Worrying About Josh Freeman

December 24th, 2012

Joe has a difficult time believing just weeks ago, the Bucs were riding high with six wins in 10 games, on the cusp of a playoff push.

The last five weeks, the Bucs sunk deeper and deeper in the pool to the point they are circling the drain. This happens when your quarterback of the future seems to be auditioning to become the quarterback of past.

This is not lost on Tampa Tribune humorist Martin Fennelly, who sees a dire team that wandered off the field at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway after losing to the Rams yesterday.

See any growth lately?

I don’t.

Despite nearing the end of his fourth season, quarterback Josh Freeman is dissolving before our very eyes. He had an incredibly deceiving 372 yards passing yards on Sunday. He also threw four more interceptions, for eight in two weeks, or as many as he had in his first 13 games this season.

His head is full of mush. Maybe the Bucs should lock him up with a contract while the price is right. How does five years, $100,000 a year sound? Suddenly, No. 5 is a project again, the priority worry.

What is a rock star general manager Mark Dominik supposed to do? Here he and the team’s brass thought they had their quarterback for the next decade.

Do they? Surely doubt has crept into the minds of the movers and shakers at One Buc Palace.

Joe knows it is Christmastime but Freeman played like he was Santa Claus at All Children’s Hospital with all the gifts he gave to the Rams (same amount he gave to the Saints the previous week).

For a no-tolerance-for-turnovers kinda guy like Bucs coach Greg Schiano, these must be trying times.

70 Responses to “Worrying About Josh Freeman”

  1. raphael Says:

    nope ..not at all. takes awhile for players and coaches to learn and jell…Remember they wanted to run Eli Manning out of town after a few years in this offense..

  2. Give it to Blount Says:

    I like Freeman and still think he has a place in Tampa, but we need a a bigger name veteran QB on the roster to either push Freeman further or push him out of the way. I am all for a guy like a Kyle Orton, Michael Vick or a Alex Smith type of guy.

  3. raphael Says:

    more Josh Freeman propaganda ? thats what the media does is drive QB’s outta here…..I will LMAO if that happens,while he wins…….

  4. MadMax Says:

    Sticking with Gosh=the same ole same ole /////….

    Time to move on, some way, somehow, we need to move on w/o him….maybe make him a backup.

  5. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Physically, the bucs have one of the most elite franchise qb’s in the league.

    Mentally, the bucs have one of the worst qb’s in the league.

    I have never seen a qb so physically gifted and so mentally inept in my life.

    We need to get a QB coach in here who was actually a former QB, a veteran backup QB to push Freeman (would Dan Orlovsky taking over your job scare anyone?) and a few golf carts with targets on them like the QB challenge for Freeman to bring his accuracy from at least a Scott Millanovic level up to a Bruce Gradkowski level.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Mentally speaking Freeman is a boy playing a man’s game. You can see it on his face almost every week. He’s almost clueless at times. I don’t see how that will improve enough over the next couple years to get the Bucs to the playoffs. I’m all for getting the U-Haul warmed up on Freeman’s time in Tampa.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Geno Smith is the direction we should be moving to. Watch his vids



  8. lurker Says:


    will the witicism ever end?

  9. Tampa2 Says:

    Freeman doesn’t even need to shower after the game because he has Raphael to suck his balls clean. What a delusional d-rider you are.

  10. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    @Joe, love the pic of Josh.

    After seeing what is taking place during this season, this offense is too complicated for Josh. Who would ever want to admit that they are not smart enough to understand the plays/strategy/schematics from the coaching staff? Josh is who he is. All reports say how hard Josh studies and how hard he works, which is great, but the progress is just not there for all the supposed effort given. I like Josh, but I am not blind to his limitations. Maybe others are.

    What is the most frustrating thing to me about Josh, is he will make a great play followed up by a clunker. This is what the NSO has been preaching lately about with the inconsistency of play. I suspect that Josh gives us best chance to win on this current staff, so that is why he is getting all the playing time. That situation had better change over the off season.

  11. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    He almost had 7 picks yesterday. When they break down the film they will see 7 picks he threw and a fumble. Lucky the Ram’s D dropped a few.

  12. Rob Says:

    Gosh took a 6-4 team to 5 straight losses and got worse by second. Inaccurate is a monumental understatement . All you Gosh lovers are clueless. A 4th year professional qb cannot make the same insane mistakes over and over. Go where the scrap heap could have beens go and stop destroying our Bucs. Go Bucs!

