, here you go again, calling everyone whose not a freeman fan a moron, and praying the team gets sold if we let go of freeman….brad you’re a boob.

  8. JonBuc Says:

    The problem is there are only about 10 great qbs( or less)on the entire planet….toughest gig in all of sports to master IMO. Can Freeman be one of them? Some days it appears so and others the answer is “hell no!” Lots of pressure next year…will Freeman make diamonds or burst pipes? Only time will tell…

  9. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Read the first two paragraphs and tell me Joe isn’t a pessimist. Joe’s words are almost always seeking the negative in every little bit of info he posts.

  10. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Btw, there is an awesome fog rolling into my balcony. The fog is thick here in downtown St Pete. i can actually see it rolling in.

    So cool!!

  11. FlBoy84 Says:

    If you’ve seen the movie, prepare for painful death by the hands of undead pirates. Kinda like watching the ending of the Philly game, but with swords and stuff. 🙂

  12. the_buc_realist Says:


    i didn’t see the pass defense go 3 in out for over half the game, also did the secondary throw football in the dirt and way off target,

    Not expecting the offense to score every play, but at this stage Freeman needs to at least sustain a drive

  13. FlBoy84 Says:

    Resigned myself to the fact the Freeman may be QB’ing the Bucs for the forseeable future, with the ups and downs he provides. Have a feeling the team is waiting to see how 2013 goes before doing an extension. Would much rather see them take that approach than make the colossal mistake that the Bills & Jets did in signing Fitz & Sanchez to massive contracts that I’m sure they’re regretting (the team, that is). Not many franchise QB’s out there, assume the team would rather have Freeman than many of the other non-franchise starters out there.

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    Freeman has accuracy issues no doubt! There are so many more problems to fix then just the QB though. First Freeman will never be a 40-50 pass a game QB. There are only 5 QB’s in the entire league who can win on a consistant basis by doing so. Then; again this year we need to address the offensive line. What should have been an all pro line turned into a circus act. Great job coaching them up, but the final result was Nicks & Joseph were really missed and cost the team several games.

    Then there’s the Defense! You can’t give up chunks of yardage like the Bucs did this year. It creates easy scoring opportunites for the opposition; leaves the Bucs with terrible field position and then makes the time of possession one sided. You can’t be a running team when playing from behind! Freeman will never be Brees, but I do see him as eventually being a great game manager. He’s shown signs he can do it! I’m not sure he will ever be the type of player that can carry the entire team on his shoulders, but most QB’s in the NFL can’t.

  15. raphael Says:

    @bucrealist………..I didn’t see freeman get called for holding or jump offsides once all year……and he didn’t drop a pass either…..

  16. jarrett Says:

    everyone involved with this post is dumb

  17. jarrett Says:

    buc realist, sustain a drive? you are so rediculous. Everyone this was the best offense we have ever had in the history of the buccaneers. this year. Josh freeman played better than any qb we have ever had, ever. We won a superbowl with a lesser qb. YOu guys all are idiots. This was the best qb play we have ever seen in a buccaneer uniform, and he is only 24. Ten years from now he will still be younger than brady. Joe you are also guilty of this shortsighted attack on freeman. Tom brady does not grow on trees. But apparently dumbness is plentiful.

  18. MTM Says:

    Would Freeman apologists be so loyal if Tampa was holding the #1 draft pick and FG3 and Luck were sitting there. Freeman apologists are only as loyal as there options. Free benefits from a lack of QB’s in the draft.

  19. Bucnjim Says:

    It’s lack of elite QB’s! There are only 4 or 5 in the entire league. That leave’s 28 teams in the same position as we are.

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    Luck; Wilson; RGIII; Ponder; and the rest will be back to earth next year with 16 games worth of tape on them. Wilson & RGIII are at great risk of injury also with their style of play.

  21. the_buc_realist Says:

    Bucnjim is right!, You either have a elite or “franchise” QB, or your looking for one, and I think the rock star has his binoculars out for one.

  22. raphael Says:

    @ jarrett ….srsly ? read my post again, and when you miss spell ridiculous …….you should not ever call anyone else dumb !

  23. jarrett Says:

    Raphael Touche, i was talking about replace the qb dumb, not spelling and grammar dumb. YOu have been consistent, with your opinion on freeman, and my comment was not directed at you.

  24. buccanay Says:

    Did anyone watch yesterdays games? There was only 1 QB that would be an upgrade over Freeman, and that was Aaron Rodgers. Be careful what you wish for. I am one of Freeman’s harshest critics, but also a realist. Think about it. What NFL team, in their right mind, would be out looking to replace a 24 yr old QB who just set the single season passing yardage record for their organization? Its assinine.

  25. FlBoy84 Says:

    “Ten years from now he will still be younger than brady.” How long did it take for you to figure that one out?

  26. jarrett Says:

    buccanay ding ding ding, correct

  27. jarrett Says:

    flboy, just tying to paint a picture, just trying to let you look at this from different angle. math is hard though

  28. Macabee Says:

    In 2013, Freeman will be a Buc for 5 years. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Freeman lasted longer than Schiano. It seems to me that NFL owners are less tolerant of HCs with losing records than average QBs. Colt McCoy is still with the Browns, Shurmur is gone!

  29. raphael Says:

    @ jarrett …right on bro.

  30. Tomcin Says:

    I still think we should go after Couzins.

  31. raphael Says:

    @ macabee …..this team will not be losing much next year… we will be a team to be reckoned with for sure..Shiano with another year, lookout …

  32. Macabee Says:

    I’m on your team Raphael. I hope as you predict, that both Schiano and Freeman have a resurgent year. But the trend that I mentioned is true. If Tony Dungy can be fired after making the playoffs for 3 years in a row and Lovie Smith can be fired with a 10-6 record, then Schiano is no shoe-in.

    Our fans yell about making the playoffs, but owners don’t just want to go to the playoffs, they want to hold up the SB trophy. Not an easy accomplishment!

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lets Go Lightning!!!

  34. Brad Says:

    @mtm .. Your actually the only moron. Your comments and points are ridiculous and are so far fetched.. At least most who aren’t backing Freeman make good points. I just believe if Freeman is not the answer we are years from making a serious run at any playoffs or Superbowl. I’m not praying the team gets sold. I’m hoping Freeman plays like he did for most of this year and doesn’t have that losing skid at the end. I think another draft, FA signing, training camp under Schiano, this team will be a major force. We as fans all need to believe and hope for that.. Otherwise who knows when we will major players again.

  35. FlBoy84 Says:

    Aware that there are lots of ways to look at this. My hope is that Josh can become a bit more consistent and that the team thrives, but I’m realistic enough to realize that may not happen. Would like to see the team bring in another QB that can actually compete with/push Freeman and may the best QB win, regardless if it’s Freman or someone else. Understand Josh had a great year stat-wise, but stats don’t always equate to wins.

  36. Pewter_Power Says:

    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger. These are the only quarterbacks in the league as of right now that are better than Freeman. I’d say we are doing just fine.

  37. Pewter_Power Says:

    Oh, and Matt Ryan, forgot about him. Bit still, pretty damn good.

