“That Is A Very Dangerous Attitude”

December 28th, 2012

Might the Baron of Berlin, Florida State stud defensive end and sack specialist Bjoern Werner, give the Bucs needed help pressuring the quarterback?

Thinking about how the Bucs are a mere 250 passing yards away from setting a 93-year all-time record for NFL passing defense futility, Joe just wants pick up a chair and wing it at his TV. If Joe needed a new HD flatscreen, a leg of the chair likely would have been impaled the TV already.

Joe is surprised players weren’t pelted by beer cups and debris at home games the pass defense was so porous. Imagine what Eagles fans in Philadelphia would have done if the Eagles were in the Bucs’ current position, and the team pass defense had such a gutless performance against a garbage team with a lame duck coach and a rookie third round pick of a quarterback who threw for 381 yards that killed the Eagles’ playoff hopes at The Linc?

Riot police would have been called out in force. And deservedly so.

It isn’t just the guys off the street masquerading as NFL cornerbacks for the Bucs that is the problem, says eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune. While appearing with Tom Krasniqi, otherwise known as “TKras,” this afternoon on WDAE-AM 620, Kaufman said the Bucs’ defensive line is not blameless as the Bucs are on the cusp of a galling 93-year record.

In short, Kaufman believes Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik must be searching for yet another pass rushing specialist in the offseason.

“I am telling you Champ Bailey can’t cover these guys [opposing wide receivers] for four seconds,” Kaufman said. “The whole don’t equal the parts. They have to get more out of [DaQuan] Bowers.

“I am afraid the thinking of the braintrust here might be, ‘Hey, we are getting [Adrian] Clayborn back. Bowers will be fully recovered and you know what? We are OK on the pass rush.’ That is a very dangerous attitude. They haven’t had a double-digit sack guy since Simeon Rice was running around plastering quarterbacks. That’s a long time ago. I like [Michael] Bennett but he is a free agent. There is no guarantee the Bucs bring him back.”

Kaufman is absolutely correct. If and when Bennett hits free agency, there is no telling what could happen. Some crazy owner (Jerry Jones, Danny Snyder, Stephen Ross) could just throw a Brinks truck at Bennett to sign. It’s a gamble for sure.

Now Joe likes Bowers and when he is healthy, the guy can be productive. But he is not healthy; has never been this season, and oh yeah, there’s the nasty degenerative bum knee he is playing on. Perhaps, at best, Bowers is nothing more than a pass rushing specialist playing maybe 25 snaps a game?

Since the day Dominik took over he has been trying to build a pass rush only with moderate success. Bennett was a steal and finally Gerald McCoy has proven to be among the NFL elite.

Clayborn is coming off a knee injury. Who knows how effective he will be?

It may just behoove Dominik to run out and get Giants free agent Osi Umenyiora and perhaps pray a defensive end like the Baron of Berlin, Florida State’s Bjoern Werner, can slip down to the Bucs.

52 Responses to ““That Is A Very Dangerous Attitude””

  1. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    @Joe, you keep mentioning that “93 year record” but a commenter on another article pointed out that the record was just broken last year by the Packers.

  2. Joe Says:


    The NFL has been around for 93 years. Bucs are about to break an NFL record. Worst pass defense in 93 years. It isn’t that complex.

  3. RastaMon Says:

    Joe…you didn’t have to write that…..rainy night…. Sunshine Sky Wayyyyyy ……

  4. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Yes but this is a passing league and is becoming more so every year. Passing records continue to fall so passing yardage allowed records will fall as well. Yes its the worst 93 years, I am not debating its absolutely terrible but its not as if a 20 year record is going to be toppled. It was just set last year.

  5. SirustheVirus Says:

    This makes more sense to me picking him or moving up to get him. I know we need CB, but we can get one in the 2/3 round and one in free agency. Also I feel we would be reaching to much for a CB anywhere from the 8-12 pick in the draft unless we trade down. Getting a guy that can get to the QB just made GMC,Miller,Clayborne,Bowers and Bennett better. It would also give us a good rotation at DE/DT seeing as Bowers can play both. You can’t double Him, Bennett and GMC at the same time. Great article Joe!!