  13. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Bucs should not resign Freeman in the off-season, make him earn his second contract with some young competition. I say grab Zac Dysert in the 3rd round if he’s available, this guy looks like the real deal, but won’t go high due to his small school status.

  14. Sam Says:

    WHile the last few games have been troubling…..no one was calling for his head in weeks 1-10. I THINK we have a franchise QB here….but yes when things start to go bad they seem to snowball on him.

    Id like to see the bucs sign him to a 1 or 2 year extension….in addition to 2013 and then bring in a guy like Alex Smith or that type of guy…someone who will push Josh and has done it in the league.

  15. kfc Says:

    Insanity is trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

  16. raphael Says:

    tampa2…just shows what alittle dumb punk you are

  17. Tbuc Says:

    Joe, your American Idol Rockstar is looking like a backup singer at the local karaoke bar. Freeman looks more and more like a bust and that missed draft pick may set the Bucs back 5 years. Man it sucks to be a Bucs fan right now.

  18. Tom Says:

    To me, IF Freeman’s agent allowed him to be signed to a deal that reflects Freeman’s current capabilities right now… I would be very scared. He’s playing back up quality. So signing him would mean
    1. Bucs overpay based on hopeful future performance improvements.
    2. the agent recommends he take a low ball offer because they fear he is playing as good as he can.

    I don’t see Josh’s agent allowing the team to sign him for a low ball deal. They are going to believe their own hype. I hope the Bucs hold off and see what happens next year. I don’t think we are risking a Drew Brees like payout even if he lights it up next year. Just decent top 10 starter money. And that is a big “IF he lights it up next year” I don’t see the guy putting it together in a meaningful way.

    Hope I am wrong.

  19. Andrew Says:

    He has had the best season for a QB in franchise history the stats don’t lie.
    Most Passing Yards and Passing Touchdowns in a single season in franchise history this year
    most passing touchdowns all-time in franchise history
    3rd in passing yards all-time in franchise history
    All this in 4 years and he’s 24 having the best season of his career and the best season for a qb in franchise history, this argument is dumb

    Stop listening to these “shock jocks” what is this their 5th “Josh had 2 bad games” article since the game ended yesterdau, they do it to get traffic nothing else.

  20. MadMax Says:

    How many games were we almost there with our SUCKA$$ secondary ? ? ?
    Granted we need to work on those positions too, but dammit, we need a new QB!

    Throw the kitchen sink, the house, and everything else at getting the #1 draft pick for Geno Smith. Thats a move in the right direction….and to boot, will sell the hell out of some tickets!

  21. 1976Buc Says:

    Freeman has talent and I place at least some of the blame on coaches. They have to be able to call plays that are within a players capability. Every player has strengths and weaknesses. Coaches. need to be able to play to the strengths. I think Josh has some mind games going on within himself.

  22. Miracle Says:

    @Joe, are you aware of any mysterious injury plaguing Josh?

    I don’t like making excuses but something looks off more than just bad QB play and miscommunication. It could be that he really has regressed but it is strange to me to think of how great he was playing and then with a switch turn into this. Maybe defenses have caught up to us but it have the feeling of some secret injury that is being hidden from the public.

  23. Ian P Says:

    I just checked the stats and over their first four years Freeman’s stats are eerily similar to Eli Manning. The Giants were patient with Eli and it paid off … twice. I’d give him more time with Coach Sullivan and he’ll be fine.

    Let’s be patient and try not to blame the QB for everything. It’s not Freeman’s fault that we fielded the worst pass defense in the history of the NFL (I wish that was hyperbole, but it’s not). The fast start got our expectations up high, but in reality this Bucs team is a 7 or 8 win team even with healthy starters.

  24. Andrew Says:

    he’s so horrible huh????

    then why he is he having the best season for a qb in franchise history?

  25. Tye Says:

    “Insanity is trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.”

    Kfc ~ That is some conventional wisdom there friend… Makes one wonder about the sanity if ANYONE who still advocates for Free-fall.

  26. J-VillesBuc84 Says:

    I know why they call you MadMax!! Your F’en Mad if you think we should get Geno Smith. Everyone needs to get off G.Smiths nuts. You want another QB roughly Josh’s age to start all over with while having a defense that is still going to lose you the game no matter who your QB is. I hope you watched that game yesterday because clearly 2 of those picks weren’t Josh’s fault one I’ll give him while the other I give a 50/50. Keep hating on Josh. I like the Idea of signing him now because he’ll be cheap locked in for 5 years and can probably not give him any guaranteed money. I wouldn’t put all the blame on the players neither. Sullivan and Sheridan got alot to work on themselves with there play calling. Next year will be better. What did you really think we’d goto the playoffs? Win the Superbowl? Sorry MadMAx G.Smith will never becoming to Tampa!!

