Dominik’s Not “Very Good At His Job”

January 4th, 2013

In a state of his beloved Bucs address yesterday, former Bucs quarterback Shaun King fired a brutal dagger at rockstar general manager Mark Dominik.

King didn’t mince words.

“I don’t think Mark Dominik’s very good at his job,” King said on WDAE-AM 620.

One of only three quarterbacks to lead Tampa Bay to the NFC Championship game, King said the Bucs’ biggest weaknesses are stains on Dominik’s hands. Investing in Carl Nicks versus a premier cornerback in free agency last year is something King has been talking about since March, and King believes the chickens have come home to roost.

“Very rarely in free agency do you have elite cornerbacks that are on the market. And not getting Cortland Finnegan and Brandon Carr is going to be a problem that is going to continually to rear its head as we move forward,” King said.

“What are the two most deficient areas that we have? Secondary, and most people would say pass rush. We spent seven picks in defensive linemen since Mark Dominik has been our GM. Four of those seven picks were in the first and second round.

“We’ve spent seven picks on defensive backs since Mark Dominik has been GM, yet we go into this offseason with those as the most glaring issues on this team in a free agent period where, and I know some may laugh at this, Aqib Talib is probably be the top cornerback on the market. Brent Grimes will be available but he’s coming off of a major injury. There’s not the market in free agency that was there last year that we didn’t take advantage of.”

King went on to say that Dominik has “not done a good job in accumulating and developing players.”

Joe can’t buy in to all of King’s logic. The Bucs have a pile of talent on the defensive line, including Tampa-developed Michael Bennett from the NFL scrap heap and resurrected Roy Miller from his Raheem-era haze. And the Bucs should get a lot more next year from Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers. All of those guys, including homegrown Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy, should have their best football ahead of them. Plus, Dominik pickup Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (four sacks) proved to be a legitimate young backup, who should truly shine in spot duty next season.

Joe does place some blame on the Bucs secondary on Greg Schiano buying into Aqib Talib’s I’m-a-new-man baloney. Schiano was conned into counting on a guy that was unreliable. Surely Talib would have been gone last winter if Schiano had given the nod.

Also, Schiano could have moved Ronde Barber to cornerback and played Ahmad Black at free safety, something that would have left more talent on the field, an alleged goal of Schiano to get the “best 11” out there.

As for Dominik, yes, he left the Bucs’ cupboard bare in the secondary last season, and the Bucs paid dearly. Overall, Eric Wright was a bust. But Dominik has plenty of money to repair when the free agency bell rings, and a guy like Grimes and perhaps durable veteran CB Quentin Jammer, plus a cornerback in the draft, could make everyone quickly forget the 2012 secondary.

54 Responses to “Dominik’s Not “Very Good At His Job””

  1. David Says:

    I wish this guy KIng would just go away. Still bitter at his failure of a career and incessantly lashes out at the Bucs. Let it go, man.

  2. Drew Says:

    I’m so tired of the Sta-Puf Marshmallow Man spewing melted marshmallows from his offensive mouth. I honestly can’t remember anyone other than this fool who has so many crosses to burn.

  3. the_buc_realist Says:

    I guess the truth hurts, its amazing the excuses people will make to not see the truth. The sheep would rather keep the team in medicority then fix the team. Dominick has spent alot of years and drafts and resources for the d-line and we still cannot get to the Quarterback. This is his largest blunder than even his secondary mistakes. Joe seem to take the same approach as he did with the “if Raheem wins 1 game he can save his job” while we were in a 10 week Blow outs!

  4. Jim Says:

    Please stop giving King credit for being ‘only one of three to lead the Bucs to a championship game’. It was the defense that carried the team that year. If the Bucs had at least a ‘below average qb that season, they would have went to the Super Bowl.

  5. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Not familiar with this Sean character….but i DO hear The Fat Albert theme song when i see his photo

  6. Oahubuc Says:

    I’ll take Carl Nicks, thanks. Bet #10 would have too in his day.

  7. GT40BEAR Says:

    No offense but could we please dispense with the “lead to the playoffs” line? This joker led nothing. If not for the defense that year the Bucs wouldn’t have sniffed the playoffs. If anything, he KEPT the Bucs out of the Super Bowl. They scored six points against a very average Rams defense…SIX! His opinions are as valid as him being called a playoff quarterback!

  8. flmike Says:

    Finnegan wasn’t going anywhere but to St Louis and back to the open arms of his enabler Jeff Fisher, and he is nowhere near worth the money they had to pay for him. King just needs to STFU.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    There must be icicles in hell today cuz I actually agree with King. The GM formerly known as the Rock Star isn’t very good. Yes he got Jackson, and a couple good draft picks, but he’s got a bunch of swing and misses also.

