Bowers Talks Comeback, Defensive Leaders

January 7th, 2013

With three sacks in nine games in limited action, plus a couple of fierce hits on Matt Ryan, DaQuan Bowers left Bucs fans with plenty of hope for the 2013 season.

And even more uplifting was Bowers recently telling the Buccaneers Radio Network that his comeback from a torn Achilles in April was extraordinarily smooth. “No setbacks. No swelling,” Bowers said.

Bowers also dove into discussions of leadership on the Bucs defense that evoked two names: Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David.

The former went out of his way to encourage Bowers regularly during his long comeback.

“[McCoy] would always check on me in the weight room,” Bowers said.

As for David, well, Bowers essentially called him the ultimate Buccaneer Man.

“It’s breathtaking,” Bowers said of David’s on-field performance. “He has that instinct about him. He has that downhill, right-at-you-right-now type of play. You know, that’s hard to find, especially from young guys like ourselves.

“If he sees you with the ball, he’s going directly towards you, right now, he’s not going to wait. And that’s what we need on this team. I think he was a great pick for us last year in the draft. We need more guys like him.

“He doesn’t wear a captain sign, but he’s the captain of our defense. You know, when he talks, nobody is talking. We’re listening to him because he’s going to get us in the right situation. He going to make the calls and the checks and we’re going to go with it. He’s done a great job this year.”

Joe was glad to hear the respect and admiration for David. The Bucs desperately needed a leader at linebacker, and it seems David is already there and surely will evolve into a better one next season.

8 Responses to “Bowers Talks Comeback, Defensive Leaders”

  1. Ramdog Says:

    David was an absolute beast on defense. In fact Pro-football Focus even believed he should be given rookie of the year consideration. Although of course Luck and RG3 grading out better. Actually Martin and David were better picks arguably than Barron. Although Barron began to play better towards the end of the season. Very good draft last year.

    Now in the words of the immortal Sammy Sosa “we need to keep it continue” and draft well this year. Also some good Free Agent signings would be nice. Future looks bright and we seem to be headed in the right direction.

    GO BUCS !!!!

  2. Jacko101 Says:

    Those are two guys we are going to depend on. David plays so very hard if we had 11 players in Defense Like him we would be playing this Sat or Sun

  3. Miracle Says:

    I know that David was calling defensive plays and audible in the beginning of the year. Did he continue doing it all the way through the season or did they transition to Foster?

    IMO, I like Foster as a player but I think David should be the guy making the defensive adjustments.. especially now into his second year a la Derrick Brooks.

  4. Miracle Says:

    On another note, Chip Kelly must be an expletive. Last year, he snubbed us after committing and this year he snubbed several more teams only to return to Oregon. I could be wrong but this guy is not making himself attractive to future NFL teams with his antics.

    Glad he decided to not choose us at the last moment.

  5. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Lavonte David has the most beautiful girlfriend i’ve ever seen (she keeps him grounded and i follow her on Twitter)…..however…i do NOT trust Bowers dedication to the game…by following his type of personality on Twitter

  6. Fan Says:

    Wow Ian’s Gay Lisp & Ron’s you don’t trust Bowers really?? If this guy stays health and we don’t resign Micheal Bennett, I guarantee Bowers will make you forget about Bennett. With him Clayborne, and McCoy HEALTHY, that d-line will be ferocious. I hope Lavonte David rubs off on Mason Foster because he disappeared during the season.

  7. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “Chip Kelly must be an expletive.”

    Maybe, he’s lurking, waiting for the Teflon Dom, the Little General and Gosh to all get fired next year. That would put him in a position of total control at the Buc Palace. He could draft Jadeveon (JCP) Clowney, choose his own GM and QB.

    That guy is a diabolical football genius.

  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Miracle

    I read somewhere that Chip Kelly faked interest in taking those jobs so that he could squeeze more money out of Oregon. I think it was on this very site. your right, some coaches are just despicable. I’m glad we didn’t get him, even though we didn’t truly have a shot at landing him at all.