Michael Bennett One Unhappy Camper

December 23rd, 2012

If Bucs fans think players don’t care that much if they lose so long as the check cashes, then they don’t know Michael Bennett.

The Bucs defensive end was outraged after the Bucs lost their fifth straight game Sunday, this time to the Rams, squandering perhaps the team’s best defensive effort.

Joe had his recorder rolling for part of Bennett’s emotional venting.

“We didn’t win the game. It can’t be the best of the season if we didn’t win the game; we’re here to win the game. That’s all we care about, to win the game. No matter what we did on defense, no matter what we did on offense, we have to win the game. That’s the biggest thing we have to do.

On the Rams 80-yard touchdown pass to open the second quarter:

“It was a breakdown but as a team, those things happen. We have a lot of veterans playing and things happen but you have to keep playing. You can’t let one play define you. We had many opportunities to change the game. But we didn’t step up.

“The coaches who came up with this game plan, it isn’t up to the coaches. People say coaches this and coaches that, it’s not up to the coaches. It’s the players. We have to execute what the coaches do at a high level. This is the NFL so we have to execute on Sundays, not Mondays, not not Wednesdays, not Fridays not Saturdays.

“Maybe we need to score a touchdown?”

15 Responses to “Michael Bennett One Unhappy Camper”

  1. Colorado Buc Says:

    Good there really shouldnt be any happy campers in the locker room after dropping 6 straight.

  2. Fan Says:

    He should be when you have a like GM MARK Dominic, how do you trade your best corner for a 4th rd pick and not bring in someone with some type of skills to replace him knowing that garbage Eric Wright was going to be suspended!!! WTH

  3. PRBucFan Says:

    I really hope this doesn’t deter him from signing long term here.

  4. FloridaGirl Says:

    I like that Bennett called out the offense for not scoring touchdowns. Yes, the defense is porous and has cost the team games. But with $55M spent in the off season our offense should be able to keep pace with the Rams. Suggestion = stop with the multiple read offense they’re trying to run. Clearly, the QB and the WRs are not seeing the same thing and are reading the defense differently. Try some easy shyt…..skinny post, run to the 20 yard line and I’ll throw it to you…take the decision making away from the players – just get them to execute something that doesn’t require thinking.

  5. Buc fan south Tampa Says:

    The finger points to Mike Wiliams. A number of these picks is when Wiliams give up on the play. He doesnt follow through. Remember his history. In Syracuse, he quit on the team, now he quits on plays, and ultimately he has quit on the season. While our number one pick in 2013 should be a CB, we need to get more WRs for this QB. BTW, the Bucs dump Orlovsky and bring another QB to compete for the starter job.

  6. BIG SIR Says:

    Last sentence says it all.

    Freeman MUST GO! Alex Smith 2013!!!!!

  7. tim Says:

    ok ill give the defense credit for playing half way decent for once. But after the embarrassing performances they’ve had this year. The last thing they need to do is make a jab at the offense for not scoring.

  8. Buc fan south Tampa Says:

    OK Justin, what say you

  9. loweredexpectations Says:

    i’m buying the jersey and sporting it at every game next year if we re-sign him.

  10. PRBucFan Says:

    Really? It’s on Mike Williams??? He’s been arguably one of the most postitive consistent aspects in the team these past couple seasons and to even suggest he’s a quitter based on one decision that he made in college that ultimately was a “misunderstanding” is preposterous.

  11. dmatt Says:

    I will act as power of attorney for Bennett and others on the
    defense. Bennett and others are unhappy because their QB is inconsistent and continues to play timid with the deer in the headlights look. Bar none, on 4th and 1, Josh should have made the first down. Last week even skinny Brady for New England spearheaded for a TD on the goal line against a stingy 49’s defense. It was true grit and leadership that prompt Brady to score. Josh continues to over and under throw many of his passes. Clark made a spectacular catch that was …as usual thrown behind him, however,he caught it. We’re talking a serious matter here. Josh is a 4th yr QB that has communication problems, is inconsistent, inaccurate, plays timid, stares down his receivers, and plays scared, while rookies and 2nd yr players are playing like true leaders/veterans. It’s time to stop making excuses by bailing and rescuing Josh for his shortcomings…this is just plain embarrassing. How often are we going to watch Josh stand in the pocket with no pressure and all day to throw only to throw an INT. This guy has lost it. I’ve said it before, his winning record is against losing teams. This is a copycat league, RJYW= Rattle Josh You Win…this has become an epidemic for defenses when playing against Freeman. This is not applicable to losing teams that has played against Freeman. As a defensive player, wouldn’t you be p—-d off, politically correct…unhappy if you bust your but to stop an offense on 4 consecutive series only to find yourself back on the field due to bonehead plays by the guy behind your center.

  12. CC Says:

    Again no sacks from our outstanding D line.

  13. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    sign this guy right now to a long term contract. he sounds like a Buccaneer man if ive ever heard one.

  14. BucFan20 Says:

    0 points last week and a wopping 6 this week. He has every right to throw jabs and be pissed. They gave the ball back to him last week several times with the same results. Pick or 3 and out!

  15. ChefPaul Says:

    I’m a Dom supporter, but if we don’t re-sign this guy, I’ll jump on the Dom hating bandwagon faster than free can throw an overthrown pick