  38. MTM Says:

    @ Brad

    Do I need to point out why I don’t see Freeman working out? The never ending rebuilding process is ridiculous. I just want to see a legitimate back up next year.
    I don’t share your quest for mediocrity.

  39. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    if we put out a better secondary next year that will take the pressure of Free feeling like he has to be perfect in order to win games. have any of you been pressured by your boss to do it right? when people are pressured to be perfect they make mistakes. Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, and Ryan are elite but you can find tape where they were to blame for a turn over or 2. didnt Brees throw 5 picks in 1 game this year??? if we punt the ball away then we put that horrible pass defense back on the field, and im sure Free knows that so hes tring to score on every play and when you do that your gonna have turnovers. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!

  40. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    if our defense didnt give up passing TDs like candy to trick or treaters then the turnover thing wouldnt be so magnified, from 99-04 we wouldnt care about picks and fumbles cuz that defense could keep the other team off the scoreboard, but this team cant so by knowing that Free forces thing that he might not if the team played better Def, im behind this kid. my favorite QB of all time is Brady but Brady is very rare! give Free and coach at least this season before Free is released and coach is fired. pounding that panic button a bit too soon if you ask me. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!

  41. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Just a couple of thoughts after reading the story and the posts.
    After watching the Bengals and the Vikings yesterday, Josh looks pretty good.
    You cant dump Josh untl you have somebody better to replace him.
    In my opinion there are no sure fire franchise QB’s in this draft.
    As long as Dominick is the GM here, Josh will be the QB.
    I really do hope that Josh has a great season next year and lives up to his potential. He shows signs of promise then shows signs of failure. Another year in the same system will help plus keeping his 0-line healthy. However, the NFL is a business and as much as we all like him and pull for him, if he cant get the job done then he should be replaced.

  42. Sgt Mike Says:

    One thing that the off season will bring is clarity. We will see Schiano’s confidence or lack there of in Freeman by who he drafts or picks up at the QB position. I for one was not so hot on the Schiano hiring yet I know he is an excellent football mind. Another for sure thing is he will still lose a lot of games if he does not adequately upgrade the defensive secondary as well as build some depth at key positions for long-term development. I would just hate it if we had to go back to the drawing board again prolonging our next trip to the big dance. This off season will show a lot and I’m sure JBF will keep us updated on its progress. Go Bucs!

  43. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Again, all I see are excuses for Freeman. Name calling when they run out of things to say. Oh and my personal favorite “You think its so easy to draft a franchise QB.” Lmao… now they are telling us how we think.

    Who said it was easy to draft a franchise QB? Nobody. That’s because its not easy whatsoever… however, that doesnt mean you dont or at least cant try to upgrade at QB when you know you have a dud there for half a game. You fan boys are really pathetic. Please stop arguing with raphael, the guy is an absolute homer and blind as blind possibly gets. Arguing with him is like feeding the trolls. Anything you say he turns it around and blames it all on something else as if Freeman is perfect. One of you guys said Free is the best QB we’ve ever had. That is a lie. Brad Johnson is the best QB we’ve ever had because he was the most consistant.. You can shove your skewed stats up your hind end. Anyone can see that most of Freemans stats come from garbage time when were trailing in the fourth quarter and teams are playing prevent and leaving most of the field wide open. Free wont be here long though i’m sure you crotch riders will be clinging to him until he’s gone. Have fun with that. Will be fun to hear what you gots to say when he’s stinking it up for his next team.

  44. BigMacAttack Says:

    Brad, I agree with your assessment of the team for 2013′. I’m taking that same positive outlook. There is a lot of work to do but nothing that is insurmountable. I still may take my pokes at Freeman and a few others, but all in fun and seeing good things in the near future.

  45. GiveBlountABLUNT Says:

    Yeah and who the fk are we going to bring in to compete with Free?
    bucs fans what do you think about bringing in one of these guys to compete: Matt Moore, draft Glennon, possibily trade for a solid backup qb that could be a starter, Kirk Cousins?

  46. Brandon Says:

    Ian’s Gay Lisp & Ron’s Drinking Problem Says:

    January 6th, 2013 at 9:25 am
    Freeman doesnt appear to really love playing QB (does it b/c he can or should) Guys like Johnny Manziel, Erin Rodgers, Tom Brady. … can tell that they were BORN to play QB….not Josh…..


    For your information, “Erin” Rodgers had never even started a game in the NFL at Freeman’s current age. Brady was 24 when he started his first game…. Johnny Manziel is a freshman in college and hasn’t yet taken a regular season snap in the NFL.

    Here’s something I can tell. You are not a very astute evaluator of QBs.

  47. Brandon Says:


    Who should we draft then? Which QB out of Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, Matt Barkley, and (yuck) Aaron Murray, if he declares, is the next franchise QB? Considering Smith is the best of a terrible bunch, none are anywhere close to the better QBs of past years.

    Freeman just finished his 4th season and thus far in his career he is leaps and bounds ahead of where Eli Manning was in his career. Giants fans wanted Manning rode out of New York on the front of a subway car. I’m pretty sure the fact that he stayed and won two Super Bowls bodes well for Freeman’s chances of building on what he’s done so far.

  48. Brandon Says:

    Tomcin Says:

    January 6th, 2013 at 11:25 am
    I still think we should go after Couzins.


    That’s a fantastic idea. Go after a QB that has only had a handful or less of career starts. Worked wonders for the Bills with Rob Johnson, Cardinals with Kevin Kolb, the Dolphins with AJ Feeley many others. These types of trades rarely work out for the teams.

  49. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I’m not a coach or talent evaluator however, if I were I would draft someone in the 4th round with one of the 2 picks we have. If that isnt an option, I would NOT trade up for any QB either this year. If I had to draft a QB this year i would personally go with Murry.
    But you are missing the point. At this point, anyone who can play a consistant game is better than Freeman. We SHOULD try to upgrade the QB position by any means necessary. Will it work? Theres no guarantees but just because it does not look like there is much out there does not mean you have to sit on your hands and do nothing because you have a QB who broke meaningless records for us.
    Please stop with the silly comparisons. Eli has won multiple super bowls. Until Freeman wins anything other than coming from behind to beat a bad team then we can attempt to compare him to a proven super bowl winner. Right now he is an inconsistant QB with a career losing record and a whole lot of flaws to work on. Comparing him to jamarcus russell who has won just as much as Freeman or Ryan Leaf is more realistic to cmpare him to. Obviously, you wont like that comparison because it doesnt fit your opinion of Freeman. So comparisons are rather silly and opionated at best.

  50. raphael Says:

    LMAO @ the Freeman haterz ..!!!

  51. raphael Says:

    @ silence…..Jamarcus russell had 4000 yrds in his career….and threw 17 td’s to 23 ints…. in his Career… your a joke dude….

  52. bucobruce Says:

    I hope Freeman can kick it up a little bit next year and get us deep in the playoffs or super bowl if not then we should go after JOE MONTANAS kid.BUCS will be in the NFC championship next year mark my words!!!!!!!!!!!!GO FREEMAN

  53. kgh Says:

    Be careful what you wish for! A lot of people want Freeman gone but who is out there to replace him? The answer is nobody: Micheal Vick, the game manager Alex Smith, Kyle Orton. We can’t just get rid of Freeman without getting a viable starter. The qb draft is very weak this year, none of the qbs who are expected to go in first round are not of the same caliber as Luck or RGIII, so, for the time being Freeman is the best we got even though he has his obvious flaws. I am not defending Freeman in any way i am just saying there is no one out there better at the moment. The bucs don’t want to be like the cardinals and chiefs. Those teams has started so many qbs in the last couple years and where did that get them.