  10. Greig Says:

    I really wish King, a QB that was carried to and lost the Bucs an NFC Championship game, would shut his pie hole. then we wouldn’t have to hear/read the garbage that comes out of it and he might lose some weight by not putting stuff in it.
    King went on to say that Dominik has ”not done a good job in accumulating and developing players.”
    At what point did developing players become a GMs job?
    Not getting Carr AND Finnegan, right, so in a passing league Dom was meant to sign both the top 2 CBs in FA or he is deemed a failure.
    I think all that burger juice has finally infected his brain and made him deluded

  11. Ramdog Says:

    Shaun “Burger” King obviously didn’t do much research. We went after Finnegan but he opted to go with St. Louis and Jeff Fisher. How come I know that and Shaun doesn’t ??

    Anyhow, I agree about Carr but evidently we thought Wright was a good “value buy” and he was wrong. Also Charlie Casserly of NFL network who has a much better reputation than Shaun King and helped to Architect the Redskins championship teams thinks Schiano and Dominik are doing a great job. His opinion matters more to me than King’s.

    Also you never know how a corner will perform once he leaves where he was at. Namdi Asmough was viewed by most folks as second only to Reavis yet flopped in Philly. Whereas no one gave Jonathan Joseph any love and he seems to be a good pick up.

    Also Dominik’s two other acquisitions were spot on Nicks is a stud and so in VJax next year our offense could be scary provided we add a slot receiver or Tight End. Plus there are some good corners out there and a lot of cap-strapped teams so there will probably be a lot more.

    I think someone from One BUCS peed in King’s corn flakes or something because he really seems to have an ax to grind with everyone over there.

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    Shaun King, assuming his job is eating, is clearly excelling at his job.

  13. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Dom was new to the position when he took over and its increasingly obvious that he is getting better with experience. This most recent draft class and free agent class is an example of that.

    Im not sure how many GM’s there are that came in and, from day one, made all the right decisions and best moves. You also cant really fault him for the injuries that plagued Gerald McCoy and Brian Price. Neither of those guys had much injury history prior to being drafted.

    He hasn’t been amazing but he has been as good as most GM’s around the league. I think his consistency will get better.

  14. Lakeland fan Says:

    KIng is still bitter they fired Raheem.

  15. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Joe is there a reason I’m having a lot of problems lately posting? it seems anything longer than a few sentences just wont go through.

  16. Brad Says:

    The only thing I actually agree with King about. His actions are what’s questionable. He’s taking the firing of Raheem out on Dominik IMO. I do think if this team does not make the playoffs next year that the GM should be fired. I actually think he should be fired now but don’t think that will happen. Leaving our secondary so green and inexperienced is inexcusable and he should have to answer for it. Add on the disaster of the Wright ridiculous signing and I would jettisoned him as of yesterday.

  17. BlueTick14 Says:

    Mr. King your sports analyst career is starting to resemble your Football Career. Garbage and maybe Short Lived!!!!!

  18. Eric Says:

    How can a GM who is averaging ten losses a year be anything but outstanding?

  19. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I agree with you except that I dont think Dom should be fired now. He needs to be given ample time. You can’t really judge a GM as you do a player or coach. By next year though he will have had enough time to create a winning roster.

  20. Kevin Says:

    Joe I didn’t even read this article, just saw King’ s face and moaned. I enjoy your site but it loses all creditability with this guys ramblings. Plus I personally know what an ass he is in public. ( Remember the club in Tampa Palms…Mr.King) Nuff said.

    Yeah, that make sense. Exactly how does lose credibility quoting a former Buccaneer, and a lifelong Buccaneers fan, who’s employed by NBC Sports and FOX Sports. Don’t let your King hate cloud opinions. King is a credible, even if you disagree. —Joe

  21. Fish Says:

    I don’t think Shaun King’s very good at HIS job…

  22. OAR Says:

    Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary…

  23. MTM Says:

    @ SilenceTheCritics

    Couldn’t agree more Dom needs to go now. There is no sense of urgency with this ownership. The rebuilding process is going on its 5th year. Really. Now wait for the Freeman homers and basement analysts who know EVERYTHING because they say so.

  24. OAR Says:

    Funny, cause I don’t think you do your job very good either Mr King!
    BTW Your old job, the one on the field, wasn’t any better!

  25. Ian P. Says:

    One of 34 quarterbacks to not lead Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl, Shaun King, is absolutely right.
    I agree. Dominick is not very good. He let us go into the season with no CB depth.