  6. Joe Says:

    Yes its the worst 93 years, I am not debating its absolutely terrible

    No need to type another word. Ninety-three years says it all. Only Sean Hannity would try to spin that into something less galling.

  7. Macabee Says:

    At this very moment, I’m watching the Schiano defense (Rutgers) manhandle Va Tech. I’m listening to the TV analyst marvel at the job Schiano did in resurrecting the team. Not to worry my friends, if Schiano can eventually get the Bucs D to play with the drive and ferocity I’m looking at we will have a dominant defense. I have every reason to believe that he can do the same here!

  8. Joe Says:


    This makes more sense to me picking him or moving up to get him. I know we need CB, but we can get one in the 2/3 round and one in free agency.

    Who says Dominik can’t swing a trade to get both a pass rusher and a corner in the first round? He drafted a safety and a running back in the first round this year.

  9. Brad Says:

    Just because another team might want to pay Bennett it doesn’t mean the Bucs can’t offer the same. This isn’t the Yankees vs the Rays.

  10. SirustheVirus Says:


    Not saying it would be a bad I dea, but who would be worth moving back into the 1st round for at the CB position? If Xavier Rhodes is there in the 2nd round Id take him over trading back into the 1st. Mabey trade back into the secon round is what I was going for mabey a CB/FS/OT. I like te idea of drafting two Florida State players might help te ticket sales.

  11. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I agree on the need for more pass rushers. You really can never have too many. Even if Bowers, Clayborn, and Bennett are back and healthy next year it would be nice to bring in another pass rusher.

    Also, I read an interesting article about a couple of teams that set the passing yardage allowed records last year. Packers and the Patriots both set it and both made the playoffs. The article pretty much said the teams were just ahead most games and forced their opponents to pass a lot more.

    Do you think Eli Manning would have set a career high record against us if they were ahead the whole game?

    My point is, to give up a lot of passing yards you have to be ahead for most of games and force the other teams to pass. This coupled with our horrible secondary allowed records to be broken. Most of the time defenses WANT to force the offense to pass. It presents more opportunities for turnovers. It just so happens our starting corners weren’t even mediocre enough to cause a few turnovers.

  12. SirustheVirus Says:


    Do you know how much would it be to slap the franchise tag on Bennett?

  13. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Joe, please don’t suggest that fans should be throwing beer cups and debris at players. Yes I’m frustrated at the play of the D as well, but no one deserves to have things thrown at them. Not cool.

  14. Andrew 1 Says:

    you know who would be a great edition to our team… Norte Dame’s tight end Tyler Eifert or Michigan State’s tight end Dion Sims. Tight end is a huge weakness for us and either one of those guys would be rock solid for 10 years. make it happen Dom.

  15. Andrew 1 Says:

    or my personal favorite Manti Teo.

  16. Dylan Says:

    Haha keep dreaming. No way Warner goes to the bucs unless they move into top 7. Dudes a clone of JJ watt. Only played football for 2 years in highschool and makes the opposing teams he plays in college look like powder puff girls. Getting him would be the best choice dominik has made lol. I’m a FSU alumni I know my noles.

  17. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    The Sky is falling! LOL! Give it time.. we are heading in the right direction, and next year we will se a winning record, and the following year we will see an elite team here in Tampa Bay!

  18. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Idaho

    I agree with you 100%.

  19. gotbbucs Says:

    I’m going to be in the extreme minority on this, but I would not break the bank on Bennett. The great ones play on the right side and he either can’t or won’t slide over there when the team has had openings there. I think he’s a good player, but he’s going to get overpaid. If a DE wants elite money then he should be earning that going against the elite left tackles of the league, nt right tackles and TE’s..

  20. Macabee Says:

    I agree gotbucs! The franchise tag for a DE was 10.8 mil this year – see Clif Avril/Lions. Going to be higher in 2013.

  21. Joe Says:


    I thought the Baron of Berlin played like J.J. Watt as well.


    Never suggested fans should throw things. Just pointing out in other markets, that is what exactly would happen with such a pathetic display of pass defense.

  22. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    we have extra pix this year, say we swap with #5 or #6, we could use that fourth rounder from the Pats and a 3rd next season to move up 2 spots, pending on those teams needs. i wish we were talking about playoffs instead of FA and the draft. just thinking about a few games we gave away (3-4) and we would be in!!! well theres always next season. love the Bucs,,,, BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  23. RedLeg Says:

    Why pick the German high? When there is a 6’8″ Estonian that is equally as raw? FSU is a round 2-3 pick SMU is a 4-5 pick. If you are drafting on hope and potential?