  54. Macabee Says:

    Joe, check your twitter. Roy Cummings just went off the deep end on Freeman. Sure you will want to cover!

  55. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Get of Freemans crotch if you wanna speak to me.

  56. jarrett Says:

    If freeman was in the draft , right now at 24 years old with same game tape he would be the first pick in the draft hands down. If he had the defense brad johnson had we would be contending for a super bowl. He is not problem, defense and fans with no clue are.

  57. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Yea im sure his game tape of starting every game slow and/or invisible for 2 to 3 quarters until he does anything relevant and then does just enough to A)Come from behind to barely beat bad teams. B)Does just enough to lose by a respectable margin. Yea. I’m sure nobody in there right mind would want to take a chance on anyone else.

  58. jarrett Says:

    Silence the critics: The raiders wish jamarcus russel could be mentioned in the same breath as josh freemans. That comparison is terrible. If winning record meant you were good, tebow, grossman, andvince young would be starters. Winning does not equal good. Sanchez has a good winning record too.

  59. PRBucFan Says:


    You ask who is better???

    With the way Free is playing NOW

    Who the hell is worse???

    “Bad Josh” is no doubt the absolute worst QB in the league and ANYONE is an upgrade over that miserable excuse for a QB. Until Free can get rid of Bad Josh showing up for 2-3 quarters a game it doesnt matter how good “good Josh” is, it’s too detrimental to this team.

    As far as Schiano being married to Freeman or his success being tied to Free’s. BS lol, he didn’t draft the kid and he’s a smart man there’s no way he would of come here knowing he was that tied down to Free. If anything i would agree Dom may be.

    “After Week 14, Freeman had 25 touchdowns and eight interceptions. But you can’t erase the back-to-back four-INT games or the fact that his team has never reached the postseason.

    Freeman, who turns 25 next Sunday, is out of excuses. After 2013, he could run out of time.” – AMEN

  60. jarrett Says:

    silence: kansas city would run to the podium and select josh if he were in the draft. Maybe even do cartwheels.You need to watch a little more football.

  61. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Tebow is a winner. I dont care if he looks bad in a win. Ill take an ugly win or an a pretty loss all day every day.

    Sure Freeman’s stats is better than Russell’s but at the end of the day there records are both horrible. You think Free on that raiders team would of done any better? Lmao. You can have your 4000 yard passer. I’ll take any guy who just wins.

  62. jarrett Says:

    Prbucfan: If only you weighed his first 13 games as heavily as you did the last 3. Thanks to good josh we were still talking playoffs in week 13 even though we had the worst d. we get better on d we will be in the playoffs.

  63. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    jarrett Says:
    January 6th, 2013 at 2:26 pm
    silence: kansas city would run to the podium and select josh if he were in the draft. Maybe even do cartwheels.You need to watch a little more football.

    Now your just talking out your ass. You don’t know anything about what KC would or wouldnt do unless your in that organization. If that were true however, Schiano should and would jump all over that. I’ll gladly let Free go for the #1 pick.

  64. jarrett Says:

    You are an idiot, vince young just wins hes out of the league. Trent dilfer won a superbowl and was replaced. Winning and good are two different things. Until u understand that you really have no clue. Why dont you defend grossman he went to uf, his team won with running and defense, got to superbowl and was replaced, why, because winning does not mean good.

  65. PRBucFan Says:

    And blah blah blah blah

    lol excuses wont save your boi anymore.

    Winning is the ultimate measuring stick, that’s why if Free produces another losing season next year he won’t be here again another season. Better bet your ass on that.

    BTW Sanchez isn’t going to be the starter and do you know why???

  66. jarrett Says:

    silence : cartwheels and maybe a back hand spring. Schiano wouldnt trade freeman for kc’s first pick because he knows that freeman is worth more.

  67. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Jarrett… you said “Vince just wins” and then turn around and say he’s out of the league. Dont you think if he just won he would still be in the league?… And you call me the idiot? Lol.
    I think you are speaking out of anger because clearly you aren’t very smart. So resorting to name calling is all you have left. I Forgive you.

  68. Tbuc Says:

    Freeman is going into his 4th year as starter not 5th. Still this year he has to be consistently good to win fans over,again.

    All this talk wouldn’t be going on if dominik shored up the secondary. With even a average secondary the Bucs beat Philly, NYG, ATL and NO.

  69. PRBucFan Says:

    The last 3 games!??!?! BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Don’t be ignorant that’s laughable

    He showed up nearly EVERY GAME

    AGAIN (It’s not hard to understand)

    “Bad Josh” is no doubt the absolute worst QB in the league and ANYONE is an upgrade over that miserable excuse for a QB. Until Free can get rid of Bad Josh showing up for 2-3 QUARTERS A GAME IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW GOOD “GOOD JOSH IS”, it’s too detrimental to this team.

  70. jarrett Says:

    silence you are an idiot look up vince youngs win loss record.

  71. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    silence : cartwheels and maybe a back hand spring. Schiano wouldnt trade freeman for kc’s first pick because he knows that freeman is worth more.

    Please stop acting as if you are in the organization or even know the coach. You have no clue just like the rest of us how Schiano really feels. You have every right to state your opinion, but stop acting as if you know more than any of us about the inner workings of the team.

  72. PRBucFan Says:

    Without a “subpar QB” the Bucs beat Philly, NYG, ATL and NO

  73. jarrett Says:

    Drew brees wouldnt have won with this defense.I know this because they have the same record as us with slightly better defense. Is anyone calling drew brees a loser. No they are saying we need a better defense.By your retarded logic Christian ponder and matt shaub ,and andy dalton are all better than drew brees because they won.

  74. PRBucFan Says:

    And for God sakes Jarrett, if you don’t have anything other than insults to post than please spare us the ignorance.

  75. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    We should trade Freeman for Colt McCoy. That’s a win win for us. We already know Free can’t win here without a dominant defense so I’m sure he wont win there either. McCoy, however hasen’t had a chance to show he is absolutely terrible like Freeman has.

  76. bucrightoff Says:

    I’ll say it again: No one hates Freeman. What we don’t understand is why he is still regressing as a QB with more weapons at his disposal. I’m not tied to any player on this team, if they aren’t playing well I’m not going to defend them. Freeman collapsed badly in the teams 2 biggest games this season. Is is asking too much to have someone to push him a little? Make him feel a little uncomfortable and maybe he’ll actually have fear of his job to motivate him.

  77. PRBucFan Says:


    You know this how exactly Ms.Cleo???

    With Drew Brees we win 3-4 more game easily considering 3-4 games are directly on Free’s horrible play. That was probably the most laughable statement ive read in a while.

  78. PRBucFan Says:

    And btw no one is calling Drew Brees a loser because in fact he’s not. His overall w-l proves that.

    He is a proven winner.

    Don’t ever compare a proven winner to a proven loser.