  27. Eric Says:

    Eli won the super bowl in his fourth season with a 125 QB ranking in the playoffs.

    Easy to be patient with that.

    How is it colts, Seahawks, bengals, skins are all either in playoffs or on the verge with rookies or second year Quarterbacks if it takes five years to learn the position?

  28. 1976Buc Says:

    We need to get away from the predictability. Martin will run the ball, spy him and double cover the receivers. When DJ Ware and Blount are in they are merely decoys, blitz then.

  29. Give it to Blount Says:

    Andrew, i have to agree with you, BUT he needs to be pushed in the sense of if he keeps throwing picks like he is into next season there needs to be a backup who is capable of stepping in and taking over.
    That thought needs to be in the back of his mind.

  30. 911bucs Says:

    I disagree with you. His mechanics should be there no matter what system your thrown into. He’s much to inconsistant. Yes there will be a learning curve with a new offense or new players. Point is he should not be making these simple mistakes in the majority of the games.

  31. Tampa2 Says:

    Hey Andrew – it’s a passing league now smart guy. Best passing season in Bucs history huh. Woo. Boy, some really high standards there! Passings yards are a superficial statistic. Freeman had 372 yesterday BFD. Does that mean he played well yesterday? Absof-ukinglutely not. Matt Stafford has a ton of passing yards as well. Would you put him in the top 20 quarterbacks in the league? GTFO

  32. thegregwitul Says:

    We need to get away from the Geno Smith talk, no need to build something up that likely won’t happen. Geno is going within the first three picks of the draft and will either be a member of the Chiefs, Jags or Bills, we need to accept this. We aren’t going to be able to trade Josh Freeman for the number one pick, not after the eight interceptions in two games, and throwing in a player that likely isn’t going to be on the team next year, like LeGarette Blount, isn’t going to sweeten the pot. We could offer Freeman and our 1st for the number one pick, but I don’t think we do that based on our need at CB.

    Look, we have a pretty dedicated group of people who post in the comment section of this site. I’ve been posting my defense for Josh Freeman, in part because of his age, but also because I don’t think there is a better option right now. Alex Smith is not the answer, I’m sorry, he just isn’t. Teams don’t gameplan for Alex Smith, and I think Jim Harbaugh got everything he could out of him, so if and when he leaves the 49ers, I fully expect to see a decline in his production, even if it’s a minor decline.

    So what do we do? I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the site and Joe has posted a few informative articles today, but I don’t know if I agree with his take on resigning Freeman this offseason. Look, I support Josh Freeman, although it’s been harder and harder to do over the last five weeks. I don’t think we should resign him after this season, and personally, I don’t think he would sign a contract now, coming off a horrid five games, because Josh and his dad (who is also his agent) know that teams will overpay for a young QB that hits the open market. If you don’t think a team like the Buffalo Bills would pay Freeman 10 million + per year, you don’t know football, so I don’t expect contract talks to really go anywhere this offseason.

    So what do we do? What can we do? I think we have to see what Josh Freeman can do in year two of the Schiano System. We have to find a more viable backup to replace Joe O. so we have a real alternate option if Josh craps the bed. I’d aim for a veteran QB, unless a viable prospect is available between rounds 2-4. Worst case, Josh continues to regress, is eventually benched and the Bucs likely have a losing season. If that happens, we pretty much have to say goodbye to Josh and draft his replacement.

    I want to see the guy succeed, he has shown flashes, I don’t care what the haters say. If he were released tomorrow, he wouldn’t clear waivers, so he isn’t a lost cause, but my goodness, he’s been playing like crap as of late. I’m concerned, as concerned as I’ve ever been for Josh and the team. These December losing streaks suck, I’m sick and tired of them, be it with Gruden, Raheem and now Schiano.

  33. grif4foozball Says:

    Hey raphaelia,Tampa 2 has got you pegged bitch and your the punk>

  34. Adam Says:

    Let me sum it up for you in a word.


    Josh Freeman is SOFT.

