“Strain Their Guts Out”

December 20th, 2012

The Bucs’ run defense in New Orleans evoked memories of the gutting and gashing that was commonplace during and since the December collapse of 2008, and the entire Raheem Morris era.

The “negative runs,” aka tackles for loss, the trademark of the New Schiano Order defense, weren’t there. And Lavonte David had an off day, though he still ranks second in the NFL in solo tackles (98 total) behind a guy the Bucs will see Sunday, the Rams’ James Laurinitis (104).

So what must the Bucs do to get back to get back to their run defense that was suffocating teams all season long before Sunday? Greg Schiano gave a take on that to the St. Louis media yesterday; TurfShowTimes.com offered a transcription.

“I think guys, when they play together, and they strain their guts out, do whatever they can to maintain their gap integrity and then being able to tackle well; it gives you a chance to play run defense,” Schiano said. “Unfortunately, this past weekend was the first time in a while we didn’t play very good run defense. We didn’t really play very well pass defense, either. So, we had a tough outing last week and now we’re up against one of the better running teams in the National Football League. So, it’s going to be quite a challenge. We talk about we want to get back to playing great run defense, but this is going to be a tough opponent to do it against.”

Joe loved the “strain their guts out” line. It really speaks to the want-to involved when it comes to stopping the run.

Even more than a Josh Freeman revival, Joe wants to see the Bucs’ run defense bounce back against the Rams. The Bucs are healthy along the front-7, and there’s no reason they can’t go out and do what they’ve done all season — stuff the run better than every team in the league. Holding on to their No. 1 ranking against the run should be a huge building block for the Bucs defense this offseason.

4 Responses to ““Strain Their Guts Out””

  1. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Bucs should easily win the next 2 meaningless games…dropping us from #12 pick in the draft to #19.

  2. Gusjackson Says:

    I would much rather have the number 1 pass defense in a passing league. Just saying

  3. Dave Says:

    I chalk it up to scheming and concentrating on the pass so much with Brees…
    New CBs solve

  4. BucDan Says:

    This season was all about the defense getting off of the field on 3rd downs. It just didn’t happen. Too many passes freely caught in the middle of the field. I do not remember a time that I have seen so many WIDE OPEN catches on 3rd downs. I mean, not even catch and hit. Straight catch and run… it is disappointing, but I stand by the team and have seen the improvements from last year to this season. Barron needs to just drop the hammer. I feel like he is thinking too much. Where is the flying bullet that I saw in the beginning of the season? He is best when around the ball, but it seems that he is staying as far away as possible.

    I will be at RayJay this weekend and hope to close out the home season with a ‘W’. These next two games will show the heart and fight of our team. It’s the games that ‘do not matter’ that show who has true heart for their team and the dedication to go out for the victory.