  24. Have A Nice Day Says:

    The Bucs pass defense is at the precipice of ultimate futility, while the QB is about to turn in the greatest statistical season a Bucs QB has ever had, yet the reason the Bucs are losing lays solely on said QBs head….

  25. Have A Nice Day Says:

    To put things into perspective: A defense containing Clay Mathews, A.J. Hawk, Desmond Bishop, Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, Nick Collins and Sam Shields broke a 92 year old ‘passing yards allowed’ record last season…..

    Just putting it out there.

  26. Raphael Says:

    So freeman is having the greatest season stat wise in Buc history and the secondary is having the worst season in NFL history….and some of you still blame Freeman ? How dumb are you again ?

    BTW if we have a shot at HANKINS or LOTULELEI …..we grab him !

  27. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I’m with you on that, Raph. I still scratch my head at the idea of dumping on the best QB the Bucs have ever had.

  28. Raphael Says:

    Mind boggling isn’t it…..

    Another dominating DT will help our pass rush.

    23 mil under the cap and when we dump #21 , we will be 30 mil under…DOm getting ready to spend !

  29. MTM Says:

    The has his eye on some promising projects for 2013. The just need 3yrs and couple of surgeries before they will show results. It’s part of the rebuilding process.

  30. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Any one else in St Pete loving this rainy morning? Makes my coffee taste so much better. If only it were five degrees cooler.

  31. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Raph, I don’t see another DT helping us more than what we have. I am fully sold on the weakness of the secondary and lack of depth. Lack of depth at LB as well. DL has the most depth of any part of the defense and probably the team(McCoy, Bennett, Clayborn, Bowers, and Miller). I can’t name that many solid starters on any other segment of the team.

    Perhaps OL, but even that is a question mark to me after the past 4 years of this OL looking great on paper and never panning out.

  32. 911bucs Says:

    wow, shocking!! @Raphael brings up Freeman again. What happenes when he tanks miserably starting tomorrow. Then into next season if hes still here? Will you fianlly come on here and take the pain like a man or try and call people out and tell them there stupid, and dumb etc.

  33. Macabee Says:

    I think the suits at One Buc are fully aware of our pass rush issues. I think it was on their minds last year. I distinctly remember the first two player interviews at One Buc last year were Michael Brockers and Quinton Coples. Nothing came of it but they were asked here for a reason. Maybe this year they do something about it either in FA or the draft.

  34. Macabee Says:

    Just an observation – I watched the Rutgers/Va Tech game last night and the defense looked a lot like the Bucs – dime defense, tons of blitzes, and lots of stunts. They were dominating for the 1st half, but as the game went on Va Tech started to make adjustments and by the 4th qtr, they were not as effective. They went on to lose the game by 3 points in overtime. This may be a coincidence, but maybe we should take a look at our defense as a whole next year, not just the pass rush.

  35. Raphael Says:

    @911bucs….what kind of fan are you,that you hope our QB tanks ?
    If you read and comprehended my post you would agree with me…

    The fact is your not a fan and your dumb and stupid.

  36. Mark Grant Says:

    The Bucs are at “the precipice of a great crossroads.”—-Carmine Lupartazzi Jr.

  37. SteveK Says:


    “93 year old record” holds about as much water at “rock star GM”.

    The record was just set last year, and to your argument of “it ends right there”. It sure as hell doesn’t, bro; the game is shifting, and the rules have changed to a softer league, this increasing passing numbers.

    Didn’t Drew. Brees break a 93 year old passing record last year? Didn’t Megatron break Jerry Rice’s receiving record this year? Were the Packers “worst in 92 years” as of last week?

    The twist on the “93 hear old” record jazz is no Muy Bueno. It is like “Bellicheat”. Boo on that!

  38. Raphael Says:

    @stevek. Not much reading comprehension there huh ?

    The worst pass defense of all time….are you that dense ?

