Return To 2011

December 17th, 2012

It is “toes up” time as veteran columnist Gary Shelton has strong words for the Bucs after their fourth straight loss in this Tampa Bay Times video.

6 Responses to “Return To 2011”

  1. MadMax Says:

    Toes up time for the rock star too. Come on Dom, you know we need to replace Freeman. Time to get busy! If you thought ticket sales were already bad….bleh, I’ll leave it at that. Sorry Im so pissed!

  2. Mr Lucky Says:

    He’s right – the 2012 Bucs are no better than the 2011 Bucs; except for the increased payroll.

  3. MTM Says:

    This why you don’t go coach shopping after the field has been picked clean. Tell me again why Jeff Fisher didn’t seen interested in the Buc’s job. Hmm. The team is a direct reflection of the management-mediocre. They have a sub par season, then get sub par draft status and then follow it up with aweful player evaluation. Which makes for a nice sh!t sandwich for the fans with more than enough for seconds. This ownership has shown that it is perfectly content with losing.

  4. Tom Says:

    I don’t know why, but I feel okay bitching about the Bucs. But I hate when the press does it. Hypocritical… yes. I think it is the fact that alot of these guys picked the Bucs to win less than 3-5 games. Then they make it sound like this was our Superbowl season. I’m pretty negative when watching a Bucs game at the local sports bar. But these guys make me look like “Otto Optimistic”.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    I wish that I could disagree with him, but I can’t. The wheels have come off, the injuries have caught up and Ted Larsen is back to his normal underachieving self. Zuttah is a good center, but he isn’t a guard. You can get away with it for a little while but not anymore. Freeman had protection at times but the battle in the trenches was lost. I believe in Schiano and think next year will be better, but there are changes needed for sure. I don’t think the Bucs can win either of their last 2 games, even if the Falcons rest their entire team. Painfully, I don’t see it. Freeman is a mess right now and probably the worst QB in the league over the last few games.

    It is going to be another very long offseason.

  6. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Toes on the line? Somebody slap a toe tag on this corpse, they’re done.

    The guys in Vegas are scratching their heads about the Rams game. Do they make the Bucs a 28 point underdog or do they think Freeman will wake up?