  79. 76buc76 Says:

    Player’s are judged by 1.Championship’s 2.Win’s 3.Stat’s.Freeman doesn’t have a ring.He took the first half off against the Eagles then choked badly the next 2 games.So he’s not a winner but ya his stat’s were good.How about Freeman playing TE we need a TE/backup QB

  80. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    This guy is funny. I Should just start making up stuff to compete with his nonsensical argument. Joe Montana lost once in the playoffs as well. I guess he is just as good as Freeman to.

  81. jarrett Says:

    just wow and you wonder why i have to insult.

  82. Bucnjim Says:

    What do all these playoff teams have in common? Denver; San Francisco; Seattle; Cincinnati; Houston; Green Bay; Minnesota & Baltimore. All of these teams are top 10 defenses except Minnesota and Baltimore are top 15. Only New England (Brady) and Indy are lower in Defensive rankings.

    In what year did Freeman have even an average D? 2010 and they were 10-6

    Defense Ranking:
    2009 27th…3-13
    2010 17th…10-6
    2011 30th…4-12
    2012 29th…7-9

    Before we get too crazy let’s fix the defense and see what this kid can do. The only QB’s that can over come last place D’s are Brady and Brees.

  83. PRBucFan Says:

    No one HAS to insult

  84. Bucnjim Says:

    Even Peyton Manning had a hard time winning in the playoffs when his D’s ranked at the bottom.

  85. raphael Says:

    silence and prbuc have to be the dumbest posters in JBF history….good grief lmao

  86. PRBucFan Says:

    There will always be a new excuse, that’s certain.

    Even if the pass defense performed better there would be.

  87. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    be careful what you wish for Buc fans, when Freeman was drafted we knew he was a project and thanks to the 2010 season our expectations become over blown. We came back to earth a bit at the start of this season but the hot month of October put us back over the moon.

    All this tells me is that Freeman has all the tools to be elite but he lacks consistency. At age 24 the Bucs would be insane to give up on this kid unless a diamond in the rough QB comes out of nowhere to replace him.

    If Freeman struggles in 2013 like he did down the stretch of 2012, then the Bucs have to look at alternatives but in a QB starved league dont let the fluke of 3 rookie QB’s in 2012 fool you, replacing Freeman will be very very hard to do.

  88. jarrett Says:

    Raphael: they are ridiculous, thanks for spelling lesson earlier.

  89. PRBucFan Says:

    Don’t even bother wasting your time on that one Silence lol.

    And not one person said he shouldnt get the last year of his contract.

    His entire contract should be enough for a “project”.

  90. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Something must be wrong. I find myself agreeing with Beckles….. Heaven help me.

  91. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Get off that crotch Raph before you speak. Good grief.


    The one good year that Free had where we went 10-6 was pretty much the same defense we have now with an exception here and there. So if he can win with that defense then he should still be able to win now. Only difference is that year Free did more for the team which is something that seems to be very rare for him. Once again. We all know our defense is bad but this isnt about the defense.
    This is about Freeman. Yes we could of won with a better defense. We could of also won with better QB play. Freeman is just as much to blame for our losses as the defense is. Im sick of hearing about his stats. His stats mean nothing and can easily be skewed in the favor of my argument. Watch actual games where Freeman is consistantly inconsistant. He rarely shows up for a whole game and usually doesnt do anything until late in the game when we are losing by a good margin. As much as the defense needs to be fixed. The QB position also needs to be fixed.

  92. PRBucFan Says:

    we shall see next year if he can have a consistent year

  93. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m not arguing the point that Freeman doesn’t have flaws with his accuracy and struggles early in games. My point is that teams with decent defenses tend to set up QB’s & offenses with good field position. Teams without good D’s like the Saints tend to have to drive the entire distance of the field. Now Brees is good enough to over come as well as Brady, but the rest of the QB’s in the league depend on their D’s to shorten the field and keep the score in check as well.

  94. PRBucFan Says:

    I think the point is that its not on the defense to do Freeman’s job.

    The defense needs to do their job

    Freeman needs to do his

    None of them are excused

  95. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Exactly PR.

  96. aj Says:

    I really want Freeman to succeed, but who knows, maybe we’ll do awful the year that Johnny Menziel enters the draft and we draft him!

  97. raphael Says:

    lol @ the love birds ….

  98. PRBucFan Says:

    From Ron Jaworski ESPN:

    “I think Freeman was the biggest disappointment of the season’s last quarter. His poor play really reminded me of his struggles from the end of 2011, and seemed to suggest no improvement year over year. He was wildly inaccurate, with his mechanics failing him. He was often throwing off his back foot instead of driving his throws. He has a lot of repairs to make in the offseason.”

  99. Raphael Says:

    Lol yeah he threw off his back foot fot 27 tds and 4000 yards…..lmao

  100. Pewter_Power Says:

    Surely Silence isn’t really this f_____g stupid, he must be trolling.

  101. BucSnob Says:

    With Freeman as our QB we had the 9th ranked offense in the league, and the best offense we’ve ever had. To let Freeman walk would be the worst mistake ever made and history would repeat itself. When we traded Steve Young his numbers weren’t as good as Free’s. Freeman will be the QB of the future for the Bucs.

  102. PRBucFan Says:

    From ESPN expert and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski

    “I think Freeman was the biggest disappointment of the season’s LAST QUARTER. His poor play really reminded me of his struggles from the end of 2011, and seemed to suggest no improvement year over year. He was wildly inaccurate, with his mechanics failing him. He was often throwing off his back foot instead of driving his throws. He has a lot of repairs to make in the offseason.”

  103. raphael Says:

    exactly bucsnob ….to the loser Freeman haters just remember…he does not have to sign here. He could go play for a perennial playoff team while we are left with the tim tebows of the world….lol

  104. PRBucFan Says:

    To all the Ms.Cleo’s

    The QB of the future has exactly 1 year to fix his stuff lol
    Like it or not.

  105. Andrew 2 Says:

    Apparently making our offense Top 10 isn’t good enough for you people.

  106. Andrew 2 Says:

    You let Freeman go and you will relive the despair that we went through for the last 10 years.

    I hope you will be proud of yourselves.

  107. Dave Says:

    Everyone keeps saying he is out of excuses and time….
    There is a MAJOR factor staring at everyone and hardly anyone ever brings it up (although Joe did recently).
    Does everyone really believe that NFL QB is so hard that only 10 people a year can do it well? A lot of it is situation and many, MANY very good QBs have had their careers destroyed by lack of stability.
    Ie… same coach, same OC, and same system for years to develop in. Freeman is staring at his 4th or 5th OC in as many years. It is KILLING his growth and development.
    I do not understand why NFL teams cannot sign OCs and DCs to contracts that force them to stay for 3 years before interviewing and taking a HC position.
    Hopefully Sullivan does not get a HC job, Freeman needs to grow, not learn a new system AGAIN

  108. PRBucFan Says:

    Like it or not 🙁

    Sad Truth

  109. Patrick Says:

    With the #1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft………the Buccaneers select…..Johnny Manziel, quarterback of Texas A&M!!!!

  110. Andrew 2 Says:

    @PR What is Josh’s job?

