Marshall Faulk Will Tutor Doug Martin

January 28th, 2013

Very fun NFL Network interview linked right here with Doug Martin from the Pro Bowl.

It’s highlights include Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk tells Martin he’s watched a lot of film on him and will tutor him off-camera, and Martin gets into the perception of Greg Schiano. “The media distorts images,” Martin said while acknowledging that “toes on the line” is a very real phenomenon.

Joe watched the Pro Bowl yesterday (for the first time in years) and came away very impressed. Guys played as hard as can be expected — there was real hitting and real blood spouting — and Martin was on the receiving end of one of the game’s better highlights. Here it is.

17 Responses to “Marshall Faulk Will Tutor Doug Martin”

  1. Macabee Says:

    I enjoyed the game too. Perhaps it was because our guys were playing and they represented very well. It wasn’t football, but it was near football. Let’s just say it was entertaining. More than anything, I think our guys made it a lot easier for Dominik to sell coming to the Bucs in FA.

    I understand why some would want the NFL to come up with a new venue, but this stat may give them pause. SI is reporting that the game had 12.5mil viewers and the World Series only averaged 12.7mil viewers. I would watch it again, but wouldn’t call to complain if they changed it!

    Oh yeah, we have got to get us a big TE this year – one that can run routes and catch the ball!

  2. Paul Says:

    This guy made me totally forget about Blount, and I used to love that guy, more beast mode than Beast Mode.

    Also, I enjoyed seeing real qb’s throw to Vincent Jackson. I think McCoy got told to tone it down after his ff.

  3. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Hot for a minute and then the wheels fell off. That sounds like inferior coaching.

    Nice to see Dougie succeed and go to Hawaii. VJax had a great game too.

  4. Paul Says:

    “That sounds like inferior coaching”

    I put the slide squarely on Freeman. He’s getting disgusting to watch. I think he’d be inconsistent with any coaching staff.

  5. Lunchbag Al Says:

    Loved watching him have fun and succeed out there; but I have to say that pass appeared to more intended for Rudolph. Could be wrong, but I think “Muscle with the Hustle” just happened to think it was for him, and grabbed it.

  6. CannuckBuc Says:

    I thought our guys represented verry well and I think the comment on Freeman is a little much considering this will be his first year as a pro with a returning coaching staff/book.I think Josh gave us a small look at what he can do if given the chance.The wheels falling off must be accounted to the lack of experience from the coaching staff.They lost Josh.I beleive they also will be much better this year.

  7. BucFan20 Says:

    Look at Wilson and look at the 99% chance what Freeman would have done.
    1. Stay locked in on his receiver and gone down with the sack.
    2 Thrown to the receiver and had it picked because he had to hurry the throw. Then blame the receiver for not comming back to help him out.
    3. Thrown the ball out of bounds.
    But even try to make the moves Wilson did and still keep his eyes down field to find someone open to get to and still be on target? That’s the differance between a Pro Bowler and Freeman.

  8. ben Says:

    Rg3, andrew luck, russel wilson are all the first year in an offense . I couldn’t agree more with the comment about russel wilson. Id rather give vince young a shot at least he has a winning record

  9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The players like and respect Schiano, and you have guys like Mike Williams wanting to be a Buc for life and VJax recruiting free agents to come to Tampa. This says everything you need to know. The media paints a very distorted picture of Schiano but the players know the truth. That’s all that matters.

  10. Saskbuco Says:

    Russell Wilson=great offensive line, great running game and offence scheme tailored to all his strength. Same as RG3 who had Morris and running out of the pistol both offenses were built around them, not built for them to learn all new schemes. Luck had a great rookie year and had 28 tds and 18 int compared to Frees 27 tds and 17 int. what those 3 guys did as rookies is nothing short of amazing and impressive without question. But let’s see how the evolve as NFL defenses will have an offseason to study them and focus on the pistol formation and lead option. Cam Newton took the NFL by storm last year and had an less than expected year this year, but did play well after a slow start. NFL is all about evolving and improving so before we put Wilson, RG3 and Luck in Canton lets see how the careers evolve and how they do now the defenses will have film to focus on stopping them. Also Wilson has an unreal defense that keeps him in games to make plays late, which he seems to have a knack for making. I like all 3 QBs and hope they have great careers as it benifits the entire NFL but anyone who doesn’t think Freeman can be close to these guys is simply not accurate. 2010 and flashes at time, unfortunately not consistent in 2012 Freeman can be a top 5 QB in the NFL he needs to keep improving and evolving and continue building the offense to his strengths like wash and Seattle and in many ways the way Arians did in Indy and when he was in Pitt with Big Ben, need more gun slinger type offense and less precision timing routes ala Peyton Manning. I’ve always felt Free is in the mold of Big Ben/Favre in a sense that sometimes the chains have to come off and let them just go out and make plays, he’s had too many winning drives and comebacks to not have that type of ability. We need to bring more of this aspect into bucs play calling and simply not just try and implement the “giants south” offense. We don’t have small quick route running receiver like Cruz to make the offense go, or a TE with speed. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward I’m a Freeman supporter and always will be, well let the haters comment on this post go ahead fire away as this is simply my opinion.

  11. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    It goes beyond numbers and on field play. If you ever stopped and just listened to any of those 3 speak, they are intelligent young men who are leaders. They speak clear and precise. Josh on the other hand usually has his head down and says a lot of “uhs” and Umms”. He often seems flustered or lost in interviews and never really says much of anything…. Some people have it and others like Josh, dont. You are right we will see what happens next year and beyond but I just dont see much upside with Josh after 4 years.

  12. Joe and Rachael's wedding planner Says:

    @Saskbuco I agree with you entirely. The only thing he needs to get this team into the playoffs next season. I can’t see the organization staying patient if he can’t get it done. I know it’s not all on him, but in a quarterback driven league you have to have your qb get the job done

  13. McBuc Says:

    And we are back on Freeman…BORING! This article is about our probowlers, give the Freeman hate a break for a day or two. he will be here for at least one more year, so you guys have all the time in the world to bash your favorate teams QB.

  14. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Dont read if its so boring. 😀

  15. 76buc76 Says:

    Let’s see how these rookie’s do when the defence has a year of tape on them.Is a silly take c’mon dude grab a clue.Freeman best year was his 2nd year.I remember going into the 2011 season.Vick and Freeman had great 2011 season’s my buddy and I were talking.He thought Vick would improve off his great 2011 season.I said no way that either Freeman or Vick can top last season.Point being only the elite QB’s r consistant.Luck will cut down the pick’s next year.Beside’s that RG3,Luck and Wilson will be hard pressed to douplicate 2012 unless they are elite.I highly dought that a team facing RG3 week 3 last season was saying.We can’t beat him we don’t have enought tape on him.But next year look out we’ll have a whole season of game tape.Even if team’s caught on to say him never throwing backside when he roll’s out right.The Redskin’s see that to and install roll right throwback play’s

  16. McBuc Says:

    Silence…Good point, but for some reason I jsut cannot!

  17. SirustheVirus Says:

    If were not going to use Blount I would like to mabey pick up Reggie Bush for a 1 or 2 year deal if the price is right. He’s a step up from D.J. Ware and can be used on as a returner. That is unless we actually use Michael Smith this year.