The Blount Decision

January 9th, 2013

Joe suspects that when Greg Schiano makes time to relax and daydream with his feet up and a cold beverage, he dreams first about running Doug Martin behind Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph.

And in that fantasy of an unstoppable running game, Joe suspects Schiano envisions a second running back spelling Martin and further bruising opposing defenses.

Is that guy LeGarrette Blount? Joe’s not sure. But Joe believes Blount should be tendered a restricted free agent offer from the Bucs when they’re dished out around the league in February.

Blount is among the best and most dangerous backup running backs in the NFL, and he would come relatively cheap. The Bucs could put a “second-round tender” on Blount for 2013, which would pay him just under $2 million. If another and better offer soon after was made to Blount that he accepted, then the Bucs would get a second-round pick from that team. Or the Bucs could put a right-of-first-refusal tender on Blount. That would be pay him a little over $1 million for 2013, and another team could try to lure Blount with a better deal. In that scenario, the Bucs would get no compensation if Blount left.

Considering there’s no guarantee the Bucs will find the No. 2 running back of their dreams when the March free agency bell rings, Joe can’t imagine a scenario that has Blount getting released. Last spring, Schiano couldn’t stop saying “run the football.” And Blount can run the football if called upon.

Sure, Blount could be one of the “weeds” Derrick Brooks referenced. But if that were the case, why wouldn’t the Bucs have cut Blount once they were out of the playoff hunt?

Obviously, the organization has no faith in inactive list captain Michael Smith, and D.J. Ware was hardly impressive. At the very least, if Blount had to fill in for Martin, Blount is durable, will get respect in the play-action game, and he didn’t fumble during the 2012 preseason or regular season.

Joe believes a Blount in hand would be a wise move. The alternatives are not very enticing.

49 Responses to “The Blount Decision”

  1. Oahubuc Says:

    Sadly, I’d rather see him on another team (outside the division) so that I could, you know, watch him play.

  2. Vic Says:

    Crazy to let him go. I don’t doubt Blount could be a beast again if given a shot

  3. OAR Says:

    ….sometimes you get shotgun and sometimes you gotta ride in the trunk.

  4. Macabee Says:

    We need to face reality here. Blount is a 1000yd back that literally didn’t play in 2012. There is a schism there between coach and player that if it didn’t resolve itself last year, has little chance going forward.

    I would place a 3rd round tender on Blount to lower the threshold for a RB needy team to get over. I would actively market Blount to teams like the Packers and Rams for a mid-round pick. Stephen Jackson is a 7mil RB at the end of his career that the Rams have to make a decision on. Fisher has openly expressed affection for Blount even giving him a hug at the end of the game in Tampa this year.

    Sometimes it’s better to move on re Al Davis/Marcus Allen. The oldtimers out there will know what I mean!

  5. BucFan20 Says:

    They showed they did not want him to spell Martin by using Ware just about all season. If I were Blount and got a good offer from another team it would be SEE YA!

  6. Chris Says:

    Joe –

    I’m not disagreeing with you. I just think it’s too early to assume we probably can’t find anyone better.

    I just hope we don’t have an everyday post here about LeGarrette Blount like last offseason. Please!

    Love the site.

  7. J 2.0 Says:

    Eddie Lacy is projected as a 3rd round pick. A much better answer than Blount.

    Joe, your ads constantly loading stall my posts and I have to constantly backtrack and re-edit. It’s the Tilted Kilt ad.

  8. Jrock Says:

    J 2.0 – that’s funny, the tilted ad is the only one I actually don’t block. It’s nice to look at 🙂

  9. Cecilia19 Says:

    He is gone, what did he have this year, 10 carries? Lorig touched the ball more than Blount.

    ANYONE ENVISION A MARTIN / EDDIE LACY combo? THat would be lethal

  10. ladyz Says:

    @Joe. Have you heard anything around one Buc that Martin became/becomes uneasy if he knows that Blunt might repace/spell him. It seemed to me that when Blunt was benched Martin’s numbers got a lot better.

    Have you given any thought to a once a week collum,”Ask Joe”?

  11. Andrew 1 Says:

    so what your saying is, when it comes to Blount the bucs hold all the cards. I still think its BS that he was hardly used him this season and that it is still a mystery as to why that is. Just put the second round tender on him and if nobody bites then try to trade him for a lesser round draft pick if your not going to freakin use him. o and I highly doubt that he is one of the “weeds” you mentioned because I saw him several times giving him teammates a hug after they scored a touchdown, all the while knowing that he was not going to get into the game. this whole situation just frustrates me.