    Last time I checked it was to throw the ball and help our offense score points.

    Top 10 Total Offense.
    Top 10 in Passing Yards.
    Top 10 in Passing Touchdowns.
    Best Offense in Franchise History.
    Most Passing Yards and Passing Touchdowns in a Single Season in Franchise History.

    He did his job and he did it well

  111. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Sadly the Bucs will never be that lucky. We do just enough to screw ourselves in the draft and just bad enough to avoid playoffs.

  112. Rick330 Says:

    My take is there is more to worry about than Freeman. Freeman does not block for himself, catch passes, take handoffs or play defense. Did The interceptions he threw all get returned for TD’s or did the defense allow the opposing teams to score? Granted many of his choices are poor. He does lack the maturity still a pro with his tenure should have. Let’s allow him the oppurtunity next season to prove his ability. If there’s a legitimate backup out there then bring them in. I would much rather worry about the lack of a pass rush and the worse secondary in the league than our QB.

  113. Patrick Says:

    Johnny Manziel actually could be eligible to enter the 2014 NFL draft after his sophomore year……..if Freeman blows again next year, we can do what the Redskins did with RGIII and trade everything for Manziel; it would be worth it.

  114. Andrew 1 Says:

    Man Joe really knows how to get bucs fan riled up. Just talk about Josh Freeman and all hell breaks lose. lol. I for one am tired of arguing about this same discussion over, and over, and over again. the fact is Freeman haters are not going to change the Freeman supporters minds and the Freeman supporters are not going to change the Freeman haters minds. the two sides are just going to have to agree to disagree.

  115. Patrick Says:

    Manziel is actually an exciting, dynamic player to watch (like RGIII).

    Even if Freeman is just an average/game manager, I still look at that as a waste for a 1st round pick. Why can’t this team EVER have an elite, pro bowl, playmaking franchise quarterback? Right now Freeman is not even better than Dilfer. Hell, even Dilfer led us to the playoffs.

  116. Mac Says:

    I dont know,how many points a games did they average?He is not the best but certainly not the worst,he did give us 24 points a game.

  117. Mac Says:

    Now Patrick thats just crazy Dilfer never took us to playoffs.

  118. PRBucFan Says:

    Agreed Andrew 1

    Except that I don’t “hate” Free.

  119. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I’m all right with Gosh, the Little General and the Teflon Dom sucking it up for one more year as part of the Jadeveon Clowney Project.

    We’ve all suffered for years with incompetence. What’s one more year?

    Let’s go 0 for 2013. (JCP)

    Since Gosh is so great, maybe the Bucs can trade Gosh to the Chiefs for the #1 pick’s in 2013 and 2014. Then they would be a lock for Clowney and make the playoffs next year and the Super Bowl the next year.

  120. Red86 Says:

    This is a team sport. Yes Freeman only struggle for 4 games. One was winnable being up 11 points with 6 mins left. When the Eagles scored Freeman can’t help the coaches went with running the ball until a punt back to the Eagle. Yep he struggled the first half. He did his job the second half. Gaints game it’s obivous the game was in our hand defense gave up 25 points in the 4th quarter. Washington… Skins scored last with a feild goal. 1st Falcons game… defense couldn’t stop a 3&5 slant while the defense ran a saftey blitz. about 2mins remaining on the clock in the fourth quarter. That’s three games you can put all the blame on Freeman. The Saints and the Rams is a different story. The point is this. It’s very crazy to get rid of Freeman. Last I check “BUST DON”T SET PASSING AND TD RECORD.” I’ll be back with proof and stat about both the offense and defense ranking after the game over.

  121. PRBucFan Says:


    Bad Josh showed up 2-3 quarters in just about EVERY game

  122. PRBucFan Says:

    If it was an article about how bad the defense was than we’d talk about the defense being bad, not “oh no, the defense is bad because of Josh Freeman!!”

    Sound silly huh?

  123. PRBucFan Says:

    Anywho lol,

    Like Andrew said, there’s no more to say on this thread hahaha.

    Agree to disagree.

    Joe what else you got? 🙂

  124. Jwayne Says:

    @ Jarrett and company

    I’m so shocked you guys have so much time to post as much as you do when you should be using that time to run a football team! You may be the smartest person ive ever seen. How your not the GM of this team shocks me! I would be sitting by a phone if i was you just in case some one see’s your posts and decides your the man to take us to the promise land!lol

  125. the_buc_realist Says:

    i have never seen good josh or bad josh, I just see josh who racks up some numbers in garbage time or from behind or none at all. But i guess that is why he has hardly ever beat i team that was over a .500 record.

  126. SilenceTheCritics Says:


  127. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    For you guys saying Josh Freeman isn’t a winner I got a newsflash for you. Josh Freeman had us in position to win vs the Giants, Redskins, Falcons, and Eagles only to have the defense let the team down and turn those wins into losses. You turn those 4 losses into wins with a decent pass defense and the Bucs are 11-5 and in the playoffs.
    Now Josh isn’t a top 5 or 10 QB right now but he can be and we can’t give up on a 25 year old (going to be 25 this month) that has that potential. If we can even get this pass defense to avg then this team will make the playoffs and you can take that to the bank. I think we need to go all out this offseason and draft and get some DB’s, a TE, and a slot WR and this team will be great. If I was in charge I would get Jonathan Banks in the first and then trade back in the first to get Tyler Eifert and then in the 3rd get WR Jordan Matthews who was the best WR in the SEC (seriously look him up he is really good).
    QB is not the problem on this team the almost worse secondary in NFL HISTORY and questionable play calling is and Coach Schiano and staff will get better at that with a year of NFL experience under their belt.

  128. Mac Says:

    garbage time is when he jumped on giants when they jumped on ATLANTA 4000 yards is a lot of garbage yards for a team that got blown out once this year,hate him all you want but dont make up lies about him,keep it real

  129. Pewter_Power Says:

    @ Patrick
    Dilfer never lead anything except in an exercise in futility. WD40 and a superb defense lead us to the playoffs. Freeman just got a great running game this year and still has yet to get a defense to help him out. Get real man.

  130. Pewter_Power Says:


    Thank you, finally a voice of reason here.

  131. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Even a dominant defense isn’t going to be able to win with an offense that goes 3 quarters of 3 and out before waking up. Theres you voice of reason.

  132. Patrick Says:

    Wrong Mac, Dilfer led us to the playoffs in 1997.

    Dilfer sucked bad, but I’m just saying Freeman hasn’t done that once in 4 years yet.

  133. Jacko101 Says:

    I will say this Freeman had his best year, this upcoming season will determine his fate. RG3, Luck, And Wilson all 1st year QB’s they all made the playoffs. He needs to be a Leader it’s about time he does.

  134. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    Never mind about what I said about Jordan Matthews he announced today he is going back to Vandy.

  135. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    So what your saying is, when Freeman gets a good defense to go along with Martin… he’ll be just as good as Dilfer?

  136. Mac Says:

    Patrick,Im not wrong just know that the defense led us to that and sine you brought it up how many games do Free win with a defense that holds a team to 21 points?

  137. PRBucFan Says:

    lol Its fact, he isnt a winner.

    Sorry just check his win-loss, it doesn’t lie. Team or not that’s his w/l lol.