  26. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    All King has done is state facts and here we have Dominik nut munchers including Joes disagreeing and hating on King. Dominik isn’t really good at his job and its a fact. All of his draft classes thus far have been disappointing except for 2012 class that featured David and Martin. We are about to enter 5th year of Dominik’s regime and there isn’t ONE superstar player he has drafted yet. McCoy may be the best player many will hang their hat on, but right now he is just a solid player, not even close to the level of recent superstars like JJ Watt, Von Miller or Aldon Smith.

    So yeah, I agree with King. Dom isn’t really good at his job, but last year proved he isn’t completely bad at it either as he also helped us acquire Jackson and Nicks. I would put him at the 20-25 range among other GMs at the moment.

  27. Mike Says:

    How much money does he think Dominik has to spend?!? I Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson over Carr and/or Finnegan. Can’t have everything, might as well get the best OL and WR on the market if your going to get anything. Carr and Finnegan are good, not best in their class.

  28. rhenry Says:

    We got a fourth round pick for Talib and may have the chance to sign him as a free agent this year. I Don’t really want him back but am not blind enough to not realize that he is head and shoulders better than anyone on our roster.

  29. rhenry Says:

    better than any DB on our roster

  30. Eric Says:

    Why all the King criticism, as he had multiple coordinators and was not given five years to develop.

    No Freeman excuses available for him?

  31. Tbuc Says:

    Finally agree with King. Dom failed to trade for Asante Samuel who the Eagles gave away, and he over paid for a bad corner. Dom is a below average GM at best.

  32. Tbuc Says:

    @eric, king didn’t show the flashes Freeman has shown. King got replaced by a journeymen QB in Brad Johnson. King had a top 5 defense and still did nothing. He’s the original Mark Sanchez.

  33. MTM Says:

    Just because King was not an elite QB doesn’t make his statement incorrect. King can be a bit of a tool but his comments were spot on.

  34. Warrenfb12 Says:

    King continues to prove that he knows absolutely nothing about Bucs football.

  35. cbell Says:

    I wish shaun king would just shut his fat mouth this guy threw the damn ball to the cotton candy guy ( 15 rows out of bounds) on the last play of the game in that nfc championship game still cant forgive him for that.

  36. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    So Freeman is better than King because he’s shown very limited flash and potential even though none of that flash and potential has turned into victories? King had a much worse offense than Free has. If Free had that offense King had to play with I highly doubt Free would of shown very much flash or potential either. Sounds like nothing more than excuses to me.

  37. Tim Says:

    Here goes sour grapes again, the man really needs to put down the milkshake and smack himself back into reality. First things first, pass rush. I believe GMC made his first pro bowl and next year will be entering his fourth season, that is the year most true D-lineman show up. We will get Claybourne back next season along with a healthy and more developed Bowers. Resign Miller and go get some 2nd tier D-linemen for depth from either the draft or free agency. Dream scenario we get Bennet back and watch we will have a top 10 pass rush next season. Onto the secondary, Talib was a Gruden/Allen pick and good riddance to him. Wright was a bust and Dominick should of known better, but he had to get someone (who knows how hard management pushed that signing). Next season expect the secondary to be improved, I still say they finish in the bottom half of the league. But you cant have the #1 run D, a top pass rush, a top secondary and a top ten offense. Wake up!

  38. TheTaylorPrice Says:

    It’s like people dont realize that other GM’s take chances on players and they don’t work out as well as they hoped either… I believe that Dominik and Schiano will prevail as a dynamic duo

  39. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I agree with you also, Dom’s draft have been if nothing else, exciting and gave us something to hope for. Before him, I cant remember many drafts that made us “Wow” at the potential. Gruden and Allen were horrible drafters and Dungy/Mckay wasnt much better.

  40. McBuc Says:

    Jonhie…So all the other GMs that did not draft JJ Watt, Von Miller or Aldon Smith should be fired as well? I would say Mike Williams, GMC (pro bowl), Martin, Baron, Davis, Clayborn, and Bowers are all good draft picks. The free agents this year were great. They trusted Talib to stay on the field and Wirght was servicable as a number 2 CB. I do not care how much they paid him, no one wanted to come here unless they were over paid. I also think our secondary will improve with scheme, they seemed to have the last two games. trading Talib before he was a FA was a great move as well. I porbably hurt us for this year but will help in the future. Some of you guys think that fantasy football is real.

    Eric, you are right, King had different OC, but only won the starting job one year, and I think it was due to injury. He never won the spot again. I do not think he was as bad as some of these guys, but he did have a great defense to fall back on. Freeman went 10 – 6 with a worse offense than king had.

  41. Nick2 Says:

    King is still upset that the Glazers got rid of Raheem instead of Dom. That Raheem was sabotaged???? Please Raheem was so far over his head it wasnt funny. King neglects to mention Doug Martin or Lavonte David from this years draft. I agree Dom has been up and down but I just wish once King would admit that Raheem was a complete bafoon as a head coach.