  35. Tampa2 Says:

    You know who else is learning a new system? Russel Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, Luck, RG3. Kirk Cousin’s very first start was better than any of Josh’s 80ish career starts.

  36. 1976Buc Says:

    Nice post thegregwitul. I agree and coaches need to find a way to win with him because he is a Buc for at least the immediate future. Freeman just looks out of place at times on the field. If it’s the playbook then coaches need to adapt to what Freeman can do until another better option comes available. I think we could do a lot of thing to take some pressure off Freeman like putting in the “Two-headed monster” at running back, whether it is Martin and Blount, Smith or Ware.

  37. MadMax Says:

    @J-VillesBuc84 ….If you really want my attention, then go compare Geno’s stats to Josh’s stats in college: Yeah, Im mad about researching better prospects for my Bucs….get over it or join in!



  38. Andrew Says:

    Some of you are completely irrational…..

    Matthew Stafford is a top 20 QB sure…the rest of that team is pretty bad he’s a bright spot.

    Say whatever you want…..he has more yards and touchdowns than last year and less interceptions, that’s called progress

    Mike will be going over 1000 yards for the first time in his career and Vincent is having the best year of his career with Josh at the helm not Philip Rivers.

    You guys want to bitch and moan about interceptions, right?
    QBS with more ints DREW BREES, ANDREW LUCK, Sanchez, Weeden
    QBS with same ints Romo, Dalton, Stafford, Fitzpatrick

    Josh is 6th in the NFL in TDs 10th in Yards….in a “passing league”

    4 of the 9 ahead of him in yards have the same or more ints
    1 of the 5 ahead of him in tds has more ints and only 2 are in single digits

    you people are unrealistic about the need for a qb for this team..he doesn’t have to be top 3 to take us to where we need to go. He is more than a game manager, he is a weapon who when used accordingly with his weapons and an effective run game and having a healthy line will be in top form.

    How bout you go look at how effective the run game is in games where josh struggles. How bout the fact we’re missing 2 pro bowler offensive lineman.

    You guys are being emotional and caught in the moment, not looking at this realistically with a clear head….you let your hopes get too high, even tho we all knew we were at least a year away before injuries and now your all sad and blaming people…..

    this is the highest scoring offense in tampa bay history you should be mad at the secondary not 5
    and greg left 9 points on the field…he shoulda never gone for the first 4th it turned into a snowball…if he had gotten 3 field goals we wold have been within one score with 4 minutes to go and it woulda changed the whole game

  39. Pinnacl3 Says:


  40. BamBamBuc Says:

    Hey, at least he’s not Sanchez…

  41. MadMax Says:

    @J-VillesBuc84 ….If you really want my attention, then go compare Geno’s stats to Josh’s stats in college: Yeah, Im mad about researching better prospects for my Bucs….get over it or join in!

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    Honestly Andrew quit with the stat crap
    The “best” season in franchise history for a QB does not belong to a QB to end the season on possibly a six game losing streak, season ending under 500, nor to a QB that wins us anything but a SB. Until he does that he can’t even be compared to BJ. Sure he breaks the passing yrd or TD record but so flippin what??? That’s hardly the best season a QB has had as a Buc. The best QB is the QB that leads his teams to victories not to losses. Tell me what the hell had this “best season in franchise history” gained the Buccaneers?
    Answer: a big fat NADA

  43. PRBucFan Says:

    That is irrefukingfutable, unless you can prove its gained us something?

  44. BigMacAttack Says:

    As nice as it would be to get rid of Freeman, there are few other options out there right now. Hopefully Freeman with another year of work under Sulli may turn around his play. He needs a sports’ psychiatrist to start. His head is clearly somewhere else. If a great QB pops up in the 4’th round of the Draft, take a look at him, but in the 2014′ Draft it’s time to spend a high pick on a real QB, or 2015′ when one comes available. May have to mortgage the farm to move up to get a great QB, but Josh is about a 50-50 shot to lead the team, and if he can it will be time to start training his successor.

    It is easy to say some things aren’t his fault, but when you watch his play, Oh its his fault, good and bad, its him all the way 100%. This isn’t the year to spend a high round pick on a QB because I don’t think the crop is very good. But at some point you have to address the problem

  45. Andrew Says:

    your completely wrong…qbs can only control what they do…they cant control all 45 guys….wins are a product of a team

    no qb has ever won a game by him self..his qb play has been better than brads by far

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    Answer my question???? What the hell has this “best season” gotten us???