  138. PRBucFan Says:

    We aren’t denying there are other problems on this team as well,

    It really is sad though if you can’t admit that Freeman has some serious problems he needs to fix.

    A problem is a problem no matter how you slice it.

  139. raphael Says:

    lol @freeman haterz ………..Freeman is a Stud Franchise Qb….fact

  140. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Stud franchise QBs have winning records. Fact!

  141. PRBucFan Says:

    Stuck on repeat as usual bahahahahaha

  142. the_buc_realist Says:

    what really caused me to worry ( i was already concerned about Freeman ) is when Coach Schiano said he was concerned. And this guy gives out no information during press conference. that tells us fans what the head coach thinks!

  143. Ramdog Says:

    There are a lot of people on this site who are not realistic when it comes to the BUCS. Looking at this realistically from the perspective of Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano who can we get in here who can help us win next year. Hmmmm…….lets look at this logically. Main priority to both of them is to improve the defense both in free agency or the draft. They may sign a QB better than Orlovsky but do not expect Alex Smith or Michael Vick to come in here and “compete” for a job when they can start somewhere else. Also the owners won’t be happy paying their salaries to have them ride the pine. Other than those 2 the best Free Agents out there are Matt Leinart and David Carr and they aren’t starting for a reason they are not very good.

    Oh and by the way they are both first round picks remember so the theory about just picking a QB and him being a franchise QB is moronic too. It is obvious that RG3 and Andrew Luck were going to be good all the experts predicted that. However, before the draft were any of you geniuses saying we should pick Russell Wilson ??

    Picking a successful QB is a crap shoot pure and simple. Scouts and personnel experts who have watched more game film and know every aspect of Quarterback development and have forgotten more about football than anyone on this site will ever know. How do you think you, who watches football casually and have at the most coached pee-wee football know more than them ?? That is all they do. The less you know about something the easier it seems. At least I realize that I don’t know more than them many people on this side don’t.

    Does anyone remember what the QB situation was like prior to Josh coming here ?? We had Josh Johnson and Byron Leftwich I believe both were horrid. Now I agree Freeman needs to improve even his biggest supporters realize that. But if other things improve around him (run game offensive line play, a better slot receiver, better defense) he should play better. If not we should draft someone but there is no guarantee it will work and that QB will be better.

  144. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I had high hopes for Freeman coming into this year but after watching him yet agian for the 4th year in a row show no improvement and suck for 3 quarters of a game, I just lost all hope for this guy. He is who he is. Which isnt very good. Nexy year he’ll have a final chance but I dont see anything magical season coming from him anytime soon. Coach watched the same game we did so i’m sure he can’t be to confident in Free either.

  145. Mac Says:

    Lol PR,so according to your logic Eli and Brees should have gotten released and Romo the franchise QB,Look at the win lost record the hate is crazy and you guys seem to think we have such a rich history in QB play no we actually have a history of releasing them too early the way the Chargers did when PRBUCS was their G.M and cut BREES for not being ELITE.

  146. PRBucFan Says:

    No Kido that’s not what i said,

    Nice try though

    Comparing two proven winners to a proven loser is a joke and not even worth responding to lol.

  147. Mac Says:


  148. raphael Says:

    some of you are just so stupid its hilarious…….

    its a team game…offense,Defense and Special teams..

    btw buc realist Shiano said he was concerned about alot of things ..blocking schemes, coaching ect…

  149. Jacko101 Says:

    Kudos Ramdog perfectly said

  150. Mac Says:

    Raphael,the answer to that is Free needs to worry about offense which was fifth in the league,this a new degree of hate on this man,he makes me mad too but we could be a lot worse.Why not fix the biggest part thats broken,24 points a game is not a bigger problem then giving up27 points a game.LAST RANKED defense,fifth ranked offense,its as simple as that.PR,ANOTHER POINT THATS A JOKE?

  151. Pewter_Power Says:

    Sorry, I don’t feed the trolls.

  152. Warrenfb12 Says:

    turning away from Freeman after next year would be foolish, imo. lol@ kirk Cousins

  153. PRBucFan Says:

    First Four Four Seasons(10gms+)
    2-9(replaced by Floutie)
    31-28/ 1 playoff (Winning record)

    43-23/4 playoffs/1 SB (Winning record)

    3-7(started week 9 games in)
    23-34/No Playoffs (Losing record)

    So no Mac buddy they weren’t losers. lol Funny though

    Im out have a nice day 😉

  154. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    when Freeman got hot Underwood was fantastic as our slot WR but since that Carolina game when Underwood got lit up in the 4th Q, his play on 3rd down has been terrible.

    Not saying that was Freeman’s only issue down the stretch but The Rockstar has to make finding a slot WR in the offseason a top priority.

  155. Mac Says:

    That would be great if was all true,so Eli won a superbowl in four years he won a playoff game in his first four years as well as BREES? So your going to make up stats and then run to the room and say your out,Didnt ELI win a superbowl with the same record that free had?didnt Eli have a better team that year man I dont know but with that kinda of talk my friend got a D.U.I AND NEED A GOOD LAYWER.

  156. the_buc_realist Says:

    @ian_620 wdae

    Lets hope that Coach Schiano stops The Rock Star from trying to stick Benn again as the slot and will find a real slot receiver

  157. Andrew 1 Says:

    anybody watching the skins game? let that be a lesson to anybody wishing we had RG111. RUNNING QB DO NOT LAST IN THIS LEAGUE, PERIOD! its nothing more than fools gold. eventually all that pounding they take by relying on using their legs will catch up with them.

  158. Andrew 1 Says:

    he will be nothing more than a superior talent who cant find a way to stay on the field. we already have enough of those.

  159. k1ngAdroc Says:

    guys, chill out. Our team peaked early this year but a least we peaked. We have an amazing RB behind a solid returning line (with depth), a true #1 AND #2 WR and the #1 run stop defense that played pretty well on first and second downs. solid punter and kicker to boot

    Of course we have holes to fill but starting QB isn’t one of them. 24 yr old Freeman had plenty of good games to go along will a couple he shat the bed. Another year in this scheme and simple maturity will help him.

    Let this season go and let’s see how the team prepares for next year…. I’ll bet Schiano will self scout and won’t waste any time making changes for the better i.e. a couple of CB’s that can play on a island if he wants to continue a defense that will blitz on every down.

  160. Mac Says:

    @K1NG Well said.

  161. raphael Says:

    So some of the ignorant trolls must think Wilson is a better QB than Griffin or Luck…….

    In fact the reason Wilson won his playoff game was the #1 rated pass defense seattle has…….Guess defense does win games …..lmao @ troll hate group

  162. Free's a Boob Says:

    What in the world does the secondary have to do with The Moron’s play. If you review the tape from the Philly game Mr. Short Bus took multiple snaps at 10 seconds on the clock on the last drive. Play with a little brains (he has none) and the clock runs out. He’s just plain stupid

  163. raphael Says:

    moron poster of the year folks ^^^^^

  164. raphael Says:

    @frees a boob jerk face….we lost that game because we ran the ball on 3rd and 7 to put the game in our vaunted secondaries hands……..could you be any more stupid ?