  39. Northend Says:

    Lots of FA pieces we can add at both Dl and in secondary.Osi,avrill,Grimes,Cromartie etc.A few pieces there and a couple high quality picks.(I love a small jump to get Manti teo) but Lsus Reed,Rhodes in the late first,John Banks is also a stud who will be there. And. If Murray comes out we grab him in the 3-4 round for the future.

  40. Northend Says:

    Fauria te from Ucla looks like 6-7″ of the real deal.very quick for a big man.

  41. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    “Only Sean Hannity would try to spin that into something less galling.”


    But on a serious note… It’s notthe taxes… it’s the spending that needs to be cut.

    Repubs tax plan would net ~20 billion, while the Dems plan would net ~40 billion… HOWEVER, the country is spending OVER 1 TRILLION in excess anually.

    So the taxes being raised will count towards between 2% or 4% of the total yearly deficit depending on which plan gets implemented.

    As you can see, the got dang debate over the past 2 years should have NEVER, EVER been about taxes on 2% of the population… it’s meaningless either way, it should have been on SPENDING.

    Go Bucs.

  42. Raphael Says:

    “WAR ! What is it good for ! “

  43. drbinshore Says:

    No politics dammit.

  44. Raphael Says:

    My name’s not dammit, it’s Jesus Christ……- bill Cosby

  45. buccanay Says:

    No Joe…if this were Philly, the fans would be screamin for the head of the architect of this “nightmare” of a secondary. We’ve spent premium picks all over the dline and this is what we have to show? No..its time to get rid of this “rockstar” and get a real NFL GM.

  46. Joe Says:


    You are spinning. Worst pass defense in the 93-year history of the NFL. Period.

    Repeat that about 10 times.

  47. Joe Says:

    For the cheerleaders who are spinning (perhaps) the Bucs march to the worst pass defense in 93-years by invoking the Packers, you guys do know what the Packers record was last year, right?

    Stop spinning you bunch of Sean Hannitys 🙂

  48. Have A Nice Day Says:

    My thing is, if the Packers were most recently the worst pass defense in the NFL with a legit pass rusher in Mathews and a DB corp of Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, Sam Shieslds, and Nick Collins, it kind of doesn’t seem all that big of a deal. That is a stupid talented line up, yet they managed about the same as the Bucs’ horribly under talented team has.

  49. Patrick Says:

    Great idea!! Let’s just spend a 1st rounder on another pass rusher if we fail to re-sign a very good one that we ALREADY HAVE (Michael Bennett). Let’s lose a proven guy for another unproven 1st rounder when we’ve been horrendous on defense for the past 5 years! Let’s do that instead of drafting a cornerback!

  50. PRBucFan Says:

    Can’t spin that HAND, nice word
    Fact is it doesn’t matter what the
    Packs record was last year they still broke that record last year and they weren’t that much better than ours is this year. Seems like a record that’s going to be repeatedly broken here now with passing attacks becoming more and more potent in the NFL.

  51. Brandon Says:

    An aging and nearly over-the-hill DE in Osi isn’t going to cure the Bucs. While we’re at it, why not get Dwight Freeney, too?

    There are some quality speedier pass rushers that should be available during free agency… and Werner is far from the only good collegiate DE that will be available in the draft.

    Unrestricted free agents… other than Bennett that might be worth signing:
    Michael Johnson-going into 5th year, physically perhaps among the elite in the NFL. Great frame and speed, good production. Should break the bank.
    Connor Barwin-plays OLB in the 3-4, but was a collegiate DE, for one season, before was a TE. Very good speed and good production. Going into 5th season.
    Cliff Avril-still fairly young, good speed, pretty good production.

    Then there are the older guys like Freeney, Osi, and a few others that we probably should stay away from.

    In the draft, this is a pretty good year for DEs. After Werner, there’s the SEC guys: Sam Montgomery, Damontre Moore, Barkevious Mingo, and outside the SEC there’s Alex Okafor, Dion Jordan, and Ezekial Ansah. All are likely first rounders and all are known as speed/edge rushers that can put instant heat on QBs.

  52. eDDyk0k0 Says:

    I hope the rock star finds a way somehow get Dion Jordan and a decent corner in the first round. Re-sign Michael Bennett and then sign his brother, cut Wright. Can never have too many athletic dlinemen and Jordan could add a dangerous element to the defense.