  47. Daffy Buc Says:

    The Glazers coughed up a pretty penny this offseason on free agents. How do you think they feel? Think they are feeling “We Are Better Than Last Year” right about now. They expected a winning record, as well they should have with those extra millions.

    Josh should have serious competition in the off-season. I hope NSO does like Seattle and drafts a talented QB and let the best man win the job.

  48. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Lol, here we go again with the notion Freeman really did something by having the best season of a Buccaneers QB in franchise history. If we had a bunch of Pro Bowlers on some past teams sure, that would be a viable excuse… But thats not the case now is it? Lol, I cant believe some of you idiots are ignoring his actual play on the field, which has been entirerly crap for a majority of it.
    After 4 years of Freeman being the Bucs QB our Sundays usually go something like this. Offense comes out the gate sputtering and with the exception of a play or two here and there, they take the entire first half off. Sometimes they dont even wake up until its late in the 3rd or 4th quarter when were down by 20 and Free decides to wake up and throw alot of garbage yards that extremely inflate all those stats you keep mentioning.
    You cant win in this league with a QB like that. Period. You cant argue with that. If you do then you are blind and bias to anything negative to Josh Freeman.

  49. Bobby Says:

    Last I checked…this is a team sport. No one is bitching about our pass defense which cost us 4 games minimum. Josh is maddening…no question about that but he did enough to have us at 10-6 if the defense doesn’t melt down at the end of the game.

    He sure hasn’t looked good lately but at times he has looked absolutely brilliant. He looked great for as many games in a stretch as he’s looked bad. His problem is consistency. I don’t know whether he will develop more consistency or not but starting over is certainly NOT the answer. If you think it is you are just being emotional and not rational. I’m not opposed to drafting a QB in the mid rounds to try and develop as a backup but going after a QB in the first round when we need a couple of CB’s is just stupid thinking. Didn’t we trade Steve Young, Dilfer, and Doug Williams only to see them get rings with other teams? I’d rather Freeman get his ring with us. Let’s not forget what Young did in his first seasons as a Buc…

    “The Buccaneers posted 2–14 records in each of Young’s two seasons with them, and Young’s record as starter was 3–16. In his 19 games, he threw for only 11 touchdowns with 21 interceptions while completing fewer than 55% of his passes. Although his time in Tampa Bay was miserable, San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh was impressed by Young’s natural abilities and felt that his problems were due to the struggling Bucs organization.”

    Maybe you want to give Schiano and company to get all the pieces in place and see how Freeman does when the defense doesn’t have him playing from behind all the time and his O-line is intact. Patience…..

  50. raphael Says:


  51. PRBucFan Says:

    Freeman is 4 seasons in not 1 or 2
    And plenty of people are bitching about the pass defense
    Also last time i checked the QB is a major part of this “team”

  52. PRBucFan Says:

    Also who put the defense in the position to have to get a stop?

  53. raphael Says:

    also who gave up 4 plays of 8o yrds this year
    who gave up 11 plays of 40 yrds or more this year..
    who has the last ranked pass defense in the league ?

    get a clue…..Freeman is the answer not the problem

  54. Paul Says:

    Since SD is getting a shake-up this offseason, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to make a trade for Phillip Rivers?

  55. PRBucFan Says:

    No one was talking to you lol
    Get a clue???
    Understand that none of my posts are to you or with you in mind. Note, that is the last time i waste any energy on you. Everyone on this board has quickly realized how much of a child you are with your personal attacks and useless banter. Hence you being essentially invisible at this point on this board seen through how hardly anyone even bothers responding to you anymore. Just wanted to make that clear.
    Merry Christmas Raphael

  56. raphael Says:

    lol…. thats not reality paul….

  57. Bobby Says:

    “Also who put the defense in the position to have to get a stop?”

    @PRBucFan…that really makes no sense to your argument. If the offense put the defense in a position to have to make a stop that means they took the lead. That’s a ‘good thing’ in sports……. If the defense fails to make the stop then it’s hardly the fault of the offense.

  58. Bobby Says:

    PRBucFan…let’s look at the Giants game, the Falcons game and Philadelphia as examples. Those losses can’t be pinned on Freeman.

  59. PRBucFan Says:

    I see where I went wrong. My bad, what I meant was that the offense in most of those game were in position to score and make it to where the defense did not have to make that game ending stop to win the game. But they failed to do that, It would not have mattered if they scored on that last drive in other words. Yes our pass defense is horrible and many of those players need to be let go aswell but just because they present a major problem doesnt mean Free doesnt aswell.