  165. Free's a Boob Says:

    It’s not Freeman’s fault he’s stupid. I blame it all on the Bucs for annoiting a mediocre dumb ass as the second coming of Christ.

  166. Free's a Boob Says:

    Look at the clock Raph

  167. cspann Says:

    I dont like that freeman is inconsistent , but he is in the top ten performing qbs in the league. I said in another post before that, the pass defence lost at least 3 games if not 5 games. I think as long as martin is doing well and the defence can be middle of the pack in pass def, This will be a playoff team

  168. Free's a Boob Says:

    How many of his yards came when the defense was in prevent and giving up yards in a prevent defense? It’s a false stat

  169. raphael Says:

    retarded troll ^^^^^

  170. Free's a Boob Says:

    Raphael Back it up with some concrete info I saw him bounce one of a defenders hat that Williams caught for…I believe 59 yards And that’s a good throw? Not sure that’s in many playbooks

  171. raphael Says:

    your a retarded troll boobface ….thats all

  172. Jimmy Says:

    “What in the world does the secondary have to do with The Moron’s play. ”

    Don’t understand that either. Like it was Leonard Johnson’s fault Freeman i No. 31 in completion percentage. Like it was EJ Biggers who made Freeman miss Mike Williams in the end zone by 20 yards. Like it was Danny Gorrer who throws at the feet of running backs.

    The pass defense has nothing to do with Freeman’s sloppy play.

  173. raphael Says:

    concrete info…how about Freeman is the best QB in team history…

    and your one of the dumbest posters on this board..

  174. Red86 Says:

    Our defense was consistent from 2002-08. Two time ranked #1. 1 time ranked 16. The current group highest rank was 16 in 2010. (Freeman first full year as starter. Freeman so far only played a little 3 years of football starting in week 6. Miss playoff but a ref sent apology letter for missed called. That one win would have kept Rodgers from winning his first ring. Both finish 10-6. Also the ref robbed us after non interception in the Falcons game. CB rolled over the ball and didn’t have possesion of it,while blocking the camera view.)

    Now comparing this year to 2010. We he a much worst defense ranked 29 and still one game shy of the ’10 season. Denying this and wanting Freeman gone is someone not looking at the big picture clearly. Yea Freeman had a 4 game of par to sub par performance. The only time I can honestly the Defense played grea from 1-4quarters is the last game (The Chiefs is my second choice.) This team is only going to get better once we keep stopping the run, get better pass rush, and defend the run better. Also another year in the same system won’t hurt.

    This year the Bucs are 4-1 when the Defense hold the other team to 17 points or less. Only loss is to the Cowboys. If Freeman was the Viking qb last night, then the game would hae been much close. The Vikings D and AP got them to the playoff.

  175. Free's a Boob Says:

    Raphael I am so glad you had an intelligent, well reasoned, articulate response. But I would still like your defense of Freeman’s clock management in the Philly game. It’s hard to fault the defense when you have the ball in your hand. Did you ever notice that smart QBs with a lead run the cloack down as far as possible?

  176. Architek Says:

    Man PRBucfan And Silence,
    Watching Luck, RGIII, and Wilson just made me sick. I’m sure these QBs aren’t perfect but damn at least they can read defense and deliver check downs accurately. Hell 5’11” Wilson was downfield blocking.

    Schiano needs to find a QB he’s willing to ride with and excuse the Incompletion King.

    The risks are higher sticking with him than finding a coachable guy.

  177. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Lol @ Incompletion King

    I was thinking Captain Garbage Time suits to

  178. Free's a Boob Says:

    Red 86 care to translate to sober language? I believe we had the best run defense this year

  179. PRBucFan Says:

    Seems like it Architek,

    Personally I like to refer to him as Jekyll&Hyde but i like both of those names too lol

  180. Jimmy Says:

    concrete info…how about Freeman is the best QB in team history…”

    Yeah, for fantasy football. Shaun King has done more for this franchise than Freeman has. At least King won a playoff game. Still waiting for Freeman to take a snap in the playoffs.

    Freeman is a modern day version of Marc Bulger. Lot of stats,not a lot of wins.

  181. raphael Says:

    I see they let the patients out of the mental ward …….

  182. Red86 Says:

    Sure. Total yard determine how the defense is rank. We are at 29 with the number 1 rush defense. Any more question? You can also find this on NFL website to see for yourself also. P.S. I don’t drink.

    Yes. Freeman has a less than 60% passing. Folks say he sucks. But I guess Dan Marino suck also. He has a 59.4 comp %. Always had and iffy defense and team.

  183. SirustheVirus Says:

    Thought the apology was for the offensive pass interference against Winslow against Detriot?

  184. 911bucs Says:

    Can this thread be over so I don’t have to read @raphael’s nonsense. So over his repeated lingo, like “lmao, your dumb^^^,Freeman haterz, blah blah blah. Go to bed Raphael.

  185. SirustheVirus Says:


    Im going with Rapheal.

    “KING” done more than Freeman!! Your are crazy give Freeman that Defense and we would have been winning playoff games if not superbowl. That comment might juse have pushed me to the edge of stupidity on this site.

  186. PRBucFan Says:

    Bahahahahaha Good one 911

  187. Free's a Boob Says:

    A playoff game? I believe 6 of those teams had 1st or 2nd year QBs that weren’t morons Smart QBs win Morons lose

  188. Red86 Says:

    King & Dilfer had Sapp, Lynch, Barber (young), Brooks, and etc. on defense.

    Dilfer had a 3rd ranked defense.

    King also had a 3rd ranked defense.

    It’s weird that Tampa pride itself on having great Defense, but much rather bash the best qb and offense we ever had. While the best the defense has ever done is 16th overall in 2010.

  189. raphael Says:

    911buc hater….lmao Freeman will be here anither 5 to 10 years …thankfully ! lol @ the freeman haterz !!!!

  190. raphael Says:

    what a bunch of dumb ass posters you guys are……hilarious..

  191. Red86 Says:


  192. Yup Says:

    Who needs reality tv I got this site keep it going guys/dolls I just brewed another pot of coffee!

  193. Free's a Boob Says:

    Ah Raphael your response was as brilliant as I expected… well done Free’s intellectual equal

  194. Andrew 1 Says:

    c’mon guys lets get to 200 post… were almost there. if not for anything but to appease my OCD. lol

  195. Andrew 1 Says:

    blah blah blah blah blah. 8 more posts left.

  196. Andrew 1 Says:

    this ought to jump start things… hey Raph Freeman sucks. lol

  197. BucFan20 Says:

    There we go twisting the stats again. 24 points a game. When? Seems to me I remember a Saints game with a 0 on the board!! Quit with the averages and all that crap. You can twist stats to fit any way you want. 4000 yards. How many Bombs? How many in Prevent? How many in Thank God for your receiver!!

  198. Free's a Boob Says:

    Hmm maybe Raph is The Moron in disguise

  199. PRBucFan Says:

    alright just for you A1 lol

  200. PRBucFan Says:


  201. PRBucFan Says:


  202. PRBucFan Says:


  203. PRBucFan Says:

    1 and 200 lol

  204. Andrew 1 Says:

    ah… thank God. thats better. Thank you PR. yea man, OCD Sucks, but Ill be able to rest easy tonight.