  12. Brandon Says:

    I think some of you guys must think draft picks grow on trees!

    Get Eddie Lacy for a 3rd rounder… blah blah blah. We have a fantastic backup RB in tow for next season providing we offer him a reasonable contract but you guys want to blow a 3rd round pick we could use on another pass rusher, a DB, TE, or slot WR, on a guy that won’t see the field nearly as much as the other guys would.

    Using a 3rd round pick on a RB is a luxury we can’t afford. Besides that, RB is still a seriously devalued position where bargains can be found anywhere (Alfred Morris was a 6th rounder, Daryl Richardson was a 7th rounder). We have a definite needs that could be filled by using our 3rd round pick wisely, not by drafting a luxury.

  13. Sneedy16 Says:

    @J 2.0

    I doubt that he will go in the 3rd. After the games he against Georgia and ND he will end up low 1st high 2nd. He is a beast with adequate speed so unless he runs a 5.0 at the combine he won’t make it to the 3rd.

  14. Cecilia19 Says:

    Sneedy you are right, but that dude will be a beast in the NFL. Eddie Lacy was thowin fools of him the other night.

  15. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    I’m Licking & Smacking my Lips over all the excellent RB’s in the Draft and/or Free Agency (after guys get cut due Salary Cap issues) *slobbering all over myself*

  16. Cecilia19 Says:

    Hey, Rons Testosterone induced flabby biceps, Bucs need more weapons. A legit slot receiver and maybe a burner. A true burner that can return kicks and punts too. Our return teams were dreadfull. No excitement whatsoever….

  17. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Brandon

    I agree. we have to many holes to even think about using our 3rd round pick on a RB. draft picks are precious, so we must use them wisely.

  18. Macabee Says:

    You’re right Sneedy16,

    With the Steelers parting ways with Mendenhall, they won’t let Lacy get past the second round. Some mocks have them taking him in the 1st round.

    If you guys want a back that resembles Blount, you should target Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State.

  19. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Why would we want a back that resembles Blount, if we already have a Blount? Why let him go if thats the kind of back we want? I think we need more of a speed back to compliment Martin. A change of pace back, I know we have one on the practice squad in Smith, but there is a reason we havent used him yet. If we draft a back, I would think thats the type of back we draft.

  20. Cecilia19 Says:

    We need someone to get a tough yard on Short yardage plays, someone like Brandon Jacobs, even though he may be over the hill

  21. Macabee Says:

    Le’veon Bell, Mich State 6-2, 244

  22. cspann Says:

    the problem with blount is slow to hit the hole. he doesnt attack the line of scrimmage. I think that’s way he was benched. doesnt seem like he is running with his instincts

  23. toneman850 Says:

    KEEP BLOUNT!! I like Martin but if Schiano is going to say run the ball, then learn to really use these two outstanding RBs. Can you imagine actually controlling the clock in the game with a great running game. Call Saban up and ask him how he was able to utilize two great RBs. Carolina did it with Stewart and Williams. Giants had a Trio. The Ravens are doing it now with Rice and rookie Pierce.

    The Bucs did not utilize their RB core. Ware was a waste of time and I’m sure he knew what to whisper in Sullivan’s ear to get his playtime, he was garbage this year. Blount is a 1000 yard back starter for any other team.

  24. Burg Says:

    Bucs take Latavius Murray in the 6th round

  25. jlynch Says:

    Keep him for pass protection we can kill 2 birds with one stone Freeman and Blount

  26. RastaMon Says:

    Schiano….gave his answer…last season

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Blount needs time to get going.

    Fact is thats a luxury we can’t afford him here.
    Martin needs to be spelled for a snap or two not benched for a drive.
    Blount is better off somewhere else.

    If he wasn’t such weak short down back he could be effective. It’s a sad thing.

  28. 1976Buc Says:

    For me the decision with Blount was made last year. Blount and his Agent cannot be happy with the way he was used. If he is retained he may have no desire to run for the Bucs.

  29. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    IMO, Schiano saw another Ray Rhodes when he looked at Doug Martin, so that gave Doug a leg up at training camp. We know the history between the NSO and Rhodes. Then Schiano sees that Blount is some what of an undisciplined runner, not always hitting his gaps and leaping over defenders which we know how the NSO feels about “doing your job”. Also, Sully probably has a better comfort level with DJ Ware with their past history together at NYG. Its seems a bit unfortunate for LGB, but that what seems to have played out in my observations of this past season.