  60. PRBucFan Says:

    Of course there were a few games that you can pin directly on the defense, im not saying their werent but they were few.
    -In ATL for instance if Free had hit his open receivers in the endzone
    -In Philly we had the ball at midfield multiple time and couldnt even hit a FG if we had done that we would have rendered that drive useless

  61. raphael Says:

    fail ^^^^^^^ lmao

  62. Patrick Says:

    Freeman has completed 54% of his passes! Our defense is indeed horrendous, but at least 4 of our losses have been DIRECTLY on him….. the Dallas, Washington, Saints and Rams game he was dreadful! The fact that were still having to baby Freeman and still question him as our franchise QB after his 4th year means there’s something wrong.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    In 4 more years we will still be sitting here making excuses for Josh Freeman. We will blame injuries, refs, pass rush & secondary. There will be enough bad play in these areas to keep the conversation going. We will have a good year followed by a bad one, and so on. All the while, Peyton Manning & Tom Brady will win more Super Bowls. You really need an elite QB to win consistently. Give Josh one more season and draft the next elite QB whenever he comes along.

  64. lurker Says:

    these are all the same criticisms that eli manning had.

  65. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “I hope you watched that game yesterday because clearly 2 of those picks weren’t Josh’s fault one I’ll give him while the other I give a 50/50.”

    The problem is that Gosh threw 7 picks Sunday, the Rams dropped 3.


    “We need to get away from the Geno Smith talk, no need to build something up that likely won’t happen. Geno is going within the first three picks of the draft and will either be a member of the Chiefs, Jags or Bills, we need to accept this.”

    I saw in a Mock Draft yesterday that the Chiefs were shopping the #1 overall pick for a veteran QB or to drop down in the draft to pick up a defensive player. Bingo.

  66. lurker Says:

    so the definition of a pick is a dropped pass by a defender?

    el twisto strikes again!

    i saw a mock report that said you were human…

    happy holidays east coasters!

  67. J-VillesBuc84 Says:

    Look i’m not saying Freeman is Elite in any kind of way, but to think we can’t win with him is Funny. Our first 5 games we played was the worst play calling on the offense I ever seen. So to blame him for the losses against the Giants, Dallas, and Washington is absurd. Yes he played like S%@t against the Eagles, but brought us back to take the lead. There play calling at the end lossed us the game. The Saints well there is no excuse, but the team played bad not just Freeman. The Rams Freeman,Mike Williams and Mike Sullivan deserve the blame for that. Mike slipped on 2 passes one got an INT and the second almost anothe INT. Freeman did suck that game, but red zone play calling I blame on Sullivan. Having Freeman throw it all 4 downs come on thats both Mike for calling the play and Freeman for not checking out of the play. The rest Defense lost. I’m all about winning, so I don’t really care who we have, but if we could win a SuperBowl with Johnson, the Ravens with Dilfer, and the Niners going to the NFC Championship with Alex Smith and the SeaHawks going to the playoffs with Russell Wilson Guys who throw 200 yard or less in a game because they have a defense to carry them.We can win with Freeman. They just need to limit his throwing. We have 3 RB on the team pound that ball and let Freeman throw when it’s needed. If we had a mediocre defense we’d be going into the playoffs this year. The defense lost us more games than Freeman, But hey if we get Geno and he wins i’m all about it, just don’t think it’s going to happen.

  68. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh my God quit with the excuses
    Funny thing
    In year 8 the same mistake will be occurring and yet the same people will be finding new excuses for him.
    He is a professional quarterback in the NFL and the only measurement anyone that actually matters is going to use is Wins and Losses because believe me that’s the only measurement that’s going to be used against them. Do you honestly the the FO is trying to come up with excuses for Freeman when their ass is on the line??? No they want results!!! And simply put its not happening with Free going into year 5. So continue being ignorant to the truth, I’m just glad the FO can’t afford to be.

  69. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Right? Excuse after excuse and ignoring the fact that the play call would be a genius play if Freeman could actually throw an accurate pass anywhere other than 20 yards down the field. I guess its the play calls that forces Free to miss wide open receivers when he has no pressure on him. Or misread the defense. Or fail to properly audible to the defense. Free is the best player on our opponents team lately.

  70. PRBucFan Says:

    I know right, I guess so….


    Bahahahahaha sorry couldn’t keep a straight face at the thought of that