  205. Dave Says:

    Why does know one understand that changin systems and OCs every year kill QBs? I has done in hundreds of good QBs over the years. Freeman is on a fast track to nowhere because they keep changing OCs and systems.

    Look at Brees ad Eli and Peyton ad Brady and Rodgers and even some 2nd tier QBs like Rivers…. all in the same system for years

    It is so muchof a MAJOR factor but so many fans and organizations ignore it.

  206. PRBucFan Says:

    He’s gotta do with the cards he is dealt, the least he can do is do better at the things that he can control such as accuracy, decision making, awareness in the pocket etc…

    And no problem A1 🙂

  207. Free's a Boob Says:

    “I has done in hundreds of good QBs” WTF? And Peyton has been with the Broncos’ system for years? Freeman, however, is on a track to nowhere. Peyton, Brady, and Rogers are smart. As are Luck, RG3, and Wilson. Free is a moron

  208. Architek Says:

    No but serious Joe, Stroud went on the air weeks ago and said Tampa would become Arizona or Miami if we lost Freeman but I beg to differ. The longer we wait to go another calculated direction the more mediocre we will continue to be.

    Gruden was canned for the same reason and Raheem the same (rightfully so) but the Inc King should not be granted immunity.

    Sure the defense sucked versus the pass but in today’s NFL, defense is second or third in the hierarchy of needs.

    I repeat replacing Freeman is a calculated decision. Find the QB we trust and pull the trigger. Look for the qualities we need and move. He may be young but with a running game, OLine, and a stingy defense we can be successful. You can’t fix stupid they say and you can’t teach touch! None of which Freeman has. Damaged goods. Better get a shrink or draft a QB.

    I prefer the latter.

  209. Free's a Boob Says:


  210. bucobruce Says:

    Freeman will get alot better with time, just wait you will all see.

  211. Architek Says:

    That’s the bottom line. He has no accuracy or touch. I didn’t like Jeff George and I don’t care for his reincarnate.

  212. bucobruce Says:


  213. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Architek

    The reincarnate of Jeff George… thats a little harsh.

  214. Andrew 1 Says:


  215. Joe Says:


    Yes. Freeman has a less than 60% passing. Folks say he sucks. But I guess Dan Marino suck also. He has a 59.4 comp %. Always had and iffy defense and team.

    Anyone who tries to compare Dan Marino and Josh Freeman is in serious need of an intervention. You need help. Joe trusts you have a family member(s) that can assist?

    For your sake, please put the bottle down. Joe is concerned.

  216. PRBucFan Says:

    lol Exactly

  217. Jose Says:

    You guys do understand that there is only like maybe 8 elite qb’s out of 32 dont you???? The rest of them are a bunch of Freeman’s or worst, so trust me when I say we dont have it as bad as it may seem, you guys just like to watch sport center for highligts and then base your opinions out of that.


  218. Patrick Says:

    Dan Marino took his team to the playoffs. He was consistent. Freeman hasn’t taken us anywhere and had a meltdown when we were 6-4 and had a great shot at the playoffs. Franchise quarterbacks are there for crunch time.

  219. PRBucFan Says:

    You do realize no ones asking him to be “elite”?

    We are asking him to be consistent and at least average lol

    Is consistently average too much to ask for? Dang lol

  220. Jose Says:

    And exacly what is average????Like I said before he is no diferent that the majority of qb’s in the NFL. Even the elite ones have bad games, dont get cough up on highlight reals and drink the espn koolaid, the Andrew Luck,RGIII,Rusell Wilson, Drew Brees and Payton Maning’s of the world have bad games and bad stretches too, we just dont watch those games and follow them as close as we do Freeman and the Bucs, all those qb’s and teams have better defences with them.If we had a better defence (secondary) we could be in the playoffs also.

  221. PRBucFan Says:

    Don’t play stupid, you know what average is and if you don’t well that’s truly sad.

    And Freeman is playing far below average right now.

    The only consistency he’s shown is that he can be consistently inconsistent.

    What is average… really? Bahahahaha

    Doesn’t even show the ability to manage a game let alone be mentioned in the same breath as some of those QB’s.

    But I digress, I entertained you by biting on that silly post. Wont again

  222. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Freemans had a bad career so far. His win/loss record proves that. That has nothing to do with watching “highlights” like you we are all buc fans and watch the games with our own eyes. Maybe that’s where you get your information Jose? If we had a better QB we’d be in the playoffs to.

  223. MadMax Says:

    MadMax says bottom line is this, its put up or shut up and GTFO for Josh Freeman this year. No more hand holding or coddling. Plain and simple.

  224. Jose Says:

    To Mr.PR

    Dude!! Do you even watch football and that does not mean NFL redzone??
    You know what !! I hope the Bucs let Freeman walk on 2014 so he can go elseware and stick it to the Bucs and some of the horrible fans like you. I’ll take him in Dallas so he can develop behind Romo.

  225. Tye Says:

    The future of Josh Freeman?

    Doesn’t get an extention from the Bucs, goes on for 2 years as a Backup somewhere and eventually out of the NFL…. That is the most likely scenerio I see.

  226. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t really care right now. In March or April I will start to care again. I’m really happy we get some Hockey…. finally.

    Things like Freeman and his issues have a way of working themselves out. Brighter minds are on it I’m sure as we speak.

    Mac, I don’t care for your screen name.

  227. PRBucFan Says:

    To Mr Jose who the hell do you think you are telling me what the fuk I watch?

    News Flash Ms.Cleo get the fuk off Free DiK and watch the games you hypocrite!!!

    Clearly unlike you I watch not only our Bucs play every Sunday, I watch any game that’s on that I can watch. So i see how bottom tier our QB is actually playing compared to the other QB’s in this league ESPECIALLY in the accuracy and consistency department.

    It’s funny to me that you hypocrites can criticize other aspects of the team and still be “fans” and than the moment someone criticizes your untouchable man they are automatically not fans. You types are a joke, and with all due respect…

    FUK U.

    P.S. I hope he does lol, that will be the day

  228. Jose Says:

    So then how exacly can you criticize and put the blame on ONE player of a team when it takes ELEVEN on both offence and deffence to win a game. Sound to me like someone else is the so called hypocrite here.

    God Bless! 😉

  229. PRBucFan Says:

    Thought so, can’t even speak to what I said. Cause there’s nothing you can say. It’s the truth hahaha.

    As to the nonsense that you did say

    Keep pulling things out of your ass,
    What you said carries no credibility whatsoever and anyone who posts daily on this board and actually keeps up with what been said know’s this…

    That although Silence and Myself may be the most vocal about our disappointment of Freeman and about the areas he needs to improve on we have NEVER denied that there are other areas that need improvement and that need work as well. I have never denied nor ignored any other problems on this team. So you can take that argument a shove it back up ur ass. I am talking specifically to this problem, as it is a thread about our QB is it not???? It’s not about our defensive problems or even about any other offensive ones we may have.

    He deserves the last year of his contract to show if he can get rid of Jekyll/Hyde. But that’s all he deserves. Its put up or shut up time.

    P.S. I won’t be coming back to this thread so you might as well not waste your time trying to drag out this debate with your nonsensical blabber.