    I tend to agree with most of the comment I’ve read, that you need two solid RB’s in the stable. I like Doug Martin, but I feel he was over used and I fear he is going to get worn out like MJD did of the Jags.

  30. CC Says:

    Reggie Bush

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Blount needs to be a little more decisive when he runs. Runs in a Blount need to be controlled. He hesitates in and around the line of scrimmage, gets clogged and resin’d up. But once he’s smoking in the second level, lookout, its like a supercharger. I too would like to see more hits on the Blount, but he needs to do a better job rolling.

  32. George Says:

    A blunt in hand is always a wise move.

  33. Jessup Says:

    Wonder if the Cowboys would trade Phillip Tanner for Blount straight up?

  34. Stranger Says:

    If the staff haven’t figured out to use Blount now, then another season isn’t going to make a difference. Give him a reasonable tender, like a third or fourth round, and hope a team bites.

    And Lacy doesn’t seem anything special to me. Good power ball that would probably capture short yardage rolls, but I would pick Bell over him. As long as Bell doesn’t have any obvious health issues of course.

  35. Patrick Says:

    Wasn’t this one of the reasons we fired Greg Olson to gain with ?? Because he refused to use Blount properly?

    Only to hire an OC who doesn’t use Blount at all!

  36. Mr. Towel Says:

    “A blunt in hand is always a wise move.”

    Couldnt have said it better myself

  37. SirustheVirus Says:

    Dj Ware will not be with us next year I think. Personally I think he was brought in to let Blount and Smith develop seeing as he was some what familiar with the system. I don’t see why they don’t use him. Giants had 2 1,000 yard rushers. Imagine the bad pass plays that could have been avoided by running it more. Didn’t Schiano say he wanted to pound the ball? I like Blount I really do and I like the speed Smith brings if we could yous him on some ouside and toss plays. We have a good players at the RB position. They need to put them out there and let them do there thing. Blounts and opener. Martin is a finisher. Smith can be used just like Ware and Martin. His college tape is pretty good for being backup.

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    No, Martin’s a franchise back who can do it all.

    Unless he needs a breather you simply don’t take reps from him.

  39. FunkYxMunkeY Says:

    As a Bucs fan I would love to have Blount back. But Coach is only concerned with a one back offense. Blount would be better off on a team where he will actually be used! and on another note. I’m excited to see who KC franchises. If they elect to franchise LT Brandon Albert…Dewayne Bowe would be a FA!! Bowe, Jackson, and Williams!! would be the best WR core in football hands down!

  40. Patrick Says:

    Getting Bowe would be a waste if Freeman doesn’t improve his game. Good player, but I think our receiving core is pretty good already. I would be in favor of adding a less expensive option like Austin Collie or Kevin Ogletree for depth purposes.

  41. PRBucFan Says:

    We need a slot, Harvin may be available.

  42. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Why don’t they sign this tough son of a bitch out of the Pacific Northwest? It would be a nice change of pace to Dougie.

  43. Hawaiian96792 Says:

    why get rid of blount schiano needs to play him more……..they fckd blount this year with the dumb play calling…………and you guys serious draft a RB round 3……….pretty sure we need corners over a back-up running back. I say get Mantio Te’o his crappy bcs game put him at mid 1st round……he could take blacks spot since black wont play ball again…round 2 and 3 get some DB’s……..

  44. Stranger Says:


    Austin Collie should never play football again. Every required doctor should tell him no, and if need be, Goodell should straight up ban him.

  45. Oahubuc Says:

    He deserves carries on a team that will use him correctly and we as fans of the game deserve to watch him carry the damn ball for four quarters. And if we can get something out of it, well let’s do it.

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    For a team that needs him, we don’t.

    He’s terrible at what we could use him for… Short yardage situations.

  47. espo Says:

    Someone please explain to me why he’d want to play here? Id bet he’d accept less money to play, actually play, elsewhere.

  48. Don Says:

    Actually,Blount did fumble the ball this year. The second to last game he played in, forget which game, he looked horrible while giving Dougie a break

  49. Brent Says:

    Blount needs a good fullback to clear the o line hole…. We all know what happens once he breaks thru 😉 Keep him you never know what could happen to Martin and in this Offense any reps in pratice will have its advantage… Go Bucs