What’s Happened To Mason Foster?

December 23rd, 2012

After a strong start to the season, Mason Foster has regressed along with a big handful of his teammates.

Early this season, Joe envisioned Mason Foster eating pineapple in late January.

The second-year linebacker was playing that well, delivering bone-crushing hits, looking reasonably solid in coverage and racking up tackles.

But Foster has really fallen off. Joe has studied Foster a lot lately and Foster clearly looks slower and like less of a downhill force.

It’s almost like the second-year Foster has hit a rookie wall, while Lavonte David has run through it. Foster had four tackles today.

Looking ahead to next season is about the only thing that soothes Joe right now (outside of Rachel Watson in a Santa suit). And thinking about next season and the near certainty that Quincy Black won’t return, Joe has a feeling the Bucs might look to move Foster to the strong side and look for a bigger, more versatile force in the middle.

13 Responses to “What’s Happened To Mason Foster?”

  1. C. Alak Says:

    I think Joe we should focus on other players rather then the ones who have had a solid season…Foster has played A LOT better than last yr & it’s a problem spot in the D…still making plays in the running game & other than David no other LB can play superior pass D (which is why we drafted him)…Foster gets a B+ for his season so far!

  2. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    hopefully his Awareness gets better every year.

  3. SacBucs Says:

    Joe he fell off when I told you to please stop talking that pineapple shh. I said Mason don’t look sideline to sideline or as fast as he was last year. He looks like he gained weight, lost a step and cut his hair all in one offseason.

    I have been saying this since I have arrive. “Free Dekoda”

  4. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Maybe Foster is hurt and playing through it. We certainly don’t hear his name much anymore.

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Draft C.J. Mosley out of Alabama. Might be able to trade back a few spots pick-up an extra pick or two. C. J. Mosley would make a great addition to our front (7).

    He’s an above average instinctive athlete. Sound & disciplined tackler, that displays the ability to consistently explode threw the ball carrier. Reminds me of another former SEC MLB Patrick Willis.

  6. Brandon Says:

    Been saying for a while that Foster is limited. He has played better against the run this season but is poor against the pass. The Sam LB spot is probably his natural position. Finding a MLB should continue to be a priority for this team. The more we lose, the closer we get to Te’o… not saying that MLB is our greatest need, defensive coordinator is… a pass rush… CB help… but Foster can be clearly upgraded on.

  7. Nate Says:

    Sign Brian Urlacher i dont think he will be with the bears next season.. hes worth the $$$ unlike other players!

  8. Dave Says:

    I could see Foster moving outside, but if he stays in the middle, that would be fine too. The run defense has been stellar. It all depends on the type of LB available after they address CB and CB and CB and another pass rusher (DE or DT)… unless they feel Clayborn coming back and Bowers improving and re-signing Bennett will solve that.
    They definately found depth on the O-Line this year but it has caught up with them the last few weeks.

    I see 2 CBs, a D-Lineman, a LB, and a TE taken in their first 5 picks. Tack on some WRs and O_lineman late.

  9. Matt Says:

    Fostor is a beast but would be better suited for the Sam LB spot.. We need to look at a guy like Monte Teo from Notre Dame…Than trade back up late in the 1st round for one of the 3 top corners like Xavior Rhoads who is a stud in both coverage and the run (very physical off the line). We need a serious pass rush or it doesnt matter who you put in the back field, Breez, Ryan, and Newton will pick us apart. Tahts my story and im sticking to it!

  10. Justin Says:

    Foster has been TERRIBLE against play action. He’s been sucked in way too much this year resulting in enormous gains over his head.

  11. Joe Dunn Says:

    Heard Mason on radio the other night….seems like nice guy, but if I heard him start a sentence with “you know what I’m sayin'” one more damned time, my chin strap was gonna blow right off my helmet!! Geesh.

  12. Mark Grant Says:

    He’s terrible…a second stringer at best.

  13. BallSensei Says:

    12 tackles and 11 solo against the Falcons… Sounds kind of first stringish to me there Mark. Unless you really know, its always better to give the benefit of the doubt… He hurts people when he hits them. Teams learn to run or throw away from that… Mistakes are going to happen, but this kid’s game has definitely improved. Year 3’s a charm. You can bet on it!!