  42. Tbuc Says:

    Silence the critics, you say limited flash from Freeman but did u watch the 2010 comebacks or the victories this year? I can’t remember King leading the Bucs to too many come back victories. Freeman did this with a 2010 offense that lacked playmakers.

    Not making excuses for Freeman, it’s just some fans forget football is a team game. If the Bucs have even a average secondary(Dominik’s fault) they are playing this weekend.

  43. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @McBuc: Those three names I brought up are just 3 examples of several. Good GMs, if they haven’t drafted someone of superstar caliber, at least draft several solid contributors in every draft.

    Stop exaggerating Dom’s achievements by including guys like Barron, Clayborn and Bowers among the good players he has drafted. Barron and Bowers still need to show a lot before they are considered mediocre or good. While Clayborn has produced some during his rookie year, based on the way he plays, he does not seem to have a lot of upside and may very well end up like Greg Spires 2.0 which isn’t a bad thing, but not a good thing either.

    McCoy, Williams, David and Martin look like the only solid contributors he has drafted thus far. For a team that is trying to rebuild, it is somewhat of a small number if you ask me. Fortunately, some more young guys like Barron and Bowers may step up their game and improve Dom’s resume, but until that happens, he is a mediocre GM at best.

  44. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I remember those comebacks vividly and yes they were great. However, they were against very bad teams that we should of never been trailing behind in the first place which lessens the value of them in my opinion. Let’s see him do it against good teams then I will say they are true “Flashes”.

    And if the Bucs had a QB that showed up from the beginning of games they would also be playing this weekend. You can’t blame it all on the defense and act like Josh has played great football when he hasent. We can use an some help in the secondary no doubt. But Freeman also needs to improve in A LOT of areas before we consider him even remotely close to a franchise QB or even a legimate winner.

  45. lightningbuc Says:

    Never have understood how a GM can be a rock star without ever even making the playoffs, let alone winning some playoff games.

  46. Tbuc Says:

    Silencethecritics, I couldn’t agree more. Freeman has done enough to win games he just seems to be the type of QB who needs a strong defense to ensure the leads. He’s not a elite level QB who can guide a offense to score at will, but I think he’s still good enough to win with. Yes, he has areas to improve in, but from what I’ve seen I’ve liked.

  47. OAR Says:

    I think we need to get rid of Dom and the whole coaching staff. Just clean house, and then we can let some of you ‘genius wanna-be GMs and coaches’ take over the Bucs organization. That way, we can go back to being the Tampa Bay Yucks! I really miss those days, not!

  48. Pewter_Power Says:

    When Domonik took over this roster was bare. They had just started their rebuilding project. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are Super Bowl winning teams.

  49. PRBucFan Says:

    Dom need to go???

    After the best draft and FA period we have seen in years Dom needs to go???

    Bahahahaha funny stuff.

    We are about to have one hell of an offseason. Buckle up 😉

  50. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    I agree which is why I said Dom needs to be given another year at least. But I think 5 years into a rebuild is plenty of time to if nothing else, create a roster that can consistantly win. Doesnt have to be super bowls or even playoffs but a winning record is not to much to ask.

  51. Patrick Says:

    Oh, how cute. All the Shaun King haters are all out in full force!

    I think it’s pretty damn obvious that King is right about the secondary! Dominick has done a horrible job with the cornerbacks we have and has allowed the unit to continue the way it’s been since 2010!

    You guys love Steve White’s opinions so much. Did he ever do anything noteworthy as an NFL player?

  52. mark sneed Says:

    When did Shaun King become this “expert”? I”ll give him the fact that he’s “one of only 3 Bucs quarterbacks to go to the NFC Championship game”, but he did it with one of the top 10 defenses in the history of the game (as determined by NFL Network). I don’t remember Shaun King being that great. And he played for (and was drafted by) Dungy, who could have cared less about offense. In fact, I remember shaun King being replaced by Brad Johnson. When he was inevitably cut by Gruden (who does know offensive talent), he couldn’t make a difference anywhere else.
    I know everybody loves him because he’s from St. Pete, but I never did and don’t think he’s the “expert” that he thinks that he is.

  53. Miguel El Magnifico Says:


    You should photo shop Shaun into a turban and put a crystal ball in front of him. Nothing infuriates the Amen Chorus more than Shaun kicking the Buc’s tires.

    You should ride that horse as far as you can.

  54. Steve Says:

    Shaun King wasn’t a particularly good QB.

    Shaun King is a tad on the chubby side these days.

    Shaun King is right about Mark Dominik.

    24-40 